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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Naughty Moms


"Oh, Son! I had no idea you had such a big cock! Fuck me with it, darling! Fuck your mother's juicy cunt!"

The dirty novel was open to page 70 and Angela felt her eyes glazing over as she read the obscene words. Incest. It was a story about incest. About a mother fucking her son.

"Mmmm, it's going into me now, darling! What a big, stiff prick you have! Do you like the way Mommy's pussy sucks your big, hard cock?"

She was in the bedroom, standing in front of the closet that contained all of her divorced husband's effects. It was a cool night and Angela had hoped to find an extra blanket amidst all the boxes and shoe cartons. Little had she known that she would stumble across George's collection of pornography.

There were ten magazines and books altogether and Angela found herself immediately reaching for the novel she now held. She felt so weak that she thought she might faint. Never had she read something so shocking, so obscene...

"You've got it in me now, lover! Unh! It's all the way up Mommy's cunt! Fuck me, Son! Fuck me, fuck me!"

Angela stopped reading and forced herself to close the book. For a full minute she stood with her eyes closed, measuring the sensations that coursed through her body. There was no denying it. She didn't have to put her hand between her legs to feel the wet pulsations of her horny, juicy cunt. This was turning her on.

Taking the book with her, Angela went into the bathroom and shut the door. She turned on the lights and looked at herself in the mirror.

She was thirty-six years old now and the book was a threat to her-she had a teenage son of her own. Angela knew she didn't look thirty-six. Waves of thick, sandy-blonde hair framed her youthful, wide-eyed face. There were tiny laugh lines around her ripe lips but she could still have passed for her mid-twenties.

Slowly, Angela looked at the reflection of her body in the mirror. All she had on was a transparent, ice-blue negligee that barely reached her crotch. Her body was still incredibly stacked, long-legged, with slim hips and waist and a firm, peach-shaped ass, her tits lusciously oversized for her delicate frame. Angela could make any man get a hard-on if she went without a bra.

Why had she worn this skimpy negligee tonight? The only one living in the two-bedroom apartment with her now was Tony, her teenage son. He hadn't seen her in it but what if he came into the bedroom?

Her huge tits were clearly visible through the fabric. She could see the shape and color of her large dark-pink nipples. What would Tony have thought at the sight of his mother's luscious tits? For the first time, Angela wondered if she was trying to seduce her son.

The apartment was very quiet now. It was after midnight. Tony still hadn't gotten home. He was out on a date and Angela pictured him fucking some girl. He was very handsome for his age. Did he have a nice big prick, like George had had? Did her son Tony have a nice, big cock?

Angela opened the book again and started reading, this time on page 114:

"Unhh! Fuck my asshole, lover! My asshole's so tight around your cock! Fuck your mother up the ass, darling! I want to feel your cum shooting in my butt!"

Angela shut the book quickly again. There was no denying how she felt now. Her nipples were painfully stiff, protruding through the negligee. Her cunt was a throbbing, dripping mess.

Angela backed up and took a seat on the toilet. Unceremoniously she lifted the negligee and tied the lacy hem around her waist. Groaning softly, she spread her shapely, milk-white thighs on the ivory seat. Her fingers pushed through the thick mound of her light-brown cunt hairs covering her lower belly.

Her cunt was still very tight and juicy. Angela opened the book and started to finger-fuck, speedily fucking two fingers in and out of her throbbing cunt.

"Unngghh! Fuck me!" Reading fast now, she dared to think openly of her boy's prick as she whispered the words she wanted to hear. "Do you want to fuck me, Tony? Mommy wants to fuck you. Come do it to me, lover! Yes, yes just like in the book. Fuck me... fuck your horny mother..."

It lasted only a minute. Angela jerked and writhed on the toilet, her huge D-cup tits jiggling lusciously under the sheer fabric. Then she fucked her fingers all the way up her pulsing pussy and whimpered as she came hard, feeling the contractions of her cunt muscles around them.

Then she took her fingers out of her pussy and rose from the toilet. The whole bathroom now smelled of her musky cunt juices. Angela walked back into the bedroom and made herself put the book back into the box she'd taken it from. The divorce settlement had been fairly generous, so she had no job she had to wake up for the next morning but it was still time to go to bed.

Turning off the lights, the horny mother crawled under the sheets and settled onto her back. Then she just rested there thinking, wondering what she was going to do about her lust.

It had been three months since the divorce had been finalized and it had been three months since her last fuck. That was too long, much too long. Angela had always been an extremely horny woman, which was one of the reasons why George had married her. Even during their worst fights, they'd generally fuck several times a day.

God only knew, there were plenty of men who wanted to get into her panties now. Angela smiled in the dark, thinking of her stacked, voluptuous figure. Long legs and big tits could still turn on any man... but her suitors weren't arousing to her or at least not arousing enough to get her to spread her legs. The only one she really wanted to fuck, more than she'd ever wanted to fuck George was... Tony. Even in the dark, Angela felt herself blushing. There was no escaping it. Ever since he'd reached puberty and she'd first seen his crotch bulging, she'd been desperate to suck and fuck her well-hung son.

Angela twisted on the mattress and wantonly started to fingerfuck again, groaning as she fucked her fingers in and out of her hairy pussy. How did her friend Janet handle this? Did Janet get horny for her son Mike too?

Thirty-eight years old as well-built and pretty as she was, Janet was a widow who lived in a house across the street with Mike, her only child. Angela had become good friends with her since the divorce. Many times she'd noticed how handsome Mike was. Dizzily now, as her fingers fucked frantically in and out of her cunt slit, she wondered how Janet controlled her lust.


Twenty-four hours later, Angela was sipping a gin and tonic and watching a television program on the living room couch. Her gaze spent less time on the set than on the clock on the wall behind it. When would Tony becoming back from his date?

It was a week night but Angela had always been a liberal mother and most of the parental restrictions had been loosened since George's departure. Tony was a big muscular kid. He could take care of himself.

Angela knew why she was staying up for him and the idea made her feel both ashamed and excited. She wanted to seduce him. She wasn't going to go about it directly but there was no denying that she wanted to make him talk to her, to steer the conversation quickly to sex.

The room was dark except for the glow of the television set. Angela took a long sip of gin and looked down at herself. She'd chosen her clothes very carefully. At first glance it looked like an outfit she always wore a blouse and shorts for working around the house on a hot night.

But she wasn't wearing a bra under the blouse and her huge tits were nearly bursting through. It had a deep cleavage and even she was aroused by the sight of her own spongy, jiggling cleavage when she glance at herself in the mirror.

She wore no sandals and the denim cut-offs were cut very high up the cheeks of her ass. They were tight, molding to her pussy. Tony would be able to see the outline of her cunt slit.

Squirming on the big soft-cushioned couch, Angela spread her long bare legs and rubbed her throbbing pussy through the shorts. She was so horny, so Goddamn hot. The gin had already affected her and being drunk only made her more desperate for a stiff fucking cock.

At that moment, the front door opened and closed with a loud slam. Angela looked over her shoulder just in time to see her son, looking thoroughly angered, stomping across the hall to his room.

"Tony! Aren't you even going to say hello to me?"

"Hello," Tony muttered.

"Now, now don't be like that." Angela patted the couch cushion beside her. "Come over and watch TV with me a little while."

"I don't want to," Tony grunted.

"Tony!" Knowing her power as a parent, Angela let her voice rise ever so slightly. "Now don't you be like that. Come over here and tell your mother what's bothering you!"

Tony shrugged and entered the light cast by the television set. He was a big, handsome boy with broad shoulders and a head full of thick, curly black hair. He'd dressed up for his date and Angela found herself looking immediately at the swollen cock bulge in the crotch of his tight slacks.

"Tony! Look at your face! Have you been crying?"

"No! Jesus, I'm too old for that!" Tony flopped on the couch beside his mother and folded his arms across his chest. "I'm just pissed off, that's all. That fucking cunt!"

Angela thought of telling him to watch his language but she realized that she wanted him to use even more obscene words before the night was over. "What filthy cunt are you referring to, darling?"

"Oh, the chick I went out with, Trisha. Jesus, what a stuck-up bitch!"

"Isn't she a nice girl?" Absentmindedly, Angela leaned over and started stroking her son's hair.

"Oh, she's nice enough. Christ, oh... you know, Mom." Tony looked suddenly sheepish. "I can't talk to you about stuff like that."

"I'm a grown woman, Tony," Angela giggled. "I really don't think you're going to shock me. Now what went wrong on your little date? Hmmm?"

"Oh, you know. She wouldn't... I mean, she wouldn't..."

"Wouldn't what?"

"Wouldn't what?"

"Wouldn't put out, that's what!" Angela started breathing hard, making her huge braless tits heave under the blouse. A sudden vision of her child in the back seat of a car, trying to stick his stiff cock into a reluctant virgin, made her pussy throb with lust.

"Oh? She wouldn't have sex with you? Do most of the girls you date just lie down and let you fuck them? Hmmm?"

Tony glanced at his mother, surprised by her language. His gaze dropped to her body and Angela got much hornier as she saw something big and stiff growing in his slacks.

"Yeah! Yeah, I guess they do. But that's not the thing, I mean... shit, she led me on so much!"

"A little prick teaser, wasn't she?" Angela moved closer, until her sleek bare thigh touched her son's leg. Tony dropped his gaze, suddenly realizing that he could see the outline of her pussy slit. Angela was amazed by the size of the big tube of meat growing down his leg.

"Yeah, she was a real prick teaser. She let me, you know, play around with her and all, but she wouldn't let me stick it in her! Goddamn it! We spent three hours in the back of that car! I got so fucking horny!"

"So fucking horny," Angela repeated softly. "Is that why my little darling has a big hard-on sticking out of his pants?"

Tony flushed and shot a swift glance at his swollen crotch. Angela coolly continued to stroke his hair, as if there was nothing unusual in pointing out the size of her son's cock.

"Jesus, Mom!"

"What a horny little boy my darling is tonight," she said softly. "My, that thing looks like it must be a foot long. And look at the way you're looking at your mother's body."

Tony blushed even deeper as he tore his gaze from his mother's stacked curves, looking wide-eyed into her face. By this time, his cock was as hard as stone and his prick was obviously very fat and very long and very stiff.

"Tony, we just can't let you walk around being so frustrated. You'll never get to sleep with an enormous boner like that!"

No longer trying to restrain herself, the big titted mother dropped her hand to her son's crotch. Tony gasped as he watched her wrap her fingers around his aching cock, squeezing hard.

"Jesus, Mom!"

"You've got a big, stiff hard-on, darling." Angela made soft cooing sounds as she slid off the couch, kneeling on the floor between her son's legs. "You'll get an awful case of blue balls if Mommy doesn't give you a little relief!"

Her fingers trembling, Angela unzipped her son's slacks. Tony just sat there gaping at her as she tugged his tight pants over his ass cheeks, removing them with his shorts, pulling them down to his ankles.

"Oh, Son! You've got such a huge dick!"

Angela sat back on her ankles, ogling the length of her boy's cock. His prick was huge, even bigger than she'd dared to hope. The long, meaty trunk stood out of his big balls and prick fur like a billy club, with a shaft as thick as her wrist.

"Oh God, darling! What a whopper my little boy has!"

Angela wrapped both hands around his huge cock, feeling the tube of flesh beat and pulse on her palms. A good seven inches of prick protruded from the grip of her fists. The knob of his cock was even thicker than the trunk, a bulbous crown that was now uncontrollably seeping jism onto her fingers.

"Does my little boy need a blow job?" Panting with desire, Angela watched the milky pre-cum ooze from his piss hole as she jacked his throbbing prick. "Does Tony want Mommy to put his cock in her mouth and give it a good, juicy sucking? Mmmm?"

"Jesus, Mom!" Tony was so shocked that he couldn't move. "I can't believe you're doing this to me!"

"But I am, darling! I love my well-hung son so much!"

The gin had made her very drunk, but Angela knew she would have done the same thing cold sober at the first sight of her son's mammoth cock. Bending forward, she pressed her lips to the tip of his prick. Her pussy pulsed violently as she inhaled the salty aroma of cock meat, as she savored her first taste of her son's big prick.

"Ohhhh!" Tony's cock throbbed much harder. He relaxed on the couch, shuddering with arousal. "Oh, Mom! That feels so good!"

Angela jacked of his prick slow and hard as she ran her lips and tongue up the knob and shaft, planting wet kisses on the flesh of his cock. Her boy's prick was bigger than her former husband's and was stiffer than she'd ever seen George's cock grow. Angela knew she was dying to suck his prick now. She was desperate to taste her son's jism squirting down her throat.

Pressing her lips on the juicy tip of his cock, squeezing with both hands, Angela slowly opened her mouth. She made an obscene gurgling sound as she slowly stuffed her son's prick between her lips.

"Oh, Momma!" Tony's face was a mask of surprise as he watched his mother start sucking his cock, her pretty face contorted around the thick prick shaft clogging her mouth. "Suck it, Mom! Yes, oh Christ! Suck my prick!"

Angela was so eager to give him a blow job that she nearly choked, taking too much of his cock down her throat and gagging as the prick know brushed past her tonsils. But she didn't want to give up any of the cock shaft, and she fought back the reflex, flaring her nostrils so she could breathe around the swollen prick.

Wet slurping, smacking sounds filled the living room as the horny mother began the blow job, compressing her lips tightly around the veined stiffness of her son's cock. Skillfully Angela puckered her cheeks, remembering what her husband taught her about cock sucking. She started to suck her boy'd prick very hard.

Up and down her head bobbed, lightly fucking his boner down the back of her throat. Angela closed her eyes, inhaling the cunt warming aroma of his prick and balls. She pulled one hand from his hotly beating cock shaft. Pushing her hand between his hairy, muscular thighs, she cupped the sac of his bloated balls, rolling the cum-congested globes on her fingers.

Tony's big prick got stiffer between her lips, basking in her buttery throat. He put his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her thick hair. Then he started to rock his ass off the couch.

"Suck it, Momma! Suck it, suck..."

The sounds of the blow job were now very loud as Angela feverishly worked out on her boy's bloated prick. She bobbed her head farther down, again nearly choking as she took a full half of his prick between her lips.

Hungrily her tongue swirled around his cock, skirting the flared tip to lap up the prick juices bubbling up from his balls. Her fist tightened around the root of his cock. Angela jacked fast and hard, beating her son's meat into her mouth.

"I'm cumming, Momma!" Tony shook and bucked his ass helplessly off the couch, fucking his mother's face. "Suck it, keep sucking! Gonna cum!"

Angela's pussy creamed sloppily as she anticipated the salty explosion of her son's squirting cum. Blushing, she sucked his big cock as hard as she could. Her panting breaths could be heard even over her wet, feverish slurping as she sucked his prick and played with his balls and jacked his cock off, doing everything she could to make him blow his was.

"I'm cumming, Mom! I'm cumming!"

Tony grimaced and dropped his head on the couch. His cock grew enormous and painfully stiff down her throat. Then his huge prick exploded.

Torrents of boiling jism gushed out of his open piss hole, squirting down Angela's throat. Angela nearly came in he cut-offs as the first shots of cock-juice splattered across her tongue.

It was delicious, the prick honey she so desperately needed. Gulping noisily, the horny mother tightened her lips and fist around the gushing shaft of his prick. Then she wantonly swallowed down all of his load, working her throat muscles in a frantic effort not to miss any of his delicious milky cum.

"Oh, Momma!" Tony quivered on the couch, watching his mother continue to suck and kiss his sucked-out prick. "That was so good! I can't believe you did that to me! Oh Jesus, I came buckets! Oh, fuck!"

Angela took her lips from his massive cock and held his prick in her hand. The big prick was dripping with a mixture of saliva and his own salty cum juice. And his cock was still very hard. Angela squeezed his cock and felt his prick shaft throbbing eagerly in her fist.

"You've still got a boner, lover," she murmured, still staring at his meat. "Mmmm, you still need some relief!"

Angela released his hard cock and sat back on her ankles. Slowly she pulled up her blouse, displaying her slim, girlishly rounded belly. Then she pulled her blouse off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She felt proud as her son gasped at the sight of her huge tits.

"Do you like my titties, darling?" Angela lifted one spongy milk-white melon and salaciously tongued the dark-pink cap, making the rubbery nipple stiffen quickly. "You've never seen me without my clothes on have you? At least not since you were little!"

"Jeus, Mom!" Tony exclaimed hoarsely. "You've really got a big set of knockers!"

Giggling, Angela sat back and unzipped her cut-offs. Slowly she wiggled them down the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass and her long, tapering legs. Then she was completely naked.

By now, her boy's big prick was throbbing and pulsing wildly, almost as if he'd never cum at all. Angela stretched out on her back, wiggling her ass on the living room's shag carpet. Slowly she splayed her legs wide apart, showing her hair-fringed pussy slit to her horny son.

"Take off the rest of your clothes, darling," she purred huskily. "It's time to give your mother a good, hard fuck!"

Angela finger fucked her dripping pussy as she watched Tony strip. He stood up and frantically scattered his shirt, shoes and pants across the living room. Then he was as naked as she was. His huge cock pulsed obscenely before him as he fell to his knees, crouching between his mother's milk-white thighs.

"I'm so horny, lover!" Angela purred. "Please don't make me wait! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy's hot cunt!"

Sh realized that she sounded just like the book she'd read the night before. Then her thoughts were interrupted as her son took his cock in his hand and mounted her, fitting the rosy prick knob to the pouting lips of her hairy cunt.

Slowly he rubbed the juicy cock crown up and down the slit of her pussy, teasing her by rubbing her swollen clit. Then he pressed his prick securely into her fuck hole. Angela grunted as she felt her pussy opening. Tony sighed as her cunt muscles nipped the tip of his cock.

"Get ready, Momma! Cause here it comes!"

With his cock head throbbing inside her, he leaned forward and supported his weight on his outstretched arms so he could watch his mother's pretty face as he fed her his prick meat. Tony hunched his ass. Angela shuddered as she felt the meaty inches of his cock shaft fucking into her pussy tunnel.

"Unnnggghhhh!" Immediately she lifted her long legs high, wiggling her ass beneath him as she opened her cunt for more of his prick. "That's right, lover! Oh shit, it's really stabbing into me! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy's hot cunt!"

Tony worked his ass, staring down at her, watching her huge tit melons shake and jiggle as he fed her his prick. Over half of his cock was inside her now and he felt the suctioning pressure of her cunt muscles wetly drawing his prick into her body.

"Fuck me harder, Tony!" Angela tossed her legs around his back, scissoring her ankles together at his waist. Then she started humping, pumping her pussy onto the satisfying stiffness of his prick. "Fuck me, fuck me good! Fuck your mother!"

Tony let his weight fall, flattening her huge tits beneath his muscular chest. He cradled his head between her neck and shoulder and spread his knees between her legs, changing the angle of his attack, so his cock could fuck more forcefully up her juicy pussy.

With a little twist of his hips, Tony fucked every inch of his boner into the enveloping warmth of his mother's wet cunt. He pulled out slowly, then fucked his cock home again. Then he started fucking her.

Hard and fast his ass moved, fucking his stone-hard prick into her velvety pussy. Angela gasped as she felt the rhythmic force of his fuck thrusts. Some horny teenage girl had really taught her boy how to hump!

"That's right, darling!" Angela threw her arms around his back, raking his naked, muscular flesh with her fingernails. "What a good little humper! Fuck me, Tony! Fuck your mother!"

His fuck strokes became more and more violent, fucking his prick savagely through the gurgling sheath of her cunt tunnel. His cock was really boring into her, seeming to sink into her womb with every fuck stroke. Angela felt her pussy throbbing uncontrollably now, sucking in the turgid length of his prick meat.

"Harder, Tony! I like to get fucked hard!" She started humping again, groaning and panting as she slammed her ass off the rug, thrusting her pussy mound onto the stabbing impalement of his cock. "Unngghh! Yes, Tony! Mommy's pussy's all hot and wet! You're such a good fucker! Unnngghh! Make Mommy cum, Tony. Fuck her good and make her cum!"

Tony slid his hands down her slim waist, cupping the sides of her frantically pistoning ass. Then he started to ream out her pussy as hard as he could. He groaned as the slippery pussy muscles milked continually around his cock, sucking his prick dry. He could feel her cunt throbbing and pulsating and knew that he might make his mother cum even before he got off.

Angela shamelessly slapped his ass, spurring him on. His furiously pounding cock was rubbing her clit, sending tingling waves of pleasure throug her body. Even her asshole was throbbing with lust.

"Fuck me, fuck me faster!" She started squealing, shaking her head helplessly back and forth as the heat built deep inside her cock-stuffed hole. "I'm cumming, Son! Fuck my pussy! Unnnggghhhh! It's cumming, cuuummmmiiiinnngggg!"

Her pussy creamed, contracting uncontrollably around the fucking shaft of her boy's cock. It was one of the best orgasms Angela had ever had. Again and again her pussy creamed, gushing fuck oil around his pric, throbbing and sucking his cock into her belly.

"Oh fuck, Momma! Here I cum!"

Tony collapsed on his mother's belly, fucking his cock to the hilt in her throbbing cunt. Then a second load gushed up from his balls. Angela sighed with pleasure as she felt it squirting into her ravished pussy, bathing the inner walls.

Hotly she flexed her cunt muscles, letting her pussy milk out all of his cum. A deep smile curled her lips. She'd never felt so well fucked in her life.


The first thing Angela was aware of when she awoke the next morning was her wet, throbbing, juicing pussy. Smiling, the naked mother rolled onto her back beneath the sheets and savored the sensations of her stacked body.

She was very sore. Her jaw was sore from sucking her son's cock so hard and her pussy lips were slightly raw from his furious fucking. Even her ass cheeks ached from bouncing so furiously during the throes of fucking.

But the feeling of contentment and lust she felt was like nothing she'd ever experienced.

Angela rose from the bed, ran a brush through her hair and slipped into the ice-blue negligee she'd worn while finger fucking the other night. There was no question of wearing it to the breakfast table this morning. Angela didn't feel at all ashamed of herself. She just hoped Tony would give her another good fucking before he went off to school.

Padding barefoot through the living room, Angela saw that her son was already hard at work on a plate of bacon and eggs on the kitchen table. The first thing he looked at when she entered the kitchen was her big tits, jiggling provocatively under the negligee. Then he looked awkwardly away.

Angela felt a rush of motherly love go out to him. Her son was obviously having a lot of trouble accepting the fact that he'd fucked his own mother the night before. After shooting his wad into her pussy, he'd hurriedly donned his clothes and retreated to his bedroom. He'd probably spent a long sleepless night thinking about her pussy.

"Why darling, you've already fixed your breakfast," she said softly. "Didn't you want me to make it for you?"

"Oh, you do too much already," Tony said, keeping his eyes averted. "I ought to be able to take care of myself."

He was blushing and Angela knew he felt guilty for fucking her, even though it had hardly been his fault. She smiled to herself as she walked to his side of the table, the negligee rustling about her ass cheeks. She hoped to drown out his conscience with a healthy dose of lust.

"How's your school work doing, Tony? Are you getting any better at math?"

"I'm doing okay. We had a test a couple of days ago. I think I did good in it."

"Well, darling. The word is well. I did well. Now what was your score?"

Tony hesitated a moment before answering and Angela was happy to see how much trouble he had keeping his gaze on her face. He'd never seen his mother in such a sexy nightie before. Repeatedly his gaze darted to her big juicy tits, dropping to her slim waist and the hairy triangle of her cunt.

"Eighty-six," he said softly. "I mean, eighty-eight. I got an eighty-eight."

"Eighty-six or eighty-eight." Angela deliberately moved closer, until her pussy triangle was mere inches from his face as he sat before her. "Which one was it?"


Tony was now breathing hard and Angela could see his big, stiff cock throbbing in his jeans. Helplessly he stared at her body as he took a long gulp of orange juice.

"You're all done with your breakfast, darling. Would you like some dessert?"

Deliberately, shamelessly, Angela lifted up the hem of her negligee, showing her son her hairy cunt.

Tony stared hard at her pussy, seeing the way the pouting, swollen lips glistened with fuck juice. Angela's cunt was very hot and wet. The smell of her cunt cream filled the whole kitchen.

"Oh, fuck," Tony said. "I can't stand it anymore!"

Then he was all over her, lunging off the chair and wrestling his mother to the floor. Angela secretly delighted, squealed and flailed her hand against his back.

"Tony! What in God's name do you think you're doing to me? You stop that! You're going to miss your first class!"

"Gonna suck you," Tony moaned. "Can't fucking take it, Mom. I'm gonna suck your sweet fucking little cunt!"

He sprawled between her thighs, holding her on her back on the cool linoleum floor. Angela shuddered as he roughly parted her thighs, exposing the sopping slit of her pussy. With a hungry moan, Tony glued his mouth to her juice-seeping cunt.

"Oh Tony, no!" But she held the back of his head, holding his face to her pussy mound. "What's gotten into you this morning? Oh, Tony... unngghhh..."

Tony started licking his mother's pussy, swiping his tongue up her curly haired cunt like a starving dog. Feverishly he lapped up her pussy cream, delighting in the pungent taste of his mom's fuck oils. He thrust a hand under her hips, squeezing the cheeks of her succulent ass as he loudly ate out her cunt.

Angela dug her fingers into the back of his neck, moaning and gasping as his tongue fucked deep inside her pink pussy tunnel. "That's right, Tony! Oh fuck, you're making me horny too! Suck me darling! Suck Mommy's hot, juicy cunt!"

Tony peeled apart the lips of her pussy with his free hand, exposing her swollen clit. Angela gasped as she felt his tongue sliding across the swollen nubbin like a slippery sexual eel.

"Oh God, Tony! Where did you learn to suck cunt like that?" Humping frantically now, the horny mother pulled his mouth up to her clit. "Yes, lick me there! I'm so hot! Lick my clit! Make me cum!"

Her clit was quite large, a grape-sized nubbin protruding at the top of her pussy hole. Tony wrapped his lips around it, sucking hard. Immediately Angela bucked as if she'd been shot, gasping and squealing as she fucked her hairy pussy all over her teen's face.

"Yes, Tony! Do it to me! Unnnggghhhh! Suck my clit, suck it good, lick it! You're making me cum, lover! Mommy's gonna cum!"

Tony pulled his hand from her ass, unable to hold the frantically humping cheeks in position. Holding her puss lips spread open with his fingers, he pushed the digits of the other hand slowly into the clasping wetness of her cunt. Angela shuddered as she felt the boy's fingers invading her fuck hole. She humped and wriggled her ass, until she felt his fingers buried to the knuckles in her buttery cunt.

"Yes, Tony! Fingerfuck me! Ungghhh unh, my pussy's so hot!"

Tony sucked harder on her clit, flicking his tongue on the sensitive tip. At the same time he started to piston his fingers into the slippery tunnel of her cunt slit. In and out he rammed them, fucking her with his fingers like they were a tiny cock.

"I'm cumming, Tony!" Angela gasped as she shuddered and bucked, deliriously humping her burning ass cheeks off the kitchen floor. "Lick my pussy, lick my clit! Put your fingers in my cunt! Ungghh unh oh fuck, unh unh unh cuuummmiiiinnnngggg!"

Her ass heaved a full half-foot off the floor as the spasms swept through her nakedness. She clawed her son's neck, leaving thin welts on his flesh as she ground her hairy, throbbing pussy onto his mouth. Fuck juice gushed out of her cunt hole and Tony lapped it all up, alternating between flicks on her clit and slurps in her pussy as he repeatedly fucked his fingers into her cunt.

"Oh Tony, oh fuck!"

Slowly, exhausted, the horny mother let her blushing ass drop to the floor. Spots of color danced in front of her dazed eyes. She felt like she'd never cum so hard in her life.

When she finally came to again, she realized that her horny son had pulled down his pants. He was now mounting into position between her spread-eagled legs. His huge, stone-hard cock throbbing and dripping jism over her belly.

"Oh Tony, are you really going to fuck me now? You're going to miss your class!"

"I don't give a shit," Tony said softly. "I gotta fuck you, Mom! My cock's so hard!"

His prick was incredibly stiff, pulsing and jerking even more wildly than it had the night before. Transfixedly Angela stared at the fat, rosy tip, seeing all the cock juice that was leaking out onto her negligee. She knew she was being a very bad mother to let him miss school to fuck her but she was too horny to help herself.

Holding his cock firmly in his grasp, Tony slipped the bulbous cock knob up her pussy slit until he had the tip securely embedded in her buttery cunt. Then he pushed it into her and a gasping Angela felt her pussy giving way to the battering thrusts of his cock.

Instinctively she threw up her long legs, opening up her pussy passage for the invasion by his cock.

"Oh Tony! You've got such a big dick!" Angela started humping, surprising herself with her insatiability as she flung her creamy legs tightly around his heaving waist. "Fuck me, Son! Mommy's horny again! Fuck me with that beautiful whopper! Yes, yes fuck it up my juicy cunt!"

"Ahh, Momma, you've got such a tight pussy! Ahhh..."

Tony slowly fucked his cock into her velvety cunt tunnel, feeling the wet walls of her pussy wrapping tightly around the meaty thickness of his cock. He paused when he got all of his prick inside her, lying motionless on her belly, letting her pussy cream adn suck around his stone-hard cock.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" Too horny to wait, Angela humped her ass like a bitch in heat, pounding her pussy onto his big cock. "Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!"

Tony pulled slowly out of his mother's clinging cunt hole, sighing as he felt the wet pink walls dragging on his hard cock. Angela whimpered as her boy slowly fucked his meat home again, burying his cock to the balls in her juice-gurgling pussy.

"Stop teasing me, Tony! Fuck my cunt hard!" Angela locked her legs high around his back, flinging her slim arms around her son's shoulders. Then she started bouncing her ass frantically off the floor, pounding her throbbing pussy onto his cock.

"Oh, Mom," Tony gasped, "your pussy feels so Goddamn good!"

He started fucking her, steadily pounding his rock-hard, blood-swollen prick into the clinging sheath of her pussy. Angela rocked beneath him in a fever of delirious lust. Fucking my son, she thought wantonly. Yes, oh yes... getting fucked by my son's big, hard cock!

"Harder!" Her voice was an anxious hiss as she raked his back with her fingernails, suddenly grabbing his ass cheeks to draw even more of his cock into her pussy. "Mommy's so horny this morning, honey! Mommy wants you to spurt your big load up Mommy's juicy snatch!"

Tony started fucking his big-titted mother hard and fast, contracting his ass cheeks as he pistoned his bloated hard-on into her buttery cunt channel. Already Angela could feel a throbbing beginning deep inside her ravished fuck hole -- her clit swelling, her pussy muscles contracting uncontrollably around her son's cock shaft as she prepared to cum.

"Mommy's cumming now, Tony!" Angela lifted her legs until her knees touched her shoulders, completely opening her pussy passage for the fucking thrusts of his cock. "Fuck me, fuck Mommy's ass off! Unnggghhh! Oh fuck, I can't stand it! Fuck me, Mommy's cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed in orgasm, the tight pink cunt tunnel sucking and clasping hotly around Tony's racing cock. Tony stopped trying to hold back his boiling was. Sinking onto her soft naked body, he let the milky jism squirt out of his cock.

"Unngghhh!" Angela sighed loudly as she felt her boy's cock shooting off inside her, spraying the inner walls of her pussy with a big load of jism. "Yes! Tony, cum in your mommy!" Hornily she flexed her cunt muscles, making her wet pussy milk out all of his cum.

"Oh, Mom!"

Tony rested on top of her, letting his cock wilt slowly in her clinging cunt. His expression was one of simple lust. He obviously wanted to start fucking her all over again.

"No, Tony," Angela giggled and shook her head. "Let's pull up our pants and get going. I don't want you to miss your second class too!"

Tony did as his mother asked. Buckling his pants, he gathered up his school books and shot a last longing glance at her oozing pussy before going out the back door.

Angela stayed on the kitchen floor for a long time after he left, smiling as she felt Tony's load dribble slowly out of her cunt. Then she started to finger fuck, panting with pleasure as she fucked her fingers in and out of her puffy pussy.


"And this boy had the audacity to say he wanted to fuck me," Janet Douglas went on, pausing to sip at her coffee. "Can you imagine that? Right in the middle of the shopping mall! And I'd never lain eyes on him in my life!"

"Good Lord," Angela replied, smiling faintly. "What did you say back?"

"Well, I didn't say anything! I just walked away! Honestly, this sort of thing still happens to me and I'm thirty-eight years old. It must be these big titties of mine that does it. Of course, you have the same problem!"

Janet took a long look at Angela's ample tits and the two mothers shared a long laugh as they reached for more donuts on the coffee table between them. It was one in the afternoon and Angela was enjoying her usual coffee with her friend and neighbor.

Since being widowed, Janet had lived in the small house across the street from Angela's apartment complex, alone with her son Mike. Mike was Tony's age, though the boys didn't socialize much at school, and Janet was also very sexy for her age, with long brown hair and an extremely voluptuous, big-titted figure.

Three or four afternoons a week, the two women got together and they usually talked about sex. Janet complained a lot about strange men making passes at her, squeezing a succulent ass cheek or even molding a huge straining tit, but Angela knew Janet was secretly delighted by the attention.

She was now almost tempted to tell Janet that she'd fucked her own son the night before. Even as she sat on the couch facing her, Angela could feel the cunt juices seeping through her panty crotch. She liked visiting with her friend but she would leave soon as Tony was due home from school.

Taking a last sip of coffee, Janet excused herself to go to the bathroom. Angela found herself watching her friend's ass wiggle as she walked down the hall. Janet was an extremely well-built woman, shorter than Angela but with curves that were every bit as pronounced.

Now Angela found herself wondering what Janet's big tits looked like naked or her ass or even her cunt. She smiled to herself as she entertained the fantasy and squirmed her ass on the couch. Fucking her son had awakened something in her, an insatiable lust. She now wanted to fuck and suck anything that moved.

"Oh, damn it!"

Janet came out of the bathroom, holding her stretch slacks together.

"I broke the zipper," she sighed, "and these things were brand new. I hope you don't mind my fixing them while we talk, honey."

Returning to her seat, Janet fumbled awkwardly with the zipper. "Wait a minute," Angela said finally, "let me do it. You're only going to make it worse."

Putting down her coffee, she crossed the living room and knelt on the floor in front of her friend. Janet blushed as Angela slid her hands up her legs, but Angela thought nothing of it. Then she pulled the zipper all the way down in an effort to reattach it and saw the reason why Janet was embarrassed.

"Why, Janet," she said, giggling softly, "you really are hot today, aren't you?"

Janet blushed fiercely and averted her eyes. Her panty crotch was soaked with cunt cream, so completely that the sheer pink fabric was damp to the touch. Angela found herself suddenly and violently aroused by the smell of her best friend's cunt. Briefly she wondered if Mike had ever smelled his mother's hot pussy and that only made her hornier.

"Well, I can't really help it, with all this talk about sex!" Janet exclaimed.

"I know that, honey but you're really dripping! You really need a man!"

Janet was too embarrassed to reply. Angela continued to fumble with the zipper, trying to reattach the two metal ends. But she was now too horny to concentrate. The smell of Janet's oozing pussy oils filled the air. Suddenly Angela realized how badly she wanted to suck the horny widow's cunt, to give her the same kind of relief she'd provided her son.

"Janet," Angela said softly. "I'm never going to fix these pants with you in them. Stand up for a second."

Obediently, Janet rose to her feet. Angela looked up at her, seeing the way her huge tits heaved under her blouse. The nipples were stiff, sticking through her blouse and bra.

Breathing hard, Angela slid the pants down her friend's ass, leaving her naked from the waist down except for her panties and shoes. But she didn't try to fix the zipper. Instead she tantalizingly pushed her hand between Janet's milk-white thighs, pressing her fingers to the dripping crotch of her panties.

"Oh, God!" Janet moaned.

"Mmmm, it's all sticky!" Angela licked her lips and looked up at her friend coyly. "You know something, Janet. You don't always need a man to make you feel good!"

Boldly, Angela grasped the hem of Janet's sopping panties, pulling them off. Then she stared hungrily at the curly haired triangle of her friend's aching cunt.

Janet had a beautiful pussy. The cunt lips were thick, pink and swollen, not hanging down at all. The jet-black hairs curled delicately around her pussy slit. Angela felt her own pussy growing wetter by the second. She pushed her fingers up the gash of Janet's fuck channel, sliding one figner into the folds of her cunt.

"Oh! Oh, Angela!" Janet shivered all over but made no move to step away. "I don't think you should be doing that to me!"

"Why not, if I like doing it?" Angela asked huskily. "Face it, honey. You need someone to make you cum!"

Angela giggled and started to fuck her finger in and out of Janet's throbbing pussy slit. Janet groaned and bit her lip. Then her cheeks flushed brightly with shame as she started humping her ass, fucking her cunt all over Angela's hand.

"Okay, Janet," Angela said, her voice rising to a commanding tone. "I want you to kick off your shoes and sit back down on the couch!"

Janet hurriedly did as Angela told her, shamefully keeping her eyes turned away. Naked from the waist down, she sprawled on the cushions with her legs spread wide. Angela crawled up and thrust both hands between her friend's milk-white thighs, keeping them wide apart. Then she dropped her head between her friend's legs.

"Unggghhh! Oh no, don't lick my pussy! Nooo!"

Angela only chuckled, knowing her friend didn't want her to stop at all. Her skillful fingers kneaded and stroked the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. She pushed out her tongue and thrust it deep into Janet's hot pussy, making the horny widow buck her ass convulsively off the couch.

"Oh, noooo!"

Angela swiped her tongue up Janet's creaming pussy hole, relishing the pungent taste of her cunt juices. The pussy lips were very swollen with desire and Janet's large pink clit protruded from its fleshy hood. Licking up her friend's cunt, Angela fucked her tongue delicately on the sensitive tip of her clit.

"Ahhhh, An-ge-la!"

Janet started humping her ass hard, making her huge tits jiggle obscenely under her blouse and bra. Angela stuck her tongue deep inside her friend's pussy. Then she started to eat Janet out in earnest, making soft slurping sounds as she slid her tongue rhythmically up and down Janet's creaming slit.

"Yes, yes! Suck me!" Janet gave in to the lesbian pleasure, thrusting her hands behind Angela's head. Her humping motions became rhythmic and deliberate as she ground her burning pussy onto Angela's mouth. "Eat my pussy! It's so hot, Angela! Unhhh, I'm gonna cum!"

Angela rubbed her thighs together as she knelt before the couch, desperately trying to allay the wet heat burning throug her fuck slit as she ate out her friend. Never before had Angela realized how much she loved the taste of a hot cunt. She'd always thought that the only thing she wanted to put in her mouth was big, hard prick.

Now she was getting hornier as she licked Janet's fur-fringed pussy, tirelessly lapping up the cunt oils that drooled from the depths of her fuck tunnel. Pressing closer, Angela guided her finger back into Janet's aching cunt slit. Angela buried her finger to the knuckle and started to jack off Janet as she continued to suck.

"Nuunhhh!" Janet was humping her ass very hard now, a slave to her own pleasure. "Eat meee!" She pulled Angela's hair, bucking and writhing so uncontrollably that it was hard to keep her tongue in her pussy. "My cunt's so wet! It's gonna cum!"

Angela slid her tongue up the gushing slit of Janet's pussy. Janet's clit was swollen harder than ever, sticking obscenely out of the folds at the top of her cunt. Angela started to lick it hard, moving Janet's clit from side to side with her skillful tongue.

"Unh!" Janet pulled Angela's hair painfully, rocking her ass so furiously that the rounded cheeks lifted completely off the couch. "Eat me! My pussy's cumming! Suck harder! It's gonna cum!"

Angela put a second finger into Janet's creaming cunt hole wondering at the tightness of her friend's pussy as Janet's cunt muscles encased the probing fingers. She jacked off her cunt fast and hard, banging her knuckles on the puffy fleshy mounds to either side of her pussy opening. Her tongue worked relentlessly on her cunt.

"Put... put your finger in my asshole!"

Angela stopped sucking and looked up at her friend's face. The horny widow's expression was now an obscene mask of agonized lust. She looked embarrassed to have voiced her secret preference but it was obvious that she had to have it in order to cum.

"Please," Janet panted, "please put your finger up my little ass!"

"God, Janet! You really are a horny bitch!" Smiling to herself, Angela returned her complete attention to Janet's creaming pussy. She glued her lips to her bulging clit and sucked hard, drawing it out with a suctioning pressure. At the same time, she jammed her two fingers back into the gurgling tunnel of Janet's hairy cunt.

"Oh, oh God, please don't torture me!" Janet's voice was an anguished whimper, like a little girl's. "Put your finger in my butt! I need you to jack off my asshole!"

Finally knowing it was time to make her friend cum, Angela spread the bucking, blushing ass cheeks with her other hand. Janet's asshole was throbbing very hard, puckering and pulsing obscenely with her raging lust. Angela found the center of the little shit hole and pushed her finger slowly all the way in.

"I'm cumming! Suck me, suck my clit, gonna cum, unnggghhh!"

Angela felt Janet's rubbery asshole contract sharply around her finger, convulsively sucking it into her ass guts. Janet's pussy spasmed on Angela's mouth, gushing out hot fuck oils. Janet's clit swelled and twitched luridly between her friend's lips.

"I'm cumming, Angela!" Janet humped and bucked so hard she nearly threw herself off the couch. "Suck my pussy, suck my fucking cunt! Unnnggghhh! Oh fuck, can't staaand it! I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggg!"

Angela licked the pussy dew off of Janet's throbbing cunt, continuing to suck and kiss her throbbing pussy slit long after the cum had subsided. Then Angela rose to her feet and prepared to leave the house.

Angela was very, very horny now and she knew that her own panties were easily as wet as her friend's had been. She wanted Janet to suck her off too, wanted to compare the size of their huge, suckable tits.

But it had gotten too late. Tony would be returning from school any moment. Angela's pussy was burning as she headed for the door. She had to be there to fuck him when he arrived.


"Hi, Mom! I'm home..."

Tony's words trailed off at the sight of the spectacle waiting for him on the living room couch. Angela was naked again, her huge tits jiggling and her legs spread-eagled as she fucked two fingers into her aching cunt. Vixenishly she smiled at her son.

"Come over her, Tony," she whispered huskily. "And take that big fucking cock of yours out of your pants!"

Tony hesitated a moment before responding. There was a slight sense of shame in his expression, and Angela worried that he'd thought too much about their incestuous liason, that he felt guilty for enjoying the illicit joys of his mother's cunt.

Then the hint of guilt was transformed into complete, open lust. By the time Tony shut the door and turned back to her, his cock was as hard as stone in his jeans. Angela felt her pussy creaming as she watched him drop his books and walk over to her, his huge prick throbbing and pulsing with blood.

"Mmmm, you've already got a hard-on, Tony!" Angela sat up on the couch and prepared to unzip his pants. "Did you think about Mommy's tight pussy all day at school?"

"Yeah," Tony murmured, "I hardly got any work done!" He put his hands on her shoulders as he stood before her, looking down at his obscenely distended crotch. "Suck it, Mom! Take it out and fucking suck on it!"

Angela's fingers trembled as she unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling the denim over the lean cheeks of his muscular ass. She loved the way his big cock felt when he fucked into her buttery cunt but her need was strong to suck on his prick first. Angela loved the way her lips felt nursing around her son's huge prick.

The jeans fell to his ankles. Tony's huge cock bobbed out, swollen with cum and blood. Wiggling her naked ass on the edge of the couch, Angela wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of his cock and stared hungrily at his prick.

So big and fat, she thought lustfully. My son's cock is so much larger than his father's...

"Does Tony like to get his big cock stroked?" Giggling vixenishly, Angela started to jack his straining cock, milking his prick rapidly with her expert fist. "Does that feel good to Mommy's favourite boy? Hmmmm?"

"Oh, shit!" Tony's face contorted into a lewd grimace as his mother jacked his cock faster and faster, making prick juice drool out of the puffy cock crown. "Put it in your mouth, Mom! I can't stand it anymore! I've had a hard-on all day!"

Smiling triumphantly, Angela opened her mouth wide and stuffed her son's meaty cock shaft down her throat. The prick knob brushed past her tonsils, nearly making her gag. But Angela took quick panting breaths through her nostrils, fighting back the choking reflex as she eagerly, wetly, noisily started to suck.

"Oh, Momma! You do that so fucking good!"

Angela shut her eyes, thinking of nothing now but the long, fat stiff boner throbbing between her lips. She wanted to make her son addicted to the pleasures of her mouth and pussy. She devoted her complete attention to the joys of sucking his cock.

Up and down her head bobbed, slowly fucking her throat with the turgid stiffness of his cock meat. Angela heard her own loud slurping, smacking, gurgling sounds fill the living room. Her hands pushed down, tightly gripping the thick root of his cock. Hungrily she started to beat his meat between her lips.

"Ungghhhh!" Dazedly Tony stared down at the obscene spectacle of his horny mother, her mouth full of stiff prick meat. "Harder, Mom!" He curled his fingers in her thick blonde hair and started to rock his ass. "Suck it super hard! Make my dick squirt!"

Angela puckered her cheeks until golf balls could have fit into the indentations, suctioning her lips violently around her son's throbbing prick. Cock cream started to ooze out of the glistening piss hole and she swiped her tongue feverishly around the prick knob, lapping cum up like a starving kitten with a bowl of milk.

"Unh! Oh, Mom! You're gonna make me cum!"

Angela knew his balls would squirt up a big load any second but she was confident he could keep his prick stiff even after a good hard sucking. By now she was dying to gulp down his load.

Blushing pink, the big-titted mother started to suck Tony's cock as hard as she could. Her hand and wrist moved in a blur as she jacked him off, racing her tight fist up and down the veined stalk of his prick. Then her free hand moved between his hairy thighs. Grasping his wrinkled ball bag, Angela gently kneaded the twin globes.

"Ahhh, Mom! Here it comes!"

He heaved forward, stabbing his stone-hard prick down her throat. Then the cock juice started squirting, splattering the roof of her mouth in a torrent of rich, milky cum.

"Ummmllppp!" Angela nearly came on the couch cushions as her stud son unloaded between her lips. His jism was so delicious, so much hotter and sweeter than her husband's cum had been. Sucking and jacking his cock as hard as she could, she made even louder slurping sounds as she gulped it all down, furiously working the muscles of her throat.

"Stop it, Mom!" Tony winced as his cumming cock became extremely sensitive between her lips. "I can't take anymore!"

But Angela wouldn't release his gushing cock. She kept sucking violently, tightening her fist around the throbbing root, dragging her hand slowly upward to pump out the last tingling drops of cum. Tony's cock head and shaft were completely dry of jism when she finally took his cock out of her mouth, though the whole prick still glistened with saliva.

"Ummm, lover, you really shot off a good load today! There's nothing like being a teenager for producing a lot of juice!"

Angela giggled as she continued to milk his throbbing prick, staring intently at the bulbous, shiny-skinned crown. Then she looked up longingly into her teenager's eyes.

"Is Tony ready to give Mommy a nice, hard fucking now? Or does lover boy need a little rest first?"

"I don't need any fucking rest," Tony grunted. "Get on your back, Mom! Spread those pretty legs!"

His cock had wilted slightly right after the sucking but within seconds his prick had swelled back into a full, eager hard-on. Never taking her gaze off her boy's oversized prick, Angela turned sideways on the couch. She threw one leg over the back and let the other drape to the floor, spread-eagling herself for the invasion of Tony's huge prick.

"There it is, lover," she whispered, gesturing at her hairy cunt triangle. "It's all yours! You can fuck it just as hard as you want!"

His mother's obscenities made Tony's cock get even stiffer, bouncing and pulsing wickedly up and down with its engorgement of blood. Quickly he crawled between her thighs on the couch, pausing only long enough to strip off the rest of his clothes. His massive prick dripped fresh jism onto her belly as he stared hungrily at her naked body.

"What are you waiting for, lover? Mommy's horny too! Put that big fucker up my little cunt!"

Holding his cock in his hand, Tony mounted her. He slid the heart-shaped cock knob teasingly up and down her drippy, hairy pussy, making Angela gasp as he touched it on her swollen clit.

"Fuck me, Tony! Don't make me wait! Fuck my cunt!"

Tony pressed the spongy prick knob into her pussy hole and pushed in slightly, embedding his cock head securely in her juicing cunt. He let his weight fall onto her, flattening her huge tits under muscular chest. Then he started to push his big cock into her pussy.

"Unnnggghhh! Lover! It's so big and thick!" Angela's tongue lolled out obscenely as she felt her pink pussy walls spreading to admit his enormous cock. So big and stiff, she thought giddily. Her ex-husband's prick had never filled her pussy like her son's cock did.

Tony moaned as he felt the gurgling tightness of his mother's pussy, the strong cunt muscles suctioning deliciously around his cock. Bracing himself between her quivering thighs, he slowly humped to make his fat prick fuck all the way in.

Angela nearly came as she felt his cock fucking greasily up her pussy tunnel. Then his prick was all the way inside her, his cock hair mashed to her pussy fur, and his enormous prick head beating and oozing next to her womb.

"Fuck me, Tony! Fuck your mommy!" Angela threw her arms and legs around her son, clasping her thighs around his midsection and raking her fingernails up his back. She panted as she started humping, pounding her wet, hairy pussy around the root of his prick. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt!"

Tony pulled his cock out slowly, until only the fat, rosy prick knob parted the slick, pouting lips of her pussy. Angela whimpered and bucked up her ass for more prick meat. Tony fucked his throbbing cock back into the clutching confines of her tight cunt.

"You're so tight, Momma! You're tighter than any teenage chick I ever fucked!"

Then he started fucking his cock into her, working his ass rapidly between her thighs as he fucked his bone-hard prick in and out of her cunt. Angela moaned and worked her ass in a fury, meeting every thrust of his cock with a thrust of her cunt.

She could feel her pussy getting even creamier as he started fucking her and a deep-seated feeling of contentment washed througg her entire naked body. There was nothing like getting fucked, Angela thought dreamily. Her nipples were stiff and tingling, poking into her boy's chest. Her asshole puckered with sympathy with each fucking stroke of her son's cock into her fuck hole.

"Haaaarder!" Angela slid her thighs higher up his back, thrusting her ass up so that even more of his cock could fuck up her pussy passage. "My cunt's so wet! It's throbbing, Tony. It's throbbing on your cock! Unhhh! Please, fuck me harder!"

Tony obeyed his sex-starved mother. He spread his knees between her milk-white thighs, changing the downward angle of his attack. Then he really began to fuck his cock meat into her pussy, slamming his prick all the way in with every thrust, as if he were raping her.

"Harder, harder!" Now Angela's cunt was burning, spewing fuck juice uncontrollably around his fucking cock. "I need to get fucked haaaard! Fuck the shit out of me, Tony! Make me cum!"

Tony fucked his mother as hard as he could, groaning as he felt the suctioning, slippery pressure of her pussy around his throbbing prick. With every stroke his cock seemed to get harder, stretching her pussy walls wide apart. He could feel her huge, spongy tit mounds shaking beneath his chest.

Angela tossed her head back and forth on the couch, unable to bear the intense pleasure shooting through her pussy. Her clit was completely swollen and she could feel the jack-hammering cock chafing the little nubbin with every stroke. Her pussy was throbbing and her belly was tight as her cunt prepared to explode.

"I'm cumming, Tony! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck your mother! I'm cuuummmiiinnngg!"

Her cunt creamed, exploding to the fucking strokes of her son's big prick. Again and again the contractions shuddered through her pussy muscles, making her fuck tunnel clasp with a vise-like intensity around her son's fucking cock.

But Tony managed to keep his load of jism welled up in his heavy balls, fucking his mother hard and fast through the duration of her orgasm. When he finally took his cock out of her smoking pussy, his prick was as hard as stell, oozing pre-cum onto her navel. And the pussy cream from Angela's cunt soaked the couch cushion under her quivering ass.

Looking up at her boy's hard-on, Angela realized that he still had plenty of jism left to be spurted. But her pussy was too sensitive for any more straight fucking.

Then she felt herself getting horny again as she remembered a special secret pleasure she'd often enjoyed with her husband. It had been a long time since George had done her dirty, Angela realized wantonly. It was time to let Tony fuck his mother up the ass!

"Please suck it some more, Mom," Tony groaned, rubbing his aching prick. "I'll get blue balls if you don't make me cum!"

"Hold your load, darling!" Sitting up, Angela playfully pinched the blood-engorged knob of his cock. "I'm going to show you another way to fuck!"

She slid of the couch and got into the dog fucking position on the living room rug, lifing her ass and dropping her shoulders low. Then the naked mother reached behind her, grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, showing the pink ring of her little asshole to her son.

"Oh, fuck!" Tony groaned.

"That's just what I want you to do to me, Son!" Angela looked at him over her shoulder, eagerly studying the big, hard cock that she hoped to feel fucking into her shit tunnel. "Get on top of me, lover! Fuck me up the ass!"

Tony never found a girl who would let him fuck her aashole before, and the thought of fucking his mother's pink, hairless shitter made his cock throb wildly with fresh blood. Swiftly he mounted her, hunching over her back as he aimed the juicing tip of his cock at her ass opening.

"Go gently, darling!" Angela thought of making him run to the bathroom to get some Vaseline, but decide that his cock was already wet enough with pussy cream. Besides, she was too horny to wait. "Remember, my asshole's a lot tighter than my cunt!"

Tony rubbed his spongy prick head up her pussy furrow to lube the crown with more cunt oil. Then he fit the knob on the rubbery ring of her asshole. Angela grimaced as she felt his big prick pushing into her shit tunnel, stretching the powerfully muscled ass walls to the bursting point around the invading thickness of his cock shaft.

"Easy, darling! Oh fuck, you've got such a big cock!"

Tony changed his postion over his mother's body, so his throbbing hard-on would fuck directly into the depths of her asshole. Sliding his hands up her slender waist, he lewdly grasped the hanging globes of her tits. Then he started to fuck and jerk his ass, fucking inch after inch of his hard-on into the rubbery depths of her hot ass.

"Unngggghhh!" Overwhelmed by lewd sensations, Angela fell flat on her belly on the floor, dragging her son's cock down with her as her tits squashed on the rug. "Oh fuck, you've got a big one! Go slow, lover! Fuck my horny ass!"

As gently as he could, Tony pumped his hips. Angela felt her asshole opening gradually to take all of his cock. Obscenely throbbing waves of pleasure coursed through her nakedness. Nothing made her feel so filled up as getting her asshole fucked.

"It's good, Mom!" Tony groaned. "It's so fucking good!"

He pushed down hard, ramming the last several inches of his fucking hard-on into her ravished asshole. Angela grunted and quivered. Her asshole felt so stuffed with cock meat. His prick pushed through the sucking, clinging walls until she could almost feel the presence of his big dick in her pussy too.

"Fuck me," Angela whimpered. She started humping her hips lightly off the floor, pushing out her asshole ring to make the little ring pucker tightly around her son's big cock. "Easy, lover... that's right... unnggghh! Fuck me... fuck your mother's butt!"

Tony started fucking his cock into her asshole, slowly but surely fucking his prick deeper and deeper into the luscious grip of her shitter. He could feel the constant pressure of her asshole muscles around his prick milking his cock deep inside her body. A low groan parted his lips. He'd never fucked a tighter fuck hole.

"Okay, Tony! Harder now! I'm getting hot!" Angela started humping more violently beneath him, pushing out her asshole again and again to make the ring suck around his prick. "I can take it now! My asshole's all loosened up! Unhh! Fuck the shit out of me, Tony! Fuck my asshole hard!"

Tony intensified the speed of his ass fucking, violently fucking his stone-hard cock into the rubbery depths of his mother's ass guts. The sucking pressure of her ass around his cock became more intense. It was as if he'd rammed his prick into a milking machine, as if her asshole wouldn't stop throbbing until all of his cum had been sucked from his balls.

"I... I can't hold it much longer, Mom! You've really got a tight one!"

"Fuck me, Tony! Unnggghhh! Mommy's gonna cum too!" Beside herself with pleasure, the wanton young mother thrust her hand under her belly and fucked two fingers into her cunt. The little fuck slit was drooling cunt cream. She jacked off in time with her son's fuck thrusts up her asshole, rolling her clit feverishly under her thumb.

"Can't hold it, Mom! Oh fuck!"

The second load of jism squirted violently up her shit channel, bursting from the tip of Tony's prick. Again and again cum erupted from his throbbing cock shaft, draining his balls completely of fuck juice.

"Oh, Tony! You're cumming in me!" Angela flexed her shitter muscles, making her asshole suck up all of his sappy cum. "Fuck me! Keep fucking me, I'm cumming too! Unnnggghhhh! Cuuummmmiiinnngggg!"

Her asshole and pussy spasmed at the same time, covering her stroking fingers with thick cream from her cunt. Angela dazed with pleasure as she felt her asshole cumming, sucking again and again around her boy's cock.

A lewd feeling of contentment coursed through her as she felt her boy drawing his prick out of her ass with a wet popping sound. Tony was an awfully good ass-fucker, and he still had the comeback powers of any teenage stud. Angela knew he would fuck her nearly unconscious before the night was over. She would have no trouble sleeping.


Angela's predicition came through that evening. By midnight she was fast asleep, unaided by drugs or alcohol, having been thoroughly fucked by her well-hung son. But across the street, in the little house she shared with her son Mike, Janet Douglas was having a very restless night.

Janet's voice betrayed only the faintest hint of an accent but she was a Southern woman, born and reared well below the Mason-Dixon before her marriage had brought her permanently north. She liked to talk and joke about sex with her girlfriends but deep down inside she still had some Victorian attitudes towards the whole subject, which had created some major conflicts for her over the years and was making her particularly miserable now.

Janet had been raised conservatively but she was very, very horny. Without any out-dated morality to restrain her, she was sure she would have fucked everything in pants long before her wedding night.

As it was, she'd been a virgin for her honey moon. But that hadn't been for any lack of offers or lack of desire. Even at thirty-eight, Janet still had all the beauty that made men drool over her in her high school days.

She was petite, but still extremely stacked, with a round ass and tits that were every bit as large as Angela's. Her long, wavy brown hair danced on her shoulders when she walked and men had always complimented her for the dazzling beauty of her wide full-lipped smile. That was, of course, when they could tear their gazes off of her lush body.

But Janet had never fucked another man during her long marriage, though she'd done more than her share of fucking with her husband. Her lesbian sex session with Angela that afternoon had disturbed her a great deal. There was no denying that she'd enjoyed it and there was no one to stop her from doing it a lot more.

In fact, there was no one to stop her from doing what she really wanted, which was to fuck her own son.

This was Janet's most secret desire, one she'd never even hinted at in her giggling conversations with Angela. But ever since her husband's death, thoughts of fucking Michael had been in the back of her brain.

He was such a handsome boy, with a thick head of blonde hair and a strapping, muscular body. Since puberty, Janet had seen his cock only a couple of times but those occasions had branded themselves in her ever-horny mind -- a thick, long tube of cock meat, hanging between her little boy's legs. As hard as she tried to put the image from her mind, Janet knew how much she wanted to make that big prick get stiff, to watch his face contort as he shot a big load of cum juice into her sucking cunt.

By eleven, Janet had already put away three good-sized cocktails in an effort to drive the forbidden incestuous thoughts away. By midnight she was thoroughly drunk.

But she still couldn't get to sleep and the drinking had just made her hornier. Something about her sex session with Angela had sparked something in her brain. It was as if she could do anything now. She could even fuck her own son.

"Damn it!" Squirming naked under the covers, with the half-empty highball glass on the nightstand beside the bed, Janet stopped trying to sleep and turned on the light. She glanced at the clock and groaned when she saw it was nearly one in the morning.

There was no use in trying to get to sleep. Cursing drunkenly under her breath, the naked mother padded across her bedroom and took a long flowing negligee out of her closet. Donning it quickly, she walked into the hall. Maybe a late night movie would take her mind off sex.

But the first thing she saw when she walked into the hall was the light under her son's bedroom door. Janet frowned, feeling the weight of her enormous tits jiggling under the gown as she walked slowly towards her son's room.

Was Mike up late studying? On a sudden impulse she decided to pay a visit to the object of her desires. Maybe if she saw him with a textbook in his hand she'd remember her true role as his mother and banish her filthy cravings once and for all.

"Mike," Janet said softly. She was too drunk to realize that her voice was the softest of whispers, too low for her son to hear. Janet opened the door without knocking. Then she stopped in her tracks and just stared.

Mike was reading by the night light, as she'd suspected but what he held definitely wasn't a textbook. It was some sort of girlie magazine and her boy was naked on top of the sheets.

Janet instantly felt fuck juice gushing into her pussy as she ran her gaze up his muscular legs to his crotch. Rising out of a very big, hairy ball bag was gigantic rock-hard prick. Her son's hand was wrapped tightly around his cock. With the girlie magazine open in front of his face, her only child was wildly beating off. "M-M-Michael!" Janet stammered. "Oh my God!"

Mike immediately dropped the magazine and stared wide-eyed at his mother. Then his cheeks flushed crimson. "Oh fuck," he groaned and covered his face with a pillow in shame.

Janet crossed the room in a trance, staring hypnotically at his naked cock. His prick was shrinking rapidly but it was her first really good look at his cock in the raw.

What a big one, she thought dazedly, as she ogled the meaty trunk and bulbous prick head. My son has such a big fucking dick.

"Mike, take that pillow off of your face," she managed to say, "I'm not going to hurt you."

Mike reluctantly took away the pillow and looked up at his mother as he stuffed it under his head. Janet forced her gaze to stay on his face as she sat beside him on the bed.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Mike said quickly, "please don't get too mad at me. I won't..."

"There's nothing wrong with masturbating, Michael," Janet said softly. "It's my fault, not yours. I should have knocked before I came in."

Mike looked up at his mother in surprise, realizing how drunk she was. Then he lowered his gaze to her body. Janet became conscious of how clearly her huge braless tits showed through the nightgown. Almost imperceptibly, Mike's cock started swelling with fresh blood.

"I masturbate too, Mike. Tell me, do you play with yourself alot? You're a teen after all. Teenagers are supposed to be very horny."

Janet immediately knew that wasn't a motherly question to ask but she couldn't help herself. Mike's face was red as he looked at her. She was having a harder time keeping her gaze off of his cock. His prick was growing more rapidly.

"Well, yeah. Yeah, I guess I do," Mike muttered.

"Oh, I see. What sort of thing do you think about when you jack... masturbate, Michael? Do you think about all the pretty girls at school?"

"Yeah. Sometimes. Or other girls."

"Other girls, hmmm. What do you think about doing with them?"

The voice of her conscience demanded that she leave her son's room immediately, but Janet made no move to rise from the bed. She was very drunk and by now her gaze was nearly riveted to her son's cock. His prick seemed to swell faster the more she looked. His cock was beginning to throb with obscene little pulses and rise stiffly from where his prick shaft had lain on his leg.

"Well, you know..."

There was a pause of perhaps ten seconds and during this time Mike's cock got as hard as stone. Obscenely the meaty prick stood straight out of his ball bag quivering over his stomach. Before she could stop herself, the drunken mother reached out and wrapped her fingers hungrily around his steely prick.

"Jesus, Mom!"

"Mike, why do you have a big hard-on like this, hmmm? What's on that dirty little mind of yours? Hmmm?"


"Answer my question!"

Helplessly Janet began to jack his stiff cock, groaning as she felt his prick, throb on her palm. Hungrily she milked and squeezed his pulsing prick, making clear cock juice ooze out of the tip.

"You're looking at my body, aren't you, Mike? You're staring at mother's big tits! Is that what you like to look at when you see pretty girls? Hmmmm? Do the girls in your high school have tits as big as mine?"

Mike groaned and humped his ass on the bed, fucking his prick through his mother's fingers, overwhelmed with lust. Janet gave up all thoughts of ethics or morality. Bending down, she frantically started giving her son a hand job, pumping her fist wildly up and down her boy's bloated prick.

"Jesus, Mom!"

"Does that feel good, Mike? Do you like the way Mommy jacks your cock? It's bad for you to play with yourself, you know. I'll make a deal with you. If you don't beat your meat anymore, Mommy will come in here and take care of this big beautiful boner every single fucking night!"

Mike's eyes were as wide as saucers, shocked and excited by the obscene words streaming from his mother's lips. Eagerly her watched her D-cup tits jiggling under the gown, seeing the stiff bumps of her fat nipples. His cock got even stiffer, so thick that Janet could barely get her hand around his prick shaft.

"In fact, I know something that feels even better than jacking off," the drunken mother continued. "Would you like a blow job, Mike? Has one of those horny girls in your high school ever sucked this big, fat dick?"

Mike swiftly shook his head. Janet pushed her hand down to the root of his throbbing hard-on, holding his cock in position. Then she dropped her head, opened her mouth and sucked the bulbous crown of her son's cock down her throat.

Hungrily her lips clasped in a tight circle around the center of his prick shaft, drinking in the salty male taste of his balls and cock. Her pussy was gushing now, becoming hot and sticky between her thighs. Janet made lewd gulping, slurping sounds as she started to give her son a good blow job, hollowing her cheeks to increase the suctioning pressure around his prick.

Mike continued to stare up at her, unable to believe the way her face was contorted around the cock shaft stuffing her lips. Then his surprise was transformed to lust.

"Oh Jesus, that's good! Yes, oh Christ, suck it, Mom! Suck my fucking cock!"

He put his hands on her shoulders, slid them up to her head and held her in position over his throbbing cock. Mike gasped and started to rock his ass violently off the springy mattress, fucking his prick through the wet oval of her lips.

Panting hard through her nose, Janet sucked her son's cock as hard as she could. She'd always been an eager prick sucker, through the many years of her marriage. But giving her husband head could never compare to the obscene joy of going down on her own child.

She loved the taste and throbbing feel of the massive cock fucking down her throat, the way the cum oozed profusely from his open piss hole. Janet pulled the prick shaft out of her mouth just enough to swirl her tongue around the cock knob and lap up the creamy pre-cum. Then she gurgled as she stuffed a full half of his prick back down her throat.

"Stroke it, Mom! Jack on my prick! Oh fuck, I need to cum!"

His cock was incredibly hard, throbbing uncontrollably as she nursed on his prick with her lips and tongue and throat. Janet knew milky sap was about to explode from his hairy balls.

Taking a breath through her nostrils, she crammed even more of his swollen prick into her mouth. Her hand tightened around the thick root. Janet started to jack on his cock as she sucked, milking and tugging the steely base of his prick.

"Gonna cum," Mike chanted. "Suck it, Mom. Gonna cum!"

Janetslid her free hand up his legs, moaning around his prick as she felt the congested condition of his aching balls. Tenderly she squeezed and kneaded the wrinkled bag, teasing the twin globes with her fingertips.

"I'm cumming, Mom! I'm cummmmiiiinnnnngggg!"

His cock jerked hard in her mouth, nearly making her choke. Then a huge explosion of prick juice erupted from the tip of his cock. Torrents of thick cum splashed on the room of her mouth and poured down her throat, rewarding the cocksucking mother with a bellyful of cum.

As her pussy creamed to the tide of her son's spunk, Janet swallowed hard, gulping down all of the fuck cream. Feverishly she jacked and sucked his spurting prick, swallowing jisim for nearly a half-minute straight. When she finally released his cock, his prick was still throbbing and hard.

"Oh, Mom!" Mike was nearly delirious with pleasure, writhing on the bed. "That was so fucking good! You sucked my cock for me... oh, Christ!"

Wiping stray drops of cum from her fingers, lapping them up, Janet stared down at her boy. There was no longer any thought of resisting her incestuous impulses. She'd gone too far for that. She couldn't wait to feel his fat prick fucking into her wet cunt.

"You liked that, didn't you, Mike?" she asked, her voice shaking with desire. "That was better than jacking off, wasn't it? You like the way Mommy sucked your big prick."

"Yes, oh fuck!"

"Would you like to fuck Mommy now? As long as this is our secret." Janet pulled up the hem of her nightgown, revealing her bare shapely thighs and the hairy triangle of her pussy. "Our extra-special secret. You've never fucked a girl before, have you, Mike? See how wet Mommy's pussy is? Would you like to put you big cock in my wet, juicy cunt? Would you like Mommy to teach you all about fucking?"

Mike responded with wild, pulsating throbs of his cock. The big prick shaft now quivered over his stomach as if he'd never shot a load at all. Staring at his big cock, Janet hurriedly stipped the gown from her body.

Mike groaned as he saw his mother's body in the raw. Her tits were huge, two firm rounded melons of flesh that jiggled as she climbed on the bed with him. They were capped by fat dusky-pink nipples that just begged to be sucked.

"Well, first you to do some things for med, darling," Janet murmured, sprawling beside him. "Put my tit in your mouth, honey. Mommy needs her big tits sucked."

Mike eagerly complied, turning his head to engulf one silver-dollar sized nipple. Janet's wet pussy throbbed with fresh lust as her son sucked her enormous tit. The nipple was crinkled, stiff and rubbery. He sucked hard, fucking his tongue on the distended tip.

Holding up both tits with his hands, he alternated sucks between one and the other. Janet's tits ached when she finally pushed him away.

"All right, darling. Now Mommy wants you to do something else!" Spreading her legs wide, stretched out on her back and parted the hairy mound of her pussy triangle. "My cunt's all wet for you, darling but most of the girls you're going to fuck are going to be a little dry at first. So first you have to learn how to suck a hot cunt."

Mike slid down her voluptuous body, not showing his lack of experience as he planted wet tantalizing kisses on her girlishly rounded belly. Then he stretched out between her legs. Janet whimpered softly as she felt the first touch of his tongue on her pussy, experimentally probing the pouting, curly haired cunt lips.

"Lick it first, darling! Lick Mommy's hot, juicy cunt!" Mike did as his mother requested. Eagerly, his tongue swiped up and down between the soft lips of her flowering pussy. He smacked his lips with relish as he lapped up the musky fuck juices oozing out of her hairy cunt slit.

"That's good, darling. Now for the most important lesson!"

Pushing her hand between her legs, Janet peeled apart her pussy folds with her fingers, making her swollen clit pop out of the little hood.

"That's my clit, Mike! That's the part of me that gets horniest! Now I want you to lick it, lover! It's very sensitive, so don't use your teeth on it! Just lick Mommy's clit!"

Mike wasn't as innocent as his mother suspected. He knew about clits, though he'd never actually seen one. But his mother's pussy tasted so juicy that he was more than willing to do anything she wanted.

Pushing his tongue all the way up her slick cunt folds, Mike touched his tongue on the tip of her throbbing clit. Immediatly Janet bucked as if she'd been shot, grabbing the back of his head and gasping as she fucked her aching pussy all over his face.

"Yes, darling," she moaned. Janet clawed the back of his head with one hand while the other held apart her cunt lips. "Suck it, suck it right there. Lick my clit, lover. Lick it good!"

Mike licked his mother's clit, eager to do anything he could to help her get off. His tongue danced on the protruding bud, pushing it teasingly from side to side.

"Slower, slower," Janet was by now humping rhythmically on the bed, thrusting her cunt mound against his mouth. "Lick it slow and hard!"

Mike did as his mother asked. Janet gasped as lusty sensations coursed through her naked body. Her tits felt hard and swollen. Even her asshole was puckering lewdly as her body prepared to explode with desire.

"Now... unh, fuck! Put your fingers in my pussy, lover! I want you to put two fingers in my cunt and... unh, Christ... stroke them in and out!"

It made Mike horny to know how much he was turning his mother on. His cock throbbed painfully between his belly and the bed. Sliding his hand up her quivering thigh, he insinuated two fingers into the slippery slit of her pussy. Then he started to fingerfuck her as he steadily licked her clit.

"Nuuunhhh! I can't take it, Son!" Janet grabbed his head as she started humping hard and fast. "Suck me! Suck my clit! Nnnggg nnnggg I'm cuuuummmmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy spasmed, gushing fuck juice onto her son's lips. Just as she was cumming, Mike wrapped his lips around her tight clit. That made her orgasm incredibly intense.

Again and again her pussy throbbed with incestuous passion, cumming so hard that Janet thought she would pass out with an excess of pleasure. Her long nails left red welts on her son's neck as she deliriously clawed him, whimpering as his tongue and fingers guided her from peak to peak of naked lust.

"Oh... okay, lover. Stop sucking now. Mommy's pussy can't take anymore."

Mike withdrew his tongue from her pulsing cunt. Rising up on his hands and knees, he looked down at her big-titted body expectantly. Janet groaned at the fresh sight of his cock.

So big and fat, she thought, admiring the stiff cock shaft and bulbous prick crown. Oh God, I'm about to do it now. I can't help myself. I'm going to let my son fuck that big prick up my little cunt.

"Okay, Michael. You've waited long enough." Janet wiggled her ass into position on the sheets and spread her legs very wide apart, lifting her knees towards her shoulders. "Get between my thighs, darling. I'm about to show you how to fuck Mommy's cunt!"

With his cock throbbing, Mike mounted his horny mother. Janet reached between her thighs and grasped the burning length of prick meat. She pulled her son forward, directing the oozing tip of his cock to the creaming folds of her pussy.

"There it is, Mike! Oh, oh! There!"

She groaned as she pressed his fat cock into her pussy opening. Janet pulled his cock forward and wiggled her ass to embed his prick securely in her cunt. Then she started humping lightly, thrusting her pussy eagerly onto his big prick.

"Push it in now, lover! Push your big, hard cock up Mommy's cunt! Mommy wants you to fuck her so much!"

Mike leaned forward, awkwardly supporting the weight of his torso by stretching his arms out to either side of her shoulders. Staring down at her, watching her huge tits shake, he pushed meaty inches of his cock into her hot clasping cunt.

"Unggghhh! What a big fucker you've got, Michael!" Janet nearly came on the spot as she felt his prick fucking into her, stretching the walls of her cunt wide around the invading cock shaft. "Fuck me, lover! Fuck Mommy's pussy!"

With half of his cock inside her juicy pussy, knowing that he couldn't accidentally unseat himself, Janet twined her legs tightly around her son's waist. Then she started humping, pounding her wet cunt into the satisfying stiffness of his cock.

"Fuck me, Son! Put it all the way in my pussy now! Mommy's so Goddamn horny! Fuck me, lover! Fuck Mommy's hot cunt!"

Mike groaned as he collapsed on top of her, fucking every inch of his massive hard-on into the succulent, buttery tube of her fuck channel. For a long time he just rested on top of her as his mother humped wildly beneath him, savoring the exquisite pleasure of his very first fuck.

"Do you like fucking, Mike? Do you like the way my pussy feels? Unh! Then fuck me! Damn you, fuck me! Move your ass!"

Mike pulled out slowly, not wanting to withdraw his cock completely from her pussy by accident. Slowly he fucked his cock home again. His face flushed as his prick pulsed wildly in her pussy. Fucking felt very, very good.

"Hump me!" Janet crossed her legs higher up his back, wanting to open up her pussy passage completely for his cock. "Move your ass! Stroke your cock... oh yes... stroke it in and out!"

Mike started humping, contracting his ass cheeks rhythmically between her spread-eagled thighs. At first, his thrusts were clumsy as he struggled to accustom himself to the lewd rhythms of fucking. But within a minute he was fucking his mother like he'd been fucking for years, groaning with pleasure as he fucked his stiff cock harder and harder into her clasping cunt.

"Do you like fucking Mommy, Mike? Do you like the way my pussy feels?"

"Y-y-yes," Mike stammered.

"Then say it!" Janet groaned and slapped his ass, beside herself with pleasure. "Say how much you like my hot, juicy cunt."

"I love it, Mom. Oh Christ, your cunt is so tight! I'm gonna cum again!"

"Then shoot it in my pussy, lover! That's where your hot cum belongs! Fuck me and shoot it in my cunt! Unh, fuck, I'm gonna cum too! Fuck me, fuck my ass off! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!"

Mike spread his knees, changing the angle of his attack so that his cock would fuck more easily into the clutching depths of her slippery fuck channel. Then he started to fuck his mother as hard as he could.

In and out his big dick fucked, filling her belly with every stroke. Mike let his weight fall on her naked body, flattening her huge tits under his chest. That enabled him to fuck her pussy even harder, fucking his massive prick deeper into her pussy than his father's cock had ever been.

"Unhhh! I'm gonna cum, Mike! You're making Mommy cum!" Janet raked her fingernails up and down his back, pushing her legs so high that her knees nearly touched her shoulders. "Fuck me! Fuck my brains out! Mommy's gonna cummmm!"

Suddenly her pussy started spasming, uncontrollably contracting around the steely length of her son's cock. Janet felt her cum building in her, from her toes ot the top of her head. Her asshole throbbed violently, puckering in and out. Her nipples grew stiff and tingly, poking into her son's chest.

"Fuck me! Fuck harder! I'm making it!" Her voice was loud and very, very horny. Janet clung to her son and humped frantically off the springy bed. "I'm cumming, Mike! Mommy's cumming on your big, fucking cock! Unngghhhh! Ooooh, cuuummmiiinnnggg!"

Her pussy exploded, spasming tightly around the thick fucking cock. Again and again she came until she was sure she would black out as her son's prick guided her from peak to peak of forbidden lust.

"Oh, Momma!"

Mike sank suddenly between her thighs, fucking his cock to the hilt in her throbbing, clutching cunt. Suddenly Janet felt her pussy splattered by the thick load of her son's hot cum. Torrentially, jism gushed up from his balls, spraying into her pussy with long sappy ribbons of spunk. Mike fucked slowly on her sweating stacked body, draining his wad completely into her gooey cunt.

"Oh, Mike!" Even as she flexed her pussy muscles to milk out the gushing load, Janet felt remorse mixed with her desire. "What have I done to you? What in the world have I done?"


Janet cried herself to sleep that night, blaming herself bitterly for the seduction of her only child. But when she awakened early the next morning, a red-hot heat was burning in her cunt.

Groaning, the big-titted mother rolled over and inspected the damage she'd done to the sheets. The whole section under her pussy was damp with fuck juice. Gradually she remembered all the wet dreams she'd had, all the times she'd almost cum in her sleep while dreaming of her son's huge, satisfying cock.

Now she realized that she had never been so horny in her life.

Again her guilty conscience surfaced, but Janet put it quickly out of her mind. Shaking with lust, she walked naked into the hall and headed straight for her son's bedroom.

He hadn't locked the door. Entering, Janet stared at his sleeping form under the covers. Just looking at Mike now made musky fuck cream gush through her pussy tunnel, made her nipples stiffen and her asshole tingle as she imagined his huge cock fucking her.

"Oh God, I'm awful," Janet whispered, blushing as she crossed the room to sit on the edge of his bed. "I'm the worst mother in the world."

Fortunately, Mike was sleeping on his back. Janet's fingers trembled as she slid the blankets to the foot of the bed, exposing his naked prick.

His half-swollen cock was draped across his upper thigh, a big meaty tube of prick flesh. Janet's pussy started to throb as she looked at the rosy cock knob, at the thick vein seaming the underside of his cock. Then she dropped her hand to his crotch and lightly fingered his prick.

His cock felt thick and hot to her touch, and his prick immediately started swelling while Mike slept. Janet moaned under her breath and stroked lightly. Soon her son's cock was as hard as bone. Releasing his prick, she watched the stiff cock shaft quiver and jerk obscenely over his tightly muscled stomach.

"Oh fuck, I've got to give him another blow job," Janet murmured. "Got to put it in my mouth!"

Her hand tightened around the center of his cock shaft, which was now so thick she could barely get her fingers all the way around. Janet rapidly began to beat her boy's meat, violently tugging and milking the steely stiffness of his cock.

"Mmmmmm," Mike groaned.

Mike's eyelids fluttered, then he ogled his eyes. For a momemnt he didn't seem to understand what was happening as he watched his mother's enormous tits jiggle as she furiously beat off his cock. Then his lips curled into a sleepy smile of lust.

"Hi Mom."

"Hello darling. It's rise and shine time." Janet jacked his cock faster, making pre-cum ooze out of the tip, coating the whole prick knob. "Mommy needs a hot jism cocktail before she has her breakfast. And you need this big stiff prick of yours take care of before you go to school."

Mike smiled and folded his hands behind his head, already relaxing for the blow job. Janet dropped her head and opened her mouth wide, sucking the drooling tip of her son's prick between her lips.

She let his cock fuck deeply down her throat, so eager to swallow his hard-on that she nearly choked herself on the massive thickness of his cock. Janet made a lewd gurgling sound as she clamped her lips in a tight oval around the center of his prick. Then she feverishly started sucking her son's cock, puckering her cheeks to increase the pressure.

"Ahhh!" Mike's handsome face contorted with pleasure as he watched his naked mother give him some early morning head. "Jesus, Mom! I was hoping you'd do that to me!"

Janet made no reply. She was too busy sucking the big cock jammed between her lips. Slurping, smacking sounds filled the bedroom as she made his cock wet and sticky, drooling saliva even as she lapped up the cum oozing out of his prick.

Mike sighed as his cock swelled stiffer, spitting ou little droplets of cum onto his mother's swirling tongue. Janet greedily lapped it all up. She flushed as she forced her head lower, engulfing another half-inch of his cock in the buttery wetness of her throat.

"Unh! Suck it!" Mike curled his fingers in her thick, dark hair. He started to fuck his ass rapidly off the bed, fucking his prick down her throat. "Gonna cum, Mom! Oh fuck, jack on it!"

Janet wrapped her fingers tightly around the root of his prick. She beat her boy's meat fast and hard, milking and tugging the swollen length between her lips.

Then the violent pulsations of his cock told her he was in danger of shooting his load.

"All right, lover! That's enough now!" Licking the stray cum strands from her mouth, Janet clamped her thumb and forefinger securely around his prickhead. "Mommy needs loving too! It's time for horny little sonny to fuck Mommy's hot cunt!"

Mike got onto his knees, his rock-hard prick twitching before him. Hurriedly, Janet got into the dog-fucking position, feeling her enormous tits sway pendulously over the mattress.

"Fuck me this way, Son!" She dropped her shoulders low and lifted her ass, spreading her knees on the bed to open her hairy pussy for the invasion of his cock. "It'll go in deeper this way! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy's hot cunt!"

Mike got into position, kneeling behind her ass. He lifted his throbbing cock and slid his prick up her drippy pussy slit, then fitted the knob securely into the velvety grip of her clinging cunt.

"Unggghhh! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck my cunt!" Mike held her hips for support, digging his fingers into the rounded cheeks of her ass. Then he leaned forward, fucking his cok into the exquisite tightness of her pussy tunnel.


Janet dropped her shoulders flat on the bed, shuddering as she felt her greasy cunt channel being invaded by the thick cock shaft she craved. There was nothing like the first thrust. In and out and in her son's big prick went, packing her pussy completely until she thought she felt the cock knob pressing onto her womb. It was like being fucked by a horse.

Janet ground her hairy pussy mound on the root of her son's prick, knowing that his cock was now all the way inside her. Then she started to hump her horny ass.

"Fuck me! Fuck my cunt, Son! Mommy's so horny! Fuck my pussy good and hard!"

Mike pulled out slowly, sighing as he felt the wet pressure of her cunt walls dragging around his cock. It was easy to fuck in this position, he decided, and his prick seemed to go in much deeper. He gasped as he fucked his prick back in again.

"Fuck me!" Janet clawed the sheets and humped her ass like a machine, pounding her throbbing pussy onto her son's cock meat. "Fuck, fuck Mommy! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Her chanting horny voice made Mike even hornier. Holding her hips, he started to fuck his prick rhythmically in and out of her churning pussy, packing her cunt steadily with long, driving strokes of his cock.

"Ahhhh!" Janet fucked more slowly, meeting his strokes. Her expression contorted into a dreamy smile of total incestuous arousal. "You're fucking me... oooh, lover! Fucking Mommy so good..."

Mike concentrated on his humping, fucking his cock furiously through his mother's slippery pussy tunnel. But at the same time, he found himself staring at her asshole.

It was hard not to stare at her asshole. Her ass cheeks were spread wide in the dog-fucking position and the pink little shitter was right under his nose.

Mike found himself fascinated by her asshole. He alternated between watching his own stiff cock, greasy with fuck oil, fucking into his mother's pussy and gazing at her tightly muscled asshole, seeing the way her asshole throbbed and puckered with every stroke into her pussy.

Mike slid one hand up, moving it into the sweat-slickened valley between her ass cheeks. He lightly probed his mother's asshole with his finger.

"Nunh!" Janet bucked and immediately started humping harder, feeling her asshole convulse around the probing digit. "Oooooh yes, Michael! That feels so good!"

Mike pushed his finger into his mother's ass. Her asshole was tiny and there seemed to be a ring of strong circular muscles around the very opening of her ass tunnel. He immediately felt them sucking around his finger, as if to tug it into her ass guts.

"Do you... do you want to fuck my asshole, Mike? Is that what you want now?"

Janet immediately felt herself gripped by an obscene desire for ass-fucking. The inexperience finger pushing into her asshole felt incredibly good and she was reminded of the depraved pleasure she'd once enjoyed with her husband.

"Take your cock out of my pussy, Michael!" she cried suddenly. "Run into the bathroom and get some Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet! Mommy's going to teach you how to fuck her horny butt!"

Mike withdrew hurriedly and climbed off the bed, retreating into the bathroom with his enormous prick throbbing stiff and wet before him. He returned a moment later bearing the big jar of Vaseline.

"Get it all over my asshole, Son!" Janet felt her shit tunnel throbbing lewdly as she anticipated the big prick fucking up her ass. "Then smear some all over your huge cock!"

Unscrewing the cap, Mike climbed onto the bed and crawled back into position between his mother's legs. He withdrew a think hunk of Vaseline and smeared it all over her asshole, making his mother groan as he darted his finger, covered with jelly into the rubbery ass tunnel.

Then he covered his cock from knob to base with Vaseline and dropped the jar on the bed. Holding his aching hard-on in his hand, Mike fitted the spongy cock knob against the pink wet circle of his mother's asshole.

"Yes, yes!" Janet spread her knees wide, dropping her hips low so that her son would be able to fuck his cock easily up her tight asshole. "Fuck me, lover! Go in easy! Fuck your big cock up my ass!"

With the tip of his prick embedded securely in her shitter, Mike hunched forward and held her ribs for support, his fingers touching the sides of her enormous swaying tits. Then he started to fuck his big cock slowly up her tight ass tube, feeling the Vaseline squish around his cock, between the prick shaft and her clinging ass walls.

"F-f-fuck meeee!" Janet stammered, groaning and shuddering as her asshole opened up to admit his cock. "Your dick is so fucking biiig! Fuck my asshole! Fuck your big prick up my ass!"

When Mike had fucked his mother's pussy, the whole slippery tunnel sucked and throbbed around his cock. He quickly learned that ass fucking felt different. Most of the muscles were in the ring around her shit opening. After he got through that, her asshole almost felt loose around his prick.

But the asshole muscles were very, very strong. Like a vise, they clamped around his cock, sucking every inch of the prick shaft as he fucked into her ass guts. Mike moaned as he fell flat on top of her, fucking his cock to the balls in the rubbery heat of her ass channel.

"Nnnngg! Oh Mike, Mike, oh fuck!"

Janet fell flat on her belly on the bed, squashing her huge, creamy tit melons on the sheets. She thrust her hand under her belly, gasping as she fucked two fingers deep inside her clinging cunt. Then she started to fingerfuck herself as her shit hole sucked convulsively around her son's huge prick.

"Fuck me, Michael! Fuck Mommy's horny asshole! Fuck me up the butt!"

Mike pulled out slowly, gasping as the strong ass ring clutched around his cock. He paused when the asshole muscles nipped at the very tip of his prick knob. Then he fucked his cock back in again, burying his prick to the balls between her jiggling ass cheeks.

"Nnnnggg!" Janet could feel her cock-stuffed asshole pressing into her pussy tube, separated only by a thin membrane. "Fuck me!" She started humping hard, knowing that she was already close to a good cum. "Unh unh unh, fuck my asshole! Fuck Mommy's ass haaard!"

Mike pulled out and fucked in again. Then he fell into a steady ass-fucking rhythm, fucking his bloated cum-packed cock steadily through the sucking heat of her asshole.

Her asshole muscles seemed to have a mind of their own. Convulsively they pressed and sucked his pumping cock, closing like a vise around whatever part of his prick was in her puckering asshole. It was a different pleasure than pussy fucking but just as good.

"Haaarder!" Janet flopped and humped madly off the bed, beside herself with incestuous pleasure as she rolled her clit under her thumb. Her asshole was throbbing hard, overwhelmed by the size and stiffness of the cock fucking into her ass guts. "Mommy's gonna cum, lover! Mommy's asshole's cumming all over sonny's huge prick!"

Moaning as his congested balls slapped her hairy pussy crack, Mike started fucking his mother's asshole as hard as he could. The bed creaked beneath them as they fucked wildly, groaning and writhing. Then Mike felt the jism boiling in his balls.

"I'm cumming, Mom!" he gasped. "I can't hold it! Oh fuck, oh Christ! Ahhh..."

He collapsed on her sweating back, fucking his prick all the way into her throbbing asshole. Janet squealed as hot cock juice erupted from his balls. Cum splattered deep inside her asshole, instantly filling the little shit tube with a big load.

"I'm cumming, Mike!" The cum splashed put the horny mother over the brink into ecstasy. "Unhhh! Keep fucking my asshole! Fuck Mommy's horny butt! Unnggghhh! I'm cummmmiiinnngggg!"

Her asshole spasmed uncontrollably, the tight ring of ass muscles squeezing almost painfully around her son's driving, cum squirting cock. Janet felt her whole body shudder as her pussy creamed, covering her fingers with fuck oil.

Tirelessly, she humped her ass onto her son's big prick, still horny, still ready for more fucking. But a blush of shame coursed into her cheeks at the same time. Janet knew that what she was doing was wrong. She couldn't keep on fucking her own son.


Janet paced nervously around the living room, occasionally pausing to rub her hand feverishly against her aching cunt. It was almost noon and she still hadn't dressed. Her bathrobe swished around her ankles, bulging out as the fabric stretched across her huge braless tits.

So horny, she thought anxiously. So fucking hot... Mike had gone off to school and Janet knew that she now had to rid herself of her obscene desire for his body. She just couldn't go on fucking her own child. She had to find another release for her lust.

Suddenly Janet remembered her sucking session with Angela. It was hard to believe that it had only happened the day before. She'd liked it. Maybe she could learn to really like it a lot.

Biting her fingernails, Janet hurried across the living room and picked up the phone.


Angela was sprawled naked on her bed, her huge tits jiggling as she fucked her fingers lazily into her hairy cunt. Unlike her neighbor, she didn't feel at all guilty for relishing the pleasures of her son's huge prick. She could hardly wait for Tony to come home so she could fuck him all over again.

Smearing saliva on her swollen cunt, Angela humped her ass, rolling her clit under her thumb. Then the ringing phone startled her from her fingerfucking reverie. Cursing, she went naked into the hall to pick it up.


"Angela." The voice on the other end was obviously anxious and tense. "It's me, Janet. Could you come over and visit with me? I mean, right now? Please?"

"Well, I suppose..."

"Okay. See you, bye."

The phone went dead. Angela looked irritably at the receiver for a moment, then shrugged and returned to her bedroom to don some clothes. Dressing, she wondered what her neighbor wanted to speak to her about.

Did Janet feel guilty for the suck session the day before? Or did she want to do it again?

Angela's question was answered the moment she rang the bell. Janet answered the door stark naked.

"Jesus!" Angela giggled as she stepped into her friend's house, shutting the door behind her. "You don't believe in getting ready for company do you, sweetheart?"

With fresh interest, Angela eyed her friend's body, shorter than hers but with all the right curves. A wet heat stirred in her still unsatisfied pussy as she studied the fat rosy nipples of Janet's huge tits, the thick mound of pussy hair fringing the pink lips of her cunt. Angela leaned forward to give Janet a friendly kiss on the cheek but Janet pushed her away roughly.

"No, Angela. I want you to take off your clothes. Right now! I'm very, very horny today. I want to suck your cunt!"

Angela giggled and looked at her friend. Janet's whole face was contorted with lust, as if she'd become sick with desire. Angela sniffed and giggled again. The whole house smelled of cunt!

"God, Janet. What have you been doing? Jacking off all morning?"

"That's exactly right! Now sit down, Angela! Please let me suck your cunt!"

Angela shrugged and backed up to the nearest couch, sprawling on the cushions. Janet was all over Angela, pawing her big tits and rubbing her crotch.

Angela had worn a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Janet had sounded awfully rushed, so she hadn't put on a bra. Even though he enormous tits jiggled provocatively through the sheer cotton, she hadn't expected to be raped while simply crossing the street.

"So big and juicy," Janet groaned. She pulled off Angela's t-shirt, sighing at the sight of Angela's huge unfettered tits. "Such big, fat nipples..."

"Jesus, Janet!" Angela giggled as her friend attached her mouth to a fat right nipple, sucking like a baby. "I thought only dogs went into heat!"

Janet ignored her, sucking violently on Angela's big tit. At the same time, her hand furiously rubbed Angela's pussy through her shorts, until Angela felt fuck cream seeping out the hairy lips of her cunt.

"Unggghhh!" Angela's tongue lolled out. Angela humped her ass slightly off the couch. "Oh shit, Janet! That feels pretty good!"

Releasing Angela's enormous tit, Janet slid onto her knees before the couch. She hurriedly unsnapped and unzipped Angela's shorts, pulling them over her ass cheeks, leaving Angela naked.

Then Angela spread her thighs wide, and Janet glued her mouth to the fur-fringed slit of Angela's cunt.

"Unh!" Dazedly Angela looked down, hearing liquid slurping sounds fill the living room as Janet started to eat out her pussy.

"Unh!" Angela pushed her hands behind Janet's head, humping her ass off the couch. "Oh fuck, Janet! That feels good!"

Janet acted as if she were in love with the taste of Angela's pussy. Janet's tongue probed between the swollen flowering folds of Angela's cunt, lapping up the fuck oils as they oozed from the depths of her friend's pussy.

Janet's hands roamed all over her friend's nakedness, squeezing Angela's big tits and massaging the sides of Angela's ass. Then Janet slid her fingers up her friend's milk white thighs and pushed two fingers into Angela's tingling pussy.

Angela winced and bucked hard, thrusting her pussy mound onto her friend's hand. "Yes, Janet!" she gasped. "Fingerfuck me! Put your fingers deep inside my cunt! I'm getting hot!"

Janet fucked her fingers all the way into Angela's throbbing pussy hole, until her knuckles touched Angela's puffy outer cunt lips. Janet felt Angela's pussy tunnel sucking her fingers in, and the pressure made her hornier than before.

Slobbering away on Angela's cunt slit, Janet started to fuck her fingers rapidly in and out of Angela's juicing pussy. Hard and fast her fingers fucked, sinking deeper with every stroke. Then her tongue started to fuck at Angela's distended clit.

"Nunh!" Angela humped harder, fucking her pussy all over her friend's hand and face.

"Suck it! Suck my cunt! I'm gonna cum!"

Angela's pussy was really throbbing now and she could even feel her asshole tingling and puckering as her body prepared to explode. Angela didn't know what had gotten into her friend but she was glad it had. It was nice to get her pussy sucked while waiting for her son to come home from school and give her a good fucking.

Janet pushed her free hand under Angela's humping ass, parting the quivering ass cheeks. Angela shuddered as she felt Janet's finger probing her asshole. Janet's finger entered the puckered ass ring, fucking into her friend's ass guts. Then Janet started to jack off Angela's asshole, to the same rhythm she fingerfucked her friend's drooling cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" Wildly, Angela pulled Janet's hair, fucking her pussy mound rhythmically onto her friend's mouth. "Suck it! Suck it, you horny bitch! Lick my clit!"

Janet eagerly licked hard, probing the glistening pink nubbin with a long, skillful tonge. Janet could feel Angela's pussy walls and ass tunnel throbbing violently around her fingers and knew that Angela was about to cum.

Wrapping her lips around Angela's clit bud, Janet sucked hard, drawing Angela's clit out with the suction of her mouth. At the same time, Janet fucked her fingers as far into Angela's pussy and asshole as they would go.

"Unh! Cumming!" Angela bucked and heaved, grimacing and biting her lip as the spasms flooded her nakedness. Her tits bounced painfully, the nipples swollen like eraser tips. "Suck my pussy! Nuuuhh! Put your fingers up my ass! I'm cumming! Suck my cunt, I'm cuummmmiiinnngggg!"

Angela's body shook uncontrollably as she came, spewing hot fuck juice onto her friend's mouth. Janet kept licking Angela's clit for a moment, to guide her through the peak of her cum. Then Janet dipped her tongue back into her friend's creamy pussy to lick out all the delicious fuck juice. Janet didn't stop sucking Angela's cunt until the spasms had completely subsided.

"Jesus!" Panting hard, Angela smiled as shed gazed down at her friend. "I've never been sucked off like that before! Something must've really gotten into you today!"

"I'm just horny!" Janet licked stray cunt curls from her mouth and looked up anxiously at her friend. "I can't help it, Angela! I'm so fucking hot! Now please suck my pussy! Oh please!"

Falling backward, Janet stretched out on the rug, her enormous tits seeming to jiggle over her chest like two small mountains. Immediately Janet spread her legs, exposing the hairy lips of her aching cunt.

"Goddamn, you really are wet!"

Angela slid to the floor, sprawling on her stomach between Angela's legs. She shook her head wonderingly as she looked at Janet's pussy slit. Her's was the wettest cunt she'd ever seen.

The curly haired pussy slit was foaming with fuck oil. So much had drooled out of Janet's pussy that her inner thighs were completely wet, even the crack of her ass. No wonder the whole house smelled like pussy! Angela shook her head as she saw how stiff Janet's clit was, popping out of the folds at the top of her cunt.

"Please lick me," Janet whined. She reached down to peel apart her pussy folds with her fingers, exposing the full size of her clit. "Can't you see how horny I am? Please lick my clit!"

Angela moaned and thrust her hands under Janet's hips, cupping the ball-bearing cheeks of her friend's ass. Then Angela dropped her face to Janet's steaming pussy mound, pressing her mouth to the creaming lips of her friend's cunt.

Angela knew how badly Janet wanted her pussy licked, especially her clit but first Angela had to sample a taste of all that juice. Digging her tongue into Janet's pussy hole, Angela eagerly sucked the fuck juice up making little slurping noises as she savored the taste of Janet's pussy cream.

"Please lick me! Lick my clit!" Janet gasped. "Oh fuck, I think I'm about to cum!"

Angela continued to lick and suck her friend's pussy slit, trying to clean up the dewy drops of pungent fuck juice. But it seemed to flow out of Janet's pussy as fast as Angela could suck it up. Finally she pushed her mouth up her fuck hole and wrapped her lips tightly around the straining clit.

"Awwwww!" Janet bucked frantically, fucking her cunt all over Angela's face. "Suck it for me! Lick it, suck it, ahhhhh!"

Angela took Janet's cunt firmly between her lips and sucked hard, puckering her cheeks just as she did when sucking her son's cock. Her tongue fucked out, teasing the sensitive clit tip. Pulling one hand out from under her friend's wildly humping ass, Angela insinuated two fingers deep inside Janet's throbbing, gooey cunt.

"I'm cumming!" Janet heaved up, lifting her horny ass nearly a foot off the floor. "I can't staaaand it! I'm so fucking horny! I'm cuuummmmiiiinnggg!"

The spasms gushed through Janet's nakedness, making her clit twitch in Angela's mouth, making fuck juice gush out of the depths of her cunt. Angela alternated between probing licks and prolonged sucks on her friend's clit. Janet came for a full minute, gasping and moaning. Finally Janet let her sweating, burning ass fall back to the living room rug.

Angela continued to suck and kiss Janet's pussy, savoring the taste of her friend's creamy cunt. But even as Angela ate Janet out, Angela found herself thinking of how much her horny son would enjoy hearing about a bitch in heat like her neighbor.


"Mmmm, what a big, beautiful cock you have, Tony!" Angela murmured. "Tell me, do you ever think about pushing this big hunk of meat in any other pussy but mine?"

"No, Mom," Tony said and swallowed a bite of his sandwich.

It was now three in the afternoon and Angela's pussy still ached from the tongue lashing Janet had given her at noon. Tony sat at the kitchen table, munching on grilled cheese sandwiches Angela had hurriedly prepared for his afternoon snack.

Angela knelt on the floor under the table. She had her son's blue jeans undone and his big swollen cock shaft was in her sucking mouth.

"Mmmmm, it's such a whopper!" Withdrawing his prick from her lips, the horny mother jacked on his cock hard, murmuring appreciative words at the cum-dripping piss slit. "Such a big, hard beauty for Mommy! Honestly Tony, I wouldn't mind if you spread it around a little. You can fuck any woman you want to as long as you save lots of hot cum for me!"

"You're enough for me, Mom!"

Tony reached for the carton of milk he'd put beside his sandwich plate. Popping the fat cock knob back into her mouth, Angela gave his prick a juicy suck, drooling saliva onto the rosy cock head. When she finally took his prick out of her mouth again, the whole tip of her son's prick shone with fluid. Angela smiled and jacked lewdly.

"Tell me something, darling," she murmured huskily. "Do you ever think about fucking my friend Janet?"

Tony's cock responded with a huge throb, swelling in her fist. Angela laughed and stroked harder. Several times over the years she'd caught her son admiring Janet's huge titties through a sheer blouse or peeking up her dress to see her legs.

"Well..." Tony mumbled.

"Yes, you do! You do want to fuck her! Oh, I'm so jealous!" Angela said, pouting playfully. "You want to fuck my best friend's cunt with this big, beautiful hunk of..."

The words trailed off as the loving mother again sucked her son's swollen cock head between her lips. This time she sucked harder than ever, puckering her cheeks to increase the suction around his cock meat. Her tongue swirled around the bloated prick knob, catching up the prick juices that drooled up from his balls.

"Unh! Oh fuck!" Tony could barely hold onto his sandwich as he humped his ass eagerly off the chair. "Jesus, Mom! You are the most fantastic cocksucker!"

"Maybe Janet's a good cocksucker too!" Angela took his prick out of her mouth again, jacking harder. "Tony, you can fuck her if you want to. You can fuck her as much as you want. I'm serious. I wouldn't mind at all. Really."

"Well, what makes you so sure she wants to fuck with me?"

"Honey, you can call it a woman's intuition." Angela thought briefly of telling him about the lesbian suck session between the two horny mothers but decided against it for the time being. "Or you can call it a little secret I'm not telling you. In any case I guarantee you, Mrs. Douglas is very, very hot to be fucked."

Tony considered this information and his cock grew as hard as stone until Angela could barely fit her hand around his prick shaft. "Well how am I supposed to go about getting in her pants?"

"Oh, you can figure that out for yourself, darling," Angela laughed. "Why don't you pay her a little visit after school tomorrow? I'm sure you can think of some pretext or another."


"I'll tell you what," Angela said quickly, remembering something Janet had told her a long time before. "My friend has a little back problem as I recall. Tell her you learned a thing or two about physical therapy in a physical education class. Tell her I suggested that you drop in," Angela giggled. "If you get her lying down with her shirt off, I'm sure it won't be that difficult to make one thing lead to another."

Tony considered the wisdom of this plan and his cock started to pulsate violently as he realized it might work. Angela let go of his cock and just watched for a moment, seeing the way the meaty shaft throbbed so hard that the knob slapped on the bottom of the kitchen table.

"Okay, darling," she purred, seeing that it was time to finish him off. "I think I've made you wait long enough. You need some relief."

Opening her mouth wide, Angela sucked a full half of her son's hard-on between her lips. Her cheeks flushed pink as she sucked her boy's prick as hard as she could.

Up and down she bobbed her head, fucking furiously with the steely stiffness of his prick shaft. Angela wrapped her hand tightly around the root of his cock. She started jacking violently, pulling and tugging at the veined hardness of his cock.

"Oh, Momma!"

Ton's cock grew even stiffer between her lips, throbbing violently and Angela knew his balls were about to explode. Then hot jism started spurting.

Long sappy ribbons gushed out of his piss hole, splattering the roof of her mouth. Tony moaned as his balls emptied themselves of their heavy load. Angela greedily sucked and swallowed. It made her horny to know that at this time tommorrow afternoon, her big-titted neighbor might also be getting a mouthful of her son's delicious cum.


"Unh! Unh! Fuck me! So horny! Fuck me, fuck my hot cunt..."

Janet was sprawled on the couch, an unwatched soap opera on the television set in front of her and a big glass of gin on the table to her right. It was a hot day and she wore only a flower-print summer dress over her nakedness. But the hem was pulled up to her belly and Janet's fingers were hard at work in her hairy, juice-drenched cunt.

"Fuck me, Mike," she panted, repeating the words in a drunken trance. "Mommy's so horny. Come fuck me... fuck Mommy's hot cunt..."

It was the middle of the afternoon and Janet knew her son wouldn't be coming home soon. She'd told him to stay for the night with relatives across town. She had to rid herself of her obsession of fucking her own child.

She'd refused to let Mike fuck her after giving in to her cravings the morning before and she was determined to resist the impulses when they surfaced in the future. She couldn't have Mike in the house with her, at least not tonight. He'd want to fuck her again and she knew she'd give in to him. She was so fucking hot.

At least there was no harm in thinking about her boy while she played with her pussy. Fingerfucking, Janet reflected almost bitterly. Fingerfucking and getting drunk...

"Oh, God! I'm so horny!" Janet grimaced obscenely and humped her naked ass hard off the couch. "Gonna cum! Oh fuck, so hot! Fuck me, fuck me..."

The doorbell rang, startling the big-titted mother from her masturbatory reverie. Hurriedly she shut off the television and rose to her feet. She paused to guiltily smooth the knee-length dress over her thighs before going to see who it was.

"Why, Tony!"

Angela's son stood in the door, looking a little sheepish. Janet held the door open and asked him inside. She was more than a little surprised at the visit. It was the first time she'd ever seen him without his mother.

"Well!" Janet fought back a nervous flush. "To what do I owe this honor?"

Tony hesitated and sounded awkward as he began.

"Uh, Mom said I ought to come over, Mrs. Douglas. Uh, she tells me that you've got this, you know, this back problem that's been bothering you for a long time!"

Janet winced as she thought of it. Stress made the condition worse and her low back muscles had pained her ever since she'd started fucking her son. "Yes, that bothers me all the time."

"Well, uh the thing is," Tony went on, "we were just covering that today in P.E. class. We learned how to give massages and stuff. Mom said it might be good for me to give ont to you."

There was a long pause. Janet looked at Tony's handsome face, realizing that a massage would require her to strip naked and lie on the bed. In her present condition of fuck lust, she didn't see how she could restrain herself from going after her best friend's son.

"Actually, I need someone to practice on," Tony added.

"I... all right," Janet said hesitantly. "I don't see what harm I... I mean, it could do. Just wait there, Tony. I'll go into the bedroom and call you when I'm ready."

Retreating to the bedroom Janet hurriedly stripped off her dress and regarded the nakedness of her reflection in the mirror. The nipples of her huge tits were very stiff. Was she letting Tony do this because she was drunk? It was a wonder he hadn't smelled the gin on her breath or the thick aroma of pussy in the living room.

Janet went into the bathroom and got a towel. Then she lay on the bed, groaning as her huge tits flattened on the sheets. Her back really did hurt. The real reason was that she had to carry these big tits around all the time. Sighing she put the towel over her naked ass.

"Okay, Tony. You can come in now."

Tony entered the bedroom. Janet was sure she saw him glance at her body, seeing the way her mammoth tits bulged out, the shape of her luscious legs. She was surprised to notice a swelling in the crotch of his jeans.

"Uh... okay, Mrs. Douglas." Tony climbed onto the bed with her. "Just tell me what feels good."

As soon as she felt his strong fingers kneading her muscles, Janet knew that permitting him to give the massage had been a mistake. Her cunt burned the moment he put his hands on her. She was just too horny to take stimulation like this.

"Now, I'll go lower..."

Tony slid his hands down the center of her back, rubbing the thick muscles running up to either side of her spinal column. Janet groaned and wiggled her pussy on the sheets.

Then Tony pressed his palms on the small indentations over the firm, upthrust cheeks of her ass. Until now, Janet had never realized they were one of her most sensitive erotic zones. But her pussy started aching incredibly the moment he pressed down on them and she knew her lust had reached the point of no return.

"Tony, you asked me to tell you what felt good," she murmured huskily. "Tell me something does it feel good to you?"

"Well, uh... yeah. Yeah, I guess."

"Do you like my body, Tony?"

Tony hesitated a moment before answering. He was sitting on her hips, and now Janet was sure she felt something big and stiff pressing against the cheeks of her ass.

"You've got a very nice body, Mrs. Douglas."

"Tony, can you keep a secret from your mother?"

The tension in the air was thick. Tony moved his hands farther down. He rubbed her full, firm ass cheeks lewdly through the towel.

"Yeah, I can keep a secret from my mother."

"Get off me, Tony."

Tony moved to one side. Janet pulled the towel off and flung it to the floor, exposing her naked ass. Then she rolled onto her back. Tony gasped at the sight of her enormous cherry-capped tits and the thick triangle of her pussy bush.

"Jesus, Mrs. Douglas! You're really stacked!"

"I know I am, Tony. And it's not my back that's bothering me this afternoon. It's my cunt."

Janet shamelessly spread her legs wide, too horny to control herself. Tony's big hard-on tented his jeans as he saw her slick, flowering pussy lips. Janet shamelessly fingerfucked herself as he watched.

"Goddamn, Mrs. Douglas."

"I want you to suck my pussy, Tony. Can you do that for me?" Janet's expression was almost pained with desire as she fucked her fingers rapidly in and out of her curly haired cunt slit. "Mrs. Douglas needs a good pussy licking awful bad! Please, Tony! Come suck my juicy cunt!"

Tony immediately sprawled on his stomach between her creamy thighs. Janet looked down, staring at his face through the valley of her enormous tits. She whimpered as she felt the first touch of his tongue against her aching fuck slit.

"Yes Tony, lick my pussy." Wantonly she spread her cunt folds with her fingers, exposing her swollen clit. "That's what I need. Suck me... lick me... eat me out, lover. Make me cum!"

Tony dipped his tongue into her pussy, savoring the first taste of her hot cunt juices. Her pussy tasted different from his mother's but just as good.

He thrust his hand under her hips, gripping the ball-bearing cheeks of her ass, feeling the twin globes jiggle and hump with lust. Then he started to eat her out, making lewd sucking sounds as he swiped his tongue repeatedly up her hairy fuck slit.

Janet grimaced and dropped one hand behind his head, curling her fingers needfully into the nape of his neck. "Unhhh! You do that good, Tony. You're a good little pussy sucker! Awwwwww God, work out... work out on my hot cunt!"

Tony rubbed his face on her creaming pussy, smearing his cheeks with the horny mother's oozing fuck oils. He thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy, fucking her as his mother had taught him. Then he moved his mouth up her hole, concentrating his attentions on her hardened clit.

Janet yelped as he touched her clit for the first time, his tongue sliding across the sensitive little bud. Then Tony started to lick and kiss it, moving the aching nubbin from side to side with his slippery, squirming tongue.

"Awwwwww!" Janet started humping frantically, fucking her cunt all over his face. "Fingerfuck me, Tony!" She grabbed his arm and pulled one hand out from under her bucking ass. "I need to cum now! Put your fingers up my fucking pussy!"

Tony slid his hand quickly up her inner thigh, massaging the tender milk-white flesh. Then he pushed two fingers deep inside the throbbing slit of her pussy. Janet gasped as she felt his fingers going into her, spreading her cunt walls like a tiny cock. Tony paused when they were all the way inside her pussy, then started to fuck them in and out.

"Yes, yes, oh fuck!" Janet's moans and shrieks of pleasure were very loud but she was much too horny to care. Her ass humped uncontrollably, bucking so hard that Tony could hardly keep his tongue on her clit. "Lick it! Lick it good! I'm gonna cum!"

Tony wrapped his lips tightly around the naked mother's swollen clit, sucking it out of its protective hood. His tongue fucked repeatedly on it, in a way his mother told him was guaranteed to get a woman off. Furiously, almost violently, he fucked his fingers into the slippery wetness of her burning fuck tunnel.

"I'm cumming, suck my pussy!" Wildly Janet clawed the back of his head, her huge tits shaking as the nipples swelled like little rocks. "Cumming! Eat me out! Suck it I'm cuuuummmmmmmiiinnnngggggg..."

Her pussy spasmed, the cunt lips throbbing visibly as sweat drenched her naked body. Again and again Janet came, delirious with pleasure as her neighbor's son's tongue provided the satisfaction she needed.

Fuck oil gushed out of her pussy slit. Tony dipped his tongue into her cunt to lick it all up. Then he went back to lightly licking her clit, until Janet's cunt was so sensitive that she couldn't take any more stimulation.

"That's enough," she panted. "All right, Tony! Now I want you to take off your pants!"

Tony rose to his knees between her spread thighs and as soon as Janet saw the bulge in his jeans she knew she was in for a very good fuck. His hard-on was enormous. It was obvious that Angela's son had a cock even as big as her own wonderful son's.

"Take it out, Tony. Take off your pants and show me that wonderful, hard prick!"

Tony did as she requested, climbing off the bed long enough to kick off his shoes and pull off his slacks. Janet groaned as he turned back towards her and she saw his naked cock throbbing stiffly before him. His prick was huge, all right. She couldn't wait to feel his cock fucking into her hungry cunt.

"Okay, Tony. Now get on top of me!" She wiggled her ass and splayed her soft thighs as wide apart as she could. "What a great big beautiful cock you have! Get over here and stuff that big whopper up my cunt!"

Tony mounted her, his big prick oozing jism onto her belly as he crawled into position between her legs. Holding his cock in his fist, he fitted the prick knob into the horny mother's pink pussy opening. Distractedly, Janet wondered who had taught him how to fuck.

Then the thought faded from her mind as Tony hunched his ass. She felt the pulsating stiffness of his cock fucking into the wetness of her cunt.

"Unggghhhh!" Automatically Janet threw her legs high up in the air, then scissored them convulsively around her teenage fucker's waist. "Oh God, it's so fucking good!" Her tongue lolled out in obscene pleasure as she felt the meaty prick being fucked gradually up her cunt. No amount of fingerfucking could ever replace the feel of a big pric in her pussy.

"Do you like my cock, Mrs. Douglas?" Tony panted. He supported his weight on his outstretched arms so he could watch her face contort and her big tits jiggle as he fucked her pussy full of prick meat. "Is it big enough for you? Times have been tough since the hubby died? You like getting fucked, don't you?"

"You fucking bastard!" Janet slapped his ass, then clawed the lean, muscular ass cheeks. "Fuck me, bastard! Fuck my cunt hard!"

Tony dropped between her legs, fucking her pussy with every inch of his stone-hard cock. He rested on her big pillowy tits for a moment, then pulled his juice-slicked prick slowly out of her pussy. Then he fucked even deeper into her churning, sucking cunt.

"Fuck me, fuck me..." Janet kept on slapping his ass, as if spurring on a horse. "So horny, so fucking hot! Fuck me hard... fuck my cunt!"

Tony pulled out and fucked his cock in again. Then he fell into a steady fuck rhythm, fucking his big prick steadily through the slippery sheath of her cunt. He slowly let his body fall, flattening her big tits under his brawn chest. He fucked the horny mother hard and fast, making his balls slap the crack of her heaving ass.

"Harder! Oh fuck, oh God!"

Janet could already feel herself getting ready to cum again. Tony's cock was big and hard and filled her pussy completely. It was almost as satisfying as being fucked by her beautiful son...

She pushed her legs up his back, twisting her ankles together almost around his shoulders, so that her ass would be high in the air and her pussy passage would be completely open for the thrusts of his cock. Janet humped feverishly beneath him, making the bed skitter on the floor. His cock shaft was rubbing hard on her clit, sending waves of ecstasy shooting through her naked body.

"I'm gonna cum, Mrs. Douglas," Tony panted. He winced as his cock grew even fatter inside her sucking pussy. "You've got such a tight cunt!"

"Keep fucking me! I'm cumming too, Tony! Fuck meee, fuck my pussy! Awwww God, so fucking gooooood! I'm cumming, cuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!"

Her pussy spasmed sharply, clutching around every inch of Tony's cock. Pleasure rippled through her body like a rupturing dam, making her cunt slit ooze fuck oil around his already wet prick.

"Mrs. Douglas, ahhhh..."

Tony heaved between her thighs, fucking his cock to the balls in her cumming, throbbing pussy. Hot cum gushed up from his balls, squirting heavily into her pussy. Again and again jism rushed out, draining his balls of their sappy load of spunk.

Janet moaned shamelessly as she felt the boy's big prick squirting off inside her cunt, filling her pussy with a big load of cum. A lewd smile curled her lips as she flexed her cunt, milking out every drop.

Even as she panted in the aftermath of orgasm, Janet found herself thinking that this was the best piece of fortune she'd had in years. Tony lived right across the street. If she fucked him on a regular basis, it might even keep her hands off Mike.

Little did she know that, at that very moment, her son was walking rapidly up the street.


Angela stood on the lawn fronting her apartment building, smiling as she listened to the faint sounds coming from the little house across the street. They were almost undetectable at such a distance -- to any passerby they would have been hopelessly lost in the other street noises.

But Angela knew what they were and she felt her pussy moistening as she made out the soft moans and groans. Her son had succeeded in his objective. He was obviously giving Mrs. Janet Douglas a good, hard fuck.

Mmmmmm, she must be having a good time in there, Angela thought. Her pussy got wetter as she imagined her son's huge cock shaft fucking greasily into the widow's wet, clinging pussy. For the first time, Angela felt a brief pang of jealousy. She wished she could be over there to get a good fucking too.

Sighing, she turned and started to walk back to the building, figuring that she would spend the rest of the afternoon fingerfucking herself while waiting for her son's return. Then something caught her attention.

It was Mike, walking rapidly up the sidewalk toward his home. Angela felt a wild fear as she saw him, cursing herself for forgetting Janet's child. There was no telling what would happen if Mike walked in to find his mother's pussy being fucked by Tony's long thick cock.

"Oh, Mike!" Angela shouted. She raised her arm to wave him over. "Could you come over here for a second?"

Angela knew enough about Mike to be sure that he was an obedient boy and was surprised when he turned toward her with obvious reluctance. "What is it," he said sullenly.

"Could you come up to my apartment for a minute?" Angela said, thinking quickly. "Please."

Mike hesitated. "Well, I wanted to talk to my mom."

Boy, is he being stubborn, Angela thought. "It'll only take a minute. I need some help moving some boxes. Tony isn't here to help me."

Mike frowned and crossed the street to join her. Angela suppressed a soft gasp as she looked at the front of his pants. Her friend's son had a gigantic hard-on throbbing stiffly through his pants.

Then all of a sudden Angela had a glimmer of realization. Her mind worked swiftly, putting two and two together. Janet's insatiable lust, Mike's reluctance to visit her, his big hard cock.

He was fucking her! Just like Angela and Tony! He was hurrying home to give his mother a good fuck!

Mike saw what Angela was looking at and he looked slightly embarrassed as he stood before her. "Okay. What kind of boxes?"

"Oh, just some old things," Angela said. She turned on her heels and walked back into the building, careful to make her ass cheeks wiggle seductively. "Just follow me. It'll only take a minute."

Once in her apartment, Angela searched her mind for some boxes heavy enough to require a man's help. She had to keep Mike busy for awhile... not just so Tony could finish, but so she could fuck him. Angela had decided she had to fuck him as soon as she'd seen the big boner in his pants.

"God, it's hot today," Angela murmured, shutting the apartment door behind them. "Mike, I want to help you, but I honestly can't work in these clothes. Hold on for a minute while I change into something cooler."

Mike grumbled something under his breath and sat on the couch. Angela went into her bedroom. A quick glance in the closet showed nothing that she couldn't move by herself. She had to seduce her friend's child on the first try.

So she dressed accordingly. A minute later, after regarding her reflection in the mirror, Angela had to blush at her own boldness. She wore the sheerest two-piece bikini she owned, a skimpy thing with a top much too small for her ample tits. Angela stared at herself, seeing the way her huge tits bulged out of the cups, the nipples clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

The bottom showed most of her ass cheeks and wispy strands of pussy hair were visible around the crotch. Angela took a deep breath and entered the living room. If this didn't turn Mike on, nothing would.

Mike had been reading an old copy of Cosmopolitan. His eyes bulged as he saw her. He dropped the magazine on the floor.

"I hope you don't mind the bikini, Mike." Angela walked toward him, using a gait that made her huge tits bounce and jiggle. "But it is cooler and I thought I could do a little sunbathing after we move the boxes."

"I... I don't mind," Mike stammered, staring at her creamy tits.

"But honestly, first we ought to get to know each other a little." Angela sat beside him on the couch and placed a familiar hand on his thigh. "I hardly ever talk to you, Mike. And your my best friend's son."

Mike's mood changed completely when he saw her in the bikini. His face was flushed and he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of her long, tapering legs and slim waist and mouthwatering tits. The big bulge in his pants had grown a lot stiffer, as if his cock was about to explode from his zipper.

"That's f-fine with me, Mrs. Moore," Mike stammered.

Angela knitted her brow in pretended worry. "Mike, ar you sick? Why are you staring at me like that?"

Mike gulped hard and shifted on the couch, trying to conceal his huge prick. Angela sighed, acting as if she were noticing his hard-on for the first time.

"Oh, I see. Mike, I'm sorry I came out here like this. Maybe I beter go change. I guess the bikining is a bit much for a boy your age."

"No, that's okay," Mike said quickly. "I don't mind."

Angela smiled and moved a little close. "Honestly, the way you're looking at me! It's like you're trying to stare through my top! Don't you have a girlfriend?"


"You ought to have a girlfriend, Mike." Angela slid her hand shamelessly up his thigh, cupping the bulge of his prick. "To help you get rid of a big, stiff thing like this."

"Oh shit, Mrs. Moore!" Mike moaned as his cock throbbed violently to her touch.

"It's an awful big one, Mike." Angela made a soft cooing sound as she stroked his aching cock through his pants. "Especially for a young boy. Tell me, if I gave you a little sex lesson, do you think you could keep it a secret from your mother?"

Mike gulped and nodded. Angela sighed and reached behind her back, undoing the knot holding her bikini top together. The cups fluttered to the floor. Mike groaned at the sight of her huge bare tits.

"See how stiff the nipples are, Mike?" Angela cupped one over sized tit and lifted the fat rosy tip for his inspection. "That means you're turning me on too!"

The inside of Mike's leg was wet, and Angela knew it was from cock juice seeping through the denim. She knew he'd blow his was if she made him wait much longer. Reaching down, she deftly unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out of his shorts.

"Oh, Mike! You really do have a big dick!" His cock stood stiffly out of his underwear, throbbing and rock-hard with blood. Angela wrapped her fingers tightly around the bloated trunk of his prick. She started jacking on his prick, making cock cream leak freely from the tip.

"Do you want me to take care of you, Mike?" Angela asked, her big tits swinging as she lasciviously beat his meat. "I will if you promise not to tell your mother."

"I promise!"

Angela slid to the floor and quickly pulled off his tennis shoes. Then she pulled his pants off completely, leaving him naked from the waist down, exposing the root of his straining prick and his big wrinkled-ball bag.

"Let me show you one of the things you can do with a girlfriend, Mike!"

Angela slid her hand up his thigh, then wrapped it firmly around the trunk of his aching cock. She jacked his prick for a moment longer until the spongy cock crown was completely wet with his oozing cum.

Then she made a soft mewling sound as she dropped her head onto his lap, sucking his big hard cock down her throat.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. Moore!"

Mike looked at her dazedly, unable to believe that his mother's friend would want to give him a blow job. But his disbelief rapidly faded into pure lust as he felt the wet pressure around the shaft of his cock, her mouth drinking in the steely stiffness of his prick.

Angela felt strangely motivated to outdo Mike's mother. Immediately she started to suck his cock very hard, feeling her cheeks flush as she worked on the aching hardness of his prick. Squishy slurping sounds came from the back of her throat as she greedily sucked, rolling her tongue repeatedly around the oozing tip of his cock.

"Unh!" Mike thrust his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her hair. "Oh shit, Mrs. Moore! Suck on it! It feels so good! Suck my cock hard!"

Angela bobbed her head, fucking her face with his aching cock. His prick had grown very, very stiff now and she knew he couldn't last long without cumming. Her hand started to stroke furiously up and down his cock shaft, beating his meat between her lips.

"Harder!" Mike was shaking all over as he stared down at her, witnessing the obscene spectacle of her mouth stretched to engulf his cock. "Oh fuck, Mrs. Moore! I'm gonna shoot my wad!"

Angela sucked his prick as hard as she could, sharply puckering her cheeks. She pushed her free hand between his thighs, lewdly massaging his bloated balls. Mike moaned as his prick trembled to total stiffness down her buttery throat.

"Unh-unh, Mike!" Quickly Angela pulled her head back, clamping her fingers around the juicing tip of his prick to hold back the load of cum. "You're not cumming in my mouth yet! Your sex lesson isn't over yet. First you have to fuck my hot cunt!"

Angela stretched out on the floor. Slowly, seductively, she untied the little bikini bows on her hips. Then she stripped off the cloth strip, leaving herself completely naked.

"Take off that shirt, Mike." Angela wiggled her ass on the carpet and spread her long legs wide, opening her hairy pussy slit for the teenager's inspection. "I don't want the buttons to scratch my tits when you fuck my juicy cunt!"

Mike pulled the shirt off quickly. Completely naked, he crawled on the floor and got between Angela's legs. Holding his cock in his fist, he rubbed the prick knob up her pussy until he found the opening of her cunt. Then he fucked forward, burying his cock to the balls in one stroke of his meaty prick.

"Why, Mike. You didn't have any trouble with that at all!" Angela wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, holding his cock all the way inside her throbbing, creaming pussy. "All the way in with one stroke? Tell me, did your mother teach you how to fuck a cunt like that?"

"Wh-hat?" Mike stammered.

Angela giggled and playfully slapped his muscular ass. "Don't lie to me, Mike. I know you're fucking your mother! I knew it before I invited you into my apartment today."

Mike's face blushed crimson and his cock softened slightly in her pussy. "Jesus, Mrs. Moore! I'm not... I mean, I wouldn't..."

"I said don't lie to me, you little shit!" Angela slapped his ass again. "You were going home to give her a good fucking just a few minutes ago, weren't you? With that big hard-on sticking out of your pants! Answer my question."

Mike sighed and let his weight drop, flattening her huge tits under his brawny chest. "Don't tell anyone," he sighed. "Just don't tell."

"I'm not going to tell, Mike. But I'll tell you something. You can't go home and fuck your mother now. Tony was there first!"

Mike lifted his head enough to look sharply into Angela's eyes. "What!"

"I meant just what I said, darling." Angela smiled at him vixenishly and wrapped her legs more tightly around his waist. "My son's over there right now, reaming your mother's juicy pussy! Just like you're going to fuck me!"

Then Angela started to hump hard beneath him, pounding her wet pussy onto his cock. "Fuck me, Mike! I'm too hot to wait anymore! Fuck me, damn you! Fuck my hot pussy!"

Mike looked at Angela disbelievingly for a moment, his jaw sagging open as he realized that what she said was true. For a moment he looked angry, imagining his mother whipping her tight pussy onto another boy's cock.

But Angela was humping hard and he could feel the slippery wetness of her pussy muscles sucking around his cock. Mike moaned as his anger turned into lust. His prick started growing inside her fuck hole until his cock was again as hard as stone, fucking into the inner-most recesses of her hot cunt.

"Fuck me, damn you!" Angela kept on slapping his ass, as if she were whipping a horse. "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it haaaard!"

Mike pulled out slowly, withdrawing his aching cock until only his prick knob parted her flowering pussy lips. Angela shuddered as he fucked his prick back in again. Then he started fucking his thick cock rhythmically through the churning sheath of her cunt.

"Yes, Janet taught her boy to be a good fucker!" Angela said teasingly. "Unhhh! You're making my pussy very horny, Mike! Do you fuck your mother as well as you fuck me?"

Mike was angered by her words but this time his anger only made his prick harder. He decided to punish her with his prick.

He pulled out of her cunt momentarily, his massive cock dripping jism onto the floor. Angela squealed as he grabbed her legs and lifted them up, putting her knees over her shoulders. He leaned down again and Angela's thighs now pressed into her tits.

"Ow!" She winced as she felt his oozing cock head press into the opening of her womb. "Take it out! Don't fuck me like that! It's too deep!"

But Mike ignored her, enjoying the way his prick now fucked much deeper into her buttery pussy tunnel. Bracing his knees on the floor, he started fucking her as hard as he could.

In and out his cock fucked, stretching her hairy cunt slit deeply with every jarring thrust. Angela's ass bounced painfully on the floor. His cock was so far up her pussy that she thought she felt his prick in her stomach.

But soon the furious, incredibly deep thrusts started to feel very, very good. Angela grimaced as pleasure pumped through her body, making her asshole tingle and her pussy walls milked reflexively around the horny kid's huge cock.

"Unh!" Angela started humping again, her back flat on the floor and her ankles around his neck. "Oh, Mike! You fuck me so deep! Harder, you little bastard! Kill my pussy with your big fucking prick!"

Mike panted as he fucked her even faster, sweat pouring from his muscular body. With every stroke, he pulled out until only his cock head was in her pussy slit, then fucked all the way back into her cunt.

The strokes were incredibly deep and satisfying and Angela felt herself getting ready to cum. Shamelessly the horny mother pushed her fingers through her pussy curls, feeling around her pink cunt slit, touching his cock shaft as he fucked in and out of her fuck hole. Then she found her clit and rubbed hard as she shook and quivered to the thrusts of her teenaged fucker.

"I'm gonna cum!" she gasped. "Fuck me, fuck my ass off! Unngggghhhh! What a big, beautiful cock!"

"I can't hold it!" Mike gasped. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum too!"

Brutally he fucked into her as Angela madly rolled her clit, as her pussy tunnel squished and sucked around his cock. Then they both came at the same time.

Her cunt spasmed tightly, sucking like a vise around his big cock. "Unnggggghhhh!" Angela squealed as spasms of orgasm pumped through her, making her clit ache and making her pussy spew juice onto his cock. "Cumming, oh yes, nnnnnggg..."

Mike was cumming too, fucking his prick wildly into her throbbing pussy as milky cum erupted from his balls. Again and again jism spouted up from his balls, emptying his balls completely of their load. Angela was only half conscious as he shot off inside her. She barely felt the white spurts cascading against the velvety walls of her cunt.

"Oh, Mike!" she moaned. "Take it out of me! I can't take anymore!"

Obediently, Mike withdrew his wet prick from the horny mother's hairy cunt. Angela slowly let her feet fall back to the floor. Her thighs and hip muscles ached from being fucked in the unfamiliar position.

"You little bastard," she murmured. "Taking me like that against my will." Angela suddenly grabbed his head and pulled his face onto her cunt mound. "Suck it! Suck it, you little bastard! Suck my pussy! Just like you eat out your mother!"

Mike made a muffled sound as she pressed his face against her matted cunt bush. Automatically he thrust his tongue out, dipping it into her fuck slit. Thick drops of pussy juice oozed from deep inside her cunt.

"Suck it!" Angela dug her fingers sharply into his neck. "Suck my pussy!"

Mike sprawled on the floor between her legs, his cock already starting to get stiff again as his prick pressed on the rug. He thrust his hands under her hips, cupping the rounded cheeks of her heaving ass. Then he started to lick and suck and kiss her pussy, eating her out just as his mother had taught him.

"Unnggghhh!" Angela started bumping, fucking her wet cunt all over his face. "I want you to clean up my pussy nice and good!"

Mike slid, his tongue around the pouting folds of her pussy, licking up drops of fuck juice until only clear stray fuck oils gleamed on the pink pussy lips. Then he started to eat her out in earnest.

His big hands squeezed and kneaded her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, making her her asshole pucker and throb. Mike stuck his tongue deep inside her hairy pussy, tonguing out the depths of her cunt. Then he moved his tongue up to her cunt.

"Yes, yes! Lick me there," Angela panted. She reached down to hold her pussy folds open with her fingers, completely exposing her swollen clit. "Suck it! Lick it for me! Awwwwww God, that's how to make me cum!"

Mike pressed his tongue onto her glistening clit bud, making Angela squeal and hump her ass off the floor like a bitch in heat. He started to lick insistently, pressing his tongue flat on the underside of the clit bud. His hands pulled away from her ass cheeks, pinching her thighs as his hands moved between her legs.

"I want you to put your fingers in my cunt now!" Angela grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand to her pussy. "Really fingerfuck me!"

Mike extended two fingers and fucked them slowly into her creamy throbbing pussy. Immediately he felt her cunt muscles suck around them, pulling them into her belly. He licked her cunt more avidly, making it twitch and pulse with lust.

"Suck it! I'm gonna cum!"

Mike took her clit between his lips and sucked hard, at the same time fucking his fingers rapidly in and out of her aching pussy. Frantically Angela fucked her pussy all over his face as spasms burned through her cunt.

"Cumming!" Her pussy exploded again, spewing fuck cream onto his sucking lips. "Suck it! Suck hard! Ungggh! I can't staaand it! I'm cuuummmiiinnnggggggg!"

It was long, hard cum. For almost a minute, Angela pulled her teenage fucker's hair and ground her sopping pussy slit onto his mouth as the cum pumped through her body. Then exhausted, she let her ass drop back to the floor.

Through half-closed eyes she saw that Mike had another hard-on and she realized that he would want to fuck his cock back into her cunt. Angela giggled as she thought of Tony across the street, fucking his cock into Janet's eager pussy. They were both fortunate to have such horny studs as sons.


Mike stood in front of the door of Angela's apartment, his face contorted as his big prick throbbed wildly in his pants. Naked, Angela knelt before him. She made soft cooing sounds as she cupped and squeezed the bulge of his prick.

"Are you horny today, Mike? Do you want me to give your cock a good sucking before you go home and stick it up your mommy's cunt?"

Mike groaned and nodded quickly. Angela pulled down his pants. His cock stood out stiffly, long and thick. She wrapped her fist around his prick and lewdly jacked him off, stroking all the way up the bloated trunk of his cock, groaning as she watched thick drops of pre-cum bubble out of the tip.

"You want me to give you a good blow job, don't you, Mike?" she asked teasingly. "You want me to put your big dick deep down my throat and suck out all the hot cum!"

"Suck it," Mike whispered tersely. He thrust his hands behind her head, digging his fingers into her shoulders. "Yes. That's what I want. Suck it hard!"

Angela giggled, thinking of how quickly he'd learn to dominate her. Then she opened her mouth wide and made an obscene smacking sound as she took a full third of his cock between her lips.

Only a few days had passed but Angela had already learned the joys of having a second stiff teenage prick to suck and fuck. Tony had football practice now, which meant that he'd be home an hour and a half later every day from school. That was an extra hour and a half that Angela had to do without her son's cock.

Mike filled the gap perfectly. He couldn't seem to decide who he enjoyed fucking more, Angela or his horny mother. Guiltily, he decide to have both of them, stopping by to fuck Angela every day before going home. His explanation was that he had sports practice too. Mike had plenty of cum for both of them.

"God, you've got a nice dick to suck on." Angela took his prick momentarily out of her mouth, jacking hard, seeing the way his cock knob and prick shaft were now wet with saliva. "It's almost as nice to suck as Tony's cock."

"Keep sucking," Mike demanded.

Angela smiled as she returned the throbbing hard-on to her lips. She'd told Tony of course about what she was doing with Mike, and he didn't mind at all. As long as she kept her pussy fresh for him.

Angela puckered her cheeks, concentrating on the blow job. Her tongue swirled steadily around Mike's bloated prick, lapping up cock cream as it oozed up from his aching balls. She made obscene slurping sounds in the back of her throat as her lips greedily caressed the steely length of his prick.

"Ahhhh, fuck!" Mike rocked his ass, pulling her hair as he fucked his cock in and out of her tightly gripping lips. "Suck it good, Angela! Unh fuck, you give a good head job! I'm gonna cum!"

Angela's cheeks flushed as she sucked his cock as hard as she could, making the massive prick shaft tremble and spit more pre-cum down her buttery throat. Her hand tightened around the bloated trunk of his prick. She beat his meat very hard, milking and tugging its cum-congested length between her lips.

She could tell that he was about to shoot his wad and she pulled quickly away.

"That's enough, Mike," she murmured. "Now it's time to give me a good fucking! You know I get to cum too!"

Angela's big tits swung salaciously as she got on her hands and knees, arching her back and lifting her ass in the perfect dog-fucking position. Expectantly she looked at her young lover over her shoulder, looking eagerly at his big cock.

"Fuck it up my pussy, honey," she moaned as she felt cunt oils seeping from the furry lips of her pussy. "Can't you see how wet my cunt is today? I want your big dick fucking me, lover. I want it fucking my pussy hard!"

With his hard-on twitching before him, Mike fell to his knees and crouched over her voluptuous body. He slid his hands up her sides, cupping her huge stiff-nippled tits. Then he angles his hips until the spongy head of his cock slipped into the tight grip of her silken cunt.

"Fuck me!" Angela started humping, thrusting her pussy onto his prick. "Don't make me wait! Fuck my horny cunt!"

Squeezing and pulling her spongy tits, Mike eased his cock slowly up the burning wetness of her fuck tunnel. Angela cried out girlishly and let her shoulders drop to the floor. Mike now held onto her hips as he fucked his big prcik slowly up her churning cunt.

"It's so biiig!" Angela gasped. She started humping again, feeling the pressure of her pussy walls enveloping his aching cock. "Fuck me with it! Fuck me hard!"

Mike moaned as he sank on top of her, fucking his cock up the hilt in the buttery sheath of her pussy. He pulled out, then fucked his prick in again, making her cunt tunnel loosen slightly around the steely stiffness of his oversized cock.

Then he started fucking her hard and fast, reaching forward and milking her big tits. Mike crouched over her back, panting with the strain of fucking her tight aching pussy. He fucked his big cock deeper and deeper into her fuck tunnel with every stroke.

"Oh shit, what a big cock you have!" Angela grimaced as the lust flowered deep inside her burning pussy channel. "Harder! Fuck my brains out! Make me cream all over your big cock!"

Mike intensified the speed of his fucking, making Angela's knees bounce painfully on the floor as he reamed out her slippery pussy with bone-jarring fuck thrusts. His cock seemed to grow as his prick shaft bathed in her oozing pussy juices, stretching the walls of her fuck hole wider around the invading shaft of his prick.

"Nnngg!" Angela thrust her hand under her belly, pushing her fingers through her matted pussy curls. "Harder!" She caught her clit under her fingers and started to jack off, rolling her clit hard. "Fuck me faster, Mike! I'm so hot for your prick!"

Mike changed the angle of his attack so his cock would fuck even deeper into the horny mother's pussy. Then he started to ream out her silken pussy hole as hard as he could. His hips worked like a machine, battering her hairy little pussy almost brutally with every stroke of his cock.

"I'm cumming, Mike!" Angela clawed the carpet strands, gasping and grunting like an animal as her pussy tunnel throbbed uncontrollably around his stiff cock. "Fuck me harder! Unhhh! Fuck the shit out of me! I'm making it, lover! I'm cuuuummmmiiinnnngggggg!"

Her cunt creamed, suctioning uncontrollably around the driving hardness of Mike's cock. Mike fucked her furiously through the throbbing pulsations of orgasm, moaning as her pink pussy walls clamped around his prick.

But he somehow managed to keep the wad of jism inside his balls. When he finally pulled his smoking, quivering prick out of her hairy pussy, Angela didn't have to ask what he wanted next.

"Get the Vaseline," Angela panted. She stretched out on her belly, and covered with sweat, lewdly put her hand between her ass cheeks to rub her asshole, warming up for the impending invasion of cock meat.

"You know where it is. The bathroom." It was hard to speak after being fucked so ahrd. "Go and get it and I'll let you fuck my ass as hard as you want!"

Mike stood up and went to the bathroom. His cock throbbed as he remembered the exquisite tightness of Angela's shit tunnel, which he sampled for the first time the day before. He had told her then how much he wanted to fuck her between the ass cheeks again.

The bathroom window was wide open and as Mike opened the medecine cabinet he could see his house. He thought of his beautiful big titted mother waiting for him, and his cock throbbed even stiffer as he imagined fucking the daylights out of her as soon as he was done with Angela.

He had no idea that someone in the house might be watching him too.


"Oh, why doesn't he come home to fuck me?" Janet whispered. "Doesn't he know how horny I am? Oh Michael, please come home and fuck your mother's hot cunt."

She was trying to concentrated on a television show, but the picture kept blurring before her eyes as a wet horniness burned through her cunt. Janet glanced at the clock and looked hopefully at the front door. But it didn't open. She didn't know how much longer she could last without cumming.

Miserably frustrated, the horny mother turned off the TV and went into the bathroom. Her cheeks flushed with the same as she opened the cabinet under the sink and reached for the vibrator.

Her husband had given it to her as a joke a long time ago, and Janet had hardly used it since. Ordinarily, she preferred a good finger on her clit while jacking off. But without her son's big cock inside her, Janet longed for something else that was big and stiff.

Her hand shook as she pulled out the vibrator and prepared to sit on the toilet, intending to jack off on the john. Then she happened to glance out the window and immediately stopped moving.

That was Mike, she thought transfixedly. Yes, that was Mike for certain, in the window of Angela's apartment building across the street.

Janet shook her head to clear her vision. But she would recognize her son anywhere, even from a distance. Mike was standing in a bathroom, opening a medicine cabinet. He obviously didn't see her. Janet watched while he took something out and retreated from sight. Stepping up to the window, Janet studied the exterior of the opposing building. Second floor, to the left... why, that was Angela's apartment. Her son was in Angela's bathroom.

And then Janet remembered that his shoulders had been bare too.

A hot flush of rage seized her, making her fingers shake as they gripped the windowsill. Swearing under her breath, Janet dropped the vibrator and put down her skirt. Then she stalked out of her house, headed resolutely to the apartment of her former best friend.

"Okay, Mike," Angela murmured, looking at him anxiously over her shoulder. "Now you don't want to hurt me with that big fucking prick of yours! Ease it in, lover! Give me a chance to get used to you. Then you can fuck my asshole just as hard as you want!"

Mike crouched on the floor behind her ass, groaning as her strong ass ring sucked around the tip of his cock. Her shit hole and his cock shaft were dripping with a liberal coating of Vaseline. He was preparing to fuck his cock deep into the naked mother's ass guts.

"Unh!" Unconsciously, Angela thrust her hand under her belly, lightly fingering her cunt as she looked over her shoulder and watched her teenage fucker wincing as he stuffed his cock up her ass. "Oh fuck, Mike. It already feels so enormous! You've got such a big prick! You're almost as fantastic a fuck as my son!"

Angela was teasing him, and Mike responded with a heavy fuck thrust between her ass cheeks. Angela groaned and fell flat on her belly on the floor, squashing her tits on the rug. But she kept her fingers inside her hairy pussy slit and continued to fingerfuck as Mike pushed his cock slowly up her ass tunnel.

"Easy, lover! What a big fucking prick!"

Mike moaned as he felt her stretched asshole ring sucking around his cock, milking his prick into her ass guts. Sinking his fingers deep into her shoulders, he moved slightly up her naked body, so his big prick would fuck more directly into her churning ass tunnel.

Then he started fucking into her again, lowering his head and watching his veined cock shaft disappearing between her ass cheeks. In and in and in his prick went, the meaty inches spreading the mother's asshole wide. Angela gronaed and fingerfucked her pussy harder, feeling little stabs of pain as her asshole struggled to accommodate his enormous cock.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Mike groaned. He heaved behind her, fucking every inch of hard-on into the rubbery grip of her shit tunnel.

For a moment they just lay prone together, their flesh pressed as Mike's cock soaked in the clasping sheath of Angela's shitter. Then he pulled out slowly, feeling her ass muscles drag around his cock until only his prick knob parted her puckered asshole.

"Unh! Fuck me now, Mike!" Angela started to hump eagerly beneath him, pushind her asshole onto his rigid cock. "It feels good now! I can take it! Fuck my horny asshole! Hurry, fuck it hard!"

Tightening his grip on her shoulders, Mike fucked his cock back into her asshole, making Angela groan as her cheeks were again packed with prick meat. Then he started fucking her, reaming out the forbidden warmthe of her shitty ass with long driving strokes of his cum-swollen cock.

"Harder, Mike!" Frantically Angela fingerfucked her pussy, feeling her big tits jiggle on the carpet as the fucking strokes of Mike's hard-on rocked her body. "Unh! Fuck my ass off! Make my asshole cum on your big beautiful prick!"

Mike groaned as her rubbery shit muscles clutched around his cock, sucking his prick into her asshole. He started fucking her asshole as hard as he could, his balls slapping her pussy crack with every thrust.

"I'm gonna cum!" Already Angela could feel luscious heat building in her belly, coursing through her pussy and asshole at the same time. "Unh! Oh yes, keep fucking me! It's so goooood! I love your hard dick!"

Mike fucked his cock into her as guts and Angela felt his prick pulsing with every stroke into her shitty ass tunnel. She loved getting fucked up the ass. Clawing the carpet, she rocked her hips madly to meet every stroke, bouncing her pussy on her hand as her thumb rolled fiercely on her swollen clit.

"I'm cumming, Mike! Nnnnngggg! Keep fucking me! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ah, fuck! I'm cuuummmiiinnngggggggggg!"

Her asshole spasmed, the tight shit tunnel sucking tightly around Mike's cock. Again and again she came, feeling the fuck juice gush on her fingers as her asshole convulsively sucked around her teenage fucker's big prick. Her climax lasted so long that Angela nearly fainted, dazedly seeing spots of color flash before her eyes as she writhed in a frenzy of lust.

When she came to, Mike's cock was still as hard as bone inside her ass. Angela moaned and braced herself as the naked boy continued to fuck her ass hard and fast, thinking now only of his own cum.

"I'll kill you, Angela! I'll kill you for this!" Angela shrieked in surprise and looked at the open door just in time to see Janet shut it and stalk into the living room. Angela groaned and turned her head away. Mike's cock was deep inside her asshole, fucking hard. There was no denying what they'd been caught doing.

"Mike!" Janet's face was a mask of fury as she advanced on them. "Get off of her this instant!"

Mike pulled his cock slowly out of her seething asshole and rose to face his mother with his stone-hard prick still pulsing before him. Angela worriedly watched the scene unfolding. She was surprised to see that Mike didn't look frightened. If anything, he seemed angry too.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Janet put her hands on her hips and glowered at him, as if he were a baby again and she was scolding him for spilling his cereal. "How dare you..."

"Cut the shit, Mom," Mike said drily. "I know you fucked Tony too!"

This accusation seemed to knock all the wind out of Janet's sails. Anger faded from her face, replaced by a kind of nervousness. She took a step back, her tits heaving under her dress as she looked anxiously between Angela and her son.

Angela laughed and rolled onto her back, shamelessly naked before them. Perhaps this would work out for the best after all.

"I know you fucked him," Mike went on, advancing on her, "you fucked him a couple of times. You weren't going to tell me about it. You're just mad 'cause he's not fucking you right now! He's the next best thing to me, right?"

"Michael!" Janet was still under the impression that Angela didn't know about her incestuous fuck sessions with her son. She lowered her voice to a whisper. "Don't talk like that in front of her for God's sake!"

"Cut it out, Mom! She knows all about it! It's all out in the open now! Shit, I think what I ought to do is fuck you right in front of her!"

"Michael, no!"

Janet squealed as her son attacked her, lewdly burying his head in her huge tits through the dress and squeezing her ass cheeks. Janet struggled to get away from him but he was too strong for her. The next thing she knew she was stark naked, her dress on the living room carpet.

"Mmmm, Mike! You're such a little savage!" Angela purred. Hungrily she stared at Janet's huge tits and hairy pussy mound, remembering how good Janet's cunt had tasted when she'd sucked Janet off before. "Go ahead, Mike! Fuck her! Fuck her right on the floor!"

"No, Mike!" Janet's tone was now meek and submissive. "Please! Not right here!"

"Cut it out, Mom! You're such a horny bitch!"

Mike pushed his onto her knees, with his cock quivering right in front of her face. Then he thrust his hnads roughly in her hair and jammed the bulbous cock knob against her mouth.

"Suck it! Suck my dick, Mom! I want you to give me a blow job, so Angela can watch!"

His whole cock shaft was slimy with Vaseline, the spongy prick crown throbbing against Janet's cheek. Janet tried to turn her head away, not wanting the big prick shoved down her throat.

"Suck it, Janet!" Angela spread her legs on the rug and started to fingerfuck, watching the incestuous action transpiring right in front of her. "You know you want to! He's got such a big, juicy cock to suck! Mmmm, look at that big hard-on! If you don't suck it, I'll give him a blow job myself!"

Janet immediately looked at Angela's lust-contorted face, her lips parting in shock. Mike took the opportunity to jam the knob of his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmmpphh!" Janet nearly choked as the big prick shaft was fucked down her throat, her lips stretching to the bursting point around the meaty width of his cock. At first she felt ashamed and degraded, realizing that her own son was raping her, fucking her mouth while Angela watched.

Then the very depravity of the scene started to turn her on. Janet felt her pussy getting wet, her clit and nipples swelling with obscene desire. Her son's cock tasted so... so obscene! She couldn't believe it turned her on to have his prick in her mouth!

"Suck it, Mom!" Mike rocked his hips, fucking her face. "Show Angela what a good cocksucker you are! Work out on my prick!"

Janet hesitated a moment, realizing that she had no alternative. Then, blushing with shame, she tightened her lips around the veined hardness of his cock shaft and started sucking as hard as she could.

"Ooooh!" Angela stared wide-eyed at the spectacle before her, of her best friend kneeling on the rug with her son's hard-on fucking down her throat. "Do it, Janet!" She started to jack off harder, bouncing her ass off the rug. "Work out on his prick!"

Now that she'd finally given in, Janet was insatiable for the taste of her boy's throbbing cock meat. Her hand came up, encircling the wet root, slippery with Vaseline. She jacked his cock fast and hard, taking his prick down her throat.

Soon the slurping, smacking sounds of a good prick sucking filled the whole room. Janet bobbed her head faster, her eyes shut tightly, she shamelessly allowed her son to fuck her face in front of her best friend. Her free hand pushed between his thighs, squeezing the hairy sack of his balls.

"Ahhh!" Mike put his hand gently on the top of her head, no longer needing to encourage her. "Christ, Mom! You're the best cocksucker in the world!"

His cock was completely clean of Vaseline now and the prick knob tasted delicious between Janet's lips. She swirled her tongue around his cock head, lapping up the cum juices dribbling up from his balls. Suddenly Mike pushed her harshly away.

"Okay, Mom!" he said sharply. "That's enough! Now I'm going to fuck you like a dog! Get on your knees!"

Janet blushed as she turned from her boy and got in the dog-fucking position, shooting a nervous glance at Angela. But Angela was obviously enjoying herself, fingerfucking while she watched.

Janet's huge tits swayed pendulously over the carpet as she lifted her ass, spreading her knees in preparartion for the impaling thrust of her son's cock. Mike knelt on the floor between her thighs. But he didn't aim his juicing cock head at her pussy slit. Instead he pressed it on the puckered ring of her ass.

"No, Mike!"

"Oh yes, Mom!" Mike slid his hands up her sides, holding her securely in position. "You deserve to get your butt fucked for making it with Tony!"

His cock still had a little Vaseline on it, but by now it was mostly dry and Mike wasn't going to stop to put any more of the jelly. Janet winced as she felt his big prick fucking into her shit tunnel, stretching the walls of her asshole painfully around the invading thickness of his cock.

"No, Mike!" Her moans were soft and girlish, but she knew they were to no avail. "Oh, stop! It's all dry! You're hurting meeee! Nooooooo!"

Mike ignored her, sliding his hands up to her tits, holding the hanging tits to keep her into position. Angela decided he had a sadistic streak as she watched him hammer his cock cruelly into his mother's asshole.

Janet fell flat on her belly, quivering as her son fucked his cock to the balls in the sucking heat of her shit tunnel. Mike didn't give her a chance to get used to having all of his cock. He quickly started fucking his mother's ass hard and fast, fucking his stone-hard prick relentlessly through the tighlty puckered ring of her asshole.

"Do you like it, Momma? Do you like getting your asshole fucked?" Harder and harder he fucked into her, sighing as the strong muscles of her shit channel gripped uncontrollably around his prick. "Mmmm, your ass is so tight today! I'm gonna cum, Mom! I'm gonna shoot my load all the way up your butt!"

"Oh, oh, Son!" Janet grimaced and shook on the floor beneath him, helplessly ravished by the in-out strokes of his cock. "Can't stand it! Unnggghhhhh!"

Then the pleasure started.

She'd had her asshole fucked plenty of times before and she could now feel the slippery shit walls loosening around the invading strokes of his cock. The pain was gone now, displaced by an intense, throbbing pleasure. Unconsciously Janet started humping, thrusting her asshole onto her son's cock.

"You're humping your ass, Momma," Mike sighed, working sweatily on top of her. "You dig it now, don't you? Say it, Mom! Say it!"

"Fuuuuck meeee!" The moan was long and guttural and Janet's cheeks were crimson with degradation as she voiced her pleasure in the incestuous ass-fucking. But she started to hump much faster, thrusting her asshole onto her son's cock.

"Fuck her!" Angela's voice was a horny hiss. She was close to cumming now as she watched, fucking her fingers in and out of the hairy juice-drenched lips of her cunt. "That's good, Mike! That's the way! Fuck her hard! Fuck your mother!"

Mike started fucking Janet's asshole as hard as he could, fucking his prick all the way into her shitty ass tunnel with every thrust. Janet dug her fingernails into the carpet. Shamelessly horny now, she started pounding her hips to meet his fuck thrusts.

"Fuck me, Michael!" she panted. "Unhhh! Yes, I love it now! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!"

Groaning lewdly, the big-titted mother worked her ass feverishly to meet his fuck strokes. She thrust her hand under her belly and started to jack off as her son reamed out her asshole with relentless fuck strokes of his swollen prick.

Then they were fucking in unison, their flesh banging sweatily together as their bodies ached with lust.

"Unnggghhh," Angela groaned. She shivered uncontrollably as her pussy prepared to cream on her fingers. "Oh God, oh fuck..."

Then the apartment door opened again and Angela found herself face to face with her own son.

"Jesus!" Tony gasped.

Tony dropped his school books, turning his head from side to side to gape at the three-way fuck scene on his living room floor. Janet and Mike were now too enthralled in their ass fucking to pay any attention, though they'd noticed him come in.

"Jesus!" Tony repeated. He watched Mike hump his mother for a moment, seeing the shaft of his prick between Janet's ass cheeks. Then he turned his gaze back to his mother, who was now staring hard at the big prick growing rapidly in his pants.

"Tony, never mind them," Angela panted. "Come over here and suck my pussy! Momma needs a good cum!"

Tony paused long enough to strip naked, glancing at his mother's pussy and the ass fucking couple on the floor next to him. Then he crossed the living room, sprawling on the floor between his mother's long, slim legs.

"Suck it, Tony!" Angela put her hand behind his head, guiding him into position as he burrowed his face against her crotch. "That's a good boy! Mommy needs you to lick her pussy good!"

Tony glued his lips to his mother's hairy cunt. For a moment he just licked up all the fuck oil, delighting in the musky taste of his mom's pussy cream. Then, realizing she need to cum fast, he moved his tongue up to her clit.

"Awwwww! Suck it, Tony!" Angela peeled her pussy folds apart, banging her heels on the floor as she felt her son's lips envelop her straining clit. "Suck it, lick it! Make me cum!"

Tony sucked her clit hard, drawing it out of its fleshy hood. At the same time he jammed two fingers deep inside her throbbing cunt. Skillfully, he fingerfucked his mother's hot pussy, pounding his knuckles on the puffy flesh walls to either side of her aching slit.

"I'm cumming," Mike groaned. His expression was now dazed with lust as he fucked his cock relentlessly into Janet's asshole. "Oh fuck. Ahhhhh!"

He collapsed on his mother's sweating body, fucking his prick to the balls in Janet's asshole. White cum erupted from his prick, spurting torrentially into her ravaged, throbbing shitter.

"Unggghhh!" Janet shook helplessly as her son's cock juice spurted into her burning ass. "I'm cumming too, Mike! Fuck me! Fuck my asshole! Unh, unh, cuuuummmmiiinnnggggg!"

Her asshole spasmed repeatedly, sucking around her son's prick like a milking machine. Janet jerked and humped madly on the floor, going from one cum peak to the next. Then she groaned heavily as Mike pulled his wilted cock out of her ass tunnel.

Both of them turned in time to watch Angela getting off on her son's tongue.

"Suck it, Tony! Unggghhh!" Angela dug her fingernails into his neck, pounding her aching pussy onto his mouth and fingers. "Suck meeeeeee! Mommy's cumming! I'm cuuummmiiiinnnnggggg!"

Her pussy creamed, throbbing around his fingers and gushing fuck juice onto her son's fucking tongue. Tony kept his mouth on his mother's cumming cunt, eagerly licking her until her hairy little cunt slit stopped pulsing. Then he rose to his knees between her legs, and as soon as Angela saw her boy's enormous hard cock, she knew where he wanted to fuck her next.

"All right, darling!" Angela wiggled her ass expectantly. "Come on up and fuck me!"

Tony moved right into position, fitting his puffy cock head into the hairy slit of his mother's pussy. Angela looked over his shoulder at Janet and Mike. Their eyes were glazed as they watched.


Her moan was long and earthy as her son fucked the big cock into her pussy, spreading the slippery walls around the invading shaft of his prick. Angela twisted her legs around his waist. Then she started humping, pounding her creamy cunt onto his prick.

It was good to know they were watching, she thought wantongly. It was good to know they both had two young studs to fuck.



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