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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Held Captive

Chapter 1

The Spender house was spacious, painted white with colored awnings over
the windows, the long marble-flagged terrace led down to a swimming
pool, the neighbors were hidden by rows of flowering eucalyptus and the
wide garage held three cars. Arnold Spender was rich had always been
rich as his father before him and his father before him. Beyond that
generation the tracing was lost, as his wife Susannah too often
mentioned during rounds of family-tree accounting. Nevertheless he
belonged-she always conceded-since his ancestors on his mother's side
were pioneers like her own, one of whom crossed the Delaware with
George Washington and another died as a young lieutenant at Valley
Forge. They should be living in Boston or New York, Susannah constantly
complained, instead of being surrounded by the nouveaux rich of Long
Beach. She was all snob whereas Arnold was only part snob, a bright and
successful petroleum engineer who still retained the flavor of his Ivy
League days at Harvard.

Who they were and what they were, these were the ever repeated legends
of themselves instilled in their daughter, their own little Princess as
they called her. They scoffed at the idea of a generation gap in their
closely united family, forgetting that the younger generation that
lived at Long Beach was beyond their comprehension. Their friends were
older or seemed older than themselves, but were usually as rich,
belonging to the same clubs and having much the same interests. In this
circle the young Linda was nurtured and brought up in the belief that
she had inherited the earth.

The Spenders had good cause to be proud of Linda. Bright at school,
popular with all their friends and their children, never complaining
about going to church, she never gave her parents any anxious moments-
except for her daring in the surf. The California beaches and the
beaches on Hawaii where they often vacationed were an irresistible
magnet to their beautiful, sun-blonde daughter. Her mother claimed to
have passed on to Linda a perfect figure, an open, nicely rounded face
with a slightly pointed chin, big hazel eyes and a soft, velvety skin
that never tanned deeply, retaining under the hottest sun a honey brown
that sometimes disturbed her father with its sheen of sensuality,
giving him feelings to which he would never admit, even to himself.

Linda was not yet fully developed. She would grow taller and the small
excess of baby fat around her high, perfectly rounded bottom would go.
Once in a party frock the bodice pushed up her breasts so that they
formed two little mounds above it, causing Arnold to remark that their
little girl was a big girl now. Naked, as her parents sometimes saw her
running from a shower, her breasts showed like two firm oranges, her
thighs and calves like a graceful athlete in a Cretan painting. Linda
was their proudest possession; she was a precious jewel. Yet they
realized that she would one day live her own life and must prepare for
it, therefore she was allowed complete freedom to stay out alone with a
boy, as long as he was as well bred as Tom Blackwell-and as long as she
was home before midnight. The Spenders enjoyed a lot of night life
themselves, always feeling secure in their belief that their Princess
would never stray from the straight and narrow path laid out for her.

Arnold's professional and investment interests in oil extended to
Australia where new oil field discoveries were extending his own little
empire. As vice-president of a California company he was invited to sit
as a director on the board of its Australian associate company, a
position which would mean occasional journeys out to Sydney. He and
Susannah were both looking forward to a holiday in the antipodean
sunshine in the near future, where the summer was at its highest and
where Linda could enjoy a surfing break from her high school studies.

Earlier that evening when Linda had gone to a drive-in with Tom, Arnold
and Susannah had visited a friend's house for a champagne supper. As
usual, they left early, intending to be home long before Linda arrived
back. They had celebrated somewhat more alcoholically than usual,
mixing too many cocktails with too much champagne, but nevertheless
they were home and undressed before eleven. Susannah, an older, taller
and well preserved replica of her daughter, wanted to dance so Arnold
turned out the lights, put on a record and, blithely naked, they danced
slowly across the living room floor toward the long settee. Warmed by
the drinks and the central heating, their bodies slightly perspiring,
they began to feel one another, Susannah squeezing his slowly hardening
cock while Arnold slid his hand down the cleft of her ass-cheeks, down
until he could stretch a finger to the back of her slippery cunt.
Susannah suddenly broke away from him. Surprised, he asked her what was

"I don't suppose it's anything," she replied "Perhaps it's just that
I've had too much to drink. I had a sudden thought that something might
happen to Linda in Australia. You know, something with men. Some people
say the Australians are uncouth."

"At least, honey, they don't go around shooting each other as often as
Americans do. All the ones I've met were nice. They drink a lot and
play a lot but they are very respectful towards women. As a matter of
fact I've heard it said that they would rather soak than poke."

Susannah gave him a sour look. Vulgarities were rarely well received by
Susannah, except when they were making love. Tonight he was sure not in
a mood for soaking up booze, he was all for a good long fuck. He pulled
his wife down on the settee, his cock still erected to half-ready
hardness. Her mood was inhibiting him.

"Look, baby, we'll be there to look after her," he cajoled.

"Yes, of course, sweetheart. It's just that I have a kind of
premonition. Perhaps we shouldn't go. It may be something to do with
the jet. It's a long flight out to Sydney." The more she talked the
softer grew his prick. There was only one sure way of getting her to
shut up, and he pushed her back against the cushions and opened her

In the dim light, Arnold could make out the pale sheen of her soft
skin, and his eyes traveled greedily over her still firm breasts with
their dark, mouth-watering nipples. From there, he glanced down to her
trim waist with its softly rounded stomach, and his breath quickened as
his eyes came to the dark patch of curling hair which drifted down and
around the rosy lips of her cunt. Arnold held her legs apart for
several minutes, staring hungrily at the exposed area. Then, unable to
restrain himself any longer, he plunged his head down between her
widespread legs and buried his face in her hotly pulsating pubic area.

Susannah's little clitoris was already erect when his darting tongue
found it and frantically began to lick at it, his lips closed around
the tip of it lovingly as he tried to suck it into his mouth. Then he
licked sloppily down to her hotly pulsating cunt, and he jabbed in and
out as if he were fucking her with his tongue, running it hungrily
around her wetly steaming cunt and sucking the oozing juices into his

Already, he could feel her cunt throbbing madly toward her climax. This
was always the best way ... when he could bring her to a quick orgasm
with his mouth. But that was only the beginning; that first climax got
them both so hot that whatever they did after that was always far more
exciting to both of them. Arnold extended his tongue to its fullest
length and rammed it as far as it would go into the hot tunnel of her
vibrating cunt, and she began to moan as he licked and prodded at the
soft tender flesh of her dripping pussy.

His tongue flicked in and out in a furious staccato rhythm as her
juices flowed in a hotly excited stream, and he sucked them into his
open mouth. Now her thighs were starting to twist and jerk, and she
clamped her hands down on his head, crushing his lips into her steaming
cuntal area, and she opened her mouth in a long agonizing wail as her
orgasm exploded. They were both so intensely involved in their love-
making that they were totally unaware that they were not alone.

Chapter 2

The moonlight shimmered on the dark Pacific, and the wind sighed in the
pines but Linda cared nothing for the beauty of the surroundings or the
pungent aroma of the pines as her swirling emotions churned inside her.
The tortured girl leaned her blonde head forward on the dashboard of
the convertible, her lithesome young body shaking with sobs, her
stomach muscles contracted in spasms of hurt and humiliation. Slowly
she wiped the sticky fluid from her cheek and neck as Tom lay back in
the seat, pale and aghast. Oh God, what have I done, he said to
himself, closing his eyes and wishing himself a thousand miles away.

It was their last night together before Linda and her family were to
leave for Australia-a night that the blonde teenager had hoped would
become a beautiful, romantic memory during the two weeks she would be
away from her young boyfriend. And now this had happened to ruin
everything! She knew about the human body from her biology classes and
sex instruction, but to experience what she had just gone through was
shattering. It had begun as their petting so often did, with kissing
and fondling, with Tom's hand sometimes feeling up between her thighs,
sending thrilling tremors through her ripe body as it slowly passed
over the panty-covered mound of her sensitive triangle. This time she
had let him tenderly kiss one of her small pink nipples, although she
pushed him away when he began to suck and nibble in eagerly abandoned

"Please Linda, let's do it right," he had begged, breathing hotly
against her ear while he began to feel his way surreptitiously along
the inside of her thigh. He had almost reached the warmth of her pussy,
had almost touched the sparse tangle of pubic curls through her flimsy
panties when she roughly pushed his hand away.

"Tom Blackwell the Third, don't you know how much I want to?" she
asked. "I wish we were naked together, and some day we will be, but I
intend to remain a virgin until we are properly married. Supposing we
never married ... supposing you were to fall in love with someone else
... wouldn't I be ruined for some other man who might want to marry me?
Besides, I'm much too young to marry, and we'll just have to wait. My
parents didn't bring me up to become a loose woman."

Tom was forced to think rationally. Linda was only fifteen, and at
seventeen he himself was too young to marry. He felt depressed at the
prospect of having to wait two, three, maybe more years before he could
take that delicious young body naked into his arms. He had known Linda
since they were both small children. They were together every summer,
usually spent on the beach where he had observed her lithe sun-browned
body begin to fill out into adolescent womanhood, to change from a wild
tomboy who surfed and rode a board as well as any of them, into a
lovely golden creature who verged on being a goddess.

Now, on this important night, the girl he adored was weeping and
showing every indication of being revolted by him. It had been an
ungovernable urge that had apparently wrecked their friendship, and
there was no doubt that Linda would share the blame. When their petting
had reached a stage where it seemed that both of them would lose all
restraint, he had unzipped his fly to expose his rock-hard cock, and
Linda had gazed at it as though entranced, slowly moving her hand to
stroke it when Tom had impulsively implored her, "Oh please kiss it.
Please kiss it!" She had leaned down, gently drawing back the foreskin
and had kissed the blood-filled head with a long, wantonly sensual
kiss, her mouth half-open so that her teeth pressed into the rigid
flesh. And no sooner had she lifted her mouth from the throbbing member
than she felt Tom begin to quiver violently.

Suddenly, he cried out.

"Aaaaggghh, Linda, Linda, Linda! Jeez Linda. I'm cummmiinngg!" With
that he'd exploded into orgasm, his hot white sperm flying onto Linda's
shocked face, to dribble wetly down her neck and chin onto her firm
young breasts.

Linda's first reaction was blind shock-then something her mother had
told her flashed unbidden into her mind. Men are filthy beasts at
times, her mother had said, adding that her lovely little Princess
would find out all about them when she married. The older woman had
always warned her about men wanting to rape every young girl they could
lay their grasping hands on, although she'd encouraged Linda's
association with Tom, for-after all-Tom had gone to the right school,
and he could trace his family back as far as their own. He was well-
mannered, a cut above the rest of his friends at Long Beach High. Now,
as tears flooded her eyes and shame colored her lewdly defiled cheeks,
she realized that Tom was as evil, as crude and horrible as the creeps
who took those cheap working girls down to the beach at night for
depraved orgies.

It was partly her own fault, the sobbing young blonde told herself. She
should never have allowed their petting to go so far. He had become so
passionate, and because of her love for him, the poignancy of their
last night together and the sensual intimacy of the convertible, she
had lost all control when she sympathetically kissed his thick
pulsating penis. She had only intended giving it a quick kiss,
something they would both remember as being part of their own private
love, a little secret between them while she was away in Australia.
Sometimes she had wondered if her mother's talks had warped her natural
tendencies away from sex, if perhaps she might never be capable of
wanting a man inside her, and she'd wanted to prove her fears wrong.
Would she grow up to become a sexless "female eunuch" incapable of
allowing a male organ to pierce her virginal vagina? She had wondered
about that until now, this night that had brought a torment of desire
followed by shame and loathing.

She hated him; she despised him as she felt him beside her, doing up
his fly while she wiped away her tears and stray flecks of his sticky
cum. What a vulgar word! How dare he use such foul language in front of
her! How frightening and awful men were.

"Drive me home," she ordered, unable or not wanting to pronounce his
name, "Immediately!"

At home she would find a sane refuge from the turmoil that raged inside
her, from the fear and a sickening kind of loneliness building up
insidiously in her being. Silently, Tom drove out of the dark lane
which led to the beach where they had parked, back to the large house
where Linda's parents had left the terrace lights on to welcome their
daughter home. Usually Tom would be invited in for a late supper before
he left, but tonight his world was shattered as Linda hurried out of
the car, not even turning her head when he called out his farewell.

"Good night, Linda-I'm sorry."

* * *

When Linda got out of Tom's car, she slowly mounted the steps to the
terrace. The night air felt chilly, and she pulled her sweater tighter
around her shoulders. Tears swelled unrestrained in her eyes, her
tormented body felt empty and numb, her legs slightly trembling. As she
heard Tom's car drive away, she almost turned to call after him. She
had lost him, her first true love, the boy to whom she had always felt
as close as a sister to a brother with that something extra that
belonged to future lovers. She had admired others, especially some of
the handsome young men she saw on the beaches, sometimes almost wanting
them with a physical ache, a feeling she always quickly dispelled. She
did not want to become like the common "whores," as her mother called
them, who slept around. She knew Tom and his friends despised girls
like that. But isn't that what he must think of her now? Oh God! Why
did her animal want dissolve all the caution that had been instilled in
her? She could never face Tom again. Never, never, never. When she
returned from Australia, she would try to persuade her parents to move
to Boston, where they belonged. She knew they stayed in California so
that she could enjoy the best climate in the world, to have the sea to
swim in and the surf to ride. None of that mattered now.

Mortified, filled with the shame of having committed a sexually obscene
act, she wished she were dead. Perhaps she would never be able to face
any boy again, let alone sit with one in a car or on the beach.

She stopped crying and was calmer, trying to rationalize from her small
experience of life how, in a few minutes, her happiness had been
completely destroyed. It could not have been all Tom's fault, she
supposed, remembering how she had occasionally stared furtively at the
swellings in the front of the boys' pants. Had she always wanted to
place her lips against a boy's cock? Penis, she corrected herself. Oh
heavens, the thought of it was bringing to life a strange feeling
inside her. Did she want to kiss, to open her mouth and wetly kiss the
pulsating flesh of an erected penis-did she really want to do that? She
brushed the thought aside. I'm just being adolescent, she told herself,
and thought of going inside to greet her parents. Should she tell her
mother of her humiliating experience? Gosh! What would she say? How
could she explain it anyway-that she had voluntarily leaned down and
given Tom a passionate kiss on his cock? Penis. Linda Spender! You're
becoming as vulgar as the beach girls! she remonstrated with herself.
They used the most awful words. Like "fuck." And Tom had called out
that he was cumming. She began to cry again, the shame of it all
causing her to feel faint. She buried her head in her arms, sobbing
until the tears could flow no longer.

The house was strangely silent; it was usual for her parents to leave
the lights on in the living room and to be there when she returned. The
curtains hadn't been drawn across the glass doors leading out onto the
terrace, and now she became aware of music playing-a record, one of
their favorites. She supposed they were sitting quietly in the dark,
listening to it. The thought of being with them cheered her. She would
open the terrace door quietly and surprise them. She had made up her
mind not to mention the incident in Tom's convertible, putting aside
the inevitable explanation why she didn't ever want to see him again.

She turned the door handle gently so there was no hinge squeak as she
pushed the door open a few inches. She looked about the large, semi-
darkened room, her gaze riveting on the two entwined figures on the
settee. She was transfixed, unable to move or turn her eyes from the
scene of utter debauchery. Her father and mother! Naked! Her father's
head was buried down between her mother's widespread legs- she couldn't
quite see what he was doing but a shaft of light from outside
illuminated her mother's head to reveal the older woman's face
contorted into a terrifying grimace. Obviously they must be drunk, or
even drugged with pot! she thought crazily. At first the horrified
teenager didn't believe that the couple on the settee were her parents,
hoping against hope that they might be some outrageous overnight
guests, but she was soon disillusioned.

She saw her mother pull the head up from between her legs, and she
caught a glimpse of her father's face. His chin and cheeks were
glistening from her mother's secretions.

"Let me ..." her mother murmured, then broke off, not completing her
request. But long association made words unnecessary; her father
understood what she wanted. He got up from his position and climbed on
top of her ... but not the way he should, Linda realized with horror.
He was backwards, his knees on either side of her mother's head, and
his cock-Linda couldn't stop the word from jumping into her mind-his
cock was long and hard looking, and it was poised directly above the
older woman's face.

Instead of trying to avoid it, Linda's mother opened her mouth and
moved it directly below the jutting member, and the girl watched in
shock as her father slowly lowered his hips, pushing his pulsating cock
between her waiting lips. At the same time, the young blonde's father
buried his face once more between her mother's legs.

Linda stayed at her position by the door, unable to move, terrified her
parents would see her but unable to tear herself away from the lewdly
hypnotic spectacle. They are out of their minds, completely insane, she
almost screamed aloud as she watched her wantonly sucking mother now
caressing her father's balls. Testicles, the young girl's mind
automatically corrected itself. The older woman was moving her
husband's cock around in her mouth, the changing bulges in her
obscenely working cheeks quite visible to her daughter watching from
the door.

Soon her father began to moan quietly, his head still buried down
between her mother's legs, his buttocks quickening in their rise and
tall as he thrust his swollen member wildly in and out of her
contorting mouth. He was beginning to gasp for air, and he was forced
to raise his head, crying out as he did so.

"I'm cumming, Susannah! Oh you wonderful girl; I'm cumming! I'm
cccuummmmiiiinnnggg ..."

Linda expected her mother-drunk as she must surely be-to actually choke
in her desperate fight for air, or certainly to tear herself away from
that thickly jerking penis, but incredibly, she stayed there with the
impaling hardness in her mouth and swallowing, actually swallowing the
surging load of semen. Linda continued to stare as though hypnotized by
the debauched sight of her own mother behaving like a degraded whore.
And her father! His cock was still hard and seemed frighteningly long
as he drew it from her mother's mouth.

With the feeling that her parents had deserted her, that her world had
finally crumbled to ashes, Linda managed to shake herself from her
state of numbed shock and leave the depraved spectacle behind her.
Silently, she closed the door and went to the main entrance of the
house where she carefully let herself in, turning off the terrace
lights before creeping softly up the stairs to her room. The desolate
blonde teenager removed her clothes in the dark and sank back onto the
bed to stare blankly up at the shadowed ceiling in a state of shock and
incomprehension, until at last blessed sleep came to carry her off into

Chapter 3

The early morning rush to complete packing, take showers, eat breakfast
and get to the airport precluded any discussion about the previous
night. Linda's mother did manage to ask after Tom, and her father
wondered how Linda had got into the house and into bed without anyone
hearing. Linda was trying to avoid her parents, an intention that went
unnoticed in the scramble to catch the Queensland and Northern
Territory Aerial Service-Qantas-airliner. Linda made a half-hearted
attempt to scribble a note to Tom before she left, but it was no use.
She was weighed down with an overwhelming sense of guilt, at the same
time feeling shocked and disappointed with him. Each time the incident
came into her mind she pushed it away, only to be haunted again and
again by the scene in the convertible as well as the low depths to
which her parents had sunk.

She didn't ask them about their farewell parties, the only thing said
being her mother's comment.

"I swear I'll never mix cocktails and champagne again as long as I
live. I don't even remember going to bed last night."

Neither the mother nor daughter noticed the smile on Arnold Spender's
face. He was quite used to her pretense that she didn't remember a
thing ... especially after they had enjoyed a particularly wanton
session of lovemaking ... and the more uninhibited she had been the
night before, the less she pretended to remember.

Linda, however, wondered if her father had also suffered a blackout, if
what she had witnessed had been performed while they were both
semiconscious under the influence of alcohol. She felt a little
relieved at this thought then paled at the remembrance that she,
herself, when she kissed Tom's penis, was perfectly sober. She could
not lay the blame on drink or drugs, and she was beginning to realize
that she couldn't really blame Tom.

They arrived at Honolulu in the early afternoon, allowing time for the
three of them to go to the beach before dinner. Linda's parents were
pleased to see that she was getting over her dark mood. The poor girl
was missing Tom quite badly, they both thought, and went out of their
way to indulge her with little gifts, including a color Polaroid land
camera. They dined late, taking a long while over the meal, since they
were to change to a different flight after midnight. There was plenty
of time, explained Arnold Spender, as he didn't have to be in Sydney
until Sunday.

"Well, this is only Friday," said Linda. "Why don't we stay in Honolulu
another day?"

"Because, Princess, we lose a day when we cross the International Date
Line. We leave here early on Saturday morning, and a few hours later we
land at Sydney on Sunday morning. Then, on Sunday afternoon we're
invited to tea with the Dowlings. He's chairman of the Australian

"I don't think I'd want to go visiting, Daddy. Couldn't I just go
surfing ... we're staying at Bondi Beach, aren't we?"

"Sure you can," her mother said. "Do whatever you please. This is a
vacation for you, and we want you to make the most of it. You're only
young once, Princess."

Her father called for the check and they left the restaurant to catch a
taxi out to the airport. "I think you'll be surprised when we get to
Bondi Beach, Linda. The apartment looks right over the beach, and on
Sunday they've got a spectacular surf carnival that will be more fun
for you than having tea with these dull old business associates of

The plane took off on schedule and landed, after a little over six
hours, at Sydney's Kingsford Smith airport. An hour later, the Spenders
entered their luxurious apartment overlooking Bondi Beach with the blue
Pacific stretching out to the horizon.

Early as it was, the morning sun was already hot, its rays burning down
on a crowd of people already swimming in the surf or lying on the
beach. It was all so inviting, so temptingly cool, and the surf was
just right for shooting; Linda could hardly wait to slip into a bikini.
During the long flight she had made up her mind to forgive Tom, a
decision that eased some of the shameful guilt nagging her for so long
that she'd felt she was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Having made
that decision and having slept soundly on the plane, she now felt
exhilarated, as though she were about to enter a wonderful adventure.

"When do we go to church, Daddy?" she called out.

"Guess we'll skip it this Sunday, Princess. Perhaps we'll go twice next
Sunday, to make up," he said teasingly.

Hundreds of cars were moving in to park along the beach front as Linda
walked across the broad boulevard to the beach. She copied the local
girls who wore nothing except bikini and sandals, noting that there
didn't seem to be any obvious difference between Americans and
Australians, as far as looks were concerned. Suntanned youths earned
boards across clean golden sand down to the surf where the breakers
were rolling in. The sights and smell of the sand and sea reminded her
more of Hawaii's Waikiki than of Long Beach. At this hour of the
morning there were long patches of empty spaces. She dropped her towel
and ran into the sea, diving under a breaker then swimming out against
the rollers to wait for a big one that would bring her back to shore.
The cool salt water washing over her body brought on the animal
sensations that always flooded tingling through her body when she lay
flat on a board, her pelvis pushing hard down to hold her balance.

If only she had a surfboard to ride these superb waves! After shooting
several breakers, she was about to leave the water when an empty board
came tumbling towards her and she automatically grabbed it, knowing
that its owner would be saved an extra swim from the beach to retrieve
it. She was looking around for someone to claim it when suddenly a head
popped up beside her, a slightly freckled face under a strange looking
red and green cap. A lean and bronzed arm reached over the board and
the young man's pleasant voice said, "Thanks, Miss, that's very kind of
you to catch it for me."

Linda stared at this handsome apparition, this smiling young man with
twinkling blue eyes and the funny cap.

"Hi. Do all Australians wear bathing caps?" she asked laughingly. "Or
have you got your curlers in?"

The young man threw back his head and laughed. "Hell no! You must be a
stranger not to recognize a Life Saver's cap. Where do you come from?"

"Actually, I only arrived a couple of hours ago," Linda explained. "I'm
from California. You know where that is, don't you?"

"Sure thing. It's where they grow oranges and beautiful girls. I bet
they don't have beaches like Bondi over there."

"Of course we do. Maybe better than this, though it's hard to imagine a
more perfect day than this. Anyway. I do like your cap. It's kinda

Linda was attracted to him despite the fact that he obviously worked as
some sort of lifeguard. She was in a mood to flirt, at least to meet
some young people, to get away from the presence of her parents for
awhile. These was still that disturbing image of them lingering in the
back of her mind.

"Is that all you do, save lives?" she asked.

"Hell no! It's only a voluntary job. By the way," he said, lifting his
body onto the board, "My name's Hugh. Hugh Watson."

"Hello Hugh. I'm Linda."

"Can you ride a board, Linda?"

"Certainly. Are you offering me yours?"

Hugh smiled. He was offering her his all right. He'd give it to her
right up the ass! he chuckled to himself. So far, he'd only been able
to see the long blonde hair falling down into the blue-green water and
two nice little rounded breasts cupped in a narrow black bikini top.

"Climb aboard and take it away, Linda. It's all yours. I'll wait for
you on the beach."

He slid off the board, treading water while she pulled herself up to
lie flat and paddle out into the oncoming breakers. Phew! He said to
himself, what a luscious piece of ass. Hope she's sixteen or it could
mean jail for me. Floating on his back, he watched Linda's ass-cheeks
tightening and relaxing as she pushed the board out, noticing that,
when she knelt up on it, her golden tan went all the way down to the
small cleft between her well-rounded buttocks showing temptingly above
the brief bikini pants. He smiled luxuriously to himself, closed his
eyes and let the waves float him back towards the beach. He was going
to get inside those pants if it was the last thing he did.

Hugh was captain of a Life Saving team from Brisbane competing in the
national championships being held at the carnival that Sunday. He was,
in fact, a professional, working as an inspector on the beach at
Surfer's Paradise in Queensland. It was the only life he knew, having
left school early, and now, at the age of twenty-one, he wasn't
interested in doing anything else. He'd tried various jobs, driving
trucks on the Brisbane-Sydney run and working as a builder's laborer,
work that took him away too long from the lazy days on beaches and
pleasant nights with girls so easily picked up. At Surfer's Paradise it
was holiday time all year round. For Hugh, that was what life was all
about-sun, sea and girls-a life his police sergeant father constantly
complained about, always unavailingly. Typically Australian, the young
surfer detested snobbery and resented being looked down on for his
coarse accent-he considered himself as good as anyone.

Hugh eased his six foot frame out of the sea and strolled along the
beach to a small group of friends from his team. They all wore the
little red and green caps tied with tape under their chins. Their
carnival swimsuits were also green with a band of red zigzagged from
chest to crotch. The "crooked phallic symbol," they called it. He
lowered himself down onto the sand beside Tiger Kelly.

"Just picked up a snooty little American broad, Tiger," he said,
cocking his eyes out to where Linda was sliding his board down a wave.
"There she goes."

"Looks fuckable from here," drawled Tiger. "What's she like close up?"

"Pretty as a picture. Well stacked and a butt like two ripe melons. Bit
young though-might be unlucky thirteen, but I'm hoping she's lucky

"Better keep old Sludge-Pump Yates away from her. You know what a
bastard he is with kids. Likes to try and split them apart with his
colossal tool," Tiger observed, referring to Jim Yates, another of the
team. "Of course, we could always open her up for him."

"Yeah," replied Hugh, "and don't forget I get the openers. Don't start
getting ideas yet, friend. We haven't got it on a plate."

"What's the plan, Hugh? Can we use Jenny's apartment?"

Jenny was Hugh's cousin who shared an apartment with another girl in a
building at the north end of the beach. She was a leading fashion model
who traveled a great deal to other cities and had invited Hugh to stay
at the apartment while he was down for the carnivals at Bondi and
Coogee. Hugh often wondered why Jenny never seemed to have a regular
boyfriend, let alone prospective husband. At twenty-seven, she was a
stunningly beautiful girl. Hugh supposed she was too busy with her
career, never staying anywhere long enough to establish a lasting
association with a man. Tiger Kelly had taken her out in Brisbane and
had gotten nowhere with her. A bit of a dyke, he thought then, keeping
his ideas to himself so as not to offend Hugh who could be quick-
tempered and a little too ready with his fists.

"Jenny won't be back from Melbourne until late tonight and her
roommate's away in the country," said Hugh. "I think the little Yankee
doll and I might have a twosome after the carnival. You guys can come
along later for a gang-bang," he added, relapsing into his normal
coarse speech.

Having caught two long rides right up to the beach Linda decided to
leave the water to dry off in the sun. As she dragged the board onto
the sand, she saw Hugh detach himself from the group of men in green
and red swimsuits and run towards her. She couldn't help but notice his
powerful build, the lithe and easy stride of his long legs-nor could
she help looking down the red zigzag to the bulge between his legs. She
felt a strange excitement slowly building up inside her, putting it
down to the fact that she liked the look of this fresh-faced Australian
with his nice smile and twinkling blue eyes. Surely she couldn't be
falling in love with a complete stranger, especially one dressed as
though he were prepared for some outlandish beach side-show or circus.
The idea somehow thrilled her. Tom was thousands of miles away. Why
shouldn't she like someone she met in the sea, someone who was built
like a Greek god?

"You ride a board like an expert. Almost as good as a man," Hugh said,
laughing as he ran up to greet her. "What did you think of it?"

"I loved the ride," Linda replied. "But I'm afraid the board is out of
my league. I'd be happier with a shorter one."

"I can arrange that, if you're staying around for awhile," said Hugh,
remembering that Jenny had a shorter board in her apartment.

"Oh, I'll be around for two weeks. Daddy is here on business. In fact,
we are staying in an apartment over there," Linda said, pointing to the
large apartment building. "Look, on the third floor, I think that's mom
on the balcony watching us." Linda waved and the figure on the balcony
waved back then lifted her right arm, signaling to Linda that it was
time she returned for lunch. "I'm afraid I'll have to go. Thank you
very much Hugh for the board."

"Before you go I'd like you to meet my friends, some of the boys from
the Brisbane team." They walked over to the group sitting on the sand.
"This is Tiger, that's Billy and that one laying down is Sludge ... I
mean Jim."

They smilingly called their hellos, letting her know with their eyes
their approval of her face and figure. The one called Jim was a little
too appraising, his eyes lasciviously glued on the four inches of
bikini that covered the space between her legs. She nodded coldly in
their direction. They didn't appeal to her at all.

"I suppose you have to be friendly with members of your team," she
remarked, her nose tilting in the air. "It's too bad they're such a
dull group." Hugh could hardly believe his ears and a red flush of
temper colored his cheeks. She did not notice the anger showing on his
face as she walked away. He decided to say nothing for the time being.

He dropped the board to walk with her to the steps. "Are you coming to
watch the carnival this afternoon?" he asked.

"I can't wait," she replied. "I'm dying to see the surf-boat race."

"I'll look out for you Linda. Afterwards you might like to meet my
cousin Jenny. She'll lend you her board for as long as you like."

"Yes, I'd love to meet her. Thank you very much. You must come to our
apartment sometime to meet dad and mom. See you later at the carnival.
Bye for now, Hugh."

"Cheerio, Linda."

As he watched her crossing the street his eyes were drawn to the
magnetic sight of her light brown, silken back with its little cleft
showing above her buttocks, the slim legs and thin ankles, the long
blonde hair bouncing back into its natural waves as the sun dried it
out. He watched until she disappeared into the entrance of the
apartment building. Looking up at the balcony he saw her mother still
watching; he waved to her but she made no response; perhaps she was
looking at the scene on the beach where thousands of people in a
variety of beach gear were lounging around on the hot sand ... or
perhaps she was a snob, too.

As Linda entered the apartment she was unable to prevent her mind again
filling with resentment against her parents, remembering that debauched
scene of her mother sucking away at her father's penis ... and
swallowing. She wished she hadn't returned from the beach where she
felt free and happy riding rollers in on Hugh's board. Why did that
scene of debauchery keep returning to haunt her mind? She was
unreasonably annoyed when her mother asked, "Who was that person I saw
you talking to on the beach?

"Oh, just a boy who loaned me a surf hoard. He's one of the life savers
or whatever they call themselves; he's in the carnival this afternoon,"
she replied, somewhat petulantly. Linda had enjoyed so much freedom and
trust back home she now resented this tone of her mother, suggesting
that her independence could be restricted. "Is lunch ready?" she asked.
"I'm starved."

"Yes, it's all ready," her mother replied. She had long accepted the
fact that Linda was a headstrong girl. "You'd better leave your shower
until later."

After lunch Linda washed off the salt water and lay on her bed with the
sunlight playing on her naked body, her eyes closed as she felt the
heat relaxing her. Half-asleep in the sun-induced doze, she dreamily
caressed her small, rounded breasts, bringing the little pink nipples
up as she did so, then letting one hand almost aimlessly wander down
along her flat stomach, her palm pressing firmly down until she felt
the soft mound of her pubic triangle. As she sank towards sleep she
felt with her middle finger the lips of her vagina, unconsciously
probing further until her finger slid unexpectedly into the moist
groove. She rolled gently from side to side with her hand still there,
her finger moving slowly back and forth over the firmly erect clitoris.
She was barely conscious of what she was doing or the fact that she was
getting half-formed visions of Hugh's face ... her mother guiding her
father's cock inside her ... Hugh running towards her ... the swollen
red patch of his carnival swimming costume. The sensuousness of the
touch of her finger lingered with her as she fell into a deep,
contented sleep.

Chapter 4

It was around three o'clock in the afternoon when a loud knocking on
Linda's bedroom door awakened her, causing her to sit up with a start.
She thought she was in her own room at home until she saw the strange
walls and furniture.

"Princess, wake up," called the reassuring voice of her father. "We're
leaving now." He opened the door an inch or two, seeing her naked on
the bed. For the first time that she could remember she felt
embarrassed with him looking at her. "I looked in earlier," he added,
"but you were sleeping so soundly I didn't have the heart to wake you."

"What time is it?" she asked, thinking to herself that it was time her
parents respected her privacy.

"A little after three. You'd better hurry if you don't want to miss the
carnival, though I wonder if anyone can get near the parades, the beach
is so packed. There must be a hundred thousand people down there. We'll
be back at about seven. We've left the phone number where you can
contact us if you need to. 'Bye now, Princess." His eyes furtively
lingered longer than was necessary on her ripe young body.

"Bye baby, have a nice time," called her mother as they left the

Linda looked out the window at the scene on the beach. She had never
seen so many people jammed together on a beach. There were squads of
Life Savers, each squad in different colored costumes, marching in a
high knee-action along the sand, row after row of tall, bronzed young
men. In the front of each squad one of them carried a short pole with a
banner proclaiming the name of the surf team. She could pick out the
Brisbane team in their green and red; the man in front looked like
Hugh, she thought. Again she experienced that strange tightening inside
her, an excitement combined with apprehension; she felt it right
through her body, a moist heat forming under her naked mound. She
unconsciously let her hand caress herself before hurriedly slipping
into her bikini. Perhaps she should wear a beach dress, she thought.
No, she felt better-freer-in her bikini. She must hurry, not to miss
the parade; she put on her sandals, picked up her Polaroid camera,
grabbed a towel and rushed out of the apartment, slamming the door
behind her.

Damn! She'd forgotten her beach purse and the front-door key. Stepping
out of the elevator she looked for a hall porter's office on the ground
floor. There was none! Gosh, I'm locked out until seven this evening,
she thought, without worrying too much about it.

The street was empty of moving traffic; everything had come to a stop.
Linda walked down to the beach and forced her way through the crowd
until it became so thick around the parading Life Savers she could move
no further.

"I'll give you a leg up," suggested a leering youth, putting his hand
under her ass. A bald, middle-aged man standing nearby laughed. "I'll
give you a finger up," he called crudely to her as she pushed away to
stand near what appeared to be a respectable family group. Soon there
was loud cheering. "That's the end of it. Maraboubra's won again," she
heard someone say. Linda walked well away from the main crowd to where
she could sit down and watch the life boats being rowed in a race
through the surf, a few boats being overturned in the process. She
stood up in time to see the green-and-red team's boat nose up in the
air, twist sideways and turn over in the foam of a huge dumping wave.
That must be Hugh's boat, she thought, and ran along the wet sand. It
was the Brisbane boat, swamped and out of the race. He came ashore
carrying an oar over his shoulder, grinning as if he'd won. She lifted
her camera and snapped.

"Hi there, Linda. Did you see us turn turtle? The steersman's being
brought in unconscious so we're out of the race."

"Gee, I'm sorry, Hugh."

"Oh, I'll get over it!" he grinned boyishly. "I'm just going to see if
Jim's OK and then how about you and me going to the north end for a
swim? It's not so crowded up there."

"I'd like that, if we can actually get there through this crowd."

"Nothing to it. We'll walk along the promenade."

Hugh saw that Jim had come around with nothing worse than a lump on his
head. He rejoined Linda, walking her a half-mile or so along the
scorching concrete promenade at the back of the beach which was crowded
from one end to the other. Linda could see little point in trying to
swim anywhere, it was all too unpleasantly packed. Hugh agreed with
her. "May as well go home," he suggested, testing to see if she wanted
to stay with him. Her answer was promising:

"That's not possible for a few hours. I forgot to bring a door key and
my parents are out for the whole afternoon. They won't be back until
this evening." She neglected to add that it was to see him that she had
rushed out of the apartment in such a hurry.

Hugh tried to appear concerned. "Look, I'll tell you what we'll do if
you like. I'll take you to Jenny's apartment. She's my cousin. A
terrific girl, you'll like her. She lives just over there," indicating
a modern apartment block across the street. "She's very respectable, a
top-class model. And anyway I wanted to borrow her board for you. How
about it, do you trust me?"

Linda trusted that winning smile and those steady eyes. She could see
now that he had removed his cap that his hair was a sandy color, a
little too short by modern standards though probably right for a
swimmer. That feeling inside her suddenly welled up again. Her heart
seemed to beat a little faster. She should refuse the invitation-he was
a complete stranger, and she was virtually alone in a strange country,
moreover, the phone number her parents left was in the locked apartment
... and she wondered if she could trust herself.

"Yes, Hugh, I trust you." she lied. She didn't really ... but she found
herself wanting to trust him. As soon as she had said "Yes" she
regretted it, because she thought she saw a sudden strange glint in his
eyes. Even then she couldn't say "No". It would be all right, she told
herself. Australians were decent people, the most sports-minded people
in the world. Her father admired and respected them very much. "Old-
fashioned and old-world people. Pioneer people," she'd heard him
describe them. "You never hear of rape cases in Australia," she'd heard
her mother tell someone on the phone. "You never hear of muggings in
Australian cities ..."

With these thoughts going around her mind she found herself walking out
of the hot sun into the cool foyer of a building. They were going up in
the elevator when she suddenly realized that High didn't have his towel
with him, and when he produced a key from a chain around his neck she
suddenly felt apprehensive.

"Do you live here, too?" she asked.

"No, I'm just staying here while I'm in Sydney. Don't you believe it's
Jenny's apartment? Look at the clothes-do you think I'd wear them?"
Linda looked into a bedroom strewn with dresses and a table covered
with cosmetics.

"Where's Jenny?" Linda asked.

"Must be down on the beach with a hundred thousand others," said Hugh,
laughing. "How about an Aussie Coke?"

"I could drink a gallon, I'm so thirsty," laughed Linda, feeling
relaxed again and rather more sure of this stranger in his funny
outfit. He was soon back with tall glasses filled with Coke and ice.
They clinked glasses.

"One thing I must do," he said, "is take a shower. Jenny gets mad at me
for bringing sand and salt into this place. Will you please excuse me
for a minute?"

"Of course. Perhaps I should wash the sand off, too," she called after
him as he went to the bathroom. She took a long drink of her Coke. It
was cold but what a strange flavor ... quite different from the Coke at
home. Thirstily she drained the whole glass. Hugh was literally a
minute taking his shower, returning dressed in blue trunks and a
flowered shirt open all the way down the front.

"That was quick," she said.

"Your turn next. Like another Coke before you go?"

"Yes, please, Hugh. I must say your Coke tastes very different from
ours. Seems to be a little flatter or something."

"I've never tried yours so I wouldn't know the difference," he said,
bringing her another filled glass from the kitchen. "Here's to us," he
toasted, draining the glass. "Here's to us," she responded, draining

It was while she was under the shower that she felt the first strong
effects of the vodka spiked in her drink: the glassed shower stall
seemed to sway; the dizziness passed, but then she felt as though all
her strength had drained from her body. She had to get out of the
shower. She stumbled to pick up a towel and sat on a stool, drying
herself as she wondered what on earth had come over her. Could it have
been too much sun? Her father had always warned her of the dangerous
rays that particularly affected fair-skinned people. She felt she had
to get out of the steamy bathroom before she really did faint, and
wrapping the large bath towel around herself dazedly returned to the
living room.

"What's the matter, you look a bit pale?" asked Hugh in a voice full of

"I think it must be the sun. A touch of sunstroke. Could I have another
cold Coke? I really am thirsty," Linda murmured, sitting down on the

"Sure thing. I'll mix a couple more," he said, wanting to kick himself
for using the word "mix", but she didn't seem to notice. She was on the
way out. He brought the drinks and sat down beside her, telling her to
drink up-it would do her good. The only way to cure a touch of the sun
was to stay cool, inside.

"Thanksh, Hugh," she mumbled, leaning her head on his shoulder. "I like
you." He noticed the slurring, and his loins began to heat up as he
placed an arm around her shoulders.

"That's nice to hear, Linda. I like you, too. I like what I'm going to
do to you, more."

She jerked her head up, a soft curl falling across her forehead. "What
are you going to do to me?" she asked, pouting her lips.

"Kiss you," he said, pulling her head towards him and kissing her on
her hot yielding mouth. Letting his empty glass slip to the floor he
slowly pulled aside the towel, exposing her small round breasts, the
nipples already formed into hard little points of pink. Her skin felt
as smooth as satin as he caressed her proudly upthrust breasts. She
kept her mouth on his, pressing hard with her eyes closed. She felt his
tongue probing for hers and she replied, pushing her tongue past his
into his mouth. When he pressed his hand against her and closed his
fingers around her right breast she made a vague attempt to push his
arm away; she pushed twice before weakly giving up. He tried to pull
away from her lips only to find that she wanted more, wanted to stay
kissing with her mouth and tongue working greedily on his as if she
were starved.

Jeez, he realized, she's a red hot number, and I thought she was all
innocence. He pulled away, taking off his shirt. She half-opened her
eyes, startled.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking off my shirt. Next go my trunks, see?" he grinned, dropping
them on the floor.

The terrified young virgin stared unbelievingly at his thick swollen
penis jutting straight out from a mass of sandy pubic hair. "Oh no, NO!
NO! NO!" she pleaded, too shocked when he slapped her to feel the
stinging blow on her cheek. "Oh please don't, Hugh, please don't," she
begged piteously as he roughly ripped the towel away from her naked
body and pushed her sprawling in all her nakedness back along the
couch. "Oh please don't," she pleaded in a last desperate bid for mercy
as he lay alongside her, bringing her mouth to his and shoving his hand
forcefully up between her legs.

"You want it, you bitch," he growled at her. "I can feel how wet you
are. You're aching for it, aren't you? You want me to fuck you."

"NO, I've NEVER done it," she gasped. She felt that she had been
drugged, she was so weak. Suddenly it dawned on her-it wasn't the sun,
it was something in the Coke. It must be!

Something deep down inside her drink-fogged brain wanted him to force
her, yet she was afraid and he was revolting her with his crude
language. I'm not a bitch, she said to herself. Not like my mother. Why
did Hugh have to say "fuck" - that ugly four-letter word? Why did his
penis remind her of her father's? The size, she mused hazily, the size
... she could feel it pressing against her belly, hard and pulsating
with a glistening clear drop of seeping moisture at its tip. Hugh's
tongue was driving hard up into her mouth and she involuntarily
answered his lewd French kiss with her own tongue, as she irresistibly
thrust her quivering pussy up in search of his probing finger. She felt
herself crying. She had no strength to push him off when he rolled on
top of her, his strong legs forcing hers apart slowly but surely as the
hand that had been driving up toward her pussy moved quickly underneath
her straining ass-cheeks to move her body down so that she could feel
his hot hard penis probing up into the crevice of her cringing cuntal
slit. He's going to fuck me! Oh God, my thoughts are becoming as crude
as a whore's! As crude as my mother's. Oh, how can I stop him? she
thought wildly as her body seemed to respond in spite of her

Her pussy was now undulating frantically under Hugh's weight, reaching
up to kiss his cock with its grasping lips. The fingers of the hand he
held under her buttocks were probing greedily up into the soft valley
between her ass-cheeks, at the same time pulling the rounded half-moons
toward him so that his rock-hard cock pressed more firmly into her
trembling vaginal flesh.

The handsome young surfer lifted his face from hers, moving down to
suck her swollen nipples, and lick her breasts up and down, then back
to the taut little peaks from one upthrust mound to the other. This
made her think of Tom, bringing with it the thought of the hot sperm he
had splashed across her cheek and breasts.

"Ohhh, don't, I don't want to," she moaned, pushing up with her body
this time in protest against Hugh's powerful weight.

Hugh reached down with both hands, spreading her legs wide apart to
give better access to the blood-filled head of his cock as he started
to push viciously against the soft entrance of her tender young vagina.
Jeez, he thought, maybe she is a virgin. I can't get it in, it's so

"Stop trying to squeeze your thighs together, you little bitch.
Otherwise I'll ram it right up into you. It won't hurt if you let go.
Take it easy, baby, and see how nice it can be."

Linda fought to hold her thighs taut but the effect of the vodka and
the uncontrollable urge of her body overwhelmed her, so that slowly she
relaxed her futile attempts to prevent the heedless assault on her
virginal young loins. With every slight giving-way of her resistance,
the farther that threatening thick cock moved into her, her own
moisture and the wetness coming from his rampaging penis combining to
defeat her feeble struggles.

Suddenly, it was as if her insides had exploded. Hugh made a violent
lunging thrust, breaking the delicate virginal membrane, surging
through to plunge deep up inside her trembling cunt. She didn't dare
move for fear of increasing the sudden searing pain, and she clung to
him, desperately trying to keep him from advancing any farther.

"Aaaaagghh! Please don't move it, oh please don't. You'll tear me

Hugh waited a minute to let her calm down, giving her cunt time to
gradually adjust to the sudden intrusion of his full pulsing length as
he pushed his fingers into her golden hair to pull her head up so that
he could kiss her fearfully quivering lips. As he did so he began
gently flexing his turgid cock-shaft inside her, slowly, very slowly at
first, until in a little while he was moving it in and out in small
smooth strokes lubricated by her secretions. God, she liked it! He
could tell by the way she was kissing him now in wild erotic abandon.

The sandy-haired Australian reached down with one hand to pull her
buttocks toward his own loins, smiling when she thrust up to help him,
and as the length of his stroke increased the teen-age American threw
her legs around his back and began to gyrate her pelvis in a lewd
rhythm, her body lost in a fire of smoldering passion. Her senses were
immersed in the haze of unaccustomed alcohol as every muscle in her
body tensed with the strain of raising her ass-cheeks and hips upward
toward that hotly prodding cock up between her legs. If she had only
known before how wonderful it was, the man on top of her now would have
been Tom. Yet the drink-dimmed blonde wondered if she really cared.
God, she suddenly realized, how degraded she was, how wanton! She must
stop. NOW!

Linda tried to push Hugh away, but again she hadn't the strength, and
he pinned her down sharply by pushing his stone-hard rod forward to
pinion her firmly against the couch. The pummeling was so intense she
thought he must surely rupture her insides, and she groaned as he
pushed up on the next instroke and groaned louder as he held it there,
ramming so far up into her vaginal recesses she could feel his balls
slapping obscenely against the moist cheeks of her clenched buttocks.

She squirmed helplessly beneath him, feeling the hot throbbing
intrusion as his blunt instrument skewered cruelly into her cringing
cunt, flexing her vaginal walls in a vain effort to adjust to his
impaling thickness. But the squeeze of her contracting pussy-flesh only
had the effect of exciting him to pursue with renewed vigor his
merciless thrusts up into her defenseless cuntal depths.

"Not so hard, Hugh," she begged pitifully.

He noticed the tears running down her cheeks as he grinned lewdly down
at her.

"Say please," he demanded, thrusting his loins forward harshly.

"Oh, please," the writhing girl whimpered.

"Please what ... please do what? Ask me to fuck you, bitch!"

Realizing that she was hopelessly trapped on his impaling shaft, the
feebly struggling young virgin thought: It's all my own fault. It was
asking for trouble to come here alone with Hugh. The relentlessly
pistoning rod was lighting unwanted fires in her loins and abruptly it
came to her that she wanted it, she wanted him to fuck her.

"Please fuck me. Fuck me gently, Hugh." She abandoned herself to the
exquisite pain that was a perverse kind of pleasure. There was no
strength left in her to resist as his cock continued jack-hammering
into her virginal cuntal depths, her wracked body coming to life on its
own, giving way to the hunger that had grown in her dilated vagina.
Their bodies were by now slippery with sweat and he was sliding
backward and forward over her, his chest pushing tight against her
small virginal breasts, their nipples pink and protuberant.

She closed her eyes, lost in a haze of helpless abandonment. In her
mind she had not completely surrendered herself, although for a while
that day she had idly thought she was half in love with this sun-tanned
Australian. Now it seemed her body was wanting his body, betraying her
conscious wish with its unconscious yearnings, and there was nothing
she could do about it.

To Hugh, the conquest was easier than he thought it would be. The way
she carried herself in that holier-than-thou attitude, the way she
barely condescended to say hello to his friends. Who the hell did she
think she was? To him she was a succulent little morsel, a gorgeous
golden peach just ripening and ready to be plucked. He'd had a hard
time keeping his old monster at bay, knowing that if she'd seen his
swimsuit bulging with a hard-on she'd have run like a frightened deer
in a forest fire. He'd never had one as young as this. Young and proud,
the little bitch. Wait till he brought the boys up to look her over!
Sludge-Pump Yates would give her a nice big souvenir of Bondi Beach.
While he was reaching around her ass-cheeks to wet his finger so that
he could shove it up her little brown rubbery asshole he began working
on a plan that would give all his mates a go at her. They'd make her
the best-fucked ex-virgin in New South Wales, root her to a standstill-
if she could take it.

He felt her grinding up to him now, really grinding, wanting more and
more of it. It must have been a reaction to his finger going into her
asshole, going in so far he could actually feel the movement of his
cock inside her. She liked that all right. He worked back at her,
moving high up on her so that as his raging cock moved in and out, his
body rubbed harder on her clitoris, bringing her toward her first

The lust-inflamed girl had stopped talking now, simply moaning with

"Ask me again. What do you want me to do," he breathed in her ear.

But all she could do was mumble "Fuck me, fuck me," and continue the
soft rising and falling moan. She was on the way to passing out from
the three stiff vodkas-the leg opener had sure worked a treat, he
gloated to himself. She mumbled something else, something about "Mom
sucking Daddy's cock ..." Interesting, he thought.

He raised himself up on his hands to gloatingly stare at her face, her
fluttering eyelids, her gasping mouth, her two deliciously budding
breasts with their erect pink nipples, the narrow waist and the flat
stomach. He sucked in his belly so that he could watch his cock pumping
into her, withdrawing slowly then rushing it back forcefully into that
glorious warm cunt, so tight and so moist, that rose to meet his
thrust. God, she loved it and wanted it. She was now wanting his finger
in her rectum as much as she wanted his furiously pumping cock in her
cunt, and she was beginning to writhe more rapidly. She already had
learned to control her cunt muscles, timing their contraction and
expansion with contractions of her anal opening.

"Fuck me," she shamelessly moaned, "Fuck me."

Then more quickly she repeated it, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," and
louder still, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH FUCK ME."

Hugh was fucking as he'd never fucked before. This was the best piece
of tail he'd ever had. Were all Yankee broads like this, he wondered.
Jeez, what a wonderful breed. He increased the speed of his stroke,
lowered himself down flat against the love-starved girl's convulsively
twitching body and shoved his throbbing rod harder and harder into her
until he felt himself coming to a mind-blowing climax.

"Aaaahhhh I'm cumming, Linda baby, I'm cuuummmiinnngg ..."

As he jerked wildly forward and shot his wad deep inside her tortured,
wetly hot vagina, she began to moan louder and louder, threshing her
head from side to side uncontrollably until her first real orgasm shook
her body like a bolt of electricity as her breath came in shuddering

And then Linda's ravished body began to relax with little quivering
shakes while short sobbing gasps came from her throat.

She never opened her eyes before she finally fell into the relief of
oblivion. Hugh, with a broad grin of satisfied lust, slowly pulled his
wetly glistening still-hard cock out of the cum-filled cunt with a lewd
viscous sucking sound. He had wanted to shove it into her mouth, to
force her to suck him off, but she had passed out, the silly little

Seeing Linda's Polaroid camera on a chair, he thought to himself, I'll
take a picture of Miss Uppity as a memento of her first fuck. He aimed
the camera at an angle looking up between her spread-eagled legs and
having placed one of her hands in her cruelly ravished, inflamed pussy.

The camera snapped in a brilliant flash of light.

Chapter 5

It was growing dark when Linda came to with a start. As she sat up her
head felt as though it would fall off, her body ached when she leaned
forward, groaning helplessly as the memory of the afternoon flooded
back to her sickened, tortured mind. There was an ache between her
legs, an ache that spread around to her back, and as she looked down
along her body she saw the bloody stain of her virginity on the couch
and felt the ooze of cum in her inflamed pussy.

With the curtains drawn the room was so dark she didn't see Hugh, who
was dozing on the floor with a cushion under his head, until she
stumbled over him on her way to the bathroom, waking him up. She could
see flecks of white, dried cum in the sandy hairs at the bottom of his
stomach, and the weapon that had so violently taken her virginity lay
slack, bent against his thigh, exposing his large testicle sac. And
even as she watched him opening his eyes to stare up at her in a dull,
half-comprehending way, she noticed the limp cock move slowly from a
bent shape into a growing, semi-stiff curve. She fled to the bathroom
and locked the door.

"Hey there Linda! Open up and let's get together under the shower. Come
on, be a sport!" he called out. Jeez, he thought, I could go on banging
this little bitch all night.

"If you don't leave me alone I'll open the bathroom window and scream,
do you hear?" The cold shower was refreshing her but with the sobering
force of it needling her skin she began to realize her predicament. She
was supposed to be home when her parents returned at seven. She had
been ravished. Should she tell them what had happened ... perhaps they
would call the police. But then she had not actually been raped. It was
those strange Cokes ... what could she do?

"Hugh," she called out, tremulously.

"Do you want me to come in, baby?"

"I want to know the time. My parents expect me home at seven."

"It's only half-past, you're not very late." Hugh had been thinking how
he would be in an awkward position if Jenny found the kid here,
especially if she was being held against her will. And it'd be a real
mess if Linda's old man got the cops out looking for her. Better play
it cool, he said to himself.

"Tell you what, Linda," he called. "I'll walk you home, right now.
We'll tell your folks that you didn't have your key and that you came
to tea with Jenny and me. OK?"

Now he was being nice again, but could she trust him? There wasn't much
she could do about it. She could wait until his cousin Jenny or the
girl who shared the apartment returned, but supposing they stayed out
all night ... her parents would be frantic with worry. Perhaps they had
already called the police.

"Okay, Hugh. My father has probably already called the police, and I
think the State law here defines a minor as a person under the age of
sixteen. I'm a minor."

Hugh felt weak in the knees. Jeez, a bloody minor. The filthy cops just
love grabbing a man for knocking off girls underage. The dirty bastards
also love quizzing the girls about every little detail. Why didn't the
silly bitch tell me?

"Listen, I didn't know how old you were. I still don't know."

"I'm fifteen. Actually, fifteen and four months." She could tell by the
tone of his voice that he was very worried. She smiled to herself: I'll
make him squirm. She dried herself hurriedly and unlocked the door to
find Hugh dressed in shirt and white slacks ready to take her home.

They were silent all the way back along the promenade until they neared
the Spenders' apartment building, then Hugh said, "I'm sorry Linda, I
guess I fell in love with you and just couldn't resist kissing you. And
when I drank a couple of vodkas and Coke I had to make love to you. Can
you forgive me?" he begged. This was his only way out, he believed-he
had to win her.

"I don't think I could ever forgive you. You behaved like a bastard.
You probably are for all I know. Only that kind of person would sneak
vodka into my drink. I suppose it's all I should expect from a truck
driver or whatever you are. Or are you a butcher?" All the way from the
apartment she had been fretting, her pride outraged by the fact that
Hugh was probably as common as dirt, as his language was, at least
those bits that returned to her mind through a fog of memory. She felt

Hugh was quick to counterattack. "Listen," he said, raising his voice a
little, "my ancestors weren't convicts as yours probably were. We're
connected with the aristocracy in England. My father's a judge in the
Supreme Court and I'm studying law at the Brisbane University. So who
are you? Just a daughter of a Yank businessman."

At that moment they were entering the building and coming out of the
elevator was Linda's father.

"Princess," he cried, running up to her and throwing an arm around her
shoulders. "I was just coming down to look for you. We've been worrying
our heads off about you, honey. We were a little late home and thought
maybe you'd gone to a movie. But when we saw your keys still on your
bedroom table and noticed that your bikini was missing we were about to
call the police. What happened?"

"As you can see, Daddy, I left the keys behind when I went for a swim.
Then I met Hugh who took me to his cousin's for tea. Hugh," she
continued, unconsciously pulling him gently forward by his arm to meet
her father, "this is my father, Arnold Spender. Daddy, meet Hugh
Watson. He's a law student from Brisbane." Hugh breathed a sigh of
relief. She wasn't calling the cops, by the sound of it. Bloody little

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Spender," Hugh said, putting on his best wide
smile and twinkling eye. "Jenny and I were pleased to look after your
daughter, though she'd be pretty safe around these parts." Turning to
Linda he said, "If you ever get lost again you know where to find us.
Or you could always go to a police station," he added, laughingly.

"Would you care to come up for a drink, young man?" asked her father.
Hugh looked at Linda whose eyes said, "Why not?" However, Hugh had a
cunning plan forming in his head. He wasn't going to lose this hot
little bitch in a hurry.

"I'd certainly like to, sir," he said, remembering that young Americans
he saw on the movies always said "sir" to their elders. "Unfortunately,
I have to study tonight. These surf carnivals use up too much of my
time. Perhaps I might phone Linda one day, if that's all right with
her. My cousin will lend her a surf board and I could show Linda where
the big ones are." Hugh chortled to himself. The biggest one was in the
pants of old Sludge-Pump Yates.

"Why, of course, Hugh. Phone any time. Here's our number." Arnold
Spender took a card from his pocket and wrote down the phone number of
the apartment. "By the way," he added, "I forgot to thank you for
looking after Linda. Thank your cousin for me, too. Good night."

"Good night sir, good night Linda," replied Hugh.

"Good night," she said. Her voice sounded slightly timid; a bit weak,
thought Hugh. Surely she's not falling for me-just because I said I was
a bloody law student with a judge for an old man! Wouldn't that be a
laugh! I must dash down to the Surf Club, he said to himself. I've got
a lot to tell the boys. They'll never believe I knocked off a fifteen
year old this afternoon. And what a fuck!

He strolled down the promenade smiling to himself. A bloody Princess!
The thought of bringing this snooty young American down a peg or two
pleased him immensely and he laughed all the way to the Surf Club.

Tiger Kelly, Jim Yates and Billy Sutton were in the bar of the club
drinking large pints of beer when Hugh walked in.

"OK buddy, you buy the next round," called Tiger. "You're fined for
desertin' us. Where the hell did you go with that Yankee bird?"

"Yeah," chipped in Billy, "what's the idea of keeping that bit of jail-
bait all to yourself. She's under sixteen, ain't she?"

"It'd be worth going to jail for," laughed Jim. "Come on, line 'em up.
I'm as dry as a nun's cunt. Four pints, barman. Hugh's payin' for the
lot, the lucky bastard." Jim Yates had been drinking since five o'clock
and was starting to look like it. The others had taken a break to eat
something, not wanting to get too far gone; they hoped to pick up some
"birds" at the carnival dance in the club that night, whereas Jim
needed to get drunk first. He was strangely shy of girls when he was
sober but with a few pints of beer under his belt he'd tackle anything.
Usually the ugliest girls around, the desperate ones who overlooked the
fact that he was coarse, crude, with a sadistic glint in his eyes that
were set too close together; he always had a black stubble around his
large chin, his nose had been broken in a barroom fight and one look at
his thick, bull neck wrinkled at the back was enough to frighten away
practically every girl he ever met. In Brisbane they called him Sludge-
Pump because of the size of his cock. Like most hygiene-mad
Australians, his foreskin had been removed soon after birth and
whenever he took a shower in the locker room, his friends would always
admire that huge brown member with its large, purplish-red flanged
head. "Like a policeman's helmet," remarked Billy who had lived in

When the team went to Sydney for the championships Jim asked them to
forget his nickname. Everyone in Brisbane knew of his reputation for
having the biggest tool in Queensland-probably in any other state as
well. A national cock record for length, width and strength. "Just
don't call me Sludge-Pump in front of strangers, that's all I ask you
blokes." They did their best to please him. For one thing he was a
powerful steersman; for another he was a terrific backstop in a fight.
Both he and Tiger lead-footed the big trucks on the interstate runs or
worked as laborers during the winter months, saving enough to beachcomb
through the summer. Billy did nothing, apart from surfing every day
that was sunny and shacking up with rich women for months on end; they
liked him so much they never bothered to call the police when he robbed
them of money and jewelry. Billy and Jim often remarked that they'd
like to fuck Hugh's cousin Jenny. "Ram me bazooka right up her cunt,"
promised Jim ... "I'd like to rape that beautiful model's ass," was
Billy's ambition.

"Here's to birds and what they have between their legs," toasted Tiger,
taking a long draft from the big glass in his hand.

"Here's to the cherry we all like to kiss," toasted Hugh.

"Here's to our American Allies," toasted Jim.

"And here's to Hugh for getting us Little Miss America. I propose a
toast to the blonde whose cunt will make us all happy if not rich. When
do we get going, Hugh?" asked Billy. "Couldn't we get her up to Jenny's

"You've hit the nail right on the head, Billy. That's the place. I've
got it all planned. There might be a few dollars in it, too, the way
I've been thinkin' about it."

"What do you mean, you dirty old bastard," asked Billy. "Are you
plannin' to hawk her fork?" They all laughed, drunkenly waving their
pints of beer in the air.

"Count me in, too," said Jim. "Haven't dipped the wick since I've been
in Sydney. How about Jenny, do you think she'd play ball?"

"'Course she would," chipped in Billy. "Myself, I think she might be
more than interested in a bit of lezzo."

"Careful what you say about me cousin," growled Hugh, forgetting his
polite English. But he had been suspecting that there was something odd
about Jenny. She never had a regular fella and jeez, wasn't Sydney
renowned for queers and lesbians! Worse than San Francisco, he'd heard.
"If you bastards upset Jenny the whole thing's off. She's part of the

"Come on, let's pick up some tail at the dance," Billy said, draining
his glass. "We'll leave old Sludgy at the bar."

"Don't call me that or I'll drop you," mumbled Jim. "No foolin' I
will." The others strolled out of the bar, hearing Jim call after them:
"Oh man, oh man. Tomorrow night's the night!"

* * *

All through dinner Linda struggled to remain cool while her parents
described their afternoon with Arnold's business associate. She hardly
listened to them, for her head was splitting in an agony of confusion,
guilt and shame. She tried to put it all together; how she had allowed
herself to be trapped in an inescapable position in that apartment. The
main fault was in believing that Hugh's cousin would be there to act as
a chaperone. And there was her stupidity in forgetting her key. That
was simply an act of Fate and nothing she could do would alter that.
The worst thing, the thing that disgusted her, that brought her near to
tears every time she thought of it, was the fact that her self-control
had been destroyed. Her body, something deep within her, had willingly-
more than willingly -cooperated with him. Her mother's voice shook her
out of her continuing introspection.

"Honey, why aren't you eating? You've hardly touched your food. Has the
day been too exciting for you?"

"It must be something like that, Mom. Would you and Dad mind? I think
I'd like to go to bed. I'm awfully tired." They both said that she must
have a good long sleep. "I expect that handsome young man will be
wanting to show you some big ones tomorrow, so you'd better prepare
yourself for some wild surfing, Princess," her father added.

"Yes ... er ... perhaps I had," she faltered. "Good night, Dad. Good
night, Mom."

"'Night Princess," they chorused. She certainly did look worn out, poor
kid. They all were, after the long flight and a wearing day in the

Linda closed her bedroom door with a sigh. She slipped out of her
clothes and lay naked on the bed. The night was humid and hot, too much
so to wear a nightie or get under the sheets. She could hear the
muffled roar of the breakers down on the beach, mingled with the sounds
of traffic in the street. She tried again to fathom her dreadful
predicament but it was no use, the effort only started a throbbing in
her head. She tried to think of Tom and how she would make it up to
him. He should have taken her. It was, she knew, only natural that he
had lost his head and asked her to kiss his ... oh, hell, his cock. In
her mind she saw it again: it seemed so small by comparison; hard but
small. His hand moving up her leg; that had given her a wonderful
thrill. Tears began to well up in her eyes: she was no longer a virgin!
Oh God, why, why, why?

She felt her pussy, feeling for its soreness, surprised that it wasn't
at all sore on the outside. She took her compact mirror from her beach
purse and put it between her legs to inspect the damage Hugh had done
her. She pressed her middle finger cautiously down into her crotch,
spreading the swollen lips like segments of a particularly succulent
peach to feel deeper. No, it wasn't very sore there, only a little, and
it was damp with a warm moisture. She felt a glow spreading
irresistibly throughout her body, her breathing quickened a little. She
could see a drop of her juice slowly oozing through the lips of her
parted vagina. The sight of it made the blood start pounding through
her body, making her feel unbearably hot. She thought guiltily of Tom's
cock and the electric feeling increased. Her finger began to rub slowly
along the moist groove and across her twitching clitoris. That was a
little sore, but she couldn't seem to stop rubbing and sliding her
finger back and forth. She thought of Hugh licking her breasts, sucking
and nibbling her nipples. Her other hand unconsciously came up to play
with her taut breasts, pushing them up hard and then gently curling her
fingers around the nipples. Her buttocks starting pushing up in slow
surges as her finger on her pussy pushed down.

The confused young girl put everything out of her mind, all the guilt,
the shame, the unbearable anxiety. Oh God. I wish I could stop this but
I can't, I won't. What do they call it? A sin! But no. I read somewhere
it's a harmless, natural thing to do. That's it! Harmless and natural,
she rationalized to herself.

Rolling over on to her stomach, she kept her finger in the furrow, her
other hand gently massaging her breasts. Her smooth buttocks moved up
and down so that she didn't have to move her finger as much, though she
tried to push it into her vagina-that hurt too much, she was still sore
in there.

If only Hugh were here now. If only Tom were here, she corrected
herself. I love Tom and I'm going to marry him. The deep and wonderful
feeling was beginning to leave her: the guilt taking over. Would Tom
marry me if he knew what happened this afternoon? Closing her eyes, she
lay limp on the bed, her finger stopped in the warm moist pussy. I
won't think about Tom, I won't think of anything. But into the
blankness of her mind came the vision of Hugh's big member and the
remembrance of her orgasm with him. She spread her legs apart, raised
her buttocks and feverishly massaged her clitoris with all five fingers
sending spasm after spasm of exhilarating sensation through her tensed
up body until she felt she would explode.

Suddenly her eyes rolled back in her head, her nostrils flared and with
a deep-throated groan her body vibrated uncontrollably, her vagina
exuding sticky secretions over her hand, twitching fitfully in her
soaking cunt, a strand of her sun-streaked hair caught in her gasping
mouth. "Oh God, that was delicious, I really loved it," she murmured to
herself. At last the ravished fifteen year old girl sank into a
dreamless sleep.

Chapter 6

It'll be another great day for the beach tomorrow, thought Hugh as he
meandered drunkenly home to Jenny's place, staring blearily at the
cloudless night sky. Tiger and Jim had passed out at the dance and
Billy had taken them back to their hotel in a taxi. Bunch of dopes,
always stoned, Hugh thought as he let himself into Jenny's apartment.

"You bastard! You rotten bastard cousin!" Jenny pulled him by his
shorts across to the couch. "Do you think this is a whorehouse, you
moronic hick? I didn't invite you to turn the place into a brothel."

Jenny had waited two hours for Hugh to come home, furious that he had
probably brought his drunken surfie friends home with their scruffy
little surfie girls, her fury building up to boiling point at having to
wait for him. There was no vodka left and the couch showed evidence of
someone having made it with a whore during her period. "Look at that,"
she cried, shoving Hugh to the couch.

"Aw, lay off, Jen," he whined. "I didn't know she was a virgin."

"Don't give me that, you oaf."

"It happened like thish." he slurred. "I met this sexy little American
dish and she practically raped me. The mosht beautiful bird I've seen
in a long time. I'm crazy about her, absholutely crazy about her." Hugh
flopped down on the couch. "Give us a kish, Jenny. I want to give you
... a kish of life ..." With that he passed out snoring on the couch.

Jenny stood back to look at him. She couldn't help smiling now,
sympathetic for his drunken state, knowing herself what it was like to
sometimes get hopelessly stoned out of her mind. Hugh is such a big
bumbling kid she mused, one of the few men I actually admire
physically. But what a child, mentally. They swam together whenever she
went to Brisbane on a modeling job and he was always so affectionate.
When he kissed her on the lips she enjoyed the warmth of his caress.
Yes, decidedly, she liked kissing cousin Hugh. Once she had thought of
seducing him, when he was about fourteen years old, a beautiful long-
limbed youth with a shock of sandy hair, bright blue eyes and a very
sensual mouth.

Jenny knelt down to lift his legs onto the couch. He was too big for
her to carry into his bedroom. She decided to leave him there, passed
out with a beautific smile on his face. Leaning forward, she kissed him
on the mouth and slid her hand down, pulling open his shirt and feeling
down to his cock. Hugh was completely unconscious, breathing deeply and
steadily like a child. Jenny opened his fly and pulled out his slack
cock and kissed it, too. She left him like that, asleep with his cock
hanging out of his white trousers, and went to her bedroom wondering
what he would say in the morning if she invited him to sleep with her.
Kerry, her roommate was still away with her folks in the country and
would be for another month. The only problem was, would Hugh want her?
He seemed to be quite gone on this young American bird ... perhaps they
could make a threesome, if the girl was attractive enough ...

* * *

Hugh's plan was going to be popular with everyone, it seemed. He
explained it to Jenny over breakfast, she in a mini-skirt, he in shorts
as the February sun heated the bay of buildings on Bondi's seafront.
First of all he showed her the color print of Linda made with the
Polaroid camera. He was in love with her, he said untruthfully, trying
to win Jenny's support, but he didn't think Linda would see him again
because she was such a damn snob.

"She thinks our family ain't good enough for her," he explained, but he
knew she cared for him and if he could only get her back to the
apartment for awhile she'd get over that superiority complex. Would
Jenny ask her around so that she could lend her the surfboard, he

"Sure," said Jenny, "why not?" She was trying not to show how aroused
she was by the ravishing-and ravished-blonde nymphet in the photo. "Why
ever not? This photo will bring her back," she laughed, thinking to
herself that the girl should be a little more careful about where she
put on airs about being superior to others. Her mouth watered at the
sight of the deliciously innocent young girl's legs spread-eagled to
show her cruelly violated crevice gleaming wetly.

"There's another thing," remarked Hugh. "She told me about seeing her
old man being sucked off by her mother. A little hint about that might
go a long way!"

Jenny leaned back in her chair, half-shocked at his crudity yet all the
same amused. "There's something very crude about you, Hugh. You know
what? I fancy you a bit myself, sometimes. Don't get worked up about it
though. Save yourself for this peach. I'm ten years older than her,
getting past my prime." She was two years older than that, he knew, but
then she didn't look more than twenty-one. She was tall, slim, dark-
eyed with short black hair like a cap over her perfect head. She walked
with the grace of a mannequin and spoke with a lazy drawl that most of
Hugh's friends took to be an insolent manner. It wasn't. They simply
bored her and she spoke carelessly to them, as if they were children.
She was going along with what she knew was an elaborate plan of
seduction because she was bored and she liked the idea of an orgy. She
was in the mood for something like that.

"Phone her now, Hugh," she suggested. "It's after ten."

Hugh phoned the number Linda's father had given him. There was no
reply. He tried at eleven and again at midday. No answer. Sight-seeing,
he supposed. He tried again at two, at three, and she finally answered
at four. He had only been to the beach once since he'd been here, and
he regretted the loss of another perfect day.

"Hello Linda, this is Hugh," he said, using his polite accent.

Linda had expected his call. She had left decisions up in the air, had
gone with her parents on a ferry ride across the harbor to Manly, had
walked around the new Opera House and inspected the Botanical Gardens.
She'd hoped he wouldn't phone in case his voice brought on another
surge of shameful passion. Surprising herself, she remained cool and
collected when she heard his voice.

"Hello," she replied.

"Thought you might like to shoot a breaker. How about popping down to
the beach? Jenny's here and says you can use her board anytime you

"I don't think we should meet again. Thank your cousin for me. I'm
sorry, Hugh, but I don't want to see you again," she replied not

"Don't hang up," Hugh said hurriedly. "You know you're very

"Wha ... what do you mean?" she faltered.

"I took a photo of you last night-if you don't believe me, count the
frames left. And another thing: Would you like me to tell your old man
that you think your mother's a low, common, cock-sucking bitch?"

Linda slammed the phone down and rushed to her room, flung herself on
the bed, stifling a scream in her pillow. The beast! The lowdown rotten
beast! How could he do such a thing?

Her father hearing the slamming of the phone came knocking on her door.
"Are you all right, Linda?"

Quickly she composed herself, tearful that he'd walk into the room.
"Yes Daddy, perfectly all right. I dropped the phone, that's all." She
held her breath tight, hoping that her father wouldn't open the door
and see her tear-stained face.

"Be a little more careful next time. By the way, who was on the line?"

In a panic she could think of no way out. "Oh, it was Hugh. You know,
the Life Saver. He wants me to go surfing with him." The door began to
open. "Don't come in, daddy. I'm changing into my bikini."

"Well, have a good time, Princess, and don't forget your key this time.
Your mother and I are going downtown to meet the Dowlings, more oil
talk. We'll be back before dinner."

"Okay, daddy, see you later." Soon she heard the front door close. She
felt trapped, absolutely trapped, with no one to turn to for help. Then
the phone rang again.

"Hello," said a girl's voice. "Is that Linda?"


"I'm Jenny, Hugh's cousin. I thought you might be lonely and would like
to come over for a chat. I believe you know the address. Hugh's gone
down to the beach and if you like we could join him there ... take the
board and try to catch a long one."

She sounded nice on the phone, a soft, well-modulated voice and very

On an impulse Linda said she'd love to meet her and would be at her
apartment in half an hour. Perhaps Jenny might be able to give me some
sisterly advice, she thought to herself. "What's the address again? I
can't quite remember?"

Jenny told her and with barely concealed excitement hung up. Her eyes
glowed with a strange light as she thought to herself that this would
be a really scorching afternoon.

Chapter 7

Jenny stood naked in front of a long mirror, admiring her tall,
beautiful, perfectly formed body that was featured so often on magazine
covers throughout the country. Her short-cropped brunette hair
accentuated her long neck and her full breasts that were, like the rest
of her, tanned from sunning herself nude on the roof garden. She ran
her hands down to cup her firm breasts, moving her fingers gently over
the already stiffening nipples, then her hands moved down over her flat
stomach around to the high arches of her buttocks, back to the
indentations between thighs and pubic mound, her caresses increasing
the pleasurable ache arising from her thoughts. A young blonde in full
bud, naked and lying unresistingly languid on the couch of her
apartment! This was the vision that filled her mind with an almost
unbearable expectancy.

As she stroked her long limbs she wondered what she should wear from
her extensive wardrobe. She wanted to impress this blonde beauty: after
one look at the photo Hugh had shown her she felt an irresistible urge
to introduce her to the pleasures of making love to a girl. She
realized that she couldn't have her to herself alone, that Hugh would
have to be included, but she had made a pact with him whereby she would
have Linda alone in the apartment for a couple of hours. Neither he nor
any other man had previously known of her preference for girls, nor was
he aware of how much she was attracted to him physically ... probably
the only man who had such a strong effect on her.

This afternoon she would admit him to her secret lesbian world. The
thought of what could happen, the prospect of having both Linda and
Hugh and watching Hugh have Linda sent a glowing feeling throughout her
body, an expectation that forced her to nervously smoke cigarette after
cigarette, occasionally packing one with hashish. This was the drug she
had cunningly prepared for Linda, who Hugh said was a non-smoker, and
as she had heard from her cousin all about Linda's aversion to the
spiked Cokes she had prepared brownies heavily loaded with the
narcotic. Linda would refuse a Coke but would hardly refuse tea and

She toyed with the idea of wearing hot pants and nothing else, to
remain topless, as she usually did when her girl friend stayed at the
apartment. She realized that this would undoubtedly frighten the young
girl away so she added a transparent, flowered top.

Keeping his promise to stay away for a couple of hours, Hugh had gone
down to the Surf Club on the beach front. The scene was set, and at
half-past four the doorbell rang.

Linda had hesitated outside the front door of the apartment, filled
with doubt and apprehension. Would Hugh be there alone? Or would he be
there at all? She didn't want to see him ever again. She was angry with
him and with herself for what had happened; she felt cheated and, worst
of all, she had been criminally wronged when he had taken that photo.
And she was sure he had because she had counted the remaining film. It
was the existence of the photo that really prompted her to accept
Jenny's invitation ... that and the fact that Jenny had sounded like a
nice, normal person from whom she could get some advice. That she might
be pregnant was another consideration that had sent chilling tremors
down Linda's spine.

To counteract any ideas Jenny might have formed about her being a slut,
she had gone to great lengths to dress demurely and although it was a
boiling hot day she wore long sheer tights under a summer dress and
petticoat. She had made doubly sure that she carried her keys in her
handbag and had written down the number of her parents' phone. She had
also brought fifty dollars: if Hugh wouldn't give her the photo she
would pay him for it. Perspiring slightly from the walk along the
blistering pavements and the walk up the stairs to Jenny's apartment,
she pressed the doorbell.

"I'm so pleased you could come," Jenny said in a low husky voice,
smiling warmly, as she opened the door. In a glance she took in the
glorious vision of the dewy blonde, the long golden hair, the full
young mouth, the firm rising mounds upthrust against the thin material
of her dress above a slim waist and soft swelling thighs. "You must be
terribly hot," she added, noticing little beads of perspiration on
Linda's upper lip.

"Hello," replied Linda as she entered, noting Jenny's long bare legs
and bare feet, her tall slim figure and short-cropped hair. As Jenny
walked ahead of her to the living room Linda couldn't help but admire
the grace of her legs and the way part of her ass-cheeks showed softly
round beneath the hot pants. She appeared to be about twenty-four or
twenty-five, with an olive-brown skin and very smooth face. The top-
model qualities of the girl were obvious.

Jenny apologized about the heat of the apartment, explaining that it
wasn't air-conditioned as she imagined all American homes were, as she
ushered Linda into the room that momentarily inspired in Linda a sense
of panic. There was the couch! The sight of it brought every conscious
moment of the previous evening back in horrific vividness. She became
aware of the fact that she had suddenly stopped walking into me room,
her eyes fixed on the couch, when she felt Jenny's hand on her arm.

"Come and sit down here, it's the most comfortable place," she said,
leading her to the couch. As Linda sat down, feeling weak and trembling
in her stomach, she looked up and noticed for the first time that she
could see right through Jenny's flimsy top, could see the outline of
pink nipples against the roundness of firm brown breasts. Below the
short top Jenny's flat stomach and navel were exposed as far as the
band of her hot pants which were only partly zipped up.

Aware of Linda's examination, Jenny explained: "I've been trying on
some summer clothes for a fashion show. You know how it is -they always
send the wrong sizes, like these hot pants. I can hardly do up the

"Is Hugh here?" Linda asked abruptly.

"No, the boy's gone down to the beach. I guess he's gone for the rest
of the afternoon. He seems to be very fond of you, Linda, but I must
warn you, he's very fickle." As she spoke, Jenny noticed that Linda
relaxed, that the wary expression changed to a smile. "I hope you're
hungry," she added. "I've made some brownies especially for you."

"You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble," Linda replied, as Jenny
got up to make tea. She watched the older girl walk to the kitchen, her
firm, slim, boyish posterior slightly swaying in what Linda supposed
was a mannequin's walk. She wished she hadn't worn so many clothes: the
room was stifling.

It was after Linda had eaten two of the hash-filled cookies that she
gradually felt a mood of sensuousness coming over her. She hadn't
really felt hungry and had only eaten the brownies because Jenny had
gone to so much trouble on her behalf. She liked Jenny and they talked
happily about surfing, modeling and clothes. After a while they went to
the bedroom where Jenny showed her row after row of dresses, some of
which she thought Linda might like to try on.

Linda stepped out of her dress and then Jenny said, "Take those tights
off, Linda, they're much too hot to wear in this weather."

Jenny had already removed her top and pants, intending to show off an
evening gown, and Linda laughed as the naked girl began to pull the
tights down over her bottom. What a glorious creature she is, thought
Linda as she watched the long brown body bending down to remove the

"You'll have to take everything off to get into some of these things,"
Jenny said laughingly. "Your breasts are smaller than mine but I think
your bottom's a little larger."

"They are not smaller, and it isn't bigger," Linda stated, feeling a
little put out as she removed her petticoat and unhooked her bra.

"It's probably because you're shorter that the proportions seem to be
different." Jenny held her by the shoulders and moved close to her.
"Look, my nipples are an inch higher than yours," she said, pushing her
breasts gently against Linda's, sending a thrill of excitement through
the young girl whose hashish-affected mind was giving her a strange
desire to make more physical contact with Jenny. There was a sweet
pungent taste in her mouth and a slight dizziness she associated with
the extraordinary, overpowering feeling of sensuousness she was
experiencing. She was beginning to lose her sense of where she was, and
felt that outside the room there was nothing, that the room itself was
the extent of the whole world-she seemed totally and pleasantly
disorientated. But she couldn't stop a wonderful feeling of release and
happiness that brought with it a sudden decision that she was entitled
to be permissive. She felt her face coloring and was conscious of her
heaving breasts.

"Jenny, people who talk about the permissive age should meet my
parents!" she said, apropos of nothing, it seemed to Jenny.

"What brought that idea into your pretty little head?" asked Jenny,
amused that the hashish was apparently working. She felt as horny as a
cat in heat as she stood back to admire Linda's firm young breasts.

Linda laughed out loud. "I don't know. It must be because I think my
parents are disgusting. And so is your cousin Hugh."

"All men are, darling girl. They are cruel rapist beasts," Jenny said.
"You know what they want to do to bodies like ours?" she asked, facing
the mirror with her arm around Linda. "They want to ram their weapons
into us. That's what they want to do."

"Now look at my bottom in the mirror," exclaimed Linda. "It's no wider
than yours."

Standing side by side in front of the mirror, Jenny placed her hand
around Linda's hip so that her leg was pressed hard against the

"Mmmm, it's slightly bigger at the back, I think. Now let's try
bellies. Place your belly against mine."

As Linda turned again to face Jenny, she trembled as she involuntarily
tucked in her buttocks so that her pussy as well as her belly pushed
against the other girl. She was quite aware of what she was doing but
nothing on earth could have stopped her: uncontrollably she wanted to
press her body flat against Jenny's body, her soft breasts hard against
Jenny's breasts, to rub their nipples together. We're just playing, she
said to herself. We're playing games with our bodies, she giggled to
herself as Jenny pressed her breasts against her, then her belly and
with an upward movement brought her pussy hard against the soft young
mound that so eagerly sought hers.

And then Jenny kissed her, lips open against the young girl's laughing

Linda's eyes flew wide open as she felt Jenny's mouth on her quivering
lips. Jenny saw the surprised reaction. She also saw that Linda's
expression was slightly dazed. The hash cookies were certainly working
but she mustn't rush and shock her out of the state of high sensuality
the girl was obviously feeling. She pulled away from her saying, "I
couldn't resist that, my darling. you have such kissable lips." Linda
pulled away from her.

Linda's reaction was one of part relief and part regret. She felt drunk
with the demands of her body to experience again the smooth closeness
of Jenny's glorious limbs and breasts. When their pussies met she had
experienced a thrill she had never known before: it was something like
the satisfaction she got from caressing her own naked body, feeling her
own breasts and nipples, touching the lips of her vagina. She was moist
there now, she knew, and she wanted to play with herself. No. She
wanted Jenny to play with her there. Jenny was idly running her fingers
down the nubile blonde's back, tickling into the cleft of her firm ass-
cheeks. Linda moved forward, her eyes dazedly staring at Jenny's lips.

"Kiss me again. You have kissable lips too, Jenny." She couldn't
believe that she'd said it, yet offered no resistance when Jenny pulled
her down onto the bed and kissed her full on the mouth.

She felt Jenny's tongue moving feverishly inside her mouth and she
responded with her own, licking at it and opening her mouth wide in a
surrender to Jenny's experienced lips and tongue.

The fire in the innocent young girl's body blazed at the unexpected
move to the bed, a fire of unbelievable excitement at the erotic
knowledge that she was naked and alone with a beautiful naked girl who
was making love to her. Perhaps she had at some time imagined this
situation, or heard whispered references to it among her girl friends
but even so she was surprised in her hash-befuddled mind that she could
accept it so easily and naturally. The word "lesbian" didn't enter her

Unwittingly, she was soothed by the drug that destroyed inhibition.
Also, she was reacting against her idea of the male sex, against Hugh's
rough behavior, the shock of seeing her father lewdly shoving his cock
into her mother's mouth, the obscenity of Tom cumming onto her face.
Here with Jenny she felt safe, there was no great weapon to fear, no
brute strength to fight, simply a beautiful naked girl lying beside
her, kissing and caressing her body. She believed the mild feeling of
faintness, of floating in the clouds was the effect of her growing
desire for the closeness, the loveliness of this girl with the
statuesque neck and shoulders, whose breasts were now softly moving
across her own, and who was moving on top of her and insinuating a leg
between hers. Totally relaxed, Linda opened her legs, feeling the
pressure of Jenny's pussy against her thigh and her own pussy pressed
against Jenny. Involuntarily she placed a hand on Jenny's ass-cheeks
and the older girl thus encouraged, began to rub her leg against the
pubic mound that Linda pushed up. Erotic excitement lubricated their
vaginal lips until they were both sopping wet up between their legs.

Their bodies sweated so much together in the hot bedroom Linda felt
Jenny sliding over her body like a fish. The skin of their breasts and
bellies was beaded with moisture, increasing in both girls their
feeling of wanton abandon. Jenny felt terribly thirsty from the effect
of the hashish she had smoked and eaten. She eased herself from Linda's

"I must have a drink. Would you like a Coke, darling?" she asked.

"If it is Coke," Linda replied, leaning out of the bed to stroke
Jenny's tempting ass-cheeks.

"I'll be back in a second. Just lie there with your hand on your pussy.
You look like a blonde "Naked Maja". Just like your photo."

Linda sat up with a stifled scream, reality breaking into her mind
through her state of relaxed abandonment.

"Oh, the photo! I must have it. Please, Jenny, can you get it for me?"
she begged.

Jenny quickly realized that she might lose this gorgeous girl if she
didn't handle her carefully. What a fool I am to mention that fucking
snapshot, she thought as she quickly sat down on the bed and pushed
Linda gently back, one hand playing with the young girl's firm ripe
breasts, and kissed her softly on the nipples. But Linda was obsessed
with the photo and was not to be easily diverted, although she writhed
slightly on the bed, reacting to the breast kisses, and begged Jenny to
help her. The elder girl leaned across and kissed her briefly on the
mouth to quiet her and promised she would definitely get the photo from
Hugh. Linda had half-expected the photo to be in the apartment and
almost wept at the hideous thought of Hugh showing it around the Surf
Club. She clung to Jenny, saying how she feared men, what brutes they
were; how obscene her parents were and how she loved Tom but wanted to
stay with Jenny. The sun-tanned lesbian saw that there was no need to
worry about the confused girl coming out of the effects of the drug;
Linda was well under the spell of the self-induced drug of lust. She's
lusting for me, Jenny thought, and she smilingly went to the kitchen to
mix a couple of Aussie Cokes.

"We're going to celebrate, Linda my pet," Jenny announced when she
returned to the belt with two glasses full of spiky Coke. "I've added a
drop of Vodka. I hope you don't mind, but this is something to
celebrate. It's the first time I've ever wanted a girl," she lied. "I'm
afraid you're irresistible."

Linda tried to think clearly but she was in a state of sexual euphoria.
Time didn't mean a thing to her: she didn't think of when she should be
returning home. Time had stopped. Her longing for more caresses from
this lovely naked girl standing by the bed staring at her consumed her
body, the longing increasing as Jenny stood there sipping her drink and
shamelessly gazing down at the lust-inflamed young girl with admiration
and desire.

"Cheers darling. Or should I say 'bottoms up'? Anyway drink up, we're
celebrating our first game between girls," Jenny said, licking her lips
as she lewdly stared at the tender little cunt lightly covered with
blonde pubescent hair.

"Do other girls do this?" Linda innocently asked.

"I think all girls do. It doesn't mean anything. It's just fun and
games. We're free from beastly men and nobody is any the wiser."

Linda was beginning to feel part of the sexual revolution; like all
liberated women, she decided, she had the right to experiment sexually,
the right of the emancipated teenager, the right for which so many
women authors had fought. With false confidence, helped by the hashish,
she felt she had overcome her guilt feelings about fingering herself.
She had lost her virginity, she was free to do as she pleased. After
all I am fifteen, she thought rebelliously. She was mentally preparing
herself for the coming act, the thought of which was inducing in her
the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced.

Hot and thirsty, Linda drained her glass and lay back on the bed. Jenny
sat down beside her, dripping Coke with her finger onto one of Linda's
nipples and then licking it, bringing that nipple, then the other, into
hard pink points. Linda responded by cupping Jenny's tanned mounds with
both hands and leaned up to kiss her passionately. It's only fun and
games, she thought, just wonderful fun and games.

Jenny placed their empty glasses on the floor and began kissing Linda's
body, moving from her neck where she greedily sucked blood marks in the
smooth flesh, then down over both breasts to her navel which she licked
with her feverishly working tongue and down slowly to the young
blonde's palpitating stomach and the indentation between her leg and
crotch. She felt Linda stretch and begin to writhe. It's safe to go a
bit further than she expects the fun and games to go, she thought to
herself. As she placed her hand on the delicate, almost hairless lips
of Linda's pussy she felt the girl stiffen but held her fingers still
until she felt the drugged young girl relax and gradually start to
writhe again under the pressure of her fingers. Jenny parted the
recently deflowered pink cuntal lips, feeling the almond-shaped
clitoris hardening and bent her head down to look at its miniature
erection before stretching out flat on the bed and wantonly burying her
face between the blonde's heaving thighs. She began to lick ravenously,
knowing now that she had the girl completely under her control. She
could do anything with her.

The more she licked the more Linda responded, opening her legs wide as
if to receive a cock. Jenny moved up to squat between the lithe long
legs, and placed her face between the softly rounded thighs, gently
pushing them even farther apart to kiss with her lips the wet lips of
Linda's cunt, then sticking her tongue suddenly into the vaginal
depths, pushing it as far as it would go and licking the hot secretions
of the cuntal passage as she withdrew to repeat the motion again ...
and again. She felt quite drunk with the sweet perfume of the young
girl's tight, almost virginal cunt. If only I had got her before Hugh!
I could have broken her with my finger! the lewdly inflamed Jenny

Moving forward, she licked Linda's body all the way back up to her
neck, ears and finally her mouth. Linda, tasting her own cuntal juices
for the first time, responded with uninhibited moans and kissed Jenny
back in a long passionate embrace that seemed to last for hours. Their
thighs were now pressing into each other's pussies, moving sufficiently
to satisfy the demand of the clitoris for stimulation. They held each
other, moved and changed positions, using fingers on each other's
wildly excited cunts feverishly until they were both close to climax.

"Jenny, Jenny, I think I'm going to explode!" Linda gasped as the
experienced older girl worked skillfully, compressing the vaginal lips
and then opening them again with a finger in between, at times moving
her finger lower and pushing inside the hot cunt flowing with creamy

"We'll cum together. Lick me and I'll lick you," whispered Jenny
hoarsely, turning around quickly before Linda could protest. She lay on
top of her so that both their heads, one with short black hair, the
other with long blonde hair falling over her face and shoulders, could
bend forward to plunge into each other's pulsating cunts.

While Jenny went down on her, Linda inserted her tongue into Jenny's
cuntal slit, suddenly aware of its heady odor that would forever be
associated in her mind with the intoxicating, special lust she was
experiencing for the first time. Lust for breasts, the kissing of
nipples, the easy knowing access to her cunt, the strange excitement of
making love to another beautiful girl.

Linda's hard breasts were pressed into Jenny's yielding belly while she
could feel Jenny's firm breasts against her own belly, providing
sensuous feelings which were, however, secondary to the mind-blowing
sensations of her hot, excited cunt. They licked in unison,
instinctively satisfying each other, tonguing where each wanted to be
tongued, sucking and kissing in the same manner and with the same
intensity, the same urgency and the same complete abandon.

Jenny was experienced, yet the fifteen year old girl was showing she
knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

She's a natural, Jenny thought with delight.

Linda knew the wants of her own body, and as she felt her clitoris
being licked, she licked back at the clitoris between her lips,
sometimes nibbling it gently between her teeth. It was something like
doing it to herself. She had once wished, lying lonely and frustrated
in her virginal bed that she could lick her own cunt. This was better,
a whole world better. She was going to cum, and she could feel Jenny
going into the first spasms of orgasm, too. Yes, oh God yes, we're
cumming together! She felt her insides tremble. Jenny was moaning
ecstasy and now Linda too was moaning. Both girls began to suck
mindlessly at each other's wildly throbbing clitoris as their orgasms
coincided, the hot milky secretions flooding out to be greedily
swallowed, their faces buried frantically in each other's cunt.

For a long while they lay there, limp and satiated. Linda felt as
though her mind had exploded like a firecracker, and now she felt
dazed, incapable of thinking rationally of what had happened to her.
She knew she was debauched but she just didn't have the strength of
mind left to care. They both lay on their backs now, one of the dark
girl's legs trailing carelessly over the side of the bed, the other leg
flung in total abandon across Linda's proudly upthrust young breasts,
while Linda lay in almost the same position with her legs partly drawn
up and spread apart. Both dreamily gazed at the other's pussy, smiling
with the satisfaction of orgasm and the intense intimacy of what had
happened between them. The effect of vodka and hashish on both of them
left them somewhat dazed, heedless of the darkening room as the sun
set, listening to the distant murmur of surf and the dull sound of
traffic in the street below. The sound did not bring the outside world
into the room as Linda placed one hand over her pussy, her other hand
over Jenny's. However, much as Jenny wanted more, she knew that Hugh
would be back soon. There were more fun and games to come!

"I feel starved, don't you?" she asked.

"Don't really care," mumbled Linda, stroking Jenny's cunt.

"I'll bring us a cookie and another drink. I think you like Aussie
Cokes now, don't you, my lovely little nymphet?"

"Yes, I think I do," Linda said vaguely, sitting up with Jenny to kiss
her before she left the bedroom.

Before returning, Linda put on a Hodges and Ellington record and when
they had eaten the cookies they carried their glasses into the living
room where they danced cheek to cheek, breast to breast and cunt to
cunt. Their movement quickly brought Linda to a sexual response; she
felt her clitoris aroused and asked Jenny to play with her. "With my
cunt," she said, all objections to coarse words forgotten.

"Stay the night with me," Jenny suggested, feeling down to rub her
finger into the slit and over the little raised almond.

"Yes, yes, I will. But what about my parents?" Linda exclaimed, trying
to solve a problem that was only partly nagging at the back of her hazy

"I'll phone them and ask them," Jenny suggested, arousing Linda further
with her finger and a long kiss.

"I think dad would rush straight here and take me away. You don't know
how they protect me. It's awful," she giggled.

Jenny had thought of this problem in case she did manage to seduce the
girl. Hugh had a plan; so did she.

"Do you really want to sleep with me tonight?" she asked, holding her
tight around the waist, fondling her buttocks and keeping her finger
rubbing up and down her pubic groove. "Do you really want to, darling?"

"Yes, I want to fuck you all night," Linda replied then laughed to
herself at the thought of telling a girl she wanted to fuck her. I must
be drunk, she thought, and began to laugh aloud. "I'm drunk Jenny, my
lovely girl-fuck. I'm drunk."

"Then you can't go home. I'll phone your mother and fix it. Now you go
and cool off under a shower. We both need one," she said pushing the
blonde towards the bathroom.

"I want to dance with you."

"We'll dance later. Go and shower." With that Jenny shut her in the
shower stall and went to the phone, leaving the drunkenly laughing girl
playing under the fine, cooling spray.

When Susannah Spender answered the phone, Arnold was out shopping. They
were worrying again about Linda not being home when they returned and
Susannah was sure the call was from Linda. Instead, it was the girl
Jenny that Linda had mentioned. She couldn't hear properly ... the girl
seemed to be slurring her words. Long distance? She said it was a long
distance call from Brisbane, could she hear her? Yes, she said, but
could she speak louder?

What she heard made her heart pound with anxiety. Linda in Brisbane,
six-hundred miles away, with Jenny? Surely there must be some mistake?
Oh no, there was no mistake. Being asked to fly there at a moment's
notice for a modeling job, Linda had gone with her to see some of the
country. They would be back in a few days' time and Linda could tell
her parents all about it. Susannah demanded to speak to Linda. "In a
moment," said Jenny. First of all she wanted to tell her how upset
Linda was at seeing her mother suck off her father's cock. "What did
you say?" screamed Susannah. Jenny repeated the devastating information
and went on to say how Linda had confided in her and how she wanted to
get away from her parents for a few days. Jenny also said, into the
shocked silence at the other end, that she would be with Mrs. Spender's
daughter all the time that no harm would come to her, but if Mrs.
Spender didn't wish to bring her daughter to a nervous breakdown she
should allow her to stay away.

"We're staying with Hugh's father," she explained, "a very respectable
judge." They would visit various parts of Queensland "and don't worry,"
she told Mrs. Spender, "we'll return to Sydney safe and sound."

"I insist on speaking to Linda," her mother demanded. "Otherwise I
might be forced to phone the police."

"Very well," Jenny said. "I'll fetch her. She's talking to the judge at
the moment. I don't think you should talk to any policemen, Mrs.
Spender. The police might wonder why the sight of her mother sucking
her father's cock drove your daughter away."

Susannah had to sit down, trembling with fear for her daughter and from
the effects of dreadful shame. So Linda did not sneak up to bed that
night ... she must have looked in first. Oh my God, she thought, the
poor little Princess!

Jenny called Linda who came dripping to the phone. Holding her hand
over the mouthpiece, Jenny whispered to Linda: "It's OK. You can stay
the night. When you speak to your mother, just ask can you stay. Just
that. Can you stay."

Excitedly, Linda took the receiver and said, "Hello Mom! Is it all
right to stay?"

Susannah had recovered her senses enough to control her voice. She had
decided quickly that she must carry this thing through by herself and
not bring Arnold into it. It was all too shameful.

"Hello, Princess, are you all right?" she asked, trying to keep the
anxiety of her voice.

"Sure, Mom," Linda replied laughing. "I'm having a wonderful time. I
adore being here."

"It must be hotter there than here," her mother said, thinking of the
higher temperatures hundreds of miles to the north.

"Yes, it's beautifully hot," replied Linda, feeling Jenny's hand
pressing into her pussy. "Thanks for letting me stay. I'll only be here
for ..." she managed to say before Jenny "accidentally" pushed the
receiver button and the line went dead, leaving the sentence in the

"Oh damn," Jenny said. "I'm sorry, I cut you off."

"I'll phone again," Linda said cheerily, swaying on her feet.

She certainly can't hold her liquor, thought Jenny.

"Don't test your luck, honey," Jenny murmured as she kissed the
delicate pink lobe of the blonde's ear and rubbed her nipples expertly
across the erect pair in front of her. "Your father might change your
mother's mind."

"Never," the young American replied, sighing at the sensuous passes the
older girl was making. "Daddy always does as he's told. At home, Mom
wears the pants."

"How quaintly American," Linda said. "In this home, girls go without

She went to the hi-fi and repeated the record just played, and the two
girls danced, holding tight to each other's body, legs thrust hard
against pubic mounds, mouths locked in a long blissful kiss. Linda
forgot about calling her mother.

It was going to be difficult for Susannah Spender to explain Linda's
foolish escapade to Arnold. But what could she do? She would have to
say that Linda called and asked her permission, that she was now on her
way to the airport, and that she knew exactly where their daughter
would be staying in Brisbane. The fact that Linda had talked to a
stranger about the shameful episode hurt Susannah deeply, but then, she
reasoned to herself, Linda was adolescent and she supposed it was a
normal reaction to be shocked at what she saw. She would really have to
talk to her psychiatrist about it when she got home. It was probably
time Linda saw a psychiatrist, too.

She mixed herself a martini to fortify herself for when Arnold returned
to find his Princess gone away with a model to stay with a judge in
Brisbane. She drank the martini and mixed another. She still trembled-
more from the shock of Jenny's disclosure than the fact that Jenny had
virtually run away from them, but consoled herself with the thought
that at least their darling Princess was staying with a good family.

At the same moment, a few hundred yards away Linda was sipping another
Aussie Coke, thinking warm and loving thoughts about her mother. "Mom's
great," she said enthusiastically to Jenny. "I'll take her some flowers
in the morning. From Jenny and Linda," she giggled, spilling Coke
between their breasts and over the four nipples.

"Want to lick some Coke?" she asked Jenny. And Jenny did, as Linda did,
the licking continuing until their mouths were back together locked in
a passionate, sucking and tonguing French kiss. They were dancing, cunt
rubbing, and kissing when they heard Hugh's key turning in the lock of
the front door.

* * *

Hugh and Billy staggered up the stairs of Jenny's apartment building,
under the weight of several dozen cans of Foster's beer. Tonight they
were going to celebrate American-Australian friendship.

"An intimate party," Hugh had explained to his friends at the Surf
Club. "Just us four: You Billy, me, Jenny and the Yank Princess."
Having been given the brush-off more times than he could remember, Jim
Yates was doubtful if they could arrange a gang-bang without someone
screaming for the "demons" - as he called the local police. He had
already faced a judge on an attempted rape case and had been lucky to
have been let off with a warning. Hugh assured them all that if Linda
was still at the apartment when he got home it meant that Jenny had
managed to square off Linda's parents and had kept her there with the
threat of the photo ... and a little hashish.

Hugh's evil plan had them all lusting after the luscious young girl in
the photo which they had passed around, staring lewdly at the
unconscious blonde lying back stark naked on the couch with her hand on
her pussy between her wide-apart legs. They all laughed as they watched
Jim's pants begin to bulge so quickly he had to go to the washroom to
throw some cold water on his monstrous erection. Following Hugh's plan
they stayed down at the club all evening to give Jenny a chance to make
the arrangements, and by now several pints of beer had aroused their
lust to boiling point. When Hugh insisted that only he and Billy should
go up to the apartment first, Jim and Tiger had become a little
aggressive, demanding to accompany them.

"You'd only frighten her," Hugh said, and threatened to call it all off
if Sludge-Pump didn't stay at the club for another hour. "In any case,"
he added, "you'd frighten hell out of Jenny, too, with that bloody
great weapon splitting your jeans. We've gotta handle Jenny very
carefully otherwise she might lock us all out." He knew that she found
the hairy bull-necked life-saver repulsive.

Tiger and Billy had plans of their own for Jenny, and they had bought a
couple of bottles of vodka to give to the girl they thought should be
educated to prefer men to girls, at least to get some bisexual

At the apartment Jenny and Linda were dancing naked together to music
from a record player when Hugh opened the door and staggered in with
Billy, both of them roaring with laughter and roaring drunk. Linda
clung to Jenny, suddenly afraid, squeezing their breasts so close
together Jenny gasped.

"Well, get a load of this, Billy," cried Hugh, his eyes popping. "Looks
like ladies' night at the nudist colony. Didn't know you were a dyke,
Jenny!" He patted her small tight buttocks and tried to ease his hand
below the crevice but she flung his arm away. She was annoyed that he
wasn't alone. Not that she didn't like Billy but she had been hoping
that the evening would develop into a cozy little threesome.

"Lez be friends," slurred Billy, lurching forward only to be pushed
forcefully back onto the couch by the two girls.

When Hugh returned from the kitchen he had already taken off his shirt
and was in the process of dropping his shorts. The girls were first
aware of his presence when they felt his stiff cock pushing between
their close-together thighs, Jenny reacting by putting her hand down
around his ass-cheeks and pulling him between them, meanwhile holding
Linda's mouth against hers, their tongues meeting and sliding over one
another. "Sit this one out, Billy," ordered Hugh. "You can have a tango
later." They both laughed drunkenly and Billy flopped into a chair to
watch, at the same time dropping his shorts to release his own erect

Linda was only half-conscious from the effect of the hashish which
seemed to be entering her bloodstream more quickly now, and she felt
herself lubricating juicily as Jenny kissed her passionately, and she
rubbed her thigh between the older girl's legs. When Hugh pushed his
cock between them she wanted to yell but couldn't, because she was
again being excited by the tender and knowing way Jenny was kissing
her. She didn't want the kissing to stop. Who would hear her if she
yelled? Anyway she had completely lost control of herself in this new
and wonderful experience of having Jenny's beautiful body swaying
against hers. In a way she felt that it was as though she were making
love to herself, or as if Jenny was somehow flattering her, adoring
her, paying her a great compliment when she kissed her so excitingly
and aroused such exquisite feelings in her cunt. She never wanted the
moment to pass.

"Please, Jenny," she gasped, pushing hard to keep Hugh's intruding cock
from coming between them. "Let's go to the bedroom ..."

"OK by me," chortled Hugh, grabbing them both by the waist and slowly
propelling them towards the bedroom. Jenny kicked the door shut.

"Hugh's in this one too, my pet," Jenny whispered in Linda's ear,
sliding her tongue into her ear then down her neck and back around to
her mouth. The combination of her hot breath and wet tongue in Linda's
ear had an electric effect on the inexperienced young girl. Jenny
couldn't believe this panting, hungering creature was the same one as
the prim little miss of a few hours before. She had never been so
aroused by any girl, and this one responded to her more than any of the
others had. She eased the tautness of her ass-cheek muscles as she felt
Hugh's fingers searching behind her, letting him feel around and into
her cunt. With his other hand Hugh was feeling below the soft, milky
cheeks of Linda's buttocks and she too relaxed to let him explore
lower, thinking it was Jenny's fingers. They stood like this for
awhile, slightly swaying to the rhythm of the music and Hugh keeping
time with his member rubbing between their thighs, pushing forward
until the swollen head of his cock was crushed against the two pubic
mounds. When he heard the door opening he told Billy to fuck-off and
pour some beers and vodkas, to leave them alone for a few minutes.

Linda was ready to cum when suddenly Hugh separated the two girls,
pushing Jenny down to the bed on her back. She looked at him with a
quizzical expression as he forced Linda to kneel with her moist cunt
placed over Jenny's upturned face.

"You lick her cunt while I fuck it from behind," he said, winking at
her. "I'm sure you know where it is."

There was no reply from Jenny as she put her arms around Linda's waist
and eagerly buried her face into the soft pink lips of her pussy with
its small fringe of curly blonde cuntal hairs.

Half-realizing what was happening, Linda tried to lift herself up but
Jenny's arms gripped her tightly around the waist and suddenly she felt
Hugh's weight across her back, pinning her completely. As a renewed
surge of sensuality spread through her, tightening her insides, she
pressed her pelvis forward to receive Jenny's lascivious tongue-lapping
at her clitoris.

"Ooooooooh," she moaned, momentarily forgetting that Hugh's fleshy rod
was being readied behind her. And then she felt Jenny's arms move from
around her waist and her hands pulling her ass-cheeks apart. She's
helping Hugh! God, Linda suddenly thought in a panic, they've planned
this between them. His own cousin had helped get her into this
disgusting situation! She started to scream in protest, the shock of
her realization partly clearing away the effects of the drugged
cookies. Humiliated by her helplessness, she tried to struggle out of
their grip but it was hopeless.

Hugh clamped a hand across her mouth. "Shut up you little lesbian
bitch. Or would you like to see a photo of this position, too?" he
growled at her, feeling with the head of his cock for the tight, warm
opening of her cunt. "Give us a hand, Jenny," he said, "guide the
monster into the little bitch."

"With pleasure, Hugh," Jenny laughed, holding his hot throbbing cock
with one hand and guiding it to where she parted the slippery lips of
Linda's vagina with her other hand.

"Start pushing," Jenny called, rubbing his probing rod with the juices
exuding from Linda's moist cunt. As Hugh started to slide his cock into
the opening she licked at its head, licking right along the slit and
across Linda's hard little erect clitoris. Hugh took his hand away from
Linda's mouth and caressed her breasts while his other hand pressed
into the bed to ease some of his weight from her body. He didn't want
to squash Jenny's head. What a fantastic licker you are, my cousin, he
thought. You've tamed us both! For Linda's moaning had subsided, her
face was buried into the pillow and she was already moving her buttocks
back toward Hugh's entering cock without him having to pull her back.
He was now partly in and could feel Jenny licking right along beneath
his rod, sending quivers that he could feel spreading from his anus
right through his body.

Linda's cunt was wet with want and Jenny's was puffed and streaming
with a clitoral excitement that she attended to with her own fingers
while at the same time she flicked away with her tongue at the long,
slippery cock and the juicily soft cunt. Linda turned her head sideways
on the pillow, closed her eyes and gave herself up to the complete
pleasure of feeling Jenny's beautiful mouth and tongue working away at
her while her vagina openly welcomed the intrusion being made from
behind her.

It was too much for the inexperienced fifteen year old: Hugh was
starting to slide right into her when she came, shuddering up to his
cock and down to Jenny's tongue, afraid at the same time as she was
cumming that she might hurt Jenny's wonderful mouth. Her eyes glazed
with erotic pleasure, her body shook and she thought her cunt was
afire. As the explosion within her body subsided she wanted more, more
of that same feeling

"Fuck me harder Hugh ... fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me," she begged.

"What about me, you selfish bastards?" said a voice from the doorway.
Billy stood there, his eyes popping at the scene of debauched bodies,
his large member in one hand, a can of beer in the other. Hugh was
climbing further up the large double bed to squat with his cock against
Linda's face. "Suck this," he said to Linda, grabbing two handfuls of
her hair.

"Go on, give him a little suck," Jenny urged, at the same time reaching
for Billy's pulsating rod, pulling him down to the bed. Aroused and
unsatisfied, she saw that Hugh was about to neglect her while he forced
his cock into Linda's mouth and she desperately needed something to
satisfy the agony of want she felt raging between her thighs.

Linda felt Jenny's tongue go back into her cunt, that glorious tongue
knowingly, tenderly licking again at her clitoris that now had an
insatiable, pulsating itch. Into her befuddled brain came the memory of
Tom shooting his sperm into her face, her mother swallowing as her
father moaned in orgasm. She tried pitifully to turn her head away only
to be pulled painfully back by the hair so that her lips were against
the head of his cock she had wanted in her cunt.

Not my mouth, oh not my mouth, her sane mind rebelled and her stomach
tightened as she tasted the dribbles of lubrication running from its
head, and she thought he was cumming. She struggled again but Hugh
pushed back her head and clamped his mouth on hers, parting her lips.
She gave in to his kiss, opening her mouth, inspired by Jenny's tongue
going up in sharp darts inside her vagina. Hugh felt Linda's mouth
slacken, quickly lifted his face away from hers and pushed her open
full lips down over the head of his cock, still wet from the juice of
her cunt. She tried to break away again and was held as Hugh rammed his
huge member so hard into her mouth that she thought she'd choke. She
was being too firmly held now, Jenny's arms around her waist and Hugh's
hands behind her head.

The older girl, lewdly excited by the struggling young blonde, gasped
to Billy, "Quick shove your cock into my cunt. I want you to fuck me
for all you're worth." Billy didn't need a second invitation and
guiding his wildly jerking shaft into her lust-inflamed vaginal depths
he thought: Christ I thought she was a lesbian but she really wants a
man to fuck her ... and fuck her I will.

Meanwhile Hugh was grinding his pelvis hard into Linda's face. "Suck
you bitch or I'll jam it down your throat. Suck!" Linda wondered how
Hugh could be so terrible to her. He knows doesn't he that this is a
sexual as t that gives me nightmares? It revolts me! Only whores do it.
And he called me a lesbian! she dimly recalled, groaning to herself as
hot flushes of shame colored her cheeks. She could hear the wet sucking
sound as Billy fucked away at Jenny, the sound forming a rhythm with
the licking of Jenny's tongue up the groove of her squelchily wet cunt.
Her mouth began to work automatically at sucking Hugh's cock that
curved almost too high into her mouth. She leaned forward so as to suck
more comfortably, experimenting with it along one cheek and bringing
her tongue into play.

"You're learning fast, baby. You're a natural," Hugh said, looking down
at Billy fucking into his cousin's cunt like a madman and Jenny's
breasts pressed down by the weight of Linda's bent thighs. "Suck
harder, Yankee bitch, I want to feel you really sucking." Linda
responded by placing an arm around Hugh's buttocks to control her
rhythm and felt his lust-inflated balls slapping against her chin. She
began to suck and tongue wildly at the rod filling her mouth now wet
with a mixture of saliva and what she innocently imagined to be his
cum. She vaguely thought of the Polaroid camera but gratefully
remembered she'd left it behind. The thought that at least they
couldn't increase their blackmail relaxed her further, and she grabbed
at Hugh's back, digging her nails into his flesh as she pulled her face
back sufficiently to expose his thickly engorged member and then
greedily pulled it back into her mouth, abandoning herself to it, her
tongue flickering with a life of its own, as she felt Jenny's marvelous
action inside her vagina, while Billy increased the tempo of his
strokes into the older girl's quivering cunt.

I'm going to explode! Linda thought as Jenny clamped her mouth against
her clitoris and sucked her in a tempestuous cuntal kiss. Billy's jack-
hammering rod was exciting Jenny more than she had ever thought
possible. Linda could feel Hugh's blood-swollen member beginning to
throb; she sucked harder at him, her mind blank except for her
desperate attempt to imagine Jenny in that position, that sucking kiss
against her clitoris: It was from there that the electric shudders
emanated and spread throughout every fiber of her body. She wanted
Jenny to poke deeper into her vagina-what she really wanted was a
lovely big cock to fill her cunt, to satisfy that insatiable burning
lust that was tormenting her.

But Hugh was ramming his swollen shaft down her throat: "Christ I'm
cuummmming!" he groaned. Linda wanted to say it, too, to gasp out in
the excruciating pleasure of her own orgasm as she felt his hot load of
sperm jetting into her mouth. "Swallow it down," she dimly heard him
say, and she swallowed and sucked for all she was worth until she felt
his taut body slump. She could see Billy's face contort erotically as
he came, too, convulsively pumping his sperm into Jenny's belly.

"Aaaaggghhhh, that's wonderful Billy, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,"
Jenny cried mindlessly between Linda's legs. Billy rolled off her and
Hugh, his cock still rock-hard, pulled out of Linda's mouth and climbed
on top of his cousin. They kissed frantically, with the taste of
Linda's cuntal juice around Jenny's mouth, as Hugh easily slipped his
hard cock into her. From the head of the bed Linda stared down with a
twinge of jealousy, seeing Jenny throw her elegant long legs around
Hugh, fucking back at him as he ground away deep inside her vaginal
depths with a long pent-up desire. Jenny looked down along Hugh's body,
watching his flexing buttocks rhythmically rising and falling like a
piston. This was something she had often imagined herself doing-looking
over his shoulders to watch the contraction and relaxation movements of
his ass-cheeks. The very sight of his body fucking her aroused her to
new heights.

"Aaaahhhhhh! That's it! That's wonderful, my darling Hugh," Jenny cried
as she jerked herself up in a frenzy of orgasm, their sweating naked
bodies held tightly together. Linda, curled up above their heads, felt
down to her swollen pussy and looked at Jenny's as Hugh slowly withdrew
from it with a lewd sucking sound. She wanted Hugh to fuck her too but
her humiliation at his hands made her stubbornly silent. Regretfully,
she heard the boys get up and go out to the kitchen for Cokes.

"Would you like an Aussie Coke?" Hugh asked snidely. Jenny replied for
both of them that they would. Linda certainly felt thirsty from the
musky taste of cum. One more Aussie Coke won't hurt, she thought

Chapter 8

Down at the Surf Club the beer flowed endlessly as dozens of husky
young men overdid their efforts to satisfy the Big Australian Thirst,
the national pastime that traditionally excluded women-at least in the
bars. Poker machines rattled and clinked, adding to the loud sounds of
talk, and orders for pints, "schooners" and "middies" of frothing beer.
Barmen carried huge platters of brimming glasses to tables or shoved
them across beer-wet bars to drinkers clad mostly in shorts and shirts.
In one corner a cluster of men were gloating over a color photo passed
among them by Jim Yates and Tiger Kelly, both of whom were obviously

"Bloody little beauty, eh?" Tiger was leering. "My mates and I are
thinking of hawking her fork to select members of the club."

"Succulent little bird," drooled one of the crowd.

"She was only broken in yesterday but she's mad for it." Tiger reached
for the photo and jammed it in his pocket. "That's enough," he laughed
drunkenly, "You'll wear it out staring at it."

"How do you know she's that good-have you tried her yourself?" asked

"No, we haven't had a go yet," growled Jim. "She's Hugh's pick-up. But
we'll let you all know tomorrow. Tonight's the night for us and
tomorrow it'll be on for one and all."

Tiger was staring blearily at the clock. "Hey Sludgie," he mumbled.
"Time we left. It's eleven o'clock."

Jim pulled him up close by his shirt. "Don't call me that, you hear?"
he growled softly. None of the others noticed as they continued talking
loudly of surf, sun and beer. If there was no chance of an orgy
immediately they quickly lost interest although none of them would fail
to keep in the back of his mind the fact that perhaps tomorrow or the
next day there would be a beautiful young American blonde available.
Something different, even if the body was no better, judging by the
photo, than dozens of fantastic girls who thronged the beaches on

Tiger and Jim downed another large beer "for the road" and left the
stifling room full of cigarette smoke and noise.

Arriving at Jenny's apartment, they announced themselves by pounding
with their fists on the door and when it opened, fell in, both calling
out drunkenly "Where is she?"

Jenny and Linda were in the bedroom, dressing up from the model's wide
assortment of clothes. Hugh and Billy sat naked at a table littered
with opened and unopened cans of beer. They had been discussing who
should have which girl next or whether they could work out something so
that they could somehow have them both at the same time. They were
laughing about the possibilities and strange configurations when their
noisy friends came thumping on the door.

"Take it easy fellers," Hugh said. "You'll frighten the fillies with
that great stallion weapon of yours, Sludge-Pump."

As powerful and thick-set as he was, Jim Yates respected Hugh as leader
and the best fighter of the group-as long as he didn't call him
"Sludge-Pump" in front of strangers. That made him see red.

The girls had partly opened the bedroom door but had quickly shut and
locked it when they saw the drunks appear. They were both very much
under the influence of the narcotic and vodkas although the older girl
was more conscious and aware than Linda whose mind had slipped into a
semi-conscious limbo. Nevertheless they were shaken at the sight of the
drunken louts. Jenny knew and disliked them both, finding Jim Yates
particularly repulsive while Linda's first reaction on meeting them on
the beach had been one of complete rejection.

Jenny's apprehension was justified when after a few minutes of
conversation and pouring drinks the boys in the living room started
knocking on the bedroom door, asking to be let in.

"Oh, don't let them in," begged Linda, now trembling with fright. The
changing of clothes and dressing up, the intimate touching and kissing
while they occupied themselves with dresses had been fun. She felt
apprehensive as the loud vulgar sounds of the four men penetrated into
the bedroom.

"It's all right," Hugh called out. "Everybody's dressed. We're having a
party and we've gotta have someone to dance with," he added, winking at
the others. "Put on a record, Billy."

"Hugh," Jenny called back. "Get those bastards out of here. And take
yourself and Billy with them."

"Oh, no you don't," Hugh yelled. "You can't order me and my mates about
like that ..." He was about to change his tone, to cajole his cousin,
when he was brushed aside as Tiger, Jim and Billy crashed forward,
their shoulders hitting the frail door, bursting it open.

"Aha, the ladies are dressed for a party," said Billy, admiring the
long maxi-dresses the girls were wearing. He grabbed Jenny around the
waist. "My dance baby?" he asked.

Jenny saw that there was no use arguing now. They would wreck her flat
if she and Linda didn't join in the party. The hard streak in the model
was beginning to show: Linda would have to look after herself if the
worst came to the worst. Anyway, her resistance was at a low ebb after
the pot, the drinks and sex she had enjoyed. If only that creepy
"Sludge-Pump" hadn't turned up, she moaned to herself. She let Billy
and Hugh, still naked, take herself and Linda into the living room to
dance awkwardly to the music.

As for Linda, she felt abandoned and lost. Jenny had become her
security, her friend, her trusted friend. She had anticipated staying
the night alone with Jenny. Somewhere in her thoughts Hugh was accepted
but that was all. Everything now was drastically changed. Someone
turned off all the lights except a shaded lamp in a corner. She felt
Hugh's hand behind her back unzipping her dress and felt his naked
fleshy cock pushing into her belly. Suddenly the dress was ripped from
her body. Looking back she saw the awful person they called "Sludge-
Pump" leeringly hold the torn dress in front of himself. Slowly, he
lifted the dress like a curtain going up in a theatre, lifting until
first his huge dangling testicle sac came into view, followed by what
seemed to be an endless exposure of the biggest penis she had ever seen
in her small experience. She couldn't believe that a man could have a
cock of such dimensions. As the purple, red-flanged head of the
monstrous weapon popped out from beneath the raised dress, she

"Oh, God! No!" she yelled, throwing her arms around Hugh, forgetting
that his hard horn was now pressing between her legs. He lifted her up
so that his cock was shoved right through between her legs, the head of
it showing at the bottom of her ass-cheeks.

"Don't let him touch me," she begged, burying her head into Hugh's neck
to block out the awesome sight. She looked up, seeking Jenny, and found
her in the dim light, also looking aghast at the long, thick member Jim
Yates was holding in his fist.

So that's why they call the moronic bastard "Sludge-Pump", Jenny
thought to herself. She wanted to laugh but the situation was too
serious. She could tell that they were all too drunk to control
themselves. Alone, she could handle Hugh or Billy or even that lout
Tiger, but certainly not the ugly brute with his deformed member-let
alone the whole group. Nevertheless she pushed Billy away from his
efforts to take her dress off and went up to Linda and Hugh.

"Keep that bastard away from us, Hugh, or by Christ I'll tell your
police-sergeant father what you've been doing in Sydney," she

Hugh gave her the old twinkling smile. "Sure. No trouble at all. Do
anything for you, my lovely fucktious cousin. But we're having a party,
don't forget. And would you like me to tell my Dad about you and Linda?
Or tell Linda's old man?" He knew he could threaten Jenny as much as
she could threaten him. However, he knew what a determined, man-hating
bitch his cousin could be, that she'd been drinking and taking hash,
and if she really got mad she was likely to put a chair through the
window and scream for help.

He watched her expression as she reacted to his threats.

"Tell you what," he whispered in her ear, "give us a girlie exhibition
on the couch and the boys will leave afterwards. Then you and I can
have another fuck. I want to slip it into you again, Jenny. You sure
are a raver."

"Get us a drink and keep your hairy freak out of our way," Jenny
demanded, too far gone to do anything like the wrecking acts Hugh
imagined, but she was very annoyed. She didn't like his suggestion
although she knew she would soon get in the mood to have Linda again.
Thinking of it made her look at the girl clutching her cousin, the very
sight of Linda's nude body stirring the nerves at the bottom of her
belly. Jenny pulled the young blonde girl away from Hugh and, as she
moved with her toward the couch, Jim tried to ram his thick truncheon
into Linda's ass-cheeks. The kid swag her arm back in a defensively
reflex action, catching Jim such a stinging blow across the bridge of
his nose that his eyes watered. Calling her a bloody bitch, he was
about to retaliate when Hugh and Tiger pushed him back into a chair.

"Cool it, Sludgie," ordered Hugh. "Sit down and watch the demo. And
keep your hands off the birds," he added, giving Jim a knowing wink.
The four life savers were all naked now, as they sat on chairs,
drinking from cans of beer and stroking their erect cocks. Billy had
put "Drumsville" on the record player and as Jenny walked Linda to the
couch a track of stripper music introduced just the right sound for the
exhibition. Jim settled down into his chair, rubbing his nose and
staring through bloodshot eyes at the blonde girl. He had a couple of
scores to settle with her, and with that stuck-up lesbian, too, he
growled to himself.

Jenny forced Linda to drink the heavily laced vodka and Coke Hugh
brought them. The terrified girl shivered when she glanced at the
lasciviously watching young men with their erections, all of them
unbelievably huge and that appalling one called Sludge-Pump balancing
his can of beer on the head of his weapon. She turned to gasp
whimperingly at Jenny that she must protect her. Jenny whispered that
they must go through with the exhibition act.

"Forget that they're here," she hissed. "Concentrate on me, my little
pet. Remember I love you."

"I'll do anything, anything," Linda whispered back, feeling trapped,
her tears falling on Jenny's neck.

"Get your gear off," Hugh called to Jenny, who fumbled at her back

"Help me, Linda," she asked, and Linda undid the zipper to allow Jenny
to pull the dress over her head.

As the dress fell to the floor, revealing that Jenny too was wearing
nothing else, they heard the boys cheering and making crude comparisons
about their bodies. Jenny sat on the couch and pulled the dazed Linda
onto her lap. Linda, suddenly aware of the whole disastrous situation,
hid her head in Jenny's neck shivering with an attack of nerves that
brought her out in goosebumps all over.

"Come on darling, don't be afraid," Jenny whispered breathily in her
ear, at the same time nibbling at the pink lobe and darting her tongue
in and around that sensitive zone. Gradually Linda responded. She
searched for Jenny's mouth and their lips met in a lingering kiss that
started a fire burning in both their bellies. Tongue met tongue and did
a wild dance. Their erect nipples brushed against each other bringing
them to aching hardness.

At the back of Linda's mind her lost innocence was aghast at the depths
she had fallen to, but a new part of her shamelessly urged her on,
aroused at the eroticism of exhibiting her sexuality in front of these
lewdly lusting young men.

Suddenly Jenny broke free from their abandoned kiss to suck greedily at
the coral buds of the young girl's breasts, flicking her tongue around
them teasingly until Linda's cunt was ablaze with frantic desire.

"Oh God, stick your tongue up my cunt darling. Please, please, please,"
the blonde groaned shamelessly, all inhibitions gone. Jenny, at a peak
of excitement was only too happy to comply, her saliva flowing at the
thought of the juicy cunt, sticky with anticipation. She sank to her
knees on the floor and burrowed her head hungrily between the young
girl's slim thighs, pushing them wide apart so that the audience would
get a good eyeful of the madly palpitating slit. Droolingly she tongued
at the slippery vagina, alternately thrusting her tongue into the
burning hole and then sucking at the twitching clitoris.

Linda thought her brain would explode. So this is what they mean by
"blowing your mind", she thought as she frantically pushed her pubic
mound up to meet Jenny's unendurably exciting tongue. Suddenly her head
snapped back and her eyes rolled back in their sockets-it felt as
though thousands of light bulbs were popping inside her head. From a
long way off she heard herself gasping and groaning. Her body was
wracked by convulsive spasms, which seemed to last an eternity. She
felt as though she had passed out for a few seconds. As her tingling
cunt continued to throb she kept Jenny's head pressed hard between her
legs until the raging torrent of sweetness should die down, trying to
prolong it as long as possible.

By now Jenny was half-mad with desire to gratify the imperious demands
of her own cunt, and she pushed Linda lengthways along the couch,
climbing on top of her in the soixante-neuf position. Linda suddenly
found Jenny's dripping cunt pressed hard against her mouth and she
automatically licked and sucked for all she was worth like a madwoman,
the musky smell filling her nostrils and inflaming her to new heights.

Through the haze of pot and sensuality she heard the coarse voice of
Jim Yates groan: "Christ I'm almost cumming. It's time those two sluts
got a cuntful of cock." He lurched forward, eyes glazed with lust,
rubbing his clenched fist up and down his thick truncheon. But he was
too far gone and suddenly with a long drawn out groan he shot his sperm
in spurt after spurt all over Jenny's pumping buttocks.

Linda's fingers, pressing tightly into the soft flesh of Jenny's ass-
cheeks, felt the hot sticky fluid covering the tightly flexed buttocks.
The excited young blonde rubbed it over the silken flesh, enjoying the
slippery texture. She suddenly felt as though she were choking. Jim had
collapsed on top of the two girls wallowing in the sweat and
slipperiness of his sperm, pressing his still erect member between the
cleft of Jenny's deliciously rounded buttocks.

Hugh and Billy swiftly grabbed the huge life saver to keep the two
girls from being suffocated. Swinging wildly, the thick-set Jim knocked
Hugh down with a punch to the neck. Dazed, it was a second or two
before Hugh could stagger to his feet, cursing. Jim also pushed the
others away and lay back spread-eagled on Jenny's back while both girls
were yelling as best they could for help.

In this kind of situation loyalties were partly forgotten. Hugh knew
that Billy would stick with him: he'd already had his go at Jenny,
satisfying an old ambition. And Tiger was Jim's mate, closer to him
than to Hugh or Billy. Obviously he had to get that big bastard
"Sludge-Pump" and get him fast; then Tiger would be on his own.

Hugh leaped over to the couch and swung his fist hard against the side
of Jim's face, catching him partly on the temple. The powerful brute
collapsed where he was, lying on Jenny, his colossal rod extending
under her ass-cheeks and jammed high up between their bellies.
Frustrated by not getting to the girls first, Tiger had stood back to
see the outcome of the fight and was preparing to knock Billy out of
any free-for-all. Now he stood there while Hugh and Billy dragged the
unconscious Sludge-Pump, his cock limp but still huge, across the
floor. The large member with its huge purple head was bigger than any
of theirs; they couldn't even compare their own with an erection
against Sludgie's when it was slack. All their cocks were beginning to
droop as a result of the tension.

"The bloody big moron would go and ruin everything," moaned Billy,
looking down at his weapon as he moved to sit with the girls. They were
sitting up, Linda's arms around Jenny and both of them anxiously
looking at the prostrate form of Jim Yates lying flat on his back with
that horse's cock hanging limply over his thigh.

"Well, what are you going to do now?" queried Billy.

"Tie up the bastard," Hugh said, going to the kitchen to get some rope.
"Get some more beer and mix a couple of strong vodkas for the birds,
Billy. That'll keep you busy," he ordered.

As soon as Hugh left the room Tiger suddenly pushed Linda's arms away
from her tight hold around Jenny, picked the model up and carried her,
kicking and flailing her arms to the bedroom. She was struggling
violently with him on the bed when Billy brought in a beer and vodka.

"Shut the door when you go out, Billy," he yelled pushing Jenny back
onto the bed and holding her shoulders down while he kneed her legs

Outside the door Billy was faced with a scratching, clawing Linda, her
long hair flying about her face as she tried to push past to wrench
open the door.

"Let me in, let me in," she screamed deliriously.

Billy ducked and dodged the savagely clawing girl until he grabbed her
around the waist, took a handful of hair, pulling her head back so that
he could clamp his mouth hard down on one of her heaving young breasts.
His cock shot up into a rock hard, curving rod; his hand went between
her ass-cheeks where he was just getting a finger into her wet crevice
when he felt Hugh's arm go around his neck. He was forced to release
the girl who rushed to the bedroom door calling out for Jenny.
Temporarily she was strengthened by the adrenaline flowing into her
system, and the haze of hashish and alcohol momentarily cleared. If I
don't resist these mad animals there's no hope for me. I'll die, she
thought bitterly, rather than give in and be at the mercy of these
dreadful beach bums. Her sudden move to the door had caught both Hugh
and Billy by surprise and she had the door open before they joined
forces and grabbed her.

Before being dragged away from the bedroom she was horrified at the
sight that met her eyes. Her wonderful Jenny had her long legs wrapped
tightly around the savagely pumping Tiger who was kissing her and
licking her unresisting body from top to toe. Trembling in abject
terror and desolation at being deserted by her love, her sudden burst
of strength expended, Linda allowed herself to be dragged back to the
couch after the bedroom door was slammed in her face.

Flung onto the couch, she heard Hugh saying, "Don't let the bitch get
up while I finish tying old Sludgie's wrists together." Billy placed
his foot in the small of her back, pressing her down while Hugh
completed the tying.

"That'll hold the horny lunatic," Hugh laughed, satisfied now that
everything was under control.

Taking a long swig from a can of beer, Billy was also amused at the
sight of the powerful surfer lying helpless as a baby on the floor, his
wrists tied securely.

"I want to feel her cunt," Billy said, bending down and rubbing his
hand over the cheeks of Linda's vulnerable buttocks. He felt her shiver
at his touch. "She's a jumpy bitch all right," he said, pushing harder
with his foot against the terrified girl's back.

"Go on, have a feel," Hugh said generously, enjoying the scene. He
didn't see Linda as a tortured, suffering and pathetic girl of fifteen,
but as a stuck-up little bitch who should be taught a lesson. She's
asked for it, he said to himself, and by God she's going to get it. The
sight of her writhing and fucking against his cousin had brought him to
a state where he desired savagely to have her want him as badly as she
wanted the girl. Jesus, he thought, it'll take two of us at least to
give her all the cock she wants.

Lying flat on her stomach, Linda jerked forward from the sudden clutch
of Billy's hand going deep into the cleft of her ass-cheeks and rubbing
clammily into the wetness of her pussy. Her yell of protest was cut off
when her head was shoved viciously face down into the couch. Oh my God,
they'll kill me if I move, she thought. There's no escape. She tried to
wriggle her buttocks away from the pushing hand salaciously rubbing
from her anus down to the entrance of her vagina, attempting with all
her remaining strength to evade the fiercely digging fingers seeking
her cuntal entrance. She felt him find the wet, silky smooth opening
and ram his finger hard forward, cruelly violating her vaginal passage.
Not content with grinding one finger in the tender recesses of her
delicate cunt he brutally shoved two, then three fingers and finally
his whole hand up her sorely stretched passage.

"Oooooohhhh," she screamed wildly, lifting her shoulders to swing
weakly with her arm back at the burly leg pushing into her back. Again
her head was shoved down. She couldn't bear it, she just couldn't, it
was inhuman. The muscles of her cunt tried to eject that cruelly
invading hand but that only excited the brute more. Her gorge rose and
she felt sick to her stomach.

Hugh drained a can of beer, moved over to the couch and kneeled behind
her, watching the poor writhing pinioned girl.

"OK, you've had your feel, Billy," he said, pulling the hand away from
her wet slit. "Sit down and hold her head while I give it to her from

Billy sat at the far end of the large couch, lifting the crying girl's
tear-stained face to confront his throbbing member. He thrust it into
her sobbing mouth, delighted with the spectacle of its hugeness making
Linda's cheeks bulge lewdly. In desperation she knew she'd have to suck
him off if she were ever to get out of this intolerable torment. She
sucked back and forth like an automaton, her eyes glazed in her semi-

"You love it, you little whore, don't you?" Billy sneered. "Come on
Hugh, she wants to be filled at both ends; ram the old avenger home."

Linda could only manage a token resistance, piteously trying to keep
her legs together as Hugh grabbed her by the waist to lift her buttocks
into the air. She felt his groping hands move down to her sorely
ravaged pussy, felt his fingers parting the almost hairless lips to
guide the large head of his cock into her inflamed cunt, her body
protesting in jerky spasms. She felt the blood-filled head of his hot
cock move in, expanding her vagina as it moved, then she screeched as
Hugh savagely rammed far into her belly so quickly and roughly that her
tender vaginal passage burned as though a red-hot poker had been thrust
up her.

"Please, please no more, I can't stand any more," she withdrew her
mouth from Billy's wetly glistening member to plead. Billy grabbed her
head on both sides and thrust it back at the wildly jumping head of his
cock, shoving her head back and forth energetically while Hugh's shaft
seared into her cunt in the same rhythm. There was to be no mercy for
her. She felt like a tribal sacrifice in some primitive native ritual.
She was no longer a person, she was just a juicy, wet hole to be fucked
and fucked and fucked. If only I could pass out, she thought. If only I
could die!

Hugh reached over to the coffee table beside the couch and picked up a
glass of straight vodka. "Here make the little fucker drink this," he
said, handing it to Billy.

They were both surprised when Linda drank greedily, spilling much of it
down her chin in her anxiety to find oblivion. They won't want me
unconscious, she thought, and even if they do, I won't feel anything.
But already she was half-conscious of the reaction of her vagina and
clitoris to the squelchily thrusting and withdrawing cock that was
making her belly quiver. She could feel the sex fire building up
against her will: her buttocks were beginning to grind back into Hugh's
pelvis despite the pain she felt from the way he had mercilessly
entered her.

He had never sunk his cock so deeply into her before ... she could feel
it right into her womb ... it must be because of this new position.

Oh God! She was fucking like a bitch in heat. But she couldn't stop it,
she couldn't quench this perversely satisfying desire spreading
throughout her body. Her warmly wet cuntal muscles tightened
convulsively around Hugh's cock driving in and out faster now, like a
piston, exquisitely exciting every tissue, despite the pain -or perhaps
increased by it-every nerve in that feverish cunt of hers, the cunt
that somehow was more important to her after those "fun and games" with

"Fuck me, fuck me," she muttered mindlessly, backing up to Hugh's
thrusts, "Oh fuck me, Hugh." Neither of the young surfers could
understand what she was saying, since her mouth was almost filled with
Billy's hammering cock, but they could tell by the excitedly pleading
tone of her voice that she was no longer fighting them. And her actions
betrayed her awakening hunger, also. Pushing herself up on her hands to
enable her body to respond all the more easily in this strange and
erotic position, she welcomed the insanely kneading fingers of both
Hugh and Billy digging into her firmly hanging breasts. She could feel
Hugh's lust-bloated balls slapping against her anus as his rasping rod
moved in and out of her swollen vaginal lips.

"I don't know what she was cryin' about," panted Billy, ramming his
cock deep into her throat. "She fucks like she's done nothin' else
since she was ten."

A wave of disgust for these sweating animals who thought they could use
her body as an object, as though she had no personality at all, swept
over her and she tried to swerve her face away from Billy's jabbing

"I think we might have to revive "Sludge-Pump" and untie him," Billy
said leeringly. "Might teach this young 'un to behave."

"No, oh no," Linda moaned. "I'll do anything." The thought of Jim's
abnormal member had an immediate effect of frightening her despite the
demands of her body to fuck harder and longer with Hugh.

"Come on, you hot bitch," Billy yelled and lifted her face to receive
his mouth clammily against her lips. Her body was rocking back and
forth, she surrendered her mouth to his, letting his tongue probe in.
As soon as he felt her mouth slacken he pulled away. "OK get your mouth
back around my cock, and suck as though you really mean it," he

Without a murmur she bowed her head in a cave of long blonde hair,
closing her eyes as her mouth slowly filled with the head of Billy's
throbbing cock. His fist was still around it, rubbing so that droplets
of his lubricating juices dribbled in little bursts into her mouth. The
last departing defensive thoughts left her mind empty except for the
message of sex coming from all over her body, from her buttocks brushed
by Hugh's hairy belly, the sheer thrilling excitement in her cunt, the
feel of Hugh's chest across her back, the massaging of her breasts and
the throbbing lust of the wet cock in her mouth.

The climactic feeling she had experienced with Jenny was building up
again in her brain like a bubble about to burst. The early tightness
she felt disappeared as her cunt opened in welcome, as the juices
flowed and the nerves sent thrilling messages of satisfaction to her
sex-obsessed mind. Somehow she associated the cock in her mouth with
the cock in her cunt: the sucking and fucking were a completeness.

There was no doubt that the unfortunate girl was not only drugged with
narcotic and alcohol, she was reduced to animal abandonment by the drug
of over-sexed lust. The more her clitoris palpitatingly welcomed the
mindlessly grinding shaft of hotly hard flesh, the more her belly
stirred, engendering a lustful heat in her breasts, her mouth, in every
cell of her body.

She moved her weight from her hands by leaning a shoulder into Billy:
she wanted to hold his cock, to push his pumping hand away so she could
squeeze and massage it herself while she sucked above at its head.
Billy was happy to let her take over the whole works, lying back with
his head at the rear of the couch, smiling lewdly as he looked down on
that blonde heap of hair covering his cock and balls. Jesus, what a
mover! What a goddamned fuck-hot bitch she is! Her fingers were wetly
slithering up and down, up and down, tightly gripped around his hard
cock, while her head bobbed up and down to keep the head of his monster
moving in and out of her mouth. What a beauty! What a mad, raving
drunken Yankee bitch she is. He'd get fifty dollars a time for her from
his pals at the Surf Club, if Hugh would agree to the deal. His
degenerate mind worked at this new opportunity to earn easy money.
Christ! We could make a couple of hundred dollars a day easily with
this luscious blonde angel. Some of those horny bastards at the Club
would pay plenty to have a go at a girl of fifteen, for the first time
in their lives ... I know some rich old jokers in Brisbane who'd pay a
thousand for her! No use thinking of that, he mused, reaching out to
grip the bobbing blonde head; once she leaves this joint a man would be
a mug to be seen within a mile of her! One squeak from her and we'd all
be in the clink.

The orgasm-crazed girl abandoned herself completely to the slowly
mounting explosion within her. She wanted the feeling to linger
forever, at the same time wanting it to accelerate, to blow herself
apart into a gaseous cloud of pulsating fuck that would float forever
in a heavenly sky. Weird colors and shapes formed in her head. She
dripped with sweat, Hugh's hands slid across her dancing breasts, she
droolingly sucked harder and faster, and ground her buttocks in a
circular motion against that virile cock ramming regularly and so
deeply within her, her expanded cunt hungrily contracting, sucking and
wanting more and more of it. And Hugh responded, rising up on his knees
to hold her small young waist in a tight grip and to frenziedly ram in
long, swiftly deep strokes, his cum-filled cock, its glans irritated so
much his body shook with a maniacal effort to satisfy the eager cunt
thirstily sucking for more.

He was so engrossed in his attempt to devastatingly ravish the gorgeous
creature writhing beneath him, he didn't notice the movement in a far
corner of the room where "Sludge-Pump" Yates was coming out of his
coma. Billy saw him dazedly sitting up to stare around the room, fixing
his eyes on the debauch on the couch then looking down at his
carelessly bound wrists. He had not been properly tied up: it was only
a temporary measure to keep him quiet. He looked about for the other
girl. Where was she? He looked behind him and saw the bedroom door
closed and heard the grunting and moaning emanating from inside. Billy
smiled at him, indicating with a silent movement of his head that it
might be a great idea if he forgot about the young blonde for awhile
and concentrated on helping Tiger. He watched with amazement as Jim's
huge member stiffened even as he shook off the cords around his wrists.
Jesus! he chortled to himself, wait till that lesbian bitch gets a
cuntful of that! He was right on the verge of cumming himself,
stretching his body back to raise his cock farther up to that wildly
bobbing head of massed blonde hair.

But he was disappointed. She was doing her own thing, exploding in a
loud drawn-out moan, cumming with Hugh whose eyes were glazing over as
he went into a mighty orgasm.

"Fuck harder, fuck harder ... harder," Linda groaned, lifting her face
forcibly from Billy's cock. "Quicker, quicker, please. Oh please FUCK
ME QUICKER," she begged. She was exploding into orgasm after orgasm,
spasm after spasm was shaking her sex-wracked body. She thought it
would never end, this frantic convulsion bringing every muscle in her
body into action, tightening and contracting so that she bent double,
resisting Billy's efforts to pull her head back to his wetly
unsatisfied cock. She reached behind her to pull Hugh's thighs tighter
towards her as she felt his hot sperm shooting deep inside her, pumping
and jetting from his quivering shaft. She heard his animal yell of
triumph as the hot cum squirted in bursts from his loins, filling her
belly and mixing with her own sticky cuntal fluid. Her cunt was
overflowing; she could feel a hot wetness oozing out and running in
tiny rivulets down the soft inside of her shaking thighs to her knees.

Hugh collapsed over her slim young back, and Billy was trying to finish
himself off when they were startled by a loud scream issuing from the
bedroom. Hugh leaped up, his slackening cock still dribbling its cum,
looking at the empty corner where "Sludge-Pump" had lain unconscious.
The bastard's got Jenny, he realized. He was planning on fucking her
next. He didn't want his cousin split asunder until he'd had another go
at her, although no one could be as great a sex maniac as that
succulent little blonde panting on the couch. Christ, what a fuck!

He pushed open the bedroom door to stare down in disbelief at the
spectacle on the bed. Jenny wasn't screaming now: she was moaning with
want. Tiger was relaxing on a chair by the window, drinking from a cold
can of beer and also staring with admiration at the wondrous spectacle
of Sludge-Pump's mighty equipment forced into the entrance of Jenny's
tightly stretched cunt. How she managed to take it was quite beyond
belief. Hugh didn't realize that she had been brought to near orgasm by
Tiger but hadn't actually cum although her cunt had begun to palpitate
with hot desire. He could see for himself, however, that she was ripe
enough to accept that thick corner-post wobbling into her: the view
from behind showed her inflamed genitalia in clear detail, especially
as Sludgie had lifted her buttocks high in the air and bent her legs so
far back her knees were pressing into her voluptuous breasts.

Well, perhaps that's torn it, he said to himself. Too late to stop him
now ... let him fuck the daylights out of her!

Walking away towards the kitchen to get another can of beer out of the
refrigerator, he saw his little Linda giving herself wholeheartedly to

"Give her one for me," he said with drunken vulgarity. Billy had turned
her around onto the flat of her back so that they were fucking belly to
belly. Billy's cock was man-sized, and to Linda there seemed to be no
difference between the one she had now and the one that a little while
ago was at her from behind. She hardly recognized Billy's face or his
mouth which she was savagely kissing, her own mouth opening wide to
accept his tongue in her cheeks.

Hugh got his beer, lit a cigarette and went back to the bedroom to
watch the flange-headed weapon work on his cousin.

"Oooooooooohhhh, darling, darling, this is better, much much better,"
the model was moaning in ecstasy. Jim's great cock was in as far as it
could go, the blood-filled head hard up against her cervix.

"Don't split her you bastard," Tiger called out laughingly, envious
that his buddy may be stimulating her far more than his own efforts had

"Yeah," agreed Hugh, "I want another go at that hot cunt of hers."

Sludge-Pump Yates was deaf to them. In any case he knew there was a
limit to what any girl could take of his great member. He reveled in
her reaction, her groans of pleasure and the wet clasping of her cunt
flesh as it closed on him so tight and slippery. He was thankful that
Tiger had got her so nicely prepared.

This was only the third man Jenny had allowed in her for a long, long
time. It had taken the exciting desire for Linda and Hugh to break down
her reserve. She felt her body coming to life in a new way, the pain of
Jim's first intrusion slowly giving way to a maddening fire of want
that began deep within her womb, spreading relentlessly through the raw
nerve ends of every inch of her beautifully elegant body. She felt the
tingling ripple through her cunt to her rectum, her clitoris was aflame
where the nerves danced like fire, a white heat raged across her
stomach, her breasts were hot and swollen, and she could feel the
tingling rush from the lips of her vagina up her thighs and calves to
the tips of her toes.

Rotating her hips from side to side around the fleshy impaling rod, her
vagina dilated in time to its rhythmic shoving. God it's a monster! It
could have been Linda's head inside her cunt and Linda's lips licking
the pink walls of her vagina, she fantasized in her hashish-induced

"Aaaaaahhhh," she yelled as he pushed too hard. "Jesus don't split me,"
she begged.

Jim eased back a little and stopped. He didn't mind hurting her a
little, but he didn't want to go too far, to injure her seriously.

"Oh, don't stop. Fuck me, keep fucking me even if you hurt me."

That was what he wanted. He liked the bitch to beg for it and grunted
his pleasure as he began screwing up against her clasping cuntal lips
as much as he could get into her without frightening her again. He
watched her turning her head slowly from side to side in tormented
ecstasy, and he saw her hypnotized stare at the erect members of Tiger
and Hugh sitting on chairs on either side of the bed. The dilated lips
between her hair-lined livid slit pulled tantalizingly back, sliding
wetly down his thick rod for several inches and then slowly, juicily
coming back for more: she was testing it herself, to see how much she
could take. Jim held her short-cropped head in his hammy hands to press
his ugly face close to hers, to push his lips down on her lovely mouth.
He could taste cunt there, Linda's young cuntal smell. Jenny responded
to him, kissing back, biting his lips, tonguing into his cheeks,
lasciviously sucking at his tongue as though it were another cock,
biting and tonguing at his mouth as if she had been waiting all her
life to give herself to him completely. He had no compassion for her as
his lust increased, his arms pinning her legs back in that helpless
position so that no part of her body could inhibit his complete control
of her gaping cunt. Withdrawing the deeply imbedded instrument, probing
back again, he kept his movement timed with hers, feeling the heat of
her cunt and the rush of moisture indicating her coming orgasm.

She bucked against him wildly and then with a deep throated groan her
body began vibrating uncontrollably.

"Oh Jesus Christ, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Oh you wonderful bloody
cock. Aaaaaaaagh!" Jenny spluttered.

Wet, sticky juice flooded from her throbbing vagina out past his
inflamed, fleshy red cock, the warm fluid trickling down over her brown
puckered anus that was also vibrating with the surge of her orgasm.

Her cumming drove Jim to wild, careless rapture. He forgot about the
dangerous length of his mighty organ and rammed it forward with all his
pent-up lust and bitterness. He had waited a long time to ravish this
precious lesbian. He had given her a fucking great orgasm; now she
would give him his. He rammed the full throbbing length hard in,
sinking it cruelly in to her helplessly exposed vagina, far into her
womb, while she was still jerking spasmodically from the effects of her
orgasm. He jammed so hard, in his renewed attack, his hairy pelvis met
hers for the first time. She bucked in pain and shock this time.
Thankfully, the narcotic and vodka gave her some protection against
much of the pain, and her own cumming had relaxed her sufficiently to
take a little more of that fantastic member that felt like a wrestler's
arm inside her. He pulled back and rammed again, his hugely bloated
balls slapping wetly against her anus. His wet mouth locked over hers
stifled the moans of protest. She received no help from Tiger who was
too absorbed in rubbing his own cock with his fist; nor from Hugh
sitting boggle-eyed at the exhibition. No one bothered to look through
the open door at Billy grinding away at Linda for all his worth, her
legs locked over his body, her buttocks plunging up to meet his every

Jim was giving Jenny long strokes continuously now, filling her wet and
slippery passage, withdrawing slowly until the great flange-head met
the vagina lips, then with his buttocks tightened, thrusting forward in
a quick movement that brought his balls slapping against her anal
crack. Thrust after thrust he felt the wonderful tightness of the
little-used cunt. In Brisbane he usually satisfied his lust with big-
cunted aboriginal whores. This lesbian was as tight as a virgin-and she
was taking all of him ... though he was forced to ram with all his
strength to get his pulsating rod into her. Her arms were snaking round
his back, her long nails digging into his flesh. Instead of shrinking
away from his outsize shaft, she was starting to grind forward to it,
wanting it again. She let him rub his unshaved face over hers as he
slobbered his saliva into her mouth.

The sound of his grunts and her stifled moans was now joined by a high-
pitched moaning coming from Linda in the sitting room. Jim grunted
louder and shoved his tongue down Jenny's throat as in one mighty push
he rammed his exploding cock all the way into her soft unresisting
cunt. She could feel her insides painfully tearing as the large head of
the deeply sunk weapon inflated like a balloon against her cervix,
threatening to tear her womb apart. She felt the first great spurt of
hot cum shooting searingly into the inflamed walls, burning painfully
yet somehow soothingly, too. The muscles of her cunt clasped around the
jerking, spewing cock, sucking at it as if to milk out every last drop
his testicles could provide. The cavern of her pink quivering passage
was drowned in the flood of his fiery liquid.

Sludge-Pump finally stopped grunting like a satiated pig, his heavy
body collapsing over hers. Gratefully, she freed her lovely long legs
and eased them down, resting her heels between the cheeks of his
relaxed buttocks. The burning walls of her cunt, protected from the
ordeal by both their fornicating juices, had no restraining effect in
her desire which was also increasing as she heard Linda's pleasurable
moans of non-stop orgasms and Billy's wild yell as he shot his bolt
hard up her insatiable cunt. Christ I feel thirsty, Jenny thought. It's
that bloody pot that makes you thirsty. She had no intention of moving
to get a drink, however, while that lovely slackening heap of flesh
remained in her. It actually felt even better now, certainly less
painful, as it lay limp but still huge inside her. She was pleased his
stupid head was turned away from her face so she wouldn't have to look
at his ugly mug. She listened to Linda and smiled at the incredible
transformation from a nymphet to a nympho.

Sludge-Pump slowly withdrew his glistening rod from her livid cunt,
bringing with it an amazing quantity of their mixed sticky-white
juices. The black hairs that wound round her cunt and covered her pubic
mound were soaking wet with sweat and the juices of their sex. Beneath
cock and cunt, the spread over the mattress was soaked through. The
great bull-necked beast rolled off her, muttering that he wanted a
beer. He was satisfied up to a point: he hadn't hurt the lesbian bitch
enough. I tried to split her apart and she loved it! Fuck her! Jim
thought bitterly.

Jenny's cuntal itch was still aggravatingly teasing her. When Hugh and
Tiger went out in search of beer she got up, shut the door, threw the
spread off the bed and lay back on the clean white sheets. She had to
cum again, she simply had to or she'd go mad.

While one hand dreamily played with her breasts and nipples, the other
tenderly felt over the lips of her swollen vagina, her middle finger
touching her sensitive twitching clitoris, erect and pulsating with
electric nerve ends. With a contented moan she rolled over onto her
stomach, her legs flexed apart, her finger skillfully massaging the
pulsating center of her sexual delight. She had just been fucked by
three men and this new experience had aroused an unquenchable sexuality
in her. Pressing her knees into the bed she raised her buttocks
slightly so that she could manipulate her clitoris more easily with two
fingers. She heard the door open and the slurping of beer as four pairs
of eyes peered at her private performance. She didn't see the four
naked cocks pointing towards her: she was too absorbed with the
glorious feeling of darting pleasure coursing through her. She came
quickly to a climax, hanging back deliciously as she momentarily
teetered on the edge of release, then rubbing vigorously to bring the
white hot juices streaming yet again through her scarlet slit.

Billy got to her first, and he shoved his tongue hard into that
inviting crevice, sucking at her juices as she moaned deliriously in
the throes of orgasm. Before she was completely finished he threw
himself over her lovely long olive-skinned back and jammed his stiff
cock into her warm, pulsating cunt. The others laughed drunkenly when
she rolled swiftly over, throwing Billy onto the floor. He was about to
give her a backhander when Hugh stopped him,

"Careful mate. Let the bitches have a rest. Time we got stuck into a
few frosty cans of beer," he said. Linda was staggering across the
living room, mumbling that she wanted to go to the bathroom. He steered
her towards it and ushered his buddies into the living room.

He mixed two large vodkas and Coke, took them to Jenny, setting them on
the bedside table, then settled down to a bout of steady drinking. When
Linda staggered back from the bathroom they stopped talking to watch
the luscious blonde nymphet go into Jenny's room, shutting the door
behind her. They heard the creak of the bed as she sank exhaustedly
down beside the lesbian, their arms entwined around each other, their
bruised lips gently touching.

Chapter 9

What the boys were talking about would have shocked Jenny and terrified
Linda. At first they joked about having to tie up Sludge-Pump and what
great fucks the girls were, what tight cunts they had, and what sluts
they were when the two were together. They supposed they had their
tongues stuck up each other's cunts right now.

"As long as they're keeping their pussies nice and juicy I don't care a
bugger what they do," drooled Billy. "I'm gonna have that little blonde
again by Christ," he added. "She's the horniest bird I've ever known.
She never stopped cummin' ... guess I brought her on." He looked at the
others with a smug grin on his face.

"Me next with the blonde," said Tiger defiantly.

A cunning leer spread over the heavy unshaven face of Sludge-Pump.
"Yeah," he said. "You and me haven't had her yet. It's our turn next.
Hugh can fuck his cousin and Billy can have her mouth. I reckon that's

"There's plenty for everybody. Don't rush. You can all have them as
often as you like." Hugh leaned forward menacingly towards Jim Yates.
"But next time, I'm havin' the blonde again before she's split open for

"That's four of us wants Miss Lolita," Billy said. "Looks like we
should toss for her."

"Anyway," said Tiger, "four into two don't go. Or does it?"

"Why not?" laughed Hugh. "Each one of them's got three fuck holes and
we've only got one tool each. That makes it four into six!"

Roaring with laughter they opened more cans while one of them put on
another record. Then they got down to business.

"We can make a bundle out of the Yankee bird," announced Hugh.

"And out of Jenny, too," suggested Tiger, looking at the others to
support him. Hugh shook his head, so they shook their heads. No hawking
his cousin. Besides, Hugh informed them, she had to go to Melbourne
tomorrow to have her picture taken for a women's magazine.

"That's why we can do business in this flat. Linda's parents think
she's in Brisbane, the club's full of horny bastards like us and
nobody'll be any wiser. Not that there ain't plenty of birds about
beggin' for it and givin' it away ..." He stopped talking to listen; he
thought he could hear a strange buzzing sound coming from the bedroom.
Must be me ears, he said to himself.

"Yeah," Tiger broke in. "There's plenty of bitches about but Jesus a
lot of blokes like to have it readily available, close to the beach,
like. An' how many of them have had a terrific Yankee doll of fifteen?"

"Everybody likes a change," laughed Billy. "I reckon you could get up
to fifty dollars a time for her if you had the patience to wait."

"We don't have the time. She'll only be in Sydney for another week or
so, and we'll have to get her back safe and sound a couple of days at
least before she has to go back to the States. We've got to play this
safe. I don't want to get Jenny into any strife over her, and I'm
bloody sure I don't want the cops sniffing around." Hugh was just as
greedy for dollars as the others. They were all short of money because
what they earned went to the breweries as soon as they were paid.
Making it this easy way with free fucks on the side was something each
one of them had always dreamed about.

"Sounds like a workin' holiday," said Tiger, cocking an ear towards the
door. "That's funny. I thought I heard somethin' buzzin' in there." He
looked quizzically at the others. "Any of you hear it?"

"Yeah, I did," said Billy.

"Me too," said Hugh. "I'll just take a look at the beautiful bodies and
see what's goin' on." The music drowned the sound of the door opening
but not the sound of buzzing, louder now that the door was open. Hugh
closed the door softly, a lewd smirk on his face.

"Jesus! Do you know what me cousin's doin'?" he gasped, choking to stop
himself from laughing out loud. "She's got one of them vibrator things
shaped like a cock and she's got it buzzin' up the Princess's cunt. And
she's lovin' it. Jesus, I ain't never seen anythin' like it! Jenny's
fuckin' her with a plastic cock!"

They were drunk enough to laugh at anything and this news had them
rolling about the floor.

"Right-o, calm down you mad bastards." Hugh whispered hoarsely. "Play
another record Billy to stop them hearin' us. Before we get too stoned,
let's fix the price. And no fuckin' cheatin' any of you. I say twenty
dollars a fuck. And seein' how she's my find and it's in my apartment
and I take the biggest risk, I take ten dollars and you split the rest
between you. Any argument?" he asked, leaning back and cooling his cock
on the side of the cold can of beer in his hands.

"No argument, mate," Tiger said, answering for the others. "But if we
get more than twenty dollars we three split the extra. OK?"

"Fair enough," Hugh admitted. "All I want is ten bucks a fuck."

They lifted cans of beer and toasted the deal. The others wanted to
open the door to look lasciviously at the plastic vibrator that
inspired such sounds of moaning from the bedroom, but they were easily
persuaded by Hugh to stick to the beer for awhile. They all needed a
rest, he said. "Something to eat, too." said Billy.

"There's some brownies left in the kitchen. We'll eat them, the hash
might give us a little boost," Hugh said, noticing that Tiger was
beginning to doze-off in his chair.

"Hey, Tiger," he called. "We're flippin' a coin to see who gets up who
next." He first of all tossed for partners and he got Sludge-Pump
Yates, leaving Billy and Tiger in partnership. The next toss was for
the blonde. "Heads or tails?" he called; Billy called, "Tails," and the
coin fell down showing the head.

"She's ours," gloated Sludge-Pump. "We've won the little blonde."

"Right," said Hugh. "She will be surprised. So will Jenny when she
finds she gets Tiger again and Billy as a bonus. Don't knock her about,
you two. Remember she's flying down to Melbourne tomorrow on a modeling

"What we do won't show. Front or back. When do we start? I think my
partner's liable to cave in unless we get cracking soon." Billy could
see Tiger's eyes dropping with sleep and the effects of drinking
countless beers at the club.

"Another round of beers first. Give the Princess time to get to work on
Jenny with the vibrator. Put on another record, Billy, something with a
good beat to it." He got up himself to stack the refrigerator with more
cans of beer and bring cold ones back to the living room. Although it
was about four in the morning, the heat was stifling. There were few
traffic sounds in the street. Occasional dull rolls of thunder
announced a coming storm, a "southerly buster" that often blew up along
the coast in summer. The breakers were thumping down louder, their
sound stronger now the traffic was quieter.

They ate the remaining brownies but the baked hash inside them had
little effect on Billy who fell asleep with a cigarette burning a hole
in his armchair. Hugh poured beer on the cigarette and the burned hole,
then he went to the couch to stretch out. Jim and Tiger hoped he would
pass out as well so they could have the two girls to themselves.

The more Tiger thought of this in his drunkenly cunning mind, the more
he liked the idea. After awhile, on the pretext of going to the
bathroom, he ambled towards the bedroom door and just as he was about
to pass it he pushed it open, went inside, slammed the door and locked
it. The two girls yelled with surprise and covered their faces to
protect themselves from Tiger's mad leap into the bed between them,
knocking the little phallic vibrator to the floor. He wanted the blonde
and in his efforts to concentrate on pushing her legs apart Jenny was
quickly able to break from his grip and unlock the door.

There was enough noise to wake the dead, but not Billy. Jim was first
in when the door was unlocked, his thickly muscled arm going around
Linda's waist to drag her forcibly from Tiger's drunken clutches. Jim
found the girl less trouble than he expected: She appeared dazed,
though she was still able to manage to call in a pathetically weak
voice for Jenny and Hugh to help her.

Partly sobered by the commotion, Hugh saw that a fight was brewing, an
all-out brawl that might have the neighbors calling the cops. The four
had tossed fair and square for the next fuck. Billy was passed out in
his chair, gone for the night, Tiger had his luck of the toss in the
bedroom, and Sludgie and himself had theirs. He allowed him to hold
onto the squirming nymphet while he reached into the bedroom to take
the door key.

"Goodnight Tiger. Goodnight Jenny. We'll leave you two love birds alone
until breakfast time," he said, pulling the door shut and locking it
before his cousin could prevent him. Hugh stood listening through the
door and heard her shout at him what a low creature he was, and she
said to Tiger, "I'm too bloody weak to resist."

Turning to Jim to ask him to carry the girl to the couch, he was
startled to see his partner's hand gripped tightly over the struggling
girl's mouth as he bent behind her, trying to stuff his great pole
between her quivering ass-cheeks.

"Do ya want another fist in ya face, ya great baboon?" he demanded,
dragging Linda away from him. "Don't ya know how to treat a Princess?"
Christ the girl's limp, he thought, must have overdone the vodkas. What
she needs is a hot meat injection. His crude humor caused him to laugh
as he picked Linda up and carried the semiconscious girl to the couch
where he sat with her in his arms, nibbling at her nipples and feeling
her soft pussy.

"What about me?" Sludge-Pump glared across the room, his monstrous cock
and gross hairy body in the dimly lit room giving him the appearance of
a caricatured Neanderthal man.

"I'm warmin' her up for us both," Hugh said, feeling a reaction to his
finger in her cunt, noticing her legs beginning to move slowly apart to
help his finger. She let her head droop forward so that he could kiss
her. She didn't resist. He kissed her hard on the mouth which
sensuously opened for his tongue with the same slowness as her legs
opened for his finger. For some time his penis had been slack, but now
it suddenly shot out between his legs. He had to ease Linda back
against him, her hips and waist pushing sluttishly, squeezing his cock
hard against his belly. He felt dribbles of lubricating fluid wetting
down to his navel. Her warm pussy was coming to life, exuding its own
juices to welcome the fleshy horn.

"Did ya like Jenny fuckin' ya with her vibrator?" he asked her

She nodded stupidly, seeking his mouth again.

"Do ya want me to fuck ya with me cock?" He had to push her away to get
her lips off his to ask her. She nodded again, mumbling "Yes." She was
rubbing her side against his stiff member. He told her to kiss it. She
lowered her head obediently, still writhing against his finger, opened
her mouth and took the swollen, dribbling head succulently into her
mouth as though sucking a particularly large ripe plum.

Sludge-Pump stood looking ravenously down at her. "I'll tell ya what,"
he said slyly, "I'll lift her onto ya, Hugh."

With a nod from Hugh he lifted her up by the waist, the ravishing young
body bending listlessly like a rag doll, Hugh holding her at her
armpits. The beefy life saver placed an arm underneath her golden brown
belly, bent her knees forward with his other arm and lowered her down,
her vaginal lips spread wide apart. Stretching out on his back, Hugh
lifted his pelvis so that his cunt-seeking cock-head met the descending
vaginal lips held apart by Jim.

Carefully lowering her jackknifed body down, Jim leered evilly. He had
her tender, tight little brown anus right in front of his eyes. Christ!
he said to himself, if I can get the old Sludge-Pump in there it'll be
a miracle ... but by Christ I'm gonna get it in if I have to drill a
new hole ... I'll teach the horny slut to ever smack me across the
face. His coarse, simple mind still held a grudge against the girl, not
only for striking him on the nose: She had treated him like dirt. In
this case, he laughed lewdly to himself, revenge will be sweet!

With her legs doubled up he lowered Linda's warmly greedy cunt all the
way down and felt the girl's waist muscles flexing as she began to ride
up and down on the shaft. He could barely wait to rape the temptingly
beautiful anus. Normally he didn't care one way or another about bun-
fucking, but Jesus! he thought, no one could resist the tantalizing
sight of the perfect roundness of this girl's buttocks. The completely
hairless crack exposing a daintily puckered hole with its pink center
rising and falling. His desire was further aggravated by the sight of
her pink juicy cunt moving slowly and sensuously up and down Hugh's
horny cock.

Moistening his fingers with the flowing lubricating juices exuding from
her pussy, he wiped some on his great bull-cock, rubbed his fingers
against the puffed lips of her cunt once more, and drew his hand up her
anal crack. He repeated the action several times, letting her get used
to it, lingering over it, as he hungrily stared at the tantalizing
little hole that made his mouth drool.

Resisting a temptation to sink his teeth into the sleek flesh of her
ass-cheeks, he tested the anal opening tentatively with the tip of his
finger, slippery from the sticky wetness. She cringed away from it,
forcing him to grip her bent waist with his left hand before again
probing, this time more forcibly, with his finger. It went half an inch
into the tightly flexed little asshole; he pushed in a further inch,
gripping her tight. She tried to complain in a mewly voice to Hugh who
clamped her mouth tight against his own. He knew what old Sludgie was
doing, and she was going to get it whether she liked it or not. She was
beginning to relax the tight sphincter muscles to allow his finger
further penetration, grinding around to feel more cock and more finger.

Jim shoved his finger another half-inch in and held her tight. This
time she yelped loudly. Hugh pulled her chest down tight on his,
crushing her small moon breasts against his sweating mat of hair.
Gradually she accepted the presence of the finger. Drugged,
narcotically and sexually, her body was making decisions for her:
Whatever her body demanded she accepted, like an automaton geared to a
dynamo. She dimly believed at first it was the sharp tip of a tongue
going into her anus: She had enjoyed that. Was it a cock? Was it Billy
trying to fuck her from behind? It felt better now as it revolved
inside her.

Her anus was accepting it, enlarging strangely, perversely to the
extraneous erotic action so much so that Jim had little trouble
inserting two fingers into the grinding buttocks. He brought up more
slippery cunt juices to work the hole into a slimy receptacle, working
carefully and persistently wider and deeper. Drugged as she was, the
muscles of her buttocks and stomach were coming to life, a frantic sex
urge coursing throughout her body, her nervous system awakening to the
prospect of astounding satisfaction. Her cunt was alive with want, her
rectum, too. She pushed her tongue deep into Hugh's mouth.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" She lifted her mouth to moan the words then buried
her mouth back hard against Hugh's watering mouth.

"I'll fuck you all right, you little bitch," grunted Jim, unable to
wait a moment longer.

Drawing her ass-cheeks wide apart, he leered at the pulsating pink hole
begging to be penetrated. He was going to shove his long, thick cudgel
all the way up into that virginal orifice and make her beg for mercy.
This would be the Yankee Princess's ultimate humiliation and
degradation. After this, the whoring of her would be only an anti-
climax. Harshly gripping her hips to steady her and using his thumbs to
hold wide the soft flesh of her ass-cheeks, he brutally jammed the
purple-red head of his oversized cock into the wet anus.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh! No, no, no, oh please don't. Nooooooo!" she screeched,
jerking her head in the air and shooting her body forward. The pain was
excruciating. Hugh grasped her harder, at the same time lifting his
buttocks to shove his rod deeply into her, while Jim's Sludge-Pump
forced itself in a few more agonizing inches.

Another scream was stifled by Hugh pulling her face down into his neck.
She attempted to bite him until he threatened to knock all her teeth

"Hold her still at your end," he said to Jim. "I've got her tamed up

The blunt intrusion of his lunging cock felt as if her rectum was being
split wide open. Mercifully it was still for the moment, though every
fiber of her being resisted as she felt the hard rubbery flesh slowly
begin to move back and forth, sending waves of pain inside her widely
stretched anal passage.

"Aaaaahhhhggggg!" she screamed again as the grotesquely abnormal member
drove right up into her. The coarse pubic hair of the man behind her
rasped against the softness of her ass-cheeks. Oh my God, she thought.
It must be that monster they call Sludge-Pump. How could there be room
inside me for Hugh's huge cock and this other gigantic monstrosity?

Both men gasped with sadistic, lascivious pleasure as they began
fucking away at her. They could each feel the presence of each other's
cock inside the young girl's belly. She had collapsed down on Hugh, all
resistance gone except for constant moans of anguish issuing from her
slack, saliva-wet mouth. Jim had levered himself high on his knees in
order to manipulate her buttocks by his firm grip on her waist,
plunging the full length of his punishing weapon into her with long
flesh-tearing strokes. His control of her buttocks worked as an aid to
Hugh lying flat on his back and jerking up with his pelvis to shove as
deeply as he could in time with the movement. There was an added erotic
excitement in having them both fuck her at the same time. Should have
old Billy here to fuck her mouth ... the drunken bastard doesn't know
what he's missing, he thought. And Tiger's with Jenny ... up her ass,
too, I'll bet.

He was right about Tiger. There was no argument in the bedroom. They
lay sideways on the bed, his hands fondling her breasts and his ass-
loving tool was stuck hard between her small firm buttocks. She too was
having something extra. The battery operated vibrator was buzzing in
her cunt, its vibrations being felt by Billy's deeply embedded cock.
She had already cum several times, and she intended to keep on
achieving orgasms until she either passed out or her pussy could take
no more. Her record for self-induced orgasms was fifteen in a row.
Tonight she felt she could easily break that figure, especially if
Billy kept up that nice easy rhythm of fucking into her asshole. She
never thought she'd enjoy having a cock up there: She must teach Hugh
how to do it. Let Linda scream her head off, she selfishly decided. I
can't stop now for anyone ... anyway, Hugh will look after her ... he
wants her for himself; the selfish bastard.

With her leg thrown back over Tiger's so that her cunt was nicely
opened, she moaned into another orgasm. Eight! she counted to herself,
her eyes closed in ecstasy.

Linda was well and truly being looked after ... sexually. Sludge-Pump
drooled over her back, his saliva dribbling down on her narrow
shoulders that jerked forward with each lunge of his rampaging shaft
into her tender anal passage, tripping her servile kneeling body
between the skewering cocks. She was hopelessly pinned by them both in
that bent position like a harem slave between two husky masters. In
spite of the pain in her anus, the arousal of her inflamed clitoris
encouraged her anal muscles to expand to an unbelievable degree to
accept the rape of her rear hole. Jim was groaning that it was too
tight and too wonderful. "I can't stand it!" he muttered lifting his
head in reaction to the thrill of the warm clasping flesh enveloping
the huge cock that had brought him so much comment from his teasing
friend. "Jesus, she likes it now!" he thought, amazed that the tiny
brown circle and its little pink hole could expand so much that he
could slide all the way through and deep up into her. His whole
monstrously throbbing rod-as thick as a man's wrist-was thrusting into
her right up to the hilt. He felt his balls slap wetly down onto the
cock and balls fucking upwards beneath him. No need to worry about her
bolting now!

She was moving backwards to meet each forward thrust into her buttocks
and grinding down to take the thrusts up into her cunt. She undulated,
swinging her pelvis and buttocks in small rotating circles: Clasping
one rod tightly with a slight throb of her rectum as it withdrew on the
back stroke, opening to take it on the in stroke; cunt-gripping the
other rod sliding so hot and satisfyingly past her clitoris into the
molten depths of her vagina. Doubly impaled through her two holes so
close together that the only part of her lower body she could move was
her hips and buttocks and these she moved like a female demon, sweating
as she rode up and down with a rotating movement that was bringing both
their pulsating members toward a simultaneously gushing explosion.

Hugh felt her head begin to thrash from side to side. He lifted it so
that he could suck at her slack mouth, tonguing and biting at her lower
lip. He could see from her glazed eyes that she hungered for
satisfaction in her buttocks as well as her cunt. Her body bucking and
churning now as the fires of mounting lust enlivened her, he sensed
that she was drawing to a climax, bringing his inflated cock to an even
more excited state. Her cunt was pleading for more, and he shoved hard
up to satisfy it, feeling the nearness of Sludgie's weapon pistoning
faster and faster, Hugh's balls awash with the juices flowing from her
cunt. The girl was moaning as though in a trance as both cocks rammed
rapidly into her, hard and deep.

It was too much for Hugh. He couldn't contain himself any longer and
with one mighty upward thrust his penis-head's slit opened to gush out
his cum hotly against her cervix. Wildly he yelled his completion as
her body thumped down on him, tossed by a mighty thrust from Jim's
great pole.

"More, Hugh, more. Keep fucking my cunt," he heard her begging him,
trying to balance the mad, excruciating cuntal and anal excitement
filling her body with a lust she didn't believe possible. But Hugh was
finished. He had drained his balls, and his cock sucked slowly back out
of the wetly voracious vagina. He was also suddenly conscious of the
weight of both the girl and of Jim leaning over her back. He eased
himself from beneath them, staggered to the bathroom and then went to
the bedroom to collapse on the other side of Jenny.

Tiger was sound asleep but Jenny was lying, legs wide apart, her hand
gripping the end of the vibrator buzzing deep inside her.

"Turn that thing off," he said, lying on his back. "I want some sleep."

"Just one more, Hugh. I'm having number twenty. Oh, oh, oh ...
aaaaggghhhh." With a final satisfied moan she switched off the vibrator
and turned towards him, lifting a long leg over his and nestling up,
her breasts against his side.

"Wake me at ten," she sighed. "Have to go to Melbourne tomorrow. Is
Linda all right?"

"Having the time of her life," he yawned.

And it was true; the blonde teenage girl was enjoying her ass-fuck as
much as she had the cunt-fuck. She was lying flat on her stomach, now,
legs apart, with her hand underneath so that she could finger her
clitoris while Jim rammed into her fully distended anal passage. She
quickly brought herself to orgasm with her fingers, as Jim could tell
by the increasing loudness of her groaning. She had wanted to reach
this long drawn-out climax with them both in her, and now that her cunt
was emptied of stiff flesh some of the pleasure she'd received from her
rear hole was diminishing. As she started to cum the threatening storm
broke outside, thunder crashing after lightning flashes heavy rain
pelting against the window panes.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!" she groaned in a perverse mixture of pain and pleasure,
cumming while he thrust and slapped his big sac against the fingers in
her cunt giving their last caress to her clitoris. "Aaaaggggghhhh!"
This half-groan, half-scream was a reaction to the finality of her own
desires and the agony of the giant tormenting staff swelling even
larger as it was about to blow. It was stretching the muscles of her
anus beyond belief. Yet with masochistic pleasure and uncontrollable
desire her buttocks ground back against his sweating pelvis, thick with
wet pubic hairs. The whole length of her crack felt hot and painful,
the heat inside her anal depths searing with increasing pain.

Lifting her waist up as his member swelled for the final thrust,
Sludge-Pump was gasping out incoherent obscenities in a spluttering
groan. He flung himself forward with a mighty shove that almost tore
through the walls of her quivering rectum, and with an enormous
shudder, he shot his hotly thick cum in spurting wave after wave into
the depths of her rectal cavern. She was transfixed, bent in front of
him, buttocks swaying against his weight, then in an instinctive
reaction to his orgasm, she pressed tight back against his hairy loins
as he poured his sperm far up her anal passage, filling her until she
felt her belly swelling with it.

He collapsed grunting over her back, pressing her deeply into the
couch. She was barely conscious when he began to withdraw the frightful
length of his satiated flesh, looking down to see the inflamed head
emerge with a wet sucking sound, the pink insides of her anus showing
clearly as the opening puckered out when the puffed head of his member
withdrew. There was sufficient consciousness remaining in her to know
that she was now totally debauched, lower than the whores she had
previously despised. As she blacked out into merciful oblivion she
thought that there was nothing more they could do to her now. She would
let them fuck her. She would suck them off. Her body wanted it, now.

Jim Yates stood by the couch staring stupidly down at the most
beautiful girl he'd ever fucked. I don't want to fuck her cunt while
she's unconscious, he thought. Plenty of time tomorrow. He dressed
carelessly and staggered out of the apartment, drunkenly tripping over
Jenny's hi-fi set on the floor. Cursing, he lurched out into the night
and swayed along the promenade to his seedy hotel.

Chapter 10

No one stirred until noon. Billy awakened first and rose stiffly from
the chair he had slept in; he went to the kitchen where he opened the
inevitable cold can of beer and found a cigarette. He didn't see
Linda's nude form on the couch until he returned to the living room,
searching for his shorts. What I need is a quick run into the sea, he
decided, to give me an appetite for breakfast. However, seeing the
young girl innocently sleeping and no one else around brought his cock
rising up, his balls tightening. He lit the cigarette and crept over to
Linda's still body but stopped short as he noticed the smashed record

I wonder who broke it, he mused, taking a long swig at his beer.
Wouldn't be Hugh or Tiger, and certainly not Jenny-must have been
bloody old Sludgie! Where in the fuckin' hell is everybody? Opening the
bedroom door he found Hugh and Tiger asleep, their arms crossed over

He wakened them, brought cold beers and told them of finding the
wreckage that had once been a record player. Jenny quickly tumbled out
of bed to view the damage, giving a kissing suck to Hugh's cock in the
nerve-tingling section just below the head as she went. I'm turned on
to men's cocks now! she told Hugh merrily, although she avoided Billy's
pass as she rushed out to waken Linda. However, her good humor
evaporated at the sight of the wrecked record player-she was furious.
Irritably she shook Linda into consciousness, led her to the bathroom
and went back to question the life savers sitting on the bed having
their first beer of the day. She soon discovered that Sludge-Pump Yates
was the last one fucking Linda: it was him all right, the others

"Right, that does it! Yates is banned from this apartment. And another
thing," she yelled, furious that she had slept in, that she had to
catch the two-thirty plane to Melbourne and that she would be away
until the following Sunday, therefore missing out on some pleasant
orgies with the nymphet and Hugh. "When I return I want to see a brand
new player."

"We'll all chip in to buy you a new one just as good as the old," Hugh
said, winking at his hungover buddies. "Do you agree to that?"

"Sure thing, Hugh," they chorused. Billy added that they would get half
the money out of Jim Yates who, he said to Jenny, was about to make
some money in a deal in which they were all involved ... not much, but
they could certainly afford to buy a record player. It would only cost
about a hundred dollars.

Jenny distrusted them, knowing that money went through their pockets as
fast as beer went down their throats. Anyway, she was in too much of a
hurry to think about anything except packing and catching a taxi to
Kingsford Smith airport. She stopped Billy heading for the bathroom and
went there herself to join Linda under the shower. She had to break the
news that she was going to Melbourne for a series of pictures for a
magazine. Lying, to make the girl feel happier, she said that she'd
probably return that evening.

Jenny was mystified at Linda's reaction. The girl seemed to be quite
apathetic at the idea of being left alone with Hugh, whom Jenny knew
couldn't be trusted, and with Billy and Tiger who would fuck any hole
with hair around it. They stood close together under the shower, their
hair dripping. Jenny wondered if perhaps the pot had damaged the kid's
brain. 'Course it couldn't, she reasoned to herself. Just a normal
amount and not strong stuff anyway. She drew Linda to her, pressing
their wet bodies together.

"What's wrong, my lovely pet? Do you feel sick?" Jenny thought that
perhaps she should stay, but breaking a contract could cause loss of
work later.

Linda threw her arms around Jenny's waist, pulling her tighter so that
their pubic mounds pressed close together.

"I've become a fucking machine, Jenny. I ... I just want to be fucked.
I love you and I want to be fucked ... Jim Yates fucked my bottom last
night, and I liked it. I like Hugh to fuck me. I want to lick your
cunt, Jenny ... I'm a fucking machine ..." She burst into hysterical
laughter which turned to loud sobs and Jenny led her out of the shower
recess to rub her dry with a large towel.

Jenny had never before been faced with this kind of situation. The
whole thing had begun as a lark. She had a damned hangover, her mouth
tasted like the bottom of a parrot's cage and she was developing a
migraine headache. And she had that important job to do.

"Look baby, I love you too and when I get back tonight we can have more
fun and games. You can lick my cunt as long as you want. It's just that
you're experiencing sex for the first time. All girls like it. So while
I'm away just let yourself relax and enjoy it. I only wish I could
stay. I like it, too ..."

"But don't you see?" the young girl wept as Jenny rubbed her long
blonde hair with the towel. "I'm so awfully ashamed of myself. I wanted
to marry Tom, my boyfriend. I wanted to save it all up for when we were
married. Now I'm craving for cock!" She burst into sobs that shook her
body. "I want to fuck and fuck ..."

She must still be high, Jenny thought. She's still tripping on those
brownies. She plugged in an electric hair dryer to dry her own hair and
finish drying Linda's hair. Linda's emotional outburst calmed under the
administration of the hot air blowing through her hair and Jenny's
caressing hand on her shoulders. When they were dry, Jenny put her arm
around the adolescent blonde girl and led her back to the bedroom. She
changed the sheets, made up the bed and forced Linda to lie back with
her head nestling in a pillow while she busied herself with packing and
dressing for the flight. She couldn't help looking at the delightful
body stretched full length on the bed and the hand carelessly cupped
over the golden-fringed pussy. Her fresh panties were already
moistening from an excitement stirring in her own pussy. She swore as
she looked at her watch. No time for it, no time even to have one last
greedy lick at that temptingly delicate creature. At last, with
everything packed, she leaned over the foot of the bed, parted Linda's
pretty pink vaginal lips and kissed her suckingly on the clitoris.

"Goodbye my sweet darling. I'll think of you all the way to Melbourne."

Linda moaned, "Oh, don't go now. I want you, oh God, I want you,

"No, darling, I must go." And Jenny went out of the room, leaving the
door ajar. Hugh was alone in the living room. "Where are the others?"
Jenny hoped for a moment that they may have gone back to Brisbane.

"They've got some business to attend to in the city," Hugh lied. "Gotta
earn some bread to pay for the record player. When will ya be back,

"Tonight," she said loudly so that Linda could hear, and in a whisper
added, "Sunday at the latest. I want to see Linda again before she
leaves Australia. Look after her, Hugh, and keep those ruffians away
from here. I don't want the apartment wrecked." She offered him her
lips and they kissed passionately.

At the front door he kissed her again. "I'm glad you're not all dyke,"
he said good-humoredly. "I think we're goin' to have more good times
together. Perhaps it was those hash cookies you made that made the
party go with a bang."

Jenny smiled as he shut the door behind her, and she went out into the
blazing sunlight to catch a taxi, little realizing what a devastating
effect Hugh's last remark could have on the poor innocent girl
listening in the bedroom.

When Hugh looked in she was frenziedly throwing clothes about looking
for her dress. "What's up, Princess? Looking for something?" he asked.
His shorts were bulging with a growing erection brought on by Jenny's
farewell kisses and implied promises for the future.

"I'm getting dressed. I'm going home. I don't want to see you or Jenny
ever again," she flung at him. "Get out!" She tried feebly to hit him
and began to weep hysterically. "She drugged me, didn't she? She
drugged me with hashish."

"Cool it, babe. She had some, too ... didn't effect her. Anyway, it was
just a little something to make the party swing." He pushed her away
and she sat on the bed, her pretty pointed breasts heaving as she held
her head in her hands, sobbing. Jenny had deceived her. She hadn't
given her the photo. If it was true that a little pot didn't effect
Jenny then perhaps it wasn't that; perhaps it was because she really
enjoyed what had happened. She was no different from other girls who
made love to any man who came along. Her desperate mood gradually
subsided. Looking surreptitiously at Hugh's bulging shorts, the sex
urge swelled up in her. That's what she wanted: a hot throbbing cock.
To hell with Jenny and her vibrator. She wanted that fleshy member Hugh
was releasing as he undid his shorts. But first of all she wanted
something to eat.

"I'm starving. Get me some food," she demanded, her voice flat and

" Sure thing, Princess," he said good-naturedly. "Lie back and wait for
it. Orange juice and ham and eggs coming up. I think you're going to
earn your keep."

"I'll try," she replied, staring vacantly at his broad shoulders and
naked buttocks as he strolled out to the kitchen.

* * *

The first acquaintance Tiger Kelly met when he walked into the Surf
Club after a swim was Ginger Meggs, a redheaded owner of a fleet of

"Hear you've got a nice bit of juvenile fluff on the market, Tiger."

"Yeah. Who told you?"

"Bumped into your friend Jim Yates on the promenade. Said she was a
fifteen year old blonde from the States. He mentioned something about a
hundred dollars for a quickie. Must be mad. What's the real price,

"Sixty dollars but bein' a member of the club she's yours for fifty."

"Make it forty and I'll buy it, sight unseen."

"Jesus, if you saw what a little raver she is you'd want to pay a
hundred!" Tiger exclaimed, thinking what a good start he was making.
"Beautiful as a film star. Lovely tits, not too small, best ass I've
ever seen. And just broken in." He looked at his watch. "I think she'll
be free by three o'clock. Sludge ... er ... I mean Jim Yates is on his
way there right now, I reckon, to help Hugh control the crowds."

"Right," agreed Ginger Meggs. "Who do I pay?"

"Give me thirty deposit and the other ten to Hugh Watson when you go
into the flat." He gave Ginger the address.

Jim Yates had already taken a customer to the flat. There was no need
to search for trade beyond the club despite the fact that it was a
Tuesday, for numerous associate members flocked to Sydney's beach clubs
from Interstate and up country, and on hot days salesmen, rich
businessmen, off-duty policemen and others from all walks of life
headed for the beaches during a heat wave.

Without bothering to go into details with Hugh, the other three
Brisbane life savers made their own arrangements about profit sharing.
Two or three fucks would buy a nice new record player for Jenny ... had
to keep her happy for future visits to Sydney. They decided that two
should canvas the club for trade, taking turns to go up to the
apartment to help Hugh: some of these horny bastards were liable to
have their fuck and then ask for their money back with the threat of
their fists. There was to be no queuing ... didn't want to get the
neighbors suspicious. Two in at a time. One in the bedroom, one having
a free beer while he waited in the living room. All afternoon Tiger and
Billy slyly let the word drop that a gorgeous young bird was available
in a private flat. Not a hippy, nor a whore, but a sweet middle-class
kid who was doing it for fun. The money was for the flat -very
expensive. Anyone interested had five days and nights in which to make
up his mind. For the first three days they would keep the price at
forty to fifty dollars, if the market could stand it, then lower the
price every day down to twenty dollars. Anyone wanting two goes at her
in one day got a reduction to thirty per. There were exceptions:

"Ever heard of Sergeant Wright?" Billy asked, leaning against the bar
with Tiger, sinking large frothy "schooners" of beer.

"Sure, everybody's heard of him. One of the demons from the Vice Squad,
ain't he?"

"Yeah. The bastard. Someone pimped about Princess Linda and he comes up
to me an' says, 'Hear you've got some imported goods for sale, Mister

"First I've heard of it, Sergeant, I told him."

"'Don't get shy,' he says. 'Just put my name down for a special sale
price, will you? I'm off duty tonight at eleven. I'll be there at
midnight. I know where it is. Here's ten dollars'."

"Jesus, what could I do? So I says OK mate, but just for you, not the
whole bloody squad."

"'No, just me. I'm the only one of us who knows the address-so far'."

Tiger interrupted Billy's story of the encounter with the plainclothes
policeman from the notorious Vice Squad who were said to make more out
of Sydney's brothels than the girls did themselves. "At least we didn't
have to bribe the bastard. Wonder how he heard about Linda and where he
got the address. As far as I know there have only been six blokes go to
the apartment so far."

"There's always some pimp about. All we can hope for now is that no one
else from the fuckin' Vice Squad hears about it. When you go up there,
Billy, warn Hugh not to ask for any more money when Sergeant Wright
turns up and tell him to give him all the booze he asks for. Hugh gets
his ten bucks while we get the sweet fuckup."

A new record player had already been chosen, paid for and delivered.
They all thought a little music would help provide a suitable

Tiger felt in his pocket the first few crisp ten-dollar bills made so
easily in a couple of hours. They would all go back to Brisbane much
richer than when they left. Tiger was not very bright but it took
little brainwork to add up what Linda could earn in twelve out of every
twenty-four hours, over five days. If the gross averaged out to thirty
dollars a time, sixty dollars an hour-or maybe more with some young
customers who would cum as soon as they got up the little beauty-that
should work out to six hundred dollars a day! Three thousand dollars
for the working week! Working out his own cut was too much for him.

"Let's have another 'schooner', Billy. We're gonna be rich by Saturday
night!" He thought how much the Vice Squad must be raking off in bribes
from Sydney's brothels: they're worse than the prostitutes, the
bastards, he decided resentfully.

News about the girl spread out of the club to groups of men on the
beach and in cafes and bars along the waterfront. Before evening when
Sludge-Pump replaced him as a cunt-hustler, Billy was surprised at the
variety of demands prospective clients were making. Two hard-bitten
weather-worn shearers from a six-month shearing run in the Outback
offered a hundred dollars each if they could both fuck her at the same

"You mean one up her cunt and the other up her ass?" Billy asked. No,
they said, both in her cunt at the same time ... did he think they were

An old pervert called Thornton, hearing that an underage girl was
whoring in an apartment near the beach said he would pay the fifty if
she was thirteen. That was his age limit and she had to suck him off-he
couldn't get a hard on for normal coitus.

"Sure," said Tiger, taking forty on the spot. "She'll be fourteen next
month and she'll do anything." He wondered if he should phone Hugh to
shave off the little patch of golden curls from around Linda's pussy
and tell everyone that Linda was only thirteen. No, he finally decided,
we'd have more than Sergeant Wright to cope with and all the dirty old
men in Sydney would be hammering at the door.

Jim told Tiger how he'd managed to get his monster all the way up her
anal passage and invited Tiger to share her with him so he could do it
again, after they "shut up shop" that night.

"Tonight, after the last customer," he grinned lasciviously. "Yeah,
after the pubs shut," Tiger agreed.

* * *

The girl lying naked on the bed in the apartment overlooking Bondi's
golden beach looked more like twenty than fifteen. There were dark
shadows under her eyes, her blonde hair was matted from neglect, her
down-drawn mouth was that of a jaded moll and her legs were spread
sluttishly apart. She hardly ever bothered to change her position
unless one of Hugh's numerous "friends" asked her to turn over or sit
up to suck. For four days she had only left the bedroom to visit the
bathroom or watch a midnight movie on television. Occasionally she ate
a proper meal cooked for her by Hugh, otherwise she kept to her diet of
hash cakes and vodka-spiked Cokes. Her body still glowed with the youth
of a fifteen year old, contrasting with the dull expressionless face.
She "entertained" these friends of Hugh's from about eleven in the
morning until midnight. She was hardly conscious of whether it was day
or night. She didn't care.

There was no feeling left in her except a constant flame of desire in
her cunt. Strange, leering faces breathed beer odors into hers;
sometimes she was hurt, men squeezing her firm young breasts, shoving
fingers roughly into her anus, digging their fingernails into the
tender flesh of her back and buttocks. Both her lips were bruised and
swollen, the result of cruel bites from drunks and sadists. She had a
cigarette burn mark near the pink nipple of one breast, a scar across
her thigh, caused by the flailing belt buckle swung by a middle-aged
drunk who insisted on being called Sergeant, and her neck was covered
with blood bruises.

She hardly slept during the long hours when no one called at the
apartment. Late at night when she went back to bed from watching
television there was always a bed companion for the night: Tiger or
Sludge-Pump-sometimes both. She called him Sludge-Pump now. She loathed
both of them, if she got around to thinking about it. She didn't care
what they did with her: in fact, her orgasms were always much greater
when they had her together late at night or before they went down for
their morning swims in the surf. One day she would go down with Jenny's
board and swim out into the cool Pacific to cleanse herself of the
nightmare she was enduring, suffering it because her mind was too
pathetically weakened to deny the demands of her genitals or the fire
of sensual desire raging day and night throughout her entire system.

One day, she couldn't remember which, she wrote a letter to her
parents, a short note about how happy she was tripping around
Queensland with Jenny. Hugh dictated the letter which he sent to a
friend at Rockhampton to post back to Mr. and Mrs. Spender at Bondi
Beach. She had written again, intending to throw the letter out of the
window in the hope that someone would post it to her parents, but by
then she had forgotten the address and the phone number; she wasn't
allowed to use the phone and she was never left alone.

On the fifth day she asked for a television set to be installed in the
bedroom so Hugh hired one which she left turned on all day, the sound
turned up. She stared with drugged eyes, the sound drowning out the
constant vulgarities pouring into her ears, while Hugh's friends
ravished her. Instead of one or two men standing in the doorway while
another lustily rammed and bounced her in the bed, the living room
seemed packed with men drinking, talking, swearing and discussing
money: "twenty dollars" were the only intelligible words she could
distinguish from the babble of voices. Once she had counted the men who
fucked her one way or the other during the day, feeling a strange kind
of perverted satisfaction in knowing that she had cum so many times,
feeling at the same time a relief that she should not have to see those
friends of Hugh's again.

She couldn't count now. There were too many. One after the other.
Undressing hurriedly, flopping heavily onto her body, squeezing her
breasts, fumbling to find the entrance to her vagina, shoving hard into
her wet crotch and kissing hard on her bruised lips as they rammed into
her. As soon as the fuck finished in a grunting climax she would turn
her head to watch the television until the man dressed and another came
to stand by the bed, dropping his pants to reveal an erect cock and
ripping off his shirt; she would watch until the new friend pulled her
face around for the expected kiss.

She stopped eating the day before, refusing a greasy stew someone
offered her during the short evening break and now, after twenty-four
hours she felt no appetite, merely a thirst for vodkas and Coke. She
never answered any questions, the only time she spoke was when Hugh
would come into the bedroom.

"Where's Jenny? Is Jenny back?" she would ask listlessly.

She intended to kill Jenny. Why, she could not remember. She had a long
pair of scissors on the dressing table. She wanted Jenny so that she
could stick the scissors in her guts.

The life savers were worried enough about her deteriorating condition
to put the closed sign up early that night. Jenny might return on the
ten o'clock plane and Linda might pass out completely from lack of food
and sleep. She looked terrible. Tiger was sent to stand outside the
entrance of the apartment building to warn all clients that the girl
had gone and that a respectable lady had taken over the apartment. They
regretted their decision, thinking that perhaps Linda could fuck on
until ten.

Their decision was enforced by the law. Sergeant Wright, with four
officers; from his squad, arrived at half-past eight. It was the first
time the Sergeant had been back and this time it was semi-official in
that he was prepared to use his authority if Hugh and his friends
didn't comply with his requests. The apartment quickly emptied of horny
drunks when the cops walked in. The word would spread throughout the
club that the place had been raided. The "Princess brothel", as the
apartment had become known at the club and with local taxi drivers, was
now permanently closed.

"Yes," Sergeant Wright said to Hugh as they stood in the kitchen with
the door closed. "Five hundred dollars is a very fair contribution to
the Police Fund. I don't think it'll break you boys. If your father
wasn't a police sergeant, Hugh Watson, the donation would have been
about two thousand. We know that the four of you have been very lucky
in business lately."

He couldn't quite catch Hugh's mumbled reply. He heard him clearly
enough offer him and the other plain-clothes officers an hour or two
with the blonde nymphet, an offer he refused, having looked at the
bedraggled creature curled on the bed, staring at a television program
of life in a convent.

"Well, good luck boys in the championships at Coogee tomorrow. I think
you'd better have an early night, don't you? And send that girl away
... she might give the neighborhood a bad name. Goodnight." The
sergeant walked out, followed by his men. They would collect fifty each
and he would give his wife three hundred to stash away in her secret
bank account. A good start to a busy Saturday night ... next there
would be the exercise of punching drunks before a free late supper
downtown at Sammy's nite-spot. He wondered how a young girl like that
American whore could age so much in five days. Probably drugs!
Remembering that Hugh's father was a dumb cop on the beat in Brisbane
he resisted the temptation to turn back. Hugh was probably giving some
of his earnings to his old man. He looked like a nice kid.

"That's the end of the party, boys!" the nice kid was saying as he held
up a beer-glass full of champagne. "Here's to the little Princess!" The
others interrupted their counting of hundreds of fives and tens to lift
their mugs of champagne to the toast. "Here's to the little Princess!"

"Come out and join us, Linda," Billy called. "The party's over. Come
and have a farewell drink!"

There was no reply. Linda was asleep with the light blazing over the
bed, the television blaring. Billy went in, turned out the light and
switched off the set. He shut the door softly. Tomorrow, someone would
have to deliver her to wherever she lived. Tomorrow was Sunday. Another
surf carnival with hundreds of luscious young birds wanting to be
picked up by glamorous life savers.

* * *

Linda slept for twelve hours, a dreamless uninterrupted sleep that
enabled her youthful reserves to resuscitate her nervous and physically
exhausted body. When Hugh and Billy awakened her she drank her orange
juice and ravenously ate her ham and eggs. She asked for the television
to be switched on, feeling cheated when Hugh shook his head.

"The party's over, Princess."

"Don't call me that. My name's Linda. Do you want to fuck me, Hugh? Do
you, Billy?"

They both laughed. They were dressed in their green surfing costumes
with that odd zig-zagged stripe of red running all the way down to
their bulging genitals.

"Time for a surf before you go home, Linda," Hugh said. "You haven't
tried Jenny's board yet."

"Is Jenny here? I want to talk to her."

"No, she's been delayed in Melbourne. Here, put on this bikini and
we'll go down to the beach." He gave her one of Jenny's bikinis which
she slowly pulled on and they each held her arms to guide her
unsteadily down to the beach. Tiger and Sludge-Pump had gone with the
rest of the Brisbane team over to the beach at Coogee.

Walking into the sea, the first small wave rolling near the shore
knocked her over, her legs weak from lying in bed for five days and
nights. They held her up as succeeding waves rolled in. They tried to
get her on the surfboard but she kept slipping off so they let her
swim, holding her head up when the force of waves threatened to dump
her. After half an hour a weak smile came to her lips as she sensed her
freedom and her body responded to the revitalizing action of the sea.

"Time to go back," Hugh announced, holding her hand to lead her
regretfully from the water.

"I won't go back with you. I want to stay here," she begged, fearful
that her liberation from that apartment was about to end, that she
would again have to endure the terrifying nightmare. "I ... I know
where I live. I'm going home to my parents."

"Sure you are, Linda. As soon as you wash the salt water off and get
dressed you'll be free to go home. I promise." Hugh gave her his best
winning smile. Jesus, I don't want a scene on the beach. The bitch
might start callin' for the cops. They both breathed a sigh of relief
when she stopped trying to go back into the surf and walked with them
towards the promenade. Back in the apartment they showered her,
shampooed her hair, dried it with the blower, dressed her and told her
to use Jenny's cosmetics to hide some of the marks on her neck. They
were proud of their work: They'd never groomed a girl before. They
dressed in shirts and shorts, packed their carnival gear into a bag and
escorted Linda along the street to her apartment.

"Er, you'd better explain to your parents about your swollen mouth,
Linda. Tell 'em you fell of a horse up in Queensland," Hugh said as
they stopped outside the entrance to her apartment building. "Well, eh,
cheerio, Linda. It's been nice, er, meetin' you."

Linda entered the building without a word and without glancing back.
She couldn't believe it was all over and that they were actually
letting her go. She let herself into the apartment, a nervous
apprehension stirring in her stomach. The place was empty. On her bed
she found a note: "Darling Princess. In case you return while we're at
church: Welcome home! We're longing to see you. Lots of love, Mom And

* * *

Tears welled up in her eyes. How could I ever have blamed them for what
they did at home that night? she thought guiltily. I willingly
submitted to degrading acts which they would never believed existed. In
a way she wished she could tell them about it but she never could- the
generation gap was far too wide.

Quantas flew its Jumbo jet out of Kingsford Smith airport on the first
leg of its flight to San Francisco, an early morning flight with Mr.
and Mrs. Arnold Spender and daughter Linda among the first-class
passengers. Linda gazed out at a cloudless sky, as the jet made its
curving climb, looking back at the golden strips of sand running
disconnected for miles along the Australian coast. She picked out Bondi
Beach, the first strip of sand south of the harbor heads, and instead
of feeling tired and happy now that she was flying far away from the
scene of her degradation, she felt sad and humiliated. She had arrived
in Sydney almost believing that she was a princess. She could now see
herself in perspective, and though very much sadder she believed she
was a little wiser than when she had rushed, carefree and innocent into
the surf that day two weeks ago.

The sun cast its rays through the window of the huge plane, Linda
feeling the heat of it through her thin cotton dress, gradually
inducing a feeling of euphoria, listlessness that allowed her body to
relax in the semi-reclined seat. Her hand resting in her lap, she
unconsciously pressed gently down on the swollen mound. She did not
think of Hugh, Billy, Tiger, Jim and Jenny; she thought of Tom, her
decent, well-bred boyfriend waiting for her at Long Beach. She thought
of his rather small, white cock. She felt sexier. She thought of how
things would be different this time, when they were again together in
his convertible. She covered her hand with her sweater so that she
could press her middle finger down into the soft lips to stroke her
clitoris. She wouldn't shy away from Tom. She would suck his cock and
fill her mouth with the creamy cum that had once so terrified her. She
would take him and all of his friends from his class, if they wanted
her. She thought of Tom's thirteen year old sister: She was almost
ripe! Princess Linda would give them all a royal fuck. Fuck! What a
lovely word!

"You all right, Princess?" called her father from across the aisle.

"Yes, Daddy. I'm perfectly content," she replied. "But I sure can't
wait to get home."

The End


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