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Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Animal in Heat

Chapter 1

"It's lovely ... absolutely lovely!" exclaimed the beautiful, blonde
Kitty as she walked into the cabin through the closed half of the Dutch
door. "I've never seen anything like it. I never would have dreamed
that there could be so much beauty in nature."

Her sister, Janet, darker and somewhat taller, though no less lovely
for her being five years older, turned away from her cutting board in
the small kitchen and smiled. "I thought you might like it. And judging
from the fact that you've only been out for an hour, I can tell that
you've only seen a small part of it."

Suddenly Janet's huge German shepherd bounded into the kitchen from
another part of the cabin, his tail wagging in expression of his
happiness to see his new friend.

"Oh, Duke," Kitty said, bending down to pet his great head, "you should
have come with me. There were a lot of rabbits I know you would have
liked to chase."

"So you like my little area here, do you?" Janet said as she ceased her
preparation of dinner and dried her wet hands on a towel. Her hair was
a little darker than her twenty-eight year old sister's, and she wore
it in a stylish cut, unlike Kitty, who preferred to let her long golden
hair fall loosely to her waist. "And you're right about Duke. He
probably should have gone with you. He likes running around in the
woods. Give him time, though. He's only known you for a day."

"I'll bet he's quite a companion out here for you," the shapely younger
sister said as she continued to stroke the happy-looking dog behind the

"Yes, I don't know how I would get along without him," Janet said,
adding her own caressing hand to the powerful animal's muscular flanks.
"Did you see the small waterfall in the stream?"

"Yes, I did," Kitty answered. "In fact, I spent most of my time there.
It's very peaceful and relaxing."

Janet smiled. "You know, if you want, you can stay here for longer than
a week. I hope you didn't think my invitation was limited."

"I don't know," said Kitty, her voice indicating that she was being
tempted to stay forever. "A week was all I could get off. There were
times today, though, when I thought I would never want to return to St.

"Don't worry, honey," Janet reassured her. "I'm sure that after a week
here, you'll be able to make a decision. And it will be one you can
stick with."

"I hope so, Jan," Kitty said thoughtfully. "It's just so ... so
enchanting out in the woods there. To think that I might leave it to
sit behind a desk and be a secretary all day, five days a week ...
Sometimes it makes me sick."

Janet smiled a knowing smile. She could understand what her curvaceous
sister was telling her. Her own husband of six years had literally
killed himself working under the pressure of the city. He had often
promised himself that he would take it easy as soon as he got enough
money. But he never thought he had enough, even though by many
standards he was quite a wealthy man. His drive to become more
successful than he was had killed him rather suddenly, and Janet
decided then and there that she was not going to let the same thing
happen to her. She had used his money, a rather substantial sum, to
build this cabin in a remote section of New York State's Catskills.
When it was finished, she had invited her sister and her brother to her
house warming, wanting to show off her "little" cabin in the woods. It
was a sort of memorial to her late husband, a man she loved very much.
Even though she had pretty much gotten over his loss, she felt a stab
of pain every time she realized that he would not be there to share in
its peace and relaxation, truly a setting that would have saved his
life had he the chance to enjoy it. Janet and her sister had always
been close, even though Kitty had moved to St. Louis from New York City
after a love affair that had almost destroyed her two years ago.

Now they were together once again, and they were acting like little
children, each caught up in the happiness of seeing each other after
their long separation. They had written letters to each other, and
talked over the telephone many times, making promises that they would
get together "someday," but the plans had never come to pass. When
Janet had informed Kitty of her plans to build a small cabin in the
woods, the younger girl made a definite effort to be with her sister
during this time of need. Kitty had explained to her boss that she
needed the vacation time, and would quit if he didn't give it to her.
She was determined that she was not going to let this opportunity pass
her by as she had so many others.

And now she was here. She was glad that she had put her foot down with
her boss. The late summer setting was charming in the rolling hills,
and she was determined that she would start living each moment as
though it were her last. She did not want the same thing happening to
her that had happened to Janet's husband.

"Well," the young blonde said, standing up. "I think I'm going to take
a bath. I hope you have hot running water out here in the wilderness,"
she added with a slight chuckle.

"We have everything out here," Janet answered, "including a separate
bathroom. I wanted to get away from the rat-race of the city, not the

"I hope you're making a large supper," Kitty said. "Walking around in
the forest can make you as hungry as it can dirty."

"Oh, go on now and enjoy your bath," Janet said, returning to her work
at the cutting board. "You're my guest here, so don't worry about
things like that. Supper will be ready by the time you finish."

Kitty didn't even try to hide her ear to ear grin. She had always liked
her sister, and she could see that Janet wanted to make her feel as
comfortable as possible. As she walked through the cabin, large as
cabins went no matter what Janet said about her "little house in the
woods," she noticed that Duke was following her. "You want to watch me
get clean, big boy?" she said to the large dog.

"He wants to become friends with you," called Janet after her sister.
"He doesn't get to see many people out here, and he really likes being
with them. I think it's the only thing he doesn't like about this

Closing the bathroom door, she turned on the hot water and let it fill
the tub. As the steam rose, coating the mirror over the ornate modern
sink, she kicked off her shoes and sat down on the small chair, feeling
her tired muscles beginning to relax at the mere thought of getting in
the hot tub. Duke came over to her and placed his huge head on her
slack-covered right leg.

"Oh, you beautiful dog," she said, holding his head between her hands.
"You look like you can be so loyal ... Janet is really lucky to have
you. It's too bad you can't give me a massage. All that walking has
really tightened up my muscles. You'd give me a massage if you could,
wouldn't you, boy?"

The large, sleek-coated animal whined his answer up to her, his limpid
brown eyes bright and happy with the affection he felt for his new-
found friend. The soothing, calm sound of her voice let him know that
he was in the presence of someone who liked him, and he began to think
of her as another mistress. After all, Janet, his owner, had acted as
though this new person was more than welcome. He had decided to do the

The shapely young woman smiled fondly down at the friendly dog. She
could see the difference between him and the dogs she had known in the
city. Where she was living, dogs were kept on leashes and rarely
allowed to run free. They looked unhappy most of the time. But here, in
the woods, Duke was allowed to do pretty much as he pleased, and it
showed in his eyes. He acted as though he wanted to show his happiness
for the woman who had made this possible for him, and Kitty knew that
Janet had a loyal companion, even way out here in the woods.

Duke lifted his head and pressed it tightly against Kitty's hand,
telling her that he liked her and had no fear of her, even though he
had only known her for just a few hours. Kitty, too, liked the German
shepherd, and she would have liked to pet him all day. But her tub was
getting full, and she wanted to take a bath right now more than
anything. Duke could wait.

"I'm sorry, you doll, but if I don't get in that tub right away, I'm
not going to be ready for dinner. You wouldn't want that to happen, now
would you?"

She sighed and began unbuttoning her shirt. With the plane ride and all
the walking in the woods, it had been a long, tiring day. Getting in
the tub of hot water would make her feel better than she had in months,
she knew.

She jumped slightly as the relative silence of the cabin was shattered
by the sound of the kitchen door slamming. Duke, too, perked up his
ears at the sound and cocked his head to listen, then relaxed as he
heard the familiar sounds of Johnny, his mistress's twelve year old son
barging into the house.

"Hey, Mom," the boy called out. "Is Aunt Kitty here yet?"

Kitty felt a thrill of happiness as she heard her nephew stomping
through the kitchen. She had not seen him since he had come to her
sister's cabin. In fact, she had not seen him since she had moved to
St. Louis. She tried to imagine how he had changed in the last two
years, and she knew that no matter what she thought he might look like,
it would be totally different from her mental image. She could not get
over how he had looked when she last saw him, so sweet and cheerful,
the warm innocent smiles he always had for her. He sounded as though he
had not changed from that very much, and she was looking forward to
meeting him for the first time after all these years.

"Oh, Duke, you're very lucky ... we're both very lucky to have people
who love us so much," the curvaceous young woman whispered, dropping to
her lushly rounded haunches to take his big head between her slender
white hands. "It's a wonderful family I have, and I feel as though
you're a part of it." She kissed him on his wet nose and he instantly
licked out his long pink tongue to lave warmly over her full lips in
response. "You handsome fellow! Janet is certainly lucky to have you

The powerful animal whined as he tried to nuzzle closer to her, and she
hugged him tightly, "Oooooooohhhhh, I can see why Janet thinks so
highly of you," she whispered, kissing him between the eyes before
straightening up. "Now ... I really have to take that bath."

She continued her undressing, never once thinking that there was
anything wrong with having Duke watch her as she removed her clothing.
She could remember a time not so long ago when she would have felt
self-conscious about having even an animal watch her undress, but there
was something free and uninhibited about this setting, and she was
actually glad that she was not alone. She smiled down at the great dog,
thinking that there was a very good chance indeed that she might never
return to St. Louis. Everything was so pretty here, so relaxing, so
free ... She could not remember feeling this good in the city.

Duke watched her smiling down at him. He dropped his head for an
instant and sneezed. Then he continued to watch her smooth, soft curves
ripple and sway as she exposed more and more of her silky flesh to his
eyes. Her long, blonde hair almost matched her evenly tanned skin, and
it was just as golden and full as that between her long, slender legs.
He danced around her, and wanted to do something to let her know how
happy he was that she had come to visit.

Kitty watched the animal all the time she undressed. There was
something about him that seemed to hypnotize her ... something about
his eager-looking eyes. She could see that he was totally devoted to
her sister, but she could also see that he wanted to start sharing that
devotion. It was a wonderful feeling, knowing that Duke had accepted
her right away, and she wondered if there was something she could do to
show the beautiful dog how much she appreciated his friendship.

Slowly, gently, she lowered her now naked body into the steaming hot
water. Even though the day had been very warm, she sighed as the
soothing effects of the hot bath instantly made her muscles unwind from
her day's hiking. All the problems she might have carried with her from
the city seemed to become drained in the warm water, and she submerged
her naked young body, delighting in the slightly tickling sensations of
the bubbles from the soap she had added to the water. She caressed the
fluffy suds over her full, rounded breasts, sensing her tiny pink
nipples hardening beneath the water as though sexually aroused, an
arousal she had not known in some time. Not since she had left the man
who had almost totally destroyed her life. It was sad, she thought. He
had been such a wonderful man when she first met him, so loving and
tender. She thought back to her days of lovemaking with him, the only
man she had ever loved. Even though she had many bitter memories of
him, she liked to dwell on his hands wandering over her body, the way
they had when they had first started going out. At least they were
happy thoughts, memories she hoped she never forgot.

She stopped her self-sensuous act. She wanted to finish her bath and
see her nephew. But as she pulled her hands away from her body to
finish her bathing, she brushed a huge mountain of suds across her
swollen nipples, and a series of rippling delights stabbed through her
sensitive loins and mountingly enticed belly.

'This is ridiculous,' she thought to herself. 'I can't be thinking
about something like that now. I want to be with my sister and nephew.
I can control my physical need for the time being ... can't I?' She put
her lascivious thoughts out of her mind as she stepped from the tub.
'There is a time and a place for everything.' She found her thoughts
wandering to her short but intense affair with Bill. She had loved him,
trusted him, and for a while she thought he loved and trusted her.
There had been many men who had wanted her, but when she found Bill,
she believed that she had found someone different. She loved his body
... loved the way he made love to her, showing what it was like to be a
woman, and not just a girl ... loved welcoming his long, thick cock in
her cunt ... his gentle, patient thrusts building in her eager and
hungry body a passion she had never known existed ... his warm, wet
tongue licking feverishly up between her legs ... that blissful moment
each time when he would explode his searing, wonderful cum inside her!

Yes, those had been wonderful moments ... thoughts that she never
wanted to forget. Perhaps someday she would find another man she could
love and trust as she had Bill ... a love she hoped did not come only
once in a lifetime.

Duke watched closely the soft movements of her wetly glistening body as
she climbed from the tub and began toweling herself down, his keen
sense of smell detecting the sudden scent of her female nakedness even
through the aromas of her bubble bath. He knew that smell ... the scent
of arousal ... his mistress had trained him well. He sensed the heavy
weight growing in the depths of his own loins as he watched her turn to
look at her curvaceous form reflected in the steam covered mirror.

For a moment, Kitty stood motionless, deliberately admiring the
harmonious balance of her well-formed, eye-pleasing body, and a tingle
of self-appreciation fluttered through her belly. She did not feel that
there was anything wrong in believing she had a great deal of physical
beauty. There had been plenty of men who had told her so. There was
nothing wrong with being beautiful, she had told herself many times.
She had always been delighted by her sensuality ... her full, pink-
nippled breasts and slender waist flowing into generously arched hips
and smooth-rounded thighs. Bill had been especially proud of her legs,
the alluring shape of her calves, slender ankles and tiny feet. He had
made it a point to kiss them all over in his passion. But it was the
whiteness of her breasts, contrasted with the rest of her tanned body,
that fascinated him the most ... the resilient mounds of her firm,
uptilted breasts ... and farther down, the equally creamy, equally
sensuous ovals of her full buttocks. She dropped her gaze to the
stretch of alabaster whiteness over her hips and the soft little bowl
of her lower belly where the curly triangle of sparse golden pubic hair
began to fringe the puffiness of her cuntal mound and fleshy vaginal
lips. She could feel again the tiny shivers of awakened sensualism
flutter over her. God, when was the last time she had finger-fucked
herself? It must have been a long time ago, if she couldn't remember.
And even though she had sexually released herself when necessary, she
knew that nothing could really take the place of a man's lust-hardened
penis sawing in and out of her ... especially not after she had
experienced the total delight Bill's cock had given her ... but now

Kitty dropped her bath towel to the floor and sighed. Letting her own
hands stroke downward over her hips as she watched herself in the
mirror. It must be the atmosphere of this place, she said, smiling as
she thought of the pleasures about to befall her. Her soft breathing
increased as she smoothed her fingers inward toward the base of her
passion-enticed belly to the sensitive mound of hair-curled pussy flesh
between. She pressured tauntingly, her slender fingers extended, the
pinkness of her moistening vaginal slit's momentary exposure
captivating her. Oooohhh ... she had to fingerfuck her cunt until she
was cumming ... she had to ... it had been too long ...!

Duke whimpered, demanding the blonde-haired girl's attention, and she
stopped her caresses, forgetting all about his presence.

"Oh, you wonderful dog, I'm sorry ... would you like to watch ...? I
won't mind. In fact, I think I'd like to have you watch."

The big dog wagged his tail and animalishly licked at his jaws, then at
her soft, sweet-smelling hand when she bent down to brush it over his
head. She couldn't help but wonder at what he thought of this method of
sexual release, and she could see wonder in his eyes as they swept all
over her body, almost lustfully delighting in her soft white nakedness.
She felt a thrill of delight herself as she thought of the dog watching
her fondling her vaginal lips with her hand ... a thrill of delight and
exhibitionism ... "Yes, yes ... you can watch me finger my hot little
cunt if you want to!" she whispered, the thought feeding more fuel to
the wave of lust and self-induced passion washing through her whole
body. "I would like it if you watched me finger-fuck myself."

Duke brushed against the warm smoothness of her thigh as she stepped
over to the small chair in the bathroom, the exciting scent of her
effluent body-heat filtering to his nostrils. He paused as she sat down
on the black vinyl seat, her soft curves quivering with her every
movement, and then she was leaning back and breathing heavily now. The
powerful animal watched her long legs spread open slowly, her small
hand moving down between them and gliding smoothly to the golden-
fringed orifice to her pussy. He watched her fingers begin to work in a
teasing circular motion, little sighs of pleasure tumbling from her
parted lips, her smooth white buttocks starting to rise from the chair
to meet her rhythmically moving hand

And then he jumped forward to join her!

Kitty's eyes had closed, and she had not heard him move. The German
shepherd's approach took her completely by surprise. She had never
thought of anything like this, and it took her several moments to
regain her senses from this totally unexpected turn of events. Opening
her eyes, she could only stare between her widely spread legs and watch
him move forward between them in wonderment! She withdrew her hand from
its lascivious fingering of her cunt and raised herself slightly, her
mind reeling in awe and still a little startled by his sudden lunge at
her exposed vagina.

Something held the sensually stirred woman from speaking as she stared
at him, her widened blue eyes reflecting her bewilderment, watching
fascinated as his loving brown eyes swept over her naked curves almost
as though he had lustful thoughts in mind! Was it possible? she asked
herself. Could he want to do what it looks like he wants to do?

As if in answer to her thoughts, he was moving in even closer to her,
dropping his big head to lick out with a hot fluid tongue against the
smooth flesh of her responsively twitching belly!

Kitty couldn't help but gasp at the astonishingly pleasurable contact,
swallowing at the sudden dryness in her throat as his long pink tongue
began to lick moistly over her muscle-tensed belly! She would never
have thought that he would do something like this ... and if she had,
she would never have thought that it could feel so good! She was
speechless now as again and again he did it, while she continued to lie
there beneath the desire-enticing length of his wetly heated caresses,
his fervent tongue making incredible sensations spiral through her
torso, adding to her lustful exhilaration.

Oooooohhhh ... this was totally unbelievable ... and wonderful. What
was possessing him? How could he know what to do? Yet he certainly
seemed to know exactly what to do, and she wasn't about to stop him
now! How far would he go? What further pleasures lay in store with this
wonderful animal? Then, his long, damp, warm tongue licked heatedly
upward over the quivering flesh of her waist, working higher and higher
until he was actually lapping the rounded undersides of her sensitive
breasts! Tenderly, he washed up over them toward the tiny straining
buds of her nipples! Kitty couldn't hold back the moan escaping her
when his searing moist flesh grazed wetly over the erogenous, pebble-
like hardness of her nipples, first one, then the other, sending
feverish thrills of wanton excitement whipping through her tremulous

She could never think of stopping him now. Her body had been demanding
this type of stimulation for far too long ... the excitement that Bill
used to give her ... the excitement that was totally over-powering and
vastly filling. And then, with a sense of disappointment to Kitty, Duke
stopped of his own accord and began to back down between her still
wide-spread legs. The temptation to call him back was strong, but
unnecessary as, suddenly, she watched him poise his massive head
between her sensually opened thighs, then slightly lower it, his heated
animal breath taunting the fringe of soft blonde curls there!

Kitty couldn't believe it when her sister's dog's cool wet nose brushed
the warm, sensorial flesh of her inner thigh ... and finally, the
pinkly pouting lips of her excited cunt! She heard his little whimper
as he sniffed at her heatedly aroused loins, his long nose probing at
her susceptible flesh as though he were actually trying to seduce her!
She felt the coolness of it suddenly exploring the smooth crevice
between her milk-white buttocks, then wetly laving the exposed little
rosebud of her tiny puckered anus!

"Aaaaaaaahhhh ... Duke ... you wonderful ... aaaahhhh!" Kitty gasped,
uncontrollably lurching beneath the sensual contact. "How ... why ...

His hot tongue suddenly shot out to lick feverishly up and down the
smooth vale surrounding her tight little anal hole, the tip worming
teasingly up into her clasping nether passage! At the shocking contact,
Kitty wasn't sure what to do next. She had never been fucked by anyone
other than Bill ... and certainly never by a dog ... and she wanted the
incredibly arousing sensations to continue. Suddenly his seething wet
tongue began to lick at the narrow pink slit between her widely spread
thighs! Moans of delight bubbled up in her throat, like little tremors
of unbearable desire rippling over her naked flesh as he lapped fluidly
upward through the entire pink-fleshed length of her openly exposed
cunt-lips. Ooooooohhh, the wild sensations were searing, and they
needled inward to stab deep at the nerve centers of her now intensely
fluttering belly.

His fiery animal tongue was spreading through the hotly yielding,
swollen lips of her hair-fringed vagina with long, relentless sweeps,
erotically splaying the tender flesh wide, pausing at last to lunge in
a wetly invading curl far up into the-liquid heat of her excitedly
throbbing cunt! She gasped and jerked convulsively, sliding off the
chair and dropping flat on her back to writhe in uncontrollable delight
under the big dog's surprise oral lovemaking, mindlessly drawing her
legs back to give the beautiful darling easier access to her wide-
splayed pussy!

She could never think of ordering him to stop now, not with the intense
thrills penetrating right through her voluptuously hungering body. She
heard her own desperate moans increase, while her desire-glazed mind
began to slip into a delicious oblivion of velvet sensuality.
Unceasingly, the loving animal-tongue bathed her offered loins, from
the snug little opening of her feverishly working anus, upward through
the hot wet crevice of her cunt. At the peak, he hesitated maddeningly,
his knowledge baffling her when he suddenly penetrated to flick wetly
at the quivering bud of her rigidly erect clitoris, fanning her ever-
mounting desire as she whimpered in total delight.

On and on it went, time seeming to lose its meaning for Kitty. Nothing
mattered but the heavenly searing tongue licking relentlessly through
and over her passion-inflamed cuntal flesh until she was gasping and
writhing her entire naked body in frantic pleading beneath it.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh ...!" she choked as he flicked his tongue tormentingly
in a feverish, spearing curl far up beyond the clutching, long-unused
mouth of her burning vagina! "Oooooohhhh ... yes ... yes lover, do it
to me! Make me cum ... make Kitty cum, darling. I need it so badly ...
lick my cunt ... lick my burning cunt ...!"

With an animalistic groan of her own, Kitty drew her knees flat to her
palpitating breasts, and reaching down between them to grasp his dark
head, she pulled his long nose in tight against her wetly yearning
vagina! His loving tongue flicked far up the fire-filled tunnel like a
rod of flame, his own whimpers blending with hers as he feverishly
lashed and drove the pink length of his tongue deeply into the wetly
glistening folds of her cunt.

"Oh ... oh, God ... yes, baby ... lick it ... lick Kitty's cunt,
darling!" she hissed out again, raising her head as best she could to
look down between her widely spread thighs to watch whatever she could
of the bestial ravishing of her loins. Oh God! Her wide-split cunt was
flushed to near redness, its shimmering inner-flesh was the most lust-
intoxicating sight she had ever seen. Her blood-filled pussy lips were
spread like an omnivorous mouth, with her handsome darling's long furry
snout shoved as far as it would go, right up into the hungering passage
of her seething vagina! She could actually feel his jaws working when
he opened them, stretching the elasticized entrance of her cunt to
thrust his tongue deep into her fire-filled belly. He seemed to be
furiously reaching new depths inside her with every delightful lunge.
Insanely, she began to pull at his head while she desperately thrust
her greedy loins up at him, trying to force his long nose like a thick
furry cock up into her hotly throbbing cunt!

A pained whimper came from the depths of Duke's throat, but Kitty never
heard it. All she could feel was the exotic sensation of his coiling
tongue smooth against her cunt, and it washed away every thought from
her mind. It wormed its way delightfully into the small, clam-like
mouth of her vagina, spine-shattering sensations searing through her
body as it caused overwhelming waves of lust in her flesh.

She was going to cum! Aaaaaaaaahhh ... he had done it for her ... the
beautiful darling ... with his cold wet nose shoved hard against her
wide-spread cuntal passage and his tongue spiraling like the flame of a
welding torch at her tender cervix.

In nothing short of delirium, Kitty clutched at his big animal-head,
burying his phallus-like nose another fraction of an inch deeper into
the tight-clutching opening of her orgastically throbbing cunt, holding
savagely to his short ears as she lustfully fucked her loins up into
his animal-face and felt the never-ceasing ecstasy of his searing
tongue caressing and stabbing into her hyper-sensitive cervix.

"Ooooohhhh ... lover... I'm ... I'm cuuuuuuuummmmmmiiinnngg ...!
Aaahh!" She wailed, jerking at his head and fucking his snout in wanton
ecstasy. Nothing mattered but the overwhelming enchantment bursting
like a huge hot bubble of erotic bliss to flood down through her long-
denied body and permeate her with exhausting sensations of sensually
drained fulfillment ...!

For a long while she lay there, pressing her sticky thighs together as
she tried to continue the delightful sensations waving through her
loins, but soon, all too soon, it was over, and she could feel the
physical ecstasy drain away. Her mind was still in a haze when she
heard a voice, as if off in some far distant land calling her name. It
was as though she was waking from a dream, and she forced herself back
to earth as once again the voice called her name.

"Kitty ... Can you hear me? I said dinner is almost ready. Are you
going to stay in that tub forever?"

The young girl pulled herself to a sitting position and looked at Duke,
the dog smiling at her as dogs do, and she smiled back at him.

"I'll be right there, Janet," she called to her sister. Then she smiled
to herself. Yes, she could see now why her sister did not feel lonely
in the woods. There was no doubt in the girl's mind that Janet knew
exactly what sort of dog Duke was, and she hoped that in the course of
her week-long visit, she would get the chance to try him out again.

Chapter 2

Kitty ate as though she hadn't eaten in weeks. Her sister thought it
was because she had worked up a huge appetite while walking in the
woods, and that was partly true. But even more true was the fact that
Kitty's bout with the German shepherd had really made her hungry. The
combination of the fresh air, the exercise, and her sexual experience
all combined together to make Kitty feel better than she had in a long
time. Every time she looked at her sister, she could not help but smile
at the thought that she shared her older sibling's secret about Duke.
It was a wonderful feeling, and she saw no need to bring it up at the
dinner table ... certainly not with Johnny there. She did want to talk
to Janet about it, though. There would be time for such things later.

The more Kitty thought about it, the more she came to realize that her
older sister probably had a great many things to talk about Janet had
always been the adventurous one of the family, trying things most
people might think were strange. Kitty had always admired this aspect
of her older sister, and now she began to think that she could take
advantage of it. Even as she upheld her end of the conversation, she
could feel the faint eddies of Duke's tongue fucking, and her loins
were wet all during dinner with an unending excitement and arousal. And
then she noticed something else, something she found as strange and
exciting as Duke's incredible tongue fucking ... she was finding her
sister's body arousing. She became more and more aware of Janet's
curvaceousness, her sultry face, the shape of her voluptuously upthrust
breasts and full rounded hips ... She pulled her glance away from
Janet, hoping that her sister would not notice that she had been
staring at her. She found that her thoughts were becoming confused. How
could she be thinking such things? Could it be the fact that she had
been under a great deal of pressure in the city, so much pressure that
she never had time or energy to think about these things? Out here, in
the great outdoors, with nothing rushing and pressing down on her mind,
it was very possible that she could be free ... truly free to express
herself in ways she had never dreamed.

When she finished her supper, she found that she wanted to be alone and
think these things through. Everything was happening a little too fast
for her, and while she found her thoughts totally against everything
she had ever been taught, she also found them exciting, and she wanted
to make sure about them before she came to any conclusions. She had
thought that nothing was wrong with Duke licking her cunt as he had.
Were there other things she might enjoy just as much ... or more?

"Excuse me, Janet ... Johnny ..." she said, "I'm a little tired.
Everything has worn me out more than I thought it would. I think I'll
go to my room and rest up a bit."

As she stood up, she smiled, feeling the overwhelming release of her
formerly tense young body was enjoying. No, she thought, she wasn't
ashamed of having Duke lick her cunt ... in fact, she wanted to have
him do it again. After all, something that good had to happen more than
once. But there was a time element. She was going to be with her sister
only a week. She knew there might be other pleasures to enjoy, and she
wanted to sort them through to make sure she didn't waste any time.

Sitting in the chair in her room, she found that the mental image of
Duke returned again and again, sometimes alone, sometimes coupled with
the image of her sister. She formed a picture of her older darker
sister nakedly seducing her handsome pet ... showing and teaching him
how to give such pleasure. God, those images alone were stirring her
even more. There was never any doubt that Janet and Duke spent long
hours together. After all, this was a secluded area, and there was not
another lover for miles around. The thought of Janet making love with
Duke all day in the wild freedom of the Catskills made the young girl
smile to herself.

She heard a slight noise at her side, and she looked down at the German
shepherd, who had followed her silently into her room. She could see
that he was happy, although she didn't know if it was because he was in
her presence or just because living in the woods make him feel free ...
as free as it seemed to make Janet feel. Kitty knew that Duke would
never feel as happy in the city as he did here.

Kitty allowed her eyes to wander to the window, delighting in the
scenery of the setting sun against the gentle rolling hills. She found
her thoughts wandering to her brother, Mike. She had not heard from him
in quite some time. It was not his way to keep in touch with people. At
one time he had been a successful engineering student in college but he
had given up that life and had joined a migratory farming family,
hoping to help them overcome their poverty. The one time she had spoken
to him after he had done that, he had told her that he was through with
the rat race of the city ... much in the same way Janet felt after her
husband died. 'I must be the only member of our family still living
under the pressure of city life,' she thought.

She began unpacking and putting her clothes in the small dresser when
she noticed a small box and a note that read: "Have fun. Love, Janet."

Kitty opened the box and found a small amount of pot and rolling
papers. Kitty was a little surprised that her sister could be so free
with her pot. After all, it was fairly expensive, and it must be even
more expensive out here away from so many people. And then she
remembered that the stuff grows everywhere. Perhaps Janet planted some
herself. It would certainly be like her.

Shrugging her shoulders, Kitty rolled a cigarette and lit it, inhaling
the thick white smoke. She had at first thought that she could never
feel better than she had in the freedom of the woods, but she was
wrong. As the smoke began to take a hold of her mind, she found that
she was better able to enjoy the feeling of freedom she had come to
take almost for granted during the last few hours. The lovely sunset
she could see from her window was enhanced by the drug, and she relaxed
more that she would have thought possible. 'Yes,' she thought to
herself, 'Janet really has it made. It will be more than a shame to go
back to St. Louis. It will be a crime.'

Again she found her thoughts dwelling on her brother. She let her mind
wander to the time when all three of them had lived together in New
York City, before they separated and led their different lives. Playing
with her brother and sister had always been a happy experience, and
now, for the first time in years, they would be together once again.
Mike, her brother, had been more than a sibling ... he had been a
friend. Kitty was the youngest, Mike the oldest, and it was perhaps
because of that that Mike and Kitty shared a special relationship.
Often times, he would forsake his own friends to make sure his little
sister was not left alone, and Kitty never forgot things like that.
Even though they had been separated for so long, Kitty found that often
her thoughts fixed on her brother, and she was sure that he often
thought of her. She wanted to be as happy as she could when he came to
the house tomorrow. He was flying all the way from California, and
Kitty wanted to make sure that everything was just right for him. She
did not want him to think that his trip would be boring.

And Mike had done so many things, she remembered. While Janet was the
adventurous member of the family, Mike was the experimenter. He had a
vivid imagination, and was never afraid to put it to good use. Kitty
began to think that she would learn a great deal being with her family
again. If her experience with Duke was any indication of what Janet was
capable of, Kitty began to feel that her whole life might change from
this week. It would not only be a house warming, but perhaps a re-
awakening in her own life. She knew she would never be the same again.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

"Come in," she said, eager for some company. Janet walked in and sat
down on the bed.

"Hi, Sis," the older woman said. "I see you found my little present."

"Yes, it was sort of hard not to find. You want some? I hate getting
stoned alone."

Janet took the slowly burning joint and inhaled deeply. "You know," she
said, "there's nothing like getting stoned and talking about old

Kitty nodded. Often times with her friends in college, she had gotten
stoned and passed many hours dwelling on the past. It always gave her a
warm feeling, and she was certain that she would get the same feeling

"Janet, you can't know how happy I am that we're all going to be
together again. It's been so long. There's a lot of catching up to do."

"You sound as though you've been very lonely, living in St. Louis," her
older sister remarked.

"Oh, it's not bad," Kitty said. "It was something I had to do. I
couldn't stay in New York ... not after John."

Janet looked pensive at the mention of her sister's lover. "Just what
happened there?" she asked the blonde Kitty. "For a long while, I
thought you and he were going to get married. At least that's what your
letters seemed to say."

A pained look came over Kitty's face, and Janet could tell that she had
still not gotten over the man. "It's something a woman doesn't like to
talk about," she told her sister, lowering her head to avoid Janet's
questioning stare.

"Maybe not a woman," Janet said in a soothing voice, "but a sister ...
that's something different."

Kitty took another drag on the joint. She had been keeping this bottled
up inside her for so long ... perhaps if she talked about it, things
would look better. Everything about Janet's cabin suggested total
honesty and openness. It seemed only natural that she should talk about
the only man she had ever loved. "You know, I was very much in love
with him," she began, lifting her head and looking at her sister in the
eyes. Janet nodded. Sensing that it might be needed, the older woman
began rolling another joint.

"Well," Kitty continued, silently grateful that her older sister was
making everything as easy for her as she could. "I thought I knew
everything about him there was to know. He seemed so open with me, so
loving, so patient and understanding. He never talked about marriage,
and I never brought it up, but I thought that someday ... well ..."

"Well, what happened to change all of that?" Janet asked. "It sounds to
me as though you had everything going for you. Did he find another

"He sure did," said Kitty, fighting unsuccessfully to keep a slow
burning hatred from her voice. "He found one before he had even met me.
Janet, he was married. He had been married for at least a year before I
knew him."

A frown came over Janet's face. She could imagine what had been running
through her younger sister's mind when she found out. Something like
that could be a shock no one would recover from.

"Well, what happened? Did he tell you or what?"

Kitty took a deep breath, sighing to relieve the tension she could feel
mounting in her body at the dredging of painful memories. Even though
she was feeling very stoned, she was not as relaxed as she had been
before. But she had to continue. She had to get everything out in the
open. "John ... he came to my house one evening ... with his wife. He
told me that he had talked everything over with her, and she was
willing to accept me. In fact, she thought it was a big joke. He said
he wanted to have the both of us at the same time, and he knew it would
be all right with me."

The sisterly love Janet had for Kitty was becoming more and more
evident. She could see that the lovely blonde was on the verge of
tears. For a moment, she thought she should end the discussion, and she
was just about to say something to change the topic, but Kitty

"He was perfect in bed, Jan," Kitty said after another deep breath. "We
would fuck five ... six times a night. He had a long, thick ... well
... he was beautiful. He could make me cum like a tidal wave. Sure, he
was the only man I ever had, but I never had any thoughts of finding
out what someone else was like. He was all I wanted ... and I needed
him so badly."

Kitty was surprised that she could speak so frankly about her affair.
She had never felt so open with another woman. Her curvaceous darker
sister's patience seemed to make Kitty want to tell her. "When he
brought his wife to my house and suggested that he have both of us at
once, I was shocked. I was even more shocked when he and his wife began
undressing right there in front of me. I couldn't move, Janet. I was
... shocked."

Her uninhibited discussion of her love affair was burning like a
bellows fanning the smoldering embers in her belly and loins. She had
almost forgotten what it was like to have his thick, hard cock sawing
in and out between her loins, and the memory made her shift in her
seat. Her sex-sensitive vaginal lips brushed against the seat of the
chair, adding fresh fuel to the lascivious memory.

"My God," whispered Janet. "It's almost impossible to think that a man
could be so cold, so heartless."

Kitty continued as though she hadn't heard her sister's comment. "His
wife was lovely. She was about my age, a little fuller though ... lush
jet black hair, ripe buttocks and ... well ... breasts. Her hair was so
long that went past her waist. She had the same dark fullness on her
vagina. That dark triangle outlined her cunt so blatantly. He fucked
her while I was watching. I just stood there, watching her writhe
beneath him as his cock went in and out of her. I could hear her
moaning under his thrusts ... thrusts that I thought were for me alone.
Then she came. It was terrible. Even though I hated him right then, I
wished he were fucking me and making me cum instead of her. Then she
asked me if I wanted to join the fun. She wanted me to lick her cunt.
She joked that at least then I would get to taste her husband's sperm
as I licked it away from her pussy!"

Janet could feel her own body trembling at her sister's story. She knew
why Kitty was angry with John for what he had done. She was angry
because he had not been honest with her. Love is based on trust, and
her lover had betrayed that trust. It was something no one should do.

"And then John said he would suck my cunt while I licked hers. He said
everything would be just fine, that there was more than enough of him
to go around. His wife seemed to think this was funny. And even then, I
loved him. I almost did it, Janet. I almost did it. I thought that if I
did, he would love me, love me the way he had before. Besides, licking
her cunt wouldn't be so bad. I had done something like that once
before. But I trusted him, and he didn't trust me back. Love should be
shared, not toyed with. I finally kicked them out of my house. I just
lost control. I never heard from him again."

The older woman moved to her sister, noticing that her own vaginal lips
had become swollen at the arousing sexual description of her sister's
affair. As she moved, she could feel her vaginal juice seep warmly
against the sheer nylon of her panty crotchband, and her movements
brought her panty tighter against her sensitive pussy. As she put her
arm around her sister to comfort her, she felt an additional tingling
softness coursing through her loins.

"It's good that you got that out of your system," Janet said, drawing
her younger sister tightly against her shoulder. "You shouldn't keep
things like that bottled up inside."

Kitty nodded. "I feel so much better now. Everything about this place
makes me want to open up." She felt warm and secure resting lightly in
her sister's arm, and she closed her eyes, feeling all the tension flow
from her body like water through a sieve. She felt closer to her sister
now than she ever had before. In addition to telling her about her
affair, she had never thought she could mention so freely that she had
sucked another woman's cunt. She had been a little surprised by the
fact that this didn't seem to bother Janet. In fact, the shapely older
woman seemed to take it all in stride.

The sun had completely set during Kitty's story, and the room was now
bathed in the soft light of a lamp resting near the bed. Everything was
so still, so peaceful. Kitty felt like a little girl again. Sitting
here with her sister, she found that her thoughts had returned again to
a happier time, a time of her youth, a time of innocence and fantasy, a
time when the sometimes harsh realities of life did not exist.

It was as though Janet could read her mind. She removed her arm from
Kitty's shoulder and looked at her sister in the eye. "You know what we
should do?" she asked. "We should sleep together like we used to. We
can become children again. You can put everything out of your mind for
a while, and start all over again in the morning. Sort of like a

Kitty looked in her sister's eyes, and sensed something she had never
noticed before. Even though Janet had been a warm person for as long as
Kitty could remember, the love-torn blonde saw something deeper in her
sister's eyes than concern. She was not sure if it was just because she
was high. Certainly that might have something to do with it. But there
was something present in Janet's eyes that expressed more than sisterly
love ... something deeper, more total. She wondered for a short while
if she were imagining things. Was she losing her mind? She allowed her
own eyes to wander from Janet's face to the full mounds of her breasts.
She wanted to touch them, wanted to feel their softness in her hands,
wanted to express that which she saw in Janet's eyes. She was beginning
to feel lust, a stronger lust than she had ever felt before. Was she
about to experience something new again? Could this be the beginning of
another milestone in her life? At first she did not want to admit these
feelings to herself. This was her sister! If she was wrong, she would
never be able to take the rejection. Learning the truth about John had
been bad enough. She would never be able to live with her self if she
were wrong again. But if she were right and did not follow her feelings
to be expressed ...

Oh, God ... she was so stoned from the pot she had smoked that she
couldn't make her mind work. Stoned ... and aroused. Aroused by the
presence of her sister.

Janet watched her sister's face go through several expressions of
doubt. She stood up from the bed and began undressing for sleep. In no
time, she had squirmed her naked body between the sheets, delighting in
their softness against her swelling breast nipples. Without saying a
word, Kitty too, undressed and slipped naked beside her sister in the
huge double bed. Kitty's cheeks felt warm and flush with the rush of
blood excitedly coloring them at her vulnerable feelings, and she
sensed the warmth of her older sister's soft skin as she allowed her
ass-cheeks to come into contact with Janet's.

Wild impulses spread like firebrands through Kitty's desire-infused
young body as she felt Janet's body turn over and her arm gently
drawing her into a cuddling closeness. The older woman eased over
toward her, placing her lush white breasts at a level with Kitty's
face. Then Janet's other hand began a slow caress on the crown of her
head, almost lovingly stroking her hair as she pressed Kitty's
unresisting face into the sweet-smelling resilience of her warm, full
breasts, their little hardened cherry-like ripened nipples ready to

"You're a very beautiful woman, Kitty," Janet whispered. "Your hair is
as soft as silk." The heat of her breath was like a torrid cloud
floating down over Kitty's boldly nuzzling face. "You're a lovely
woman, and I'm going to make you feel good. I'm going to make you feel
so good ..."

Kitty felt her own arm moving as if of its own volition, her hand
creeping over the soft smooth flesh of Janet's slender waist and around
back to clasp at the warm hollow of her spine. Excitedly, she embraced
the older woman, prepared to give herself fully to this wonderful
intoxication. She trailed her eager fingers over the warm vibrant flesh
of Janet's satin-smooth skin, returning to trace the path of her rib
cage upward, until she brushed over the softly yielding ripeness of
Janet's milk-white breasts against her face.

Kitty heard her sister gasp at the sensitive contact, and she raised
her face, their eyes meeting and searching, each looking to see if
their feelings for each other were the same. Kitty stretched her long
legs then, pressing her naked body tighter against the soft contours
that molded so well to hers. Her hand slipped in a gentle cupping
caress over Janet's firm, full breast, her own chest heavily rising and
falling beneath as she pressed her belly softly against her sister's.

"I want to love you," Kitty said, her voice barely above a whisper. "I
want to love you, and I want you to love me ..."

Kitty was waiting for her older sister to answer with words, but
instead, she felt Janet's hand move to the swelling mound of one breast
and tenderly grasp it, sending a thrill of delight quaking over her
waiting flesh. The sheet was brushed away, and the both of them lay
totally exposed to the cool night air, while Janet's desire-giving
fingers danced lightly over Kitty's tingling body. They caught one tiny
nipple, then the other, rolling and squeezing them with skill and
delicacy. The young girl's sensually aroused flesh began to respond to
Janet's touch, and Janet herself was thrilling to the caressing of her
younger sister's hands.

Suddenly, Kitty felt her passionate sister slipping downward in the
bed. She popped her eyes open, raising her head to watch in excited
anticipation as the older girl's voluptuous white curves slithered
warmly downward on top of her, easing Kitty's own legs and thighs
insistently apart with the wedging pressure of her supple, shapely
body. With her hands, Janet spread the rounded fullness of Kitty's
trembling thighs even wider open until her blonde curl-sprinkled loins
and pouting vaginal lips were completely exposed to the sparkling brown
eyes gleaming hungrily down from only inches above. And then Janet
dropped her head, nestling her face into the soft, intimate hollow
between the panting love-torn girl's widespread legs.

Instantly, the entrance of Kitty's cunt was swept up in a maze of
erotic sensations which rippled through her belly as she felt searing
kisses along the heated flesh of her inner thighs, felt the warm puffs
of breath, and the wet, burning contact of Janet's tongue. Kitty's
breath caught in her throat as Janet traced the inner softness of her
cuntal slit again and again, licking in long, sweeping strokes from top
to bottom ... causing Kitty to reflexively raise her naked loins to
each maddening stroke of the magic, up-lifting tongue.

Kitty felt her tiny clitoris quivering erect and knew that it was
peering out from its hooded canopy, swelling with the first stab on
intensive sensation as her sister's tongue grazed wetly over it. She
expelled her breath with a ragged, hissing sound, slowly tossing her
head when the lust-driven oral invader eased hotly in between the
desire-flushed lips of her cunt, worming upward through the already
wildly inflamed crevice toward the straining little bud of her

The blonde girl's throat began to hum with unintelligible gurglings.
She held her breath, then exploded it sharply at the electrifying
contact of the delightfully exploring female tongue with her tiny
erotic nerve center. And then came new delights as she felt Janet's
hands creep upward over the tensing muscles of her quivering belly,
smoothing higher and higher to fondle and caress the nipple-hardened
fullness of Kitty's firm white breasts, while her open mouth became
ravenous below. Hot and wet, with flushed lips glued to the hair-
fringed flesh of her seething pussy, Kitty felt the stabbing wet heat
of Janet's lashing tongue laving and whipping her swollen pleasure-bud.
Greedily the older woman began to possess the burning, fluid cunt
beneath her, spearing and licking everywhere until it seemed to Kitty
that her lust-inflamed vagina had been invaded by an entire legion of
squirming, racing tongues. But no, it was just a single tongue racing
up the hotly throbbing channel of her clutching cunt, worming into the
tiny slit of her passage, returning to press against her aching
clitoris with maddening precision, and then driving hard up into her
sizzling cuntal channel again ... over and over until she was gasping
and writhing in mindless delight.

Ripples of lustful enchantment convulsed the naked flesh of the young
girl's wildly pistoning body. Knowing hands taunted the heaving mounds
of her palpitating breasts and tweaked their bursting nipples, while
licking little flames of sensual fire tongued at the hot, fluid
sanctuary of her offered cunt. Loud wet sucking sounds filled the wood-
paneled bedroom and blended with Kitty's desperate moans as she rapidly
drew back her legs, thrusting her loins salaciously upward to bring the
wild pleasure-giving tongue tighter into the hungering core of her
naked flesh.

Duke, who had followed Kitty into the bedroom, who had been lulled to
sleep by the two girls' soft conversation, had been stirred when the
two sisters undressed and went to bed. Now he was eagerly aware of
their actions, his keen nostrils noting the familiar scent of feminine
aroma. His own animal loins began to respond heavily to its savory
excitement. His ears twitched at the whimpering sounds coming from the
bed, and a whine of want and need escaped his throat. He moved closer
to the bed, then hesitated, confused by the strange position of the two
women, and knowing that he was not allowed to jump on the bed. And yet,
the scent of the women's cuntal fluids was overwhelming, and his animal
mind fought with his needs and his training. His super-sensitive ears
could pick up the delicious moans of the women, and even though he
could not understand what they meant, he found that the sheer sounds
were almost as arousing at the smells permeating the room. "Oooooohhhhh
... aaaaaaahhhh ... Janet ... aaaaaaaahhhh, that feels so good, oh
darling ..." Kitty was wailing in a high pitched voice, reaching down
at the same time to clutch at the full, brunette hair of her sister's
buried head. "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh ... it's beautiful ...!" she gasped, not
even hearing her own words, so lost in her lust was she. The times she
had made love to other women were nothing like this. Those girls had
been nothing but friends, and their act of love-making something that
was sort of a game. This was an action of love, a deep expression of
the love two sisters shared for each other ... a love that could only
be expressed in one way. It was total, and the delightful sensations
were made even more delightful by the arousing effects of marijuana.
Kitty had wanted to feel as free as she could with her sister, and she
pulled all stops, allowing herself to delight as much as she could in
her sister's warm, wet cunt licking.

And then two things happened that Kitty would never have imagined. She
felt the weight of Duke as the dog found that he could no longer
control his animal lust and jumped up onto the bed. And Janet removed
her mouth from between Kitty's intensively fired cunt mouth! Kitty
reached out to make Janet return her lips to her wetly gushing pussy,
but the older woman gracefully slipped from her reaching hands.

"Would you like to experience something better than you've ever had
before?" the older woman asked.

The desire-crazed younger sister found that thinking was hard, and she
raised her head to look at the older woman. "Why did you stop licking
my cunt?" she moaned in a pleading voice. "I was about to cum."

"I have something better in mind for you," the aroused older woman
said. "Duke will make you cum, and you'll love it. I know you will."

"Duke?" asked Kitty. She remembered how happy the dog had made her feel
while she took her bath, but she never once thought that Janet would be
so obvious about her dog's talents. She wasn't sure that she wanted
Duke to fuck her, though. True, the well trained dog had made her happy
once before, but she wanted to make love to her sister. She wanted to
show Janet how happy she was that she would be staying with her for a
week. Still, the thought of how total her orgasm had been when Duke
licked her played on her mind, and the thought of allowing the dog to
fuck her instead of her sister was beginning to sound very good. And
besides, hadn't she willingly offered Duke to her? She must want her to
have the best orgasm she could. Kitty resolved that if her sister
wanted her to have such a wonderful orgasm, she was not about to turn
it down. She stared at the stunning brunette still lying between her
widespread thighs which she had slowly lowered to the bed. Her lust-
inflamed emotions were still controlling her wantonly sprawled young
body, and she found that she could hardly wait to sample more of the
wonderful dog's abilities.

"He's so beautiful, Kitty. I know you'll love it," the older sister
whispered hotly. "I want you to enjoy your stay with me as much as
possible, and there is no better way than to have Duke fuck you. As
long as you stay with me, you can have him any time. I want you to know
that." As she spoke, she raised up on her knees, her cherry-nippled
breasts swaying tantalizingly over Kitty's face, and then she was
turning to pet the panting German shepherd who stood beside her on the

Kitty stared at both of them, the feeling that she was closer to her
sister now than ever before making her tingly all over. Still, she
could hardly think about everything that was happening, not with the
passion Janet's sensuous oral lovemaking had set off inside her. God
...! It couldn't end ... not like this. She had to cum ... she had to
have release ... and Janet, the woman who had caused these sensations
must have the same release. She didn't know what to think, and she
decided that she would allow her older sister to do what ever she
thought best.

"Are you ready, Kitty?" she heard her loving sister moan.

"Yes," was all Kitty was able to say. Her body was still writhing as
she fought to keep the delightful sensations flowing in her loins
during this interlude.

"Good. Get up on your knees! Go ahead, turn over and get up on your
knees," she said. Kitty did as she was told, spreading her legs as wide
as she could. She could feel Janet's hot breath against her skin, and
Kitty closed her eyes, feeling that there had never been a more loving
sister in the whole world.

There was a tightness in Kitty's erotically quivering belly as she
lowered her face to the pillow, the vulnerability of her exposed and
upthrust loins behind her a delightfully naked feeling she had never
known, not even with her first and only lover. She tingled inside at
the thought of her sister licking her cunt, wishing that she would
again return her head to her vaginal lips. Her pussy was on fire, and
she wondered what was taking Janet so long to do what she was going to

"Get ready, Kitty, darling. I promise you a treat unlike anything
you've ever had before," Janet hissed in a feverish whisper.

Her naked buttocks raised high and her tremoring thighs spread wide,
Kitty tried to twist her head with cheek still pressed to the pillow to
get some idea of what was about to happen behind her kneeling body. She
saw Duke standing with ears perked and open-jawed, his long pink tongue
hanging loose and to one side as his rounded eyes gleamed at her
salaciously displayed ass-cheeks. At the same time, she saw and felt
Janet's hands on the stretched ovals of her upthrust buttocks,
spreading them apart as far as she could.

"There, Duke," Kitty heard Janet's lust-filled voice say. "Have you
ever seen anything more inviting than that? Oh, Kitty, you have the
most beautiful, tiniest asshole in the whole world. I have to kiss it."

A passionate shiver rippled over Kitty's naked young body as she felt
her older sister's face nuzzling warmly between the half moons of her
spread-open buttocks ... then the delightful sensations her moistened
lips enticed as they pressed hotly against the tiny sensitive opening
of her puckered anus. Her wildly searching tongue followed up to lick
and probe, pressuring slightly into the reflexively clenching orifice,
while Kitty gasped in pleasure beneath the brunette widow's lascivious
mouthing. Duke's whimper floated to her ears, and then Janet's
delicious manipulations stopped.

"All right, all right, lover," Kitty heard her sister say. "Now it's
your turn. Go ahead while I open her beautiful little pussy-hole for

Janet coaxed the dog with smooth, gentle words, and Kitty found her
self trying to spread her nakedly straining thighs even wider,
picturing the appearance of her own voluptuous nakedness in her mind's
eye. She heard the dog's excited panting, and sensed his hot breath
against the soft white mounds of her buttocks, then she felt his long,
laving tongue slithering hotly into the smooth crevice separating them.
Again, Kitty moaned at the electrifying contact, immediately feeling
the feverish impulses of lust stabbing wildly through her warmly
secreting pussy and quaking belly. Janet had no way of knowing that
Duke had already licked her to orgasm once. She decided not to tell
her, though, that she had already felt the heavenly bliss of her
animal-lover's tongue in her cunt. It might spoil the feeling of
giving, Janet was obviously experiencing. All that mattered anyway, at
least now, was that she had to cum. She could not think of anything

Kitty felt Janet's hands firmly clutching at her upraised buttocks,
pulling the soft cheeks farther apart to give Duke full access to her
widely gaping anus. His hot tongue wetly caressed it, then drove lower
to splay open her tender blonde-fringed pussy lips, grazing the
seething pink clitoral flesh on its way to her hardened little
clitoris. She gasped out in impassioned joy, trying to inch her knees
even farther apart and open the pulsing pink crevice between her
straining thighs to him. His long, curling animal-tongue thrust
ardently, sweeping in a burning liquid flame through the sizzling wet
inner flesh of her loins and flickering at the tiny grasping mouth of
her tight vagina, stroking her hungrily offered loins to a still more
intensive heat before he suddenly moved into an unexpected position,
astonishing the young girl as she knelt before him.

Kitty tensed as her sister's massive pet's furry body crowded in close
against her upraised buttocks. She was abruptly aware that Duke was
standing on his hind legs, his powerful forelegs gripping at the naked
flesh of her hips.

And then Kitty knew what her sister had meant when she said Duke was
going to fuck her!

Chapter 3

A wave of shock passed through Kitty's drug-hazed mind. She had first
thought that Duke was going to lick her to orgasm, just as he had when
she first discovered his talents. That was the assumption she had made
when Janet said Duke was going to fuck her. But she could tell now that
she had been wrong! Janet's huge pet was actually going to thrust his
dog-cock into her vagina, she knew now. She wanted to say something,
felt that perhaps she should say something. She had never thought of
allowing Duke to fuck her like this, and she was not sure what she
thought about it. She did know, however, that the searing sensations
her sister had created in her loins were begging for release, and she
could not allow the strangeness of being fucked by a dog stop her now.

Her thoughts raced through her mind with the speed of light, and in
that very brief span of time, her aware older sister sensed Kitty's
hesitation as she tried to make a decision.

"You needn't worry, Kitty, darling," she said in a low soothing voice.
"I've found that nothing I've ever tried is as good as having Duke ram
his cock up into my cunt. I'm sure you'll feel the same way."

Kitty's desire-inflamed brain whirled with thousands of thoughts at
once, and she hardly heard her sister's reassuring words. There were
only two thoughts that stood out enough for her to deal with. One was
the total fascination she found in the very concept of having Duke fuck
her. The other was the searing throbbing in her cunt, a throbbing that
had to be satisfied, and soon. If not, she was sure she would go
insane. Was it possible that Duke could satisfy that aching desire?

Her mind reeled, her naked young curves trembling to the erotic
stimulation the two tongues had fired in her drug-sensitized cuntal
flesh. She turned her head around and could see everything. She stared
questioningly at the sight of the dog's body tightly locked with hers,
sensually moaning at the lust-inflaming vision. The bestial desire of
the huge German shepherd astride her wide-spread white ass-cheeks sent
irresistible charges of seething passion raging through her quivering
body! Then, as she became more accustomed to the dog's body, she saw
it, gasping at the breathtaking sight of his glistening, deep red cock
slipping from its furry sheath, wet, almost glowing and hard, the
tapered length wiggling wantonly as it inched forward, its bevel-topped
head reaching and probing the wet pink slit of her feverish cunt. And
she knew then that there was no doubt that the dog would be able to
quench the raging fires smoldering in her tongue-lashed vagina. She
felt Duke's powerful animal-body jerk against her smooth buttocks, saw
his thickly dangling cock trying to penetrate the tiny mouth of her
upturned vagina.

He whined aloud, almost in desperation, his forepaws making new demands
against her naked hips as he jerked and stumbled on his hind legs,
eagerly struggling to bury the sleek, throbbing spear of his raw animal
hardness up inside her steaming pussy hole.

Kitty stared at it all, her neck straining so that nothing escaped her
attention. She could hear her own breathing, heavy and thick with a
passion she had never known before. She shifted her buttocks in wanton
and inviting little circles back at the still growing dog-cock,
hypnotized by its glistening red dance, the tension inside her reaching
an unbearable degree. And she made her decision. She knew then that the
wonderful, beautiful dog-cock would be able to satisfy her ... and she
wanted it. She knew as soon as her sister's dog's cock made the first
delightfully searing contact with her cuntal lips. She wanted Duke's
long thick cock burning right up into the aching depths of her
throbbing hot pussy.

"I want him to fuck me, Janet," she pleaded. "Oh, God, I want him to
fuck me so badly. Help him ... help him put his cock up inside my

"I am helping, Kitty, darling. I'm holding your ass open to him. You'll
have to reach back and help him too," her sister panted.

Kitty understood what her sister was telling her. Reaching back between
the yawning white columns of her thighs, she grasped the dog's slippery
hardness, spread the silken curls of her cuntal hair with its cone-
shaped head, and guided the hot thick tip into her wetly nibbling
vaginal lips! At the same time, his actions controlled by the wild
nature inherent in all animals, the lust-driven German shepherd humped
forward, bursting his solid cock from her grasp as he fucked deep into
her hungrily acquiescing pussy channel. Wider and wider, he stretched
the moist, sensitive passage, sending his flesh-searing rod slicing
delightfully up into the churning wet heat of her quaking belly!

"Aaaaaahhhhhh ... ggggooooodddddd," Kitty moaned as she felt herself
being stuffed full to the brim in Duke's unbroken forward lunge. She
continued to watch behind her with wide-eyed fascination as the huge,
scarlet length of blood-swollen dog-cock slithered in with a fierce wet
charge, burying itself up to the hilt in her wide-stretched vagina. She
both felt and saw her new lover's heavy, sperm-bloated balls swing
savagely down, smacking flat against her golden, soft pussy-hairs as
her breath escaped from her lungs.

The totally encompassing sensation of inner expansion came with a
delayed impact to explode through her widely, delightfully impaled
loins, forcing a guttural sound from her half-opened lips.

"Oooooohhhhhh ... Oh, my God!!" she moaned, her widening eyes gaping
unseeingly as her panting animal-lover began to fuck rapidly up into
her cunt from behind. She could no longer keep her eyes on the arousing
scene of the dog-penis ramming into her vagina, and she returned her
head to the pillow, allowing it to jar against the feathery cushion
from the dog's every powerful, breast-quivering charge. Kitty tried to
concentrate on the sensations created by his long, thick, scarlet cock
plunging wetly up between her open thighs as she began to move wantonly
backward to meet his breathtaking lustful strokes.

She totally forgot about her sister's presence as frenzied sensations
of sheer lust spread through Kitty's sensually slaving body heaving
backward onto the relentless dog-cock skewering deeper and deeper up
into her flame-filled belly from behind. Furiously, the huge German
shepherd battered his loins against his Kitty's supple ass-cheeks, his
pulsing rod of flesh sinking each time to its full blood- hardened
extent up into the moistly sucking depths of her clasping vagina!
Whimpering uncontrollably, Kitty rotated her buttocks around and around
the pleasure-giving shaft in a building wanton furor, grinding her
greedily clinging vaginal flesh back over the length of piercing
animal-cock in sharply aroused need.

The unmistakable beacon of her approaching orgasm flashed through the
young girl's passion-crazed body then, a fantastic promise of still
greater bliss soon to come. It coiled through her seething loins like a
showering burst of fireworks, and singed the underside of her trembling
belly with its loin-tingling sensations. She moaned in lustful
intoxication as the jagged edges of her mounting sensual rapture
stabbed at her abdomen, and pressed her head tighter against the
pillow, totally enveloped by the sensation of her darling dog-lover's
long thick penis wetly thrusting up between the soft whiteness of her
absorbing buttocks, his savage fucking tempo coming in rapid, pistoning
strokes. She could feel her own pink cunt-flesh moistly clinging to his
huge, handsome hardness when he pulled out of her, then again entering
back up inside her hungry passage with each new thrust, his heavy, cum-
laden balls solidly pummeling her unprotected clitoris below between
the blood-swollen lips of her lust-inflamed pussy!

Kitty's brain was spinning with the effect of such never-before
experienced sexual totality. Her mind's eye feasted on the vision she
conjured of her full white breasts, suspended and quivering beneath her
body as she closed her eyes and allowed the delight of the wild,
animal-fucking she was receiving wash over her. In her drug-hazed mind,
they seemed to ripple like ripe mounds of lush, pink-tipped fruit
before Duke's breathtaking battering. She imagined the flailing veil of
her long blonde hair as she began to toss her head against the pillow
in a maddening cadence to the thorough fucking the darling dog was
pounding into her. Pleasurable moans were hissing loudly from her
heaving chest, and the sound of her own lust-enticed voice raised her
to even greater heights of sexual arousement.

"Oh ... lover ... Duke, darling ... fuck me ... fuck me hard and deep
...!" she cried at the panting, wildly humping dog. "You know what to
do ... Hard ... harder... ffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk ...!"

The passionate, pleading tone in her voice let Duke know he was
pleasing her. He whined in panting response as he hammered again and
again up into her tight, slippery vagina from behind. He knew he was
bringing her joy by the way she was thrusting her soft cunt willingly
back onto his aching animal hardness. The wet heat of her human vaginal
passage was clenching greedily at him, even more so than his mistress's
ever had, and his blood pounded hotly through his straining body for

He felt the dribbling wetness against his throbbing loins as it
trickled down against the smooth, soft backs of her thighs from where
he was locked into her loins. His tongue hung loose and dripping from
his open jaws with the fierce pressure growing inside his raging loins.
And then, he saw his mistress's naked white body crawling upward on the
bed toward the first female's face, although he hardly paid any
attention. The only thing that mattered to the animal was his hardness
thundering up into the hotly milking core between the blonde's long
white legs.

"It's lovely, isn't it, Kitty? Just like I said it would be," Janet
whispered as she pressed her face close to her wildly undulating
sister. "Was the one man you made love with as exciting as Duke? I'll
bet you thought you could never be satisfied by my pet."

Kitty was only marginally aware of her sister's talking, and she tried
her best to answer. "Oh ... God, Jan, it ... it's wonderful ...
beautiful ... I love it ... I love it ..." Kitty gasped, her long
blonde hair flailing as she tossed her head from side to side against
the pillow in undeniable pleasure. Vaguely, she realized that Janet was
positioning herself supine right beside her head on the pillow,
spreading her white shapely legs wide apart and inching her curved lips
downward until her golden brown, curled-covered loins were directly
above Kitty's face. Then she raised her body so that she was sitting
against the headboard of the bed, her hands stroking down over the
smooth white flesh of her belly and hips, moving inward with extended
fingers toward the pouting, hair-fringed cunt-lips so erotically placed

Fascinated by the added sight that met her now open eyes, Kitty tried
to hold her breath steady, a close to impossible feat with the darling
German shepherd's huge cock pummeling her with air-hammer velocity. Her
mouth watered with unfamiliar desire as Janet's fingers slowly spread
her own fleshy cunt-lips apart from either side, the pink inner-flesh
glistening moistly as it clung and then separated viscidly before
Kitty's avid stare.

Janet held her pussy lips open so that the soft wet inner folds were
completely revealed in a tantalizing, pinkly shimmering display, her
pulsing clitoris quiveringly erect, the tiny slit of her urethra
clearly visible, while the secreting oval of her vaginal mouth worked
hungrily in search of something to fill it. The sorrel curls bordering
the pink, desire-moistened flesh contrasted sharply with the smooth
whiteness of her hotly heaving belly and widespread thighs, and Kitty
knew that she could not resist the mouth-watering feast offered so
lovingly to her.

"That's right," Janet whispered as Kitty inched her mouth toward the
shining cuntal flesh, "Lick my cunt. You'll love it as much as I know I

Kitty knew she would like licking her sister's cunt. She remembered the
few times she had done it in college, and she had liked it. She had
wanted to lick Janet's while the older woman was sucking and licking
her pussy, but she had not gotten the chance. Now she was determined to
give her sister the same total pleasure she herself was receiving. She
slowly moved her face closer and closer toward the older woman's
nakedly waiting loin, her eyes riveted on the lascivious sight. Only
once in her life had she been this close to another woman's cunt, and
that had not been as exciting as this. She wanted to touch it, to lick
it, to do everything in her power to show her sister how much she loved

Then Janet's hands moved away, letting the resilient outer lips of her
cunt fold back in to kiss each other, leaving just a slender pink slit
that was even more enticing to her. Kitty studied its long, tongue-
beckoning line downward to where it joined the rounded white ovals of
her buttocks just above the crinkled circle of Janet's tight little
anus. A heady essence, a perfumed spice of desire-heated air stung at
her nostrils then, causing them to flare excitedly as she felt the
older sister suddenly reach beneath her to cup her swollen, nipple-
straining breasts. A white-hot flame of lust surged within Kitty as she
greedily spread her passionate sister's flushed cunt-lips open with her
thumbs, and mindlessly thrust her tongue greedily into the shimmering
liquid flesh!

While Janet's voluptuous body squirmed in naked pleasure and moans of
lust-enticed joy gurgled up from her throat, Kitty's young brain
whirled in the overwhelming passion seizing all control from her cock-
stuffed body. She whimpered into the hot, fluid flesh of Janet's wide-
splayed cunt in time to the maddening dog-fucking she was getting from
behind, while she eagerly explored with her tongue every inch of her
sister's secret hollows, probing and stabbing at the pungent tasting
flesh of the freely secreting pussy lips. Her tongue raced up inside
the older sister's seething vagina, feeling the pulsating clasp of her
inner walls as she rotated her tongue like a corkscrew through the
soft, searing hot flesh. Then she wiggled the very tip of her snake-
like organ into the gasping older woman's tiny urethral slit, taunting
it for nearly a full minute before dropping down to do the same thing
to the tiny puckered anal opening below. Finally, with a long sweeping
lick back up again, she zeroed in on her sister's frantically
palpitating clitoris, alternately caressing and stabbing at the tiny
erect bud, sucking it between her soft ovaled lips, gently aggravating
it, nipping at it with the edges of her teeth.

"God ... oh God! Oh God!!" the darker older sister moaned in lustful
torment as a searing wave of all-enveloping delight washed through her
body. "Oooooohhhh ... shove your fingers up my cunt and ass while you
lick it ... both together ... aaaaaaaahhhhhh ... Please!!"

A series of screaming little sensations shot through Kitty's erotically
tingling nerve centers at her sister's graphic request. She was enticed
as much by the thought of what it must feel like to be so totally
ravaged as she was by the licentious thought of actually doing it. With
open mouth and lips immersed in Janet's wetly secreting cunt, Kitty
excitedly placed the thumb and fuck-finger of her one hand at the two
nakedly presented little holes. Gently forcing first her middle finger,
she slipped its tip just inside the tightly resisting elastic opening
of Janet's asshole, then, insinuating the other in her hotly nibbling
vaginal mouth, she plunged the pair of stiffened fingers fully up into
the writhing girl's burning channels!

''Aaaaaahhhhhh ... God yessssssssss ... Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh ... That's it
... fuck me ... fuck me with your fingers ... hard ... fuck me hard
...!" the older woman moaned, her voluptuous body jerking convulsively
as it began an age-old rhythm of undulation up against Kitty's
enveloping mouth and salaciously plunging fingers. "Ooooohhhhh, harder,
darling ... fuck harder ... aaaaahhhh ... bite my clitoris ...
aaaaaaeeeeee ... like that ... aaaaahhh ... I'm going to cum ... I'm
going to cccccuuuummmm ...!"

And then Kitty was aware once again of the dog fucking in and out of
her cuntal passage from behind once again. She could feel Duke's
thickly expanding cock plowing without cease into the soft hot depths
of her churning belly with its hard pointed tip! Her burning pussy-
channel was totally stuffed with its rampaging hardness, her feverishly
clasping vaginal walls working in a rhythmic spasming action around the
long thick shaft of dog-flesh as if it were a separate entity from the
rest of her drug and lust-crazed body. Her loins throbbed unbearably
from the wild incessant pounding his sperm-bloated balls were giving
them. She was nothing short of being on the verge of sensual insanity

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ... now ... I'm cccccuuuuummmmmiiiiinnngggg ...!!"
Janet screamed, her hands frantically winding in Kitty's long blonde
hair as she smothered the younger sister's face tighter against the
wide-split opening of her hotly spewing cunt!

Slave-like, Kitty gave herself completely to the pleasure-bringing
task, knowing the heavenly delight her sister had to be reveling in as
she fucked her fingers forcefully up into the wet, clutching heat of
Janet's spasming cunt and anus! As gently as her lust-driven mind would
allow, she tongue-striked the straining little clitoral bud in her
mouth, while her fingers continued to plunge in and out, in and out ...
and then she had to stop ...

She raised her head and cunt-smeared face to choke out a throaty,
animalistic cry. Her glazed eyes grew round and unseeing.

"Aaaaahhhhhh ... It's too much! I'm going wild ...!!" But her voice
choked into a strange mixture of sob and ragged sigh, her head
beginning to toss frantically up and down, her long blonde hair
streaming as she began the first erotic contractions of a violently
total orgasm! Wildly, she skewered her undulating buttocks back onto
Duke's long thick cock in lascivious frenzy.

The first seizure struck her with all the force of a lightning bolt and
she slammed her naked ass-cheeks back hard onto the deep-thrust red
animal cock with a desperate lunge. At the same time, Duke fucked
forward with a deep growl, his massive animal hardness beginning to
spew its scalding dog-sperm deep up into her madly churning belly in
long hard spurts!

"God ... oh God ... I'm cumming ... cccccc uuuuuu mmmmm iii nnn ggg
...!!" Kitty whimpered, her jerking buttocks beginning to contract
convulsively to the eruption exploding in her loins like a boiling
geyser. She threw her head from side to side in ecstasy ... again
looking behind her to see the further arousing sight of animal and
human cum mixing and oozing whitely from her clenching cuntal mouth
still milking hungrily at her animal lover's slowly deflating cock.
Thin rivulets of their sticky white fluids ran hotly down over her
smooth inner thighs ... and when she could no longer watch, she pitched
forward on her breasts, her face glistening and resting against Janet's
cum-flooded loins while a sigh of total, ultimate pleasure escaped her
lips ... and she realized that her sister and Duke had made her feel
happier than she ever had before.

For a long while, neither of them said anything, each lost in the warm
afterglow of their orgasms. Kitty was about to drift into a blissful
sleep when she heard the husky voice of her sister fill the room.
"Think, Kitty, even though that was wonderful, tomorrow, Mike will be
here. Then we'll be a family again ... a real family, just like the way
we were when we were children."

Kitty said nothing, although she smiled at the thought of her brother
joining them the next day. Well, she thought to herself, we'll be a
family again ... but not the way we were when we were all kids. I have
the feeling that when Mike gets here, we'll have fun like we never had
when we were growing up.

She allowed her naked body to rest up against the soft warm flesh of
her older sister's, and she then fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep
with Duke curled up in a tight ball between their feet.

Chapter 4

Totally naked and unashamed, Kitty rode the back of Duke through
cloudless skies over the gentle rolling hills by her sister's home
toward some unknown destination. As the dog galloped through the azure
sky, Kitty could feel the delightful sensations of having his soft,
furry back rub against her sensitive cuntal lips, and with each
mounting stride the animal took, she came closer and closer to orgasm.

"Kitty!" she heard some far off voice call, "Kitty! Are you coming?
Come on, Sis, time to get up."

The golden blonde haired girl watched as the image vanished before her
eyes, and suddenly, everything was different. She was not flying
through the air at all. She was in the bedroom of her sister's cabin.
It had all been a dream, one that she would have liked to continue and
finish ...

"Kitty!! Breakfast is ready. Are you awake yet?" Janet called from the

Now that's a stupid question, Kitty thought to herself as she got to
her feet. How could I truthfully answer no to that? The thought of
telling her sister that she was asleep made her smile, but as she
became more awake, the smile left her lips. Oooooohhhhh, she ached all
over. Her mind still a little foggy, she let her eyes drop to her naked
body, and when they finally focused, she could see why her muscles were
so tired, and why her loins ached more than the rest of her. Twice the
previous day she had been fucked, and the very fact that her thighs
were touching each other made her still sensitive cuntal lips throb
with a pain that reminded her of her more happy moments with her old
lover. It was a pain that she did not mind having. As she became even
more awake, she found that she had a headache. No doubt from all that
pot, she thought to herself. Wow ... that had been some night ... well
worth the aches and pains of this morning, well worth feeling a lot
worse than I do.

As she sat with her feet hanging over the edge of the bed, having sat
back down because her feet were a little wobbly with her slight hang-
over, she could smell her sister's cooking filter through the cabin.
The various aromas mingled in her nose, and as she picked them out:
coffee, eggs, toast, pancakes, sausage, she realized that she was
ravenous. Eating something would make her feel a great deal better.

Again getting to her feet, this time managing to keep her balance, she
thought pleasantly of the events of the night before. She had really
thrown herself into the orgiastic fun, and her brain still reeled from
the memory of what it had felt like to have her cunt licked and fucked
so wonderfully, first by her loving sister, and then by her sister's
dog. She would never have believed that such pleasure was possible. She
wondered how she could match the pleasure she had received only hours
ago. Everything from now on would seem small by comparison. She thought
of her sister, and found that Janet had really shocked her. She had
never dreamed that it was possible for one person to express herself so
totally. And she had never dreamed that her own need for passionate
love had been so great, that Janet could actually fill that love ...
and that she had been able to fulfill her sister's need for the same
thing. She never thought she had it in her ... and now that she knew,
she wanted to use the talents her sister had brought out again and
again. As she rummaged through her dresser drawer, she found her terry
cloth bathrobe, one of her favorite pieces of clothing. It was
practical without being too heavy, and even though it came only midway
down her thighs, she found that it was exciting without being too
revealing. A wonderful all-purpose gown. For a brief moment, she
thought of putting on some panties, but she put the thought out of her
mind. What did she have to hide ... and from whom? Her sister was
living a totally free life here in the woods, and Kitty was determined
that she was going to share in the freedom. She might have decided to
wear nothing at all, but she could hear the voice of Janet's son at the
table, and appearing naked in front of the young boy might be the type
of freedom even Janet would not condone.

Finally, after brushing her long, tangled hair a little, she stepped
out of her bedroom and entered the kitchen.

"Well, sleepy-head," her sister chirped. "I'm glad to see you finally
got up. I hope you realize it's nearly eight o'clock."

"Eight o'clock?" Kitty asked in a hazy voice. "I only get up that early
when I have to go to work. I thought I was on vacation here." She could
not help smiling though. She was glad that her sister had not let her
sleep too late. She wanted to roam around in the woods some more, and
now would have more time to do it. If she hurried, she would be able to
catch some of the animals who only came out at night before they slept
for the day. Janet placed a plate of eggs and pancakes in front of her,
and as she began to eat, she noticed that she was feeling better

* * *

Mike Mill tried to relax as he flew at a height of thirty thousand feet
above the sun-drenched fields of the mid-west. It had been years since
he had been on an airplane, and he had forgotten how peaceful and
restful it was, but since it had been so long, he had also forgotten
the problems that can arise at an airport. The lines, the pushing, the
shoving ... he was glad that he had left most of that behind for the
harder yet simpler work of teaching migratory farmers. When he had
gotten his sister's letter, telling him that her husband had died, he
had been very sorry for her. The only time he had met Janet's husband
had been at the wedding, and even though he hardly knew the man, he
could see that he and his sister were very much in love. The real
surprise of Janet's letter, though, had been when she invited him to
visit her at her cabin in the Catskills of New York. After he had left
New York City, he vowed that he would never return to that rat-race,
the same rat-race that had destroyed Janet's husband. When his plane
landed at Kennedy International he told himself, he would rent a car
and drive out of the city as quickly as he could. He shuddered at the
thought of trying to fight the always heavy New York traffic,
especially after all these years of being away from it, but he would do
that much for his sister ... that much and more. And Kitty was going to
be there too. That would make it all the more exciting. He hadn't heard
from or about his younger sister in a long time. He wondered if she had
gotten married, or had found a man at least. She had always been fairly
popular with men, easy to get along with, easy to talk to.

As his plane glided high above the clouds, his thoughts drifted from
his sisters to a girl he thought he might be in love with, another
worker at his camp who had decided that living in the large city was
getting her nowhere. He had fucked her several times, and each time was
as exciting as the last, sometimes more so. As he closed his eyes, he
found that her vision returned to him, her long full red hair streaming
down her tapered white back, the full upthrust of her perfect, dark-
nippled breasts ... her slender waist and the sweeping flare of her
hips and voluptuously rounded buttocks. He could almost feel her long
legs, the fullness of her cream-white thighs ... and the vee of her
bright red cuntal curls up between them ... He had been loath to leave
her for this visit with his sisters ... but in the long run, he
reasoned, it would be the best thing to do. It would make it all the
more exciting when he returned to her. She was the most exciting, most
arousing girl he had ever met. He himself would suck ... fuck ... do
anything with a woman that she wanted, but until he met Susan, he had
never found a woman that would satisfy his endless sexual appetite who
was also intelligent. In Susan he felt he had found the perfect, total
woman, and now that he was away from her, he could feel an emptiness
that he knew would not leave him until he was once again in her arms
... and her bed. Her loving made the hard work of teaching children,
many of whom could not speak English, all the more rewarding, and the
two had come to be accepted as a mother and father image in the camp
where they worked.

And then he decided that he would put her out of his mind for the
while. After all, he was going to visit the other women in his life ...
the only other women he could truthfully say he loved. And judging from
the tone of Janet's letter, it would be a visit he would not long

He was finally able to get to sleep, able to relax from all pushing and
shoving at the airport where he had boarded his plane. He knew he would
have to face the same thing when he got off his plane, but right now,
all he wanted to do was sleep.

* * *

Kitty felt so much better after her breakfast that she decided to pack
a small lunch and take it with her while she went wandering around the
woods. As things turned out, however, she did not leave as soon as she
wanted. She and her sister began talking again of their childhood, and
before Kitty knew it, it was time for lunch. Their conversation
meandered from one topic to another, each sister not only catching up
on details of the lives of their old friends, but exploring each
other's feelings about each other. Janet told of her more intimate life
with her husband, how much they had loved each other, how he wanted
nothing but the best for her and had worked himself to death trying to
give it to her.

"That shows a very great love," Kitty commented. "There are not many
men who would do that for a woman."

"That may be," retorted Janet, "but if he had really loved me, he would
be here with me today. In a sense, I guess you could say he left me.
Not for another woman, of course, like what happened to you, but that
does not make the pain any less hard to take."

From time to time, as the sisters talked, Johnny would come in and
listen for a while. When he had had enough, he would go outside and
play, returning again and listening for a while longer. Kitty found,
during the course of the morning, that she was becoming very fond of
the young boy. He had all of his father's traits that Kitty could
remember from having met Janet's husband, and the younger woman could
tell by the way Janet acted toward her son that he had been a child of
love. Kitty had never thought it was possible to be closer to her
sister than she had gotten the night before, but she was wrong. As the
women talked and shared their deepest, innermost secrets, Kitty felt a
fresh, vibrant wave come over her. Although neither of them mentioned
the night before, Kitty had the feeling that something like that might
happen again. She was determined that she would not force it, though.
Love between people, Kitty knew, is not forced. It just happens.

In time, Kitty decided that she would end the conversation and spend
the rest of the day in the woods. She did not feel as though she had
wasted time talking to her sister, but the forest was just too lovely
for her to stay inside any longer. She had enough of that when she
lived in the city.

"What time will Mike be here?" Kitty asked her sister.

"Well ... his plane lands around noon ... figure about three hours or
so to drive up here from Kennedy ... although if I know Mike, he'll
probably get lost ..." Both sisters laughed ... "I guess he'll be here
around five or so."

Kitty nodded, pleased that she would have a great deal of time left in
the day to walk around. She wanted to be there when her older brother

"Are you sure you don't mind that I'm leaving you all alone with all
the work of making dinner?" Kitty asked, suddenly feeling a little

"Oh, for Christ's sake," her sister scolded lightly, "you're my guest
... and my sister. I haven't done anything like cook for a man since
... I became a widow. I used to wander around the woods when I first
got here, so I know what it's like. Besides, I wouldn't want to let my
cooking talents slip. You know what they say about too many cooks."

Kitty could tell that her sister was sincere in her desire to do all
the cooking alone. Again she felt a fresh wave of happiness come over
her. She couldn't believe that it was so easy to feel good. Yes, she
thought to herself, it will be a real shame, almost a tragedy to leave
this place and go back to St. Louis.

* * *

Even though Kitty had lost all track of time while she wandered around
in the wooded hills, she managed to make it back to her sister's cabin
before Mike had arrived. She was happy that she had not missed the
arrival of her brother, and she was glad that he had called Janet and
told her that he would be arriving at about six in the evening. That
gave Kitty time to take a bath and get dressed in a way that she knew
would please her older brother.

During her sister's absence, Janet had prepared a meal that would
please a king, going all out to make the things she remembered her
brother liked a deep pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy and a
beautiful green salad. She had even gone so far as to travel into the
nearest town and buy a bottle of French wine, something she knew would
impress Mike.

Janet too, decided that she wanted to dress up for him. After all, she,
like her sister, had not seen him in years, and she wanted to look her
best. Living in the woods, the nicest thing she had was a pretty cotton
skirt with matching blouse, something she only wore on special
occasions. Until her brother had told her he was coming, she had never
had a reason to wear it.

Kitty made her appearance from her bedroom wearing a short print dress
of Indian silk, light blue and yellow in color. Her small halter did
not permit her to wear a bra, which was fine with her, since she rarely
wore them any more. She had wondered if perhaps the outfit was a little
garish and revealing for her brother, but her fears were laid aside
when she saw Janet's reaction.

"Sayyyyyy, Sis," the older woman said, "you look like you're dressed to

Kitty blushed, surprisingly for her. Then Janet made the comment that
her younger sister was not wearing any pantyhose either, causing
Kitty's blush to deepen in color. As she lowered her head, her chin
rested lightly on the loosely hanging thin metal chain she was wearing
around her neck. She hadn't thought about it until Janet called it to
her attention, but she had indeed dressed as though she was meeting a
boy who was about to take her out on her first date.

However, even Janet could not hide her excitement as she waited for
Mike to arrive, and both women sat by the window, making small talk and
almost staring out, looking for his car. They were both acting like
school children waiting for their father to come home from a long trip,
and this thought made them giddy.

And then, after what seemed like an eternity, they saw a car pull up
next to the house. Janet jumped from her seat, but she was a little
slower than her younger sister, who not only jumped from her chair, but
ran outside, throwing herself in her brother's arms as he stepped from
the car.

"Oh, Mike, Mike, Mike, you're here! You're finally here!" she said as
she pressed her head to his shoulder.

Mike was a little taken aback by his younger sister's enthusiasm, and
the force of her running into his muscular body nearly threw him
against the car. Soon, though, he regained his bearings, and he placed
his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away from his slightly, his
face split with an ear to ear grin.

"Yeah, Sis, I'm here. Now let me take a good look at you. My God,
you've grown up. You look beautiful, Kitty. You really do. I had no
idea how much I missed you until right now," said her brother.

Kitty could not suppress her child-like laughter as she and her brother
walked with their arms around each other back into Janet's cabin. Mike
hadn't changed a bit, as far as Kitty was concerned. He was a little
taller, a little more muscular, more evenly tanned, but aside from
that, he was the same person she had remembered. His faded jeans and
patched workshirt added to his rugged appearance, and everything about
him exhibited the fact that he was a very striking man, a man who knew
what he wanted for himself, and would be satisfied with nothing else.

As brother and sister entered the cabin, Mike stopped while he looked
over Janet. Her happy tension was obvious as she stood in the middle of
the living room, unaware of what to do as she allowed her eyes to focus
on the tall, athletic frame. Sitting next to her was Duke, watching
with interest as the strange man entered his mistress's home. Even
though he had never seen this man before, he could sense that he was
welcome by both of the women in his life, and that was good enough for
him. He waited for Janet to say something that would let him know what
he should do, though, as he sniffed intently, hoping that he might be
able to pick up some clue as to who this stranger was.

"Hello, Mike," said Janet. Her voice was low, and she was a little
surprised to feel that she was shaking all over. She too, felt as
though she was meeting a blind date, and she wished she could have
released her tension as her sister had. It was one of the few times in
her life when she did not know what to do. She hadn't seen her brother
in so long ... and she wanted everything to be the way it had been when
they were children. Would her older brother feel the same way.

Mike stopped dead in his tracks and Kitty moved away from him. She had
never known her sister to be so tense before, but she could see that it
was a happy tension. "Hello, Janet," her brother said, and he walked
over to her and gave her a big hug. Instantly, all of Janet's tension
washed away, and she allowed herself to break down into tears of joy.

"Oh, Mike, you've come home. I've missed you so much ... I was afraid
that you had changed somehow, that you might have forgotten what we all
meant to each other when we were children," she cried.

Mike could not help but smile. "I have changed, Jan," he informed her.
"I've become more loving, more concerned for the feelings of people.
And I've missed you, too ... you and Kitty."

The three of them sat down on the couch, and there was a moment of

"So tell me what you've been doing," both Janet and Mike began at
exactly the same time. They laughed at the happy coincidence. Kitty had
to fight back another rush of sentiment when that happened. There was
so much to talk about, so much to catch up on that none of them knew
where to begin.

"Oh, I have to run into the kitchen for a minute, Mike, and make sure
everything is ready," Janet said, getting up off the couch. "You know,
your coming had put me in a wild spin all day. I hope dinner will turn
out all right. It's been quite a while since I've cooked for ... well,
for a man."

The older woman left the living room, and Kitty and Mike sat and looked
at each other. "Janet bought some wine," the younger sister said.
"Would you like some before dinner?"

"Yes, please," her brother answered. "The drive was really something. I
could use a drink to calm down."

Kitty entered the kitchen, and she and her sister exchanged knowing
smiles while the younger woman poured three glasses of wine. In a few
moments, the two sisters returned to Mike for some conversation before
dinner. Mike couldn't help noticing how beautiful his sisters had
become, especially Kitty. The older brother and younger sister had
always had a special relationship with each other, and Mike was glad to
know that it had not changed.

"You know," he said, looking down at his drink while his sisters
watched him, "it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful the two of you
are. Especially you, Sis," he added, raising his head and looking at
Kitty, who was sitting next to Janet on the older woman's couch
opposite him. The younger girl flushed with embarrassment at his
compliment. "Oh, Mike," she replied softly, "you were always able to
say just the right thing. You could always make me feel good."

"I hope it does make you feel good, Sis, because you know that I mean
every word of it," her brother replied.

The three of them took a few more sips of their drinks, and finally
broke into an easy, friendly conversation. Mike told them of his life
with the farmers, of the girl he had found and his feelings for her.
All the while, he looked again and again at his younger sister. He had
never seen her look so lovely before, and he was getting thoughts that
bothered him. She was beautiful. Her young girlish body, the one he
remembered, had matured into the round, soft fullness of a full fledged
woman, and the closeness he felt for her was becoming something
different than anything he had ever felt before. He had always loved
her when they were growing up ... loved her perhaps more than a brother
usually loves a sister.

Kitty, too, was feeling a little different than she had expected. She
noticed that her brother was staring at her, and even though she felt a
little uneasy with his glances, she also found that she enjoyed his
stares, and she shifted her body in such a way that her short dress
rose slightly along her thighs, exposing a great deal of her shapely
legs to her brother's obviously interested glance. Yet she was not
teasing her brother. After what had happened between her and her sister
the night before, she wanted to let her brother know that she could
express love for him in a way she had never been able to before. She
was not certain, however, how he felt about it. He might read
everything wrong.

"And so," Mike concluded his story, "here I am. Now, suppose you tell
me what's been happening with the two of you."

Both Janet and Kitty spoke freely, the tension of seeing their brother
for the first time in so long lifted as they renewed their friendship.
Janet told of her life with her husband and how she had felt after his
death. Kitty told of her lover, nearly breaking into tears when she
told her brother how she had been hurt by the experience. All the
while, Mike remained silent, his mind focusing on her words, but his
eyes resting again and again on the shapely smoothness of her legs and
the full, heaving mounds of her breasts. Against his will, he could
feel his cock lurch in his pants. Was she coming on to him? He couldn't
be sure. She was not acting in a teasing manner, but she seemed to be
offering him her body, something he could not quite understand. While
he listened to her, he noticed that she had grown up in more ways than
mere physical maturity. She was no longer his kid sister. She acted as
though she had become a woman in the years he had been gone from her.
As she described her sex life with the man who had hurt her so, Mike
was amazed that she could talk about it so casually and freely. That
was something she would not have been able to do in her earlier years.
She was also speaking freely of her sexual depravation. Mike wasn't
sure if it was the liquor affecting her conversation, but he did know
that all this talk was making him very aroused ... and the object of
his arousement was his younger sister!

Janet mentioned that it was about time for dinner, and she left Kitty
and Mike alone for a few moments while she went to prepare the table.
As she left, Mike moved to her seat next to Kitty. She had been talking
about how lonely she felt after her lover had left her and had worked
herself to a case of tears. In a brotherly manner, Mike took her hand
and held it gently in his own, offering her all the comfort he could.
She responded to his comfort by letting her body go limp against his
while she cried on his shoulder, allowing all her sadness over the
experience come out. He stroked her long blonde hair softly, gently,
and he felt her body relax even more against his. Surprised slightly,
Kitty nevertheless felt her breath shorten a bit, while impulsive
thrills of warm delight raced through her belly. Then he drew her to
him in a brotherly hug, his lips kissing her on the cheek as her arms
slipped around his neck in response. His open hand smoothed lightly
over the exposed flesh of her back to hug her tightly again. Then he
planted fervent kisses on her forehead, pressuring down firmly ... and
even though he wanted to, he went no further.

"I think dinner should be about ready," she whispered, her breath oddly
heavy when they broke their embrace, neither one brave enough to admit
what they were feeling for each other at that moment. "And after
dinner, Janet has some really fine pot. Something to really liven
things up a bit."

Mike smiled at her as they stood up and joined Janet in the dining
room. "Now, that's something I could really enjoy," he told her as he
placed his arm around her waist and walked through the house. As they
were about to enter the dining room, he could not suppress a warm
feeling of love rushing over him at seeing her again after all these
years. She had certainly changed. She was so sweet and sensitive ... he
could see that she had been more deeply hurt by what had happened to
her with her lover. It seemed to him that she was afraid that she would
not be able to fall in love with another man again. He wanted to show
her that she could. He wanted to teach her that it would again be
possible. Too bad she was his sister. She was such a lovely, luscious
person. It was all he could do to fight back the urges he felt to take
her in his arms, to press his lips against hers, to let himself fall
freely into an embrace that was something other than brotherly love.

It was as though Kitty had read his mind, for just before they entered
the dining room, while they were still out of sight from her older
sister, she turned her head toward his and placed her lips firmly on
his surprised mouth. They pulled each other's bodies tightly, and it
was only at Mike's insistence that they finally pulled their bodies
away from each other. Kitty was afraid that she might have pushed him
too far, done something he did not understand, and they entered the
dining room in a slightly tense silence.

Chapter 5

All during dinner, Janet spoke freely of her life since she and her
brother had last seen each other. Kitty and Mike sat next to each
other, their nearness causing a deep, emotional feeling in each other.
Kitty found that she was somewhat uncomfortable in her brother's
presence, an uncomfortableness that came from not understanding how her
brother felt about the kiss she had given him just before they came to
dinner. While Janet talked on and on, Kitty found herself wanting
something more to happen. She wanted to share the same love with her
brother that she had with her sister the night before, and she was not
sure how her brother felt about it. She wanted to talk to him, alone if
possible. Even though she trusted and loved Janet, she felt that what
she had to say to Mike should be said in private.

Kitty was a little disappointed that she could not feel the way she
used to with her brother, but it had been so long since she had been
held by a man ... And she loved her brother so dearly, with his strong,
handsome good looks and reassuring personality. Even though she knew
better, she found that it was hard for her to think of him as her

Mike too, was beside himself with the churning pressure building in his
loins. He had expected to find his kid sister, but instead had found a
lovely, charming woman. Had he grown up all these years with her, he
might not feel this way, he told himself. But there was no denying that
he found in his youngest sibling a woman who was very like his own girl
on the farm. He wondered if Kitty could tell that his cock was bulging
in his pants. She certainly seemed to be looking at his crotch enough

After dinner, Janet insisted on doing most of the cleaning up. "You two
are my guests," she told her relatives. "You're here to have fun.
Besides, I'll just throw these dishes in the dishwasher, and join you
in the living room. Suppose you roll some joints," she said to her
brother. "I'll be in to join you before you can smoke even one of

Kitty and Mike exchanged knowing looks and walked into the living room,
each of them making small talk while the rugged man rolled pot
cigarettes. True to her word, Janet joined them shortly, and the three
of them proceeded to smoke some of the grass. Before long, they were
lost in a haze of drug-induced happiness. Kitty began talking about how
lovely it was in the woods, how she had wandered around in the nearby

"You know, Sis," her brother began, "there were times when I would get
stoned and walk around the farm. Suppose you give me a grand tour of
the woods and fields around here."

Kitty felt her belly flutter at the thought of being alone in the warm
night air with her brother.

"Yes, Kitty," said Janet. "Why don't you? I can finish cleaning up here
and get things ready for some fun later tonight." Kitty's older sister
gave her a little wink, and although Kitty did not understand what it
meant, she could tell that her older sister did not mind that she and
Mike go romping in the woods.

It was warm enough outside that neither Kitty or Mike felt the need for
even a light overcoat. As they left the house, Kitty was amazed at how
lovely everything was at night, now that she was with her brother. The
delicious enveloping fog of marijuana, good food and each other's
company made her feel totally at ease, and she found that she could
relax her body against her brother as he put his arm around her slender
waist. For many long moments, they walked through the woods until they
were out of sight of the house. Neither of them said anything to each
other, until finally, in the darkness of a small wooded area, Mike
stopped and looked into Kitty's eyes.

"You know, brothers don't usually feel the way about their sisters that
I do now."

She nodded, and then placed her head against his shoulder. "I know,
darling," she answered softly, her voice hushed and low. "And sisters
don't usually feel like I do right now either."

There was another long silence. Finally, Mike lifted his sister's face
from him lightly and pressed his mouth softly against her moist lips,
engulfing her in a surge of sweet emotion. His tongue knifed out to
slice between her teeth and her warm mouth. She was immediately
responsive to him, her whole body thrilling as his big hands went
smoothing down her back to encase the firm, fleshy ovals of her
irresistible buttocks, to caress and cup them as he drew her soft belly
and loins up tight against his rigid cock.

"It's been so long, Kitty," he whispered. "I haven't seen you for so
many years that you seem like a different woman to me. I have to get as
close to you as I can." The young blonde could feel the long, thick
length of his desire-hardened penis throbbing hotly against her
trembling belly. She couldn't hold back the short breaths of passion
escaping from her lips as they molded to his, the beautiful prospects
of what they were starting dancing wildly in her brain, along with the
heavy feel of masculine assurance pledged solidly against her lust-
incited flesh.

"Mike, I want you to fuck me ... now ... here in the woods," she said
so softly he hardly heard her.

"And I want you ... oh I want to fuck you so badly," he told her. He
couldn't believe what was going to happen. His head was spinning at the
thought of what he was going to do. As she faced him, he moved in on
her once more, pressing her willingly yielding young body tight to him,
his lips lowering hotly to hers, his tongue again probing the sweet,
moist heat of her mouth. She sucked on it gently, letting the vibrant
contours of her body flow into his.

"Kitty, darling ... I want to love you," Mike said through the
wonderful haze of his grass-filled mind. "I want to love you like a
sister should be loved. I did it when we were younger, and now that
we're older, I want to do it again. I want to express the same love,
but in a different way ... I want to make you as happy as I can ... I
want to fuck you and fuck you til I'm cumming out your ears!"

The young blonde placed a finger to his lips. "Oh, darling ...!" she
mewled, sensing his blood-engorged penis palpitating hotly against her
snuggling belly and loins, her breasts heaving with their tiny
stiffened nipples smashed against his strong chest. "Hurry ... take off
your clothes ... I want you to do everything to me ... everything ..."

Mike wasted no time, quickly beginning to remove his clothes. He was
glad that there were no modesty hang-ups between he and his sister. He
could remember once when they had taken a bath together, and although
neither of them had thought there was anything wrong with it, their
mother had put a stop to that practice. But now ... they were mature
adults, acting like mature adults. He was breathing heavily as he
stripped naked and stood there, feeling his swollen cock poling out
from his loins as if a leaded weight had been tied to the end of it. He
heard her breath catch above the rustle of her own clothing, and he
moved toward the sound.

"Darling ... sweet darling brother ..." Kitty hissed, her eager eyes
feasting on the long, thick length of his cock and the bloated sac of
his balls hanging so handsomely between his strong thighs. She lovingly
grasped his bobbing penis, curling her fingers around its rigid
hardness and feeling him jerk and gasp at her touch. His hands reached
for her and she stood perfectly still, knowingly beginning to stroke
the pulsating length of his thick sinewy cock while his discerning
fingers swept over her naked trembling curves. At last, he lowered his
head, cupping the full mound of one rounded smooth breast and sucked
its tiny, straining nipple deep into his hot, wet mouth! Kitty swayed
with erotic rapture, and he had to catch her in his arms to keep her
from losing her balance.

"Now, let's get down on the ground, little sister ... you beautiful
armload ... before I cum in your hand," Mike hissed.

"Now, that wouldn't be as much fun as what I had in mind," she
whispered back to him, lowering her body onto the soft, dry earth and
pulling him down on top of her. "I have a better place in mind than my
hand for your cum," she added, hugging his muscular body tight to her
breasts and shivering with the sensations of burning desire building
deep in her quivering belly and feverishly moistening loins.

But she was hardly prepared for the lustful hunger that abruptly took
charge of her older brother. His eager mouth was suddenly all over her
face and throat, his lashing tongue charging deep into her open mouth,
his big hands kneading the resilient white flesh of her firm, full
breasts, twisting and rolling their tiny nipples with a craving that
long moments before she began to finally comprehend. He had been so
long away from his loving sister, had so much love for her stored
inside of him that he was like a starved animal offered food after a
long famine. His strong hands, which she knew to be gentle, ravenously
searched and explored the most intimate hollows and curves of her
freely offered young nakedness.

Kitty whimpered with passion in the face of his desire to show her his
love, her impulse to please and satisfy him now more intense than any
craving of her own. She wanted to show him how much she appreciated all
the times he had been with her when they were children, wanted to thank
him for helping her when she was younger. She could do that now, she
thought, as she smoothed her own small hands possessively over the hard
muscular flesh of his handsome male body. Oh, God, yes ... she could
truly show him how much she loved him ...!

Mike groaned and writhed on top of her, almost whining with pleasure
when he bit at her neck, and she spread her long legs wide, urging his
naked body over between her claiming thighs where she wanted him.
"Please, Mike! Hurry ... It's been so long for me ... for both of us
together ... Fuck me ... fuck me hard ... fill me with your big,
beautiful cock and cum ... please ... I want you to ...!"

Drawing her legs back, Kitty reached down between their hungrily
pressed bodies. Never had she been so filled with warm, passionate love
as at that moment when she levered her hand down between her widespread
thighs to find the raging hot thickness of his beautiful penis! And, as
she closed her fingers around its blood-hardened girth, she knew that,
at last, all things were about to come true for her.

To Mike, her soft hand curling once more around his frantically pulsing
cock was enough to push him over the edge. He felt her working his
sensitive foreskin back and then guiding the rubbery head inward toward
that moist, secret place between her thighs. Then he could feel the hot
nibbling warmth of her cuntal flesh and the soft, tickling curls of her
pussy-hair grazing his cock-head as she slowly insinuated the spongy
tip ... and then she stopped, as though she was waiting for something

"Oh, darling ... darling ...!" she whispered, losing the words in a
groan which broadened as he lunged his hard-pressed cock furiously up
into her!

Her moist cuntal heat clasped around his aching cock like a seething
wrap of hot fluid resistance, and he gasped aloud as he thrust
mindlessly into her upturned pussy-mouth in long, slow strokes that
filled her receptive vagina to greater and greater depths.

Beneath him, Kitty's pinioned body quivered and trembled, her pebble-
hard nipples branding into his chest with a tight, burning pressure.
Her soft hot belly brushed against the tensed muscles of his own, and
her strong, full thighs clamped and unclamped around his hips, holding
and releasing him as the clasping inner flesh of her cunt sucked and
pulled at his lust-driven penis with a passion he had never felt

"Oh ... Christ ... Jesus ...!" he groaned, sensing the seething,
velvety sheath of her inner cunt squeezing and sucking along the full
length of his love-starved penile flesh. He knew he wasn't going to
last another minute at this rate.

"Lover ... my lover ... Fuck your Kitty ... darling, fuck me," she
spurred him on in a raspy, sensual whisper, bucking and writhing
beneath him as she hugged him down tightly on her. "Don't hold it back
... cum in me, darling brother ... fill my belly ... shoot it all up
into my belly ...!"

Her face moved from side to side beneath his caressing fingertips. Tiny
indications appeared on her lush red lips where her teeth pressed them
in moments of intense passion. Then every so often her gasping mouth
came back against his, her teeth nipping at his lips, her tongue
sucking his deep inside.

"Damn ... Goddamn ...!" Mike choked, pulling back. "I can't hold it
back, Sis ... I can't hold it back ... I'm going to cum. I'm going to
cccccuuuuummmm ...!" he blurted as he pounded his blood-inflated cock
deep up into the burning sanctuary of her churning belly with long,
smooth strokes. He could feel the boiling sperm ready to burst from the
reservoir of his over-bloated balls as they beat lasciviously against
the cheeks of her upturned buttocks. He thrust his plundering tongue to
the depths of her throat, and, with greedy, kneading hands, reached
down to clutch the widespread ovals of her ass-cheeks, hauling them up
hard against his fast driving pelvis, slamming his now spewing cock
fully up into her unresisting cuntal channel.

"Aaaaahhhh ... yes ... lover ... yes fill me ... fill me with your hot
love-cum, Mike!" Kitty wantonly urged him on, at the same time feeling
the erotic bubbling taking place inside her own loins as the turgid,
pulsing head of his deeply sucked cock suddenly flared larger and began
to spurt. She could feel the streams of white-hot semen shooting far up
into her nakedly clenching belly with the force of molten fire,
churning around her dilated vagina in a growing pool of long-desired

She wished she could cum with him at that very moment, but she couldn't
... she couldn't just yet ... almost, but not quite. Oooohhhh! Her eyes
closed and all the time he was cumming inside her, her mouth worked and
quivered and her neck strained as she forced her head tightly against
the ground with the intensity of her passion ...

And then, panting heavily, his strong, muscular body collapsed on top
of her while she continued to hold and caress him as she lay there
beneath him, neither of then speaking for several minutes. Finally,
Mike rolled part-way off her, but she wouldn't let him go entirely,
even after his limp penis slid wetly back out of her still nibbling
vagina. Instead, she cradled him there between her wide-open thighs and
drew his head down to rest against the softness of her rising and
falling breasts.

"How was that? Did you like that, Mike?" Kitty whispered, running her
fingers over his cheeks, then lovingly through his hair.

"Sis, it was sweet. It was beautiful, honey ..." he sighed. "I just
wish it could have been as good for you as it was for me."

She lightly placed her finger against his lips. "Don't you worry about
me. Can't you see how happy I am?" Kitty said as she brought her mouth
close to his ear. "My belly is filled with so much of your love ... and
that's all that matters now. I wanted you to be happy with me, darling

"I am happy, Kitty," he replied, his cheek pressed into the softness
of her warm, full breast. He kissed the smooth, yielding mound from the
side of his mouth, then teased it with his tongue as he moved closer to
the tiny hardened nipple, sucking it between his lips in the same
sideways manner. "I'm happy all right, but we're a long way from being

"Mmmmmmmm," she mewled, embracing his head tighter against her naked
breasts, her desire-filled young body gently squirming beneath him.
God, how lucky she was to have a brother like this. She loved him ...
had always loved him ... and only now was she realizing how she could
show him the love she had for him. She would treasure all these moments
until the day she died. She knew she would never forget them. She had
finally been able to repay him for all the kindness and understanding
he had shown her when they were children. She ran her fingers through
his auburn hair while his tongue and lips nibbled and taunted at her
bursting nipples, sending delightful ripples spiraling through her.

He paused and reached over to his clothes nearby on the ground,
searching for and then finding a joint he had slipped into his pocket
for just this occasion. Then, lighting it and taking a deep drag, he
handed it to his sister as she lay still half under him on the soft,
warm ground. It was then that Mike remembered that he had not yet seen
Janet's son. In fact, nobody had even mentioned the child. He asked
Kitty where he was.

"He was invited to a friend's house for the night," Kitty informed him.
"He has so few friends out here that Janet thought it would be best if
he went. He'll be back tomorrow." Then, "Let's not worry about him now.
We have each other. There will be plenty of time later ... tomorrow

"Yes," Mike agreed. "We are lucky to have each other." He moved up to
kiss her, their arms clinging tightly around each other's naked body,
the depth of their feeling flowing from one to the other with warm,
passionate vibrance. He began to stroke his hand down over the curved
nakedness of her full, round breasts, exploring again, but this time
with more delicacy.

"Oh, Mike, darling!" Kitty moaned as she felt his long thick penis
stirring against her thigh once more. She slipped her arms up around
his neck while he eased his tongue between the waiting moistness of her
lips and she began to suck gently on it, nibbling with sharp tiny nips
and feeling with her fingers the muscular shudder that moved up his
naked back.

Mike felt her squirming to work one leg between his, then felt the
pressure of her smooth, warm thigh against his swelling cock, bringing
it to hardness, renewed and fresh. He grunted? feeling the seminal
wetness from its tiny eye-slit smearing against her leg.

"Mike ... Mike ... you've fucked me so happy ... I never knew a person
could be fucked so happy ... and I want you to know that I'm not
ashamed of what we've done."

"I wouldn't have done it if I thought you would feel bad after ..." he
told her as he felt her fingers toying at the back of his neck. Her
warm breath was increasing in tempo against his face. She let him move
back in between her yawning legs once more, loving him cradled that way
on top of her. She kissed him, darting her hot tongue wetly up into his
mouth, and then in and out in a brazen little semblance of what she
really wanted. His big hands trailed down her sides following the
symmetrical contours of her waist and hips and finally beneath her
along the ground to the smooth fleshy ovals of her buttocks, cupping
the rounded moons in his palms and splaying fingers. She clung
excitedly to him, then stroked her own hands down his lean, hard flesh,
searching eagerly into the private hollows of his body. Her head was
swimming with the thrilling delight of their reunion ... this very
special reunion ... of her fulfillment to come. Ohhh, how she wanted
him ... needed him like this ... and she would want him forever ... she
just knew it ...!

She squirmed again beneath him, whispering for him to move his legs on
the outside of hers once more. He did, his long, thick hardness
pressing hotly against the supple flesh at the juncture of her thighs,
its blunt head, bulbous and throbbing, splitting the narrow hair-
fringed slit of her cunt to gently nudge at her tiny clitoris. She
undulated her hips to increase the wild erotic stimulation and then
lifted them while she moved her arms beneath her buttocks, and, with
the fingers of both hands, spread her flushed wet vaginal lips open
wider to him, offering a greater tensing contact for his cock with her
love-sensitized cunt-flesh. Then she dropped back onto the ground, his
throbbing hot length tightly caught up between her hotly sensuous
pleasures of his sister's voluptuously inviting body! Jesus! Even his
current girlfriend had never made him feel like this. He had never
known that a man could lose all sense of perspective once he lay caught
between a lovely woman's legs, and she was certainly the most lovely
woman he knew. He trailed his hands over the soft curves of her naked
body again and again, unable to get enough of her, while she began a
slow rhythmic undulation with her hips and buttocks. He could feel the
long, smooth muscles and tendons beneath her satiny flesh ripple
lightly, and thought again with lustful anticipation about how her
thighs had felt pressing firmly around his hips only moments ago when
his pulsing cock had been buried deep up between them.

She mewled like a kitten beneath him, mashing her lips up against his,
writhing her smooth, flat belly tight to his own, her long nails
sensually taunting the flesh of his back as he drew her hot, cum-
drenched loins more snugly up to his. He tasted the delicious sweetness
of her passion-heated mouth while he moved up and down slowly, the full
length of his desire-hardened cock insinuating itself along her wide-
split cuntal flesh and massaging it to greater and greater wetness with
every passing second. Again, he caught her lush ass-cheeks in the palms
of his hands, feeling them grow taut and then relax as she began a more
frantic rotation up against his crazily throbbing loins, until abruptly
those long, shapely legs showed their strength, pulling out from
beneath him on either side, flailing into the air and finally
encircling him to press crab-like against the backs of his thighs in an
effort to lock him tighter into her body.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh ... now ... Mike ... now ... Fuck me, darling
... Fuck me, before I go insane!" she groaned against his lips, her
labored breath hot on his face, her hand worming down between their
highly aroused bodies to grasp his aching cock and guide it properly
into the tight little mouth of her quivering vagina.

Mike grunted as he felt her fingers close around his lust engorged
hardness, unable to hold himself back any longer. With a decisive
movement of his raised hips, he drove forward with a resounding fleshy
smack deep up into the searing heat of her greedily absorbing cunt.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ..." he heard her moan with pleasure beneath him,
while the amazing tightness of her vagina sheathed his bursting cock
with such a feverish hold that another guttural moan of delight escaped
from deep in his throat.

He thrust hard, sending his lust-aroused cock farther up into her
burning cunt with an almost hellish force, driving and pounding, the
flow of her cuntal secretions coating his shaft with a slippery,
frictionless wetness that drove him wildly on. He felt the bloated,
spongy knob of his cock pummeling up against the cushiony tip of her
cervix deep inside, while his re-inflated balls swatted hard up between
the undulating cheeks of her buttocks.

Kitty wailed with pleasure filled pain, writhing in a moment of
unexpected brief agony as the huge head of his thundering penis
punished blissfully the secret paths of her ravished belly. But this
was what she wanted ... the way she had come to love it with the only
other man she had ever loved ... hard, hard and deep ... the way she
had thought she would never feel it again. With open mouth, she whined
uncontrollably, but her little cry of torment only seemed to incite her
brother on to even greater lust as he rammed his hairy pelvis hard into
the fleshy gift of her soft, freely offered loins. She felt him flexing
his deep sunk penis at the very apex of his stroke to raise a further
groan of abandoned delight from her lips ... and then he paused
momentarily, and she gasped for breath, running her clutching hands
over his naked flesh in joy-filled hunger.

Little purling sounds of lust continued to tumble from her lips as she
lay beneath him completely subjugated to their mutual pleasure,
entirely impaled on his love-giving cock-flesh probing the intimate
depths of her churning belly. Mike panted as though he had just
finished running a mile, looking down to her with total devotion. He
brought one hand up to tenderly touch her face, his lust increasing as
he saw the wanton look of slave-like passion in her eyes! God, what a
beautiful, breathtaking woman. Even his present girlfriend could not
stand in her shadow ... and he was in love with her. But this was
something different ... years of stored love released at a single
moment. A feeling of intoxication swept through him, causing him to
feel the inflamed, blood-engorged head of his aching cock again and
again, knowing that she wanted it, and raising a series of gurgling
moans from her sensually gasping throat.

They did not speak. There were no words they- could have used. They had
found each other in shared desire, he realized, as she labored hungrily
up against him and he ground harder into the burning wet flesh of her
cock-hungry cunt, feeling her arch her voluptuous loins needfully up to
him. Her movements lifted both of them from the ground as she whimpered
incessantly, and he began. his thrusting tempo once more. He felt her
clasping thighs tighten and release around him as she started to work
up and down his hardened rod of cock-flesh with her eagerly milking
vagina until they had established a mutual rhythm. Her head started to
loll in an ungovernable pattern from side to side while he listened to
her lips murmuring in his ear in impassioned abandon.

"Oooooooohhhhhh ... Ahh, oh ... my lover ... my brother ... you're
wonderful ... I love you ... Love you ... I'll always remember this,
darling," she cried in his ear. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, you're so strong and
gentle! You're driving me insane ... more ... I want more ... put your
finger in my ass ... shove your finger all the way up my ass ... do it
lover ... please!"

Her wanton pleas set off a roaring current of lust within him, and it
raced through his twitching cock, thundered through his brain and his
clutching hands! Mike pressed his fingers underneath her, into the
smooth, widespread crevice between her upraised buttocks and found the
tiny, puckered circle between her anus with his extended fuck finger.
The undulating nether ring was wet from a thin rivulet of warm moisture
that had dribbled down from where his throbbing cock was fucking
insanely up into her cunt. He felt her shiver as he caressed her there,
teasing her and lubricating the small fleshy ring more with the balled
pad of his finger before probing inside. He sensed her full-mounded
buttocks leaning back toward his hand, onto his stiffened finger while
he pressed forward, surprised at first by the resistance he met. In a
sudden elastic pop, the rubbery flesh seemed to open up like a small
mouth to suck his finger up inside to the first knuckle joint. Kitty
lurched beneath him almost as if she were trying to escape the sudden
intrusion, but he knew different.

"Yes ... yes ... that's it ... that's what I want ... you fuck so
beautifully ... fuck me more ... I love you so much ... Aaahhh ... fuck
harder ... harder ... I love it ... I love you ...!

Mike wondered that his mind had not already gone insane in his own
crazily building lust. His brain was a sponge, saturated with love, and
his cock was screaming with the strain, as if he would never cum again.
He knew that if he didn't cum soon, he most surely would go insane. He
thrust his deeply embedded finger even further up into the clasping
heat of her tight, spongy rectum, at the same time increasing the
stroke of his charging cock up into the seething wetness of her pussy.
He felt her absorbing rectal walls generating the heat of her passion
into the length of his finger, buried now to the palm of his hand, and
she bleated with pleasure which had obviously taken control over her.
It was almost the way he could make his girlfriend on the farm feel ...
but his sister was making him feel totally absorbed in his actions ...
her love for him giving him an ecstasy he had never known with another

The love-crazed young sister skewered her buttocks wantonly back down
onto his stiffened fuck-finger, searching, pleading, encircling it in
the hotly clutching depths of her nether passage, seeming to revel in
its delightful presence as he rotated it wildly up inside her there. At
the same time, Mike could feel the in and out plunges of his sperm-
heavy cock through the thin partition of flesh separating her two
wonderfully filled passages ... feeling his cock throbbing against his
deeply exploring fuck-finger and feeling his fingertip against the
hardened flesh of his straining penis.

Jesus ...! She was too much ... she was total ... she wanted everything
he had to give ... and he wanted to give it all to her. He was certain
that he would have to cum soon. All these years away from her ... his
beloved, little sister ... He had to show her how much he loved her.

He tried to establish a combination fucking rhythm of finger and cock,
until he was driving furiously up into her in syncopated unison. He had
to make her cum this time ... had to! Kitty groaned and writhed her
naked body wantonly beneath him on the ground. He felt her long,
shapely legs yawning wide to give him the greatest possible access in
his ravishment of her steaming, offered loins. Abruptly, he expanded
still more, his cock throbbing and growing inside her to the point
where he knew it would soon erupt. He sensed the ever-increasing,
needle-like pressure building incredibly in his bloated balls, and he
knew the end was coming.

Jesus ... he had to do something, or it was going to be all over for
him. He began slamming into her vagina with longer, harder strokes as
his finger fucked deep up into her hotly gripping rectal legs, her face
contorted in a wild mask of animal lust, and he hoped to God that she
was ready to cum ... He just knew he couldn't last another minute ...
Then ... he heard the distinctly different little moans gurgling deep
in her throat and felt her thighs opening and closing around him as she
thrust upward onto his raging cock and backward onto his plunging
finger to the fierce tempo of his last-ditch fucking!

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ... harder ... Mike ... harder ... fuck me hard
... hard, lover," Kitty cried, digging her heels into the flesh of his
back. Suddenly, she drew back her legs and brought them to his
shoulders, presenting him with the total widespread plateau of her
passion-inflamed loins. Her eyes, like her teeth, were clamped tightly
together, her lovely face twisting and straining as her orgasm came
over her ...

"Ooooooohhhhhhh ... GGGoodd ... ohh darling ... I'm cccuuummmiiinnggg

She whimpered, cried out, then actually screamed, pulling her thighs
back until the whole of her hungrily devouring cunt was offered up to
her loving brother in a sacrifice of love. She thrust her hips skyward
with passionate force, her mouth falling loosely open, her nostrils
flaring wide. Wail after wail squealed up out of her as she skewered
her climaxing loins up into his battering cock and clung there while
the seething, slick walls of her salving vagina milked forcefully at
his screaming cock like a out of control, sucking machine incapable of
being filled or stopped!

The totality of her ecstasy stunned him for a moment. Shit ... he'd
never seen anything like it ... let alone been the cause of it. It
stayed his own orgasm with just the incredible wonder of her. Still he
hammered into her, feeling the warm gushes of wet, sticky cum bathing
his thickly fucking cock. It foamed out around his pain-throbbing penis
to drench his naked loins and flood his hotly pulsing balls. She jerked
and lurched beneath him, the nibbling lips and omnivorous vaginal
throat of her amazing cunt drawing feverishly at his bursting cock.
And, as her breathing labored in short, panting gasps, Mike sensed his
boiling sperm racing up the length of his spasming penis with mind-
bending sensation. It wracked his naked frame as it surged from the tip
of his cock like water from a new sprung well, far up into her
quivering hot belly. It jerked and spewed fitfully inside her, while
she ground her hungrily swallowing cunt possessively up tight onto its
buried length.

"Ooooohhhhh ... darling ... lover ... pump it into me ... pump all of
it into me ... I want every drop ... I want it all!" Kitty mumbled
thickly, her thighs quaking, her belly trembling with the unleashed
pool of warm pleasure he was flooding into her. At last, he fell in
exhaustion on top of her, and once more she hugged him in her caressing

She sighed from deep in her chest, her legs falling limply open while
her heart pounded. Her sensual body had been satisfied ... God yes ...
satisfied in a way she would never have dreamed possible.

For a long while, brother and sister said nothing, each lost in deep
thought, their eyes gazing up at the sky, looking at the stars through
an opening in the trees. The night air was warm and dry. A breeze
danced lightly on their naked bodies in a delightful natural after-
play, easing their sex-jagged nerves to calmness. They watched as a
falling star momentarily lit the sky, and Kitty took it as a sign that
the heavens themselves had been moved with the power of the love she
had shared with her brother.

"I feel happier than I have ever felt before," Kitty whispered, as
though she felt that the sound of her own voice would shatter the
blissful silence of the woods at night.

"Me too, Sis," her brother replied after a short while. "I never felt
so close to you before ... I wish there were words to tell you how I
feel about you."

Again they were silent, each reveling in the sensations still racing
through their bodies.

Chapter 6

Johnny and his friend had decided that they would play hide-and-seek in
the woods near his friend's house. Johnny heard his friend count to
five before he ran out of hearing range to find a place where he hoped
his friend would not find him for quite some time. Even though he did
not know it, he instinctively ran through the woods toward his house.
For a short while he thought he was lost, and then he found the
familiar trees that outlined the small clearing he had often played in.
Relieved that he was not lost, he decided to wait until his friend came
to find him. There was nothing on his mind but the game ... and then he
heard a woman's voice crying out in the night. For a moment, he was
frightened, as small boys will be, but soon he recognized the voice as
that of his Aunt Kitty's ... and she was with a man! He did not know
the man's voice, but he reasoned that it must belong to his Uncle Mike.
Forgetting his game, he inched toward the source of the voices and
looked with gaping eyes at the naked bodies of the two people. Not
knowing what else to do, he inched closer toward the couple.

"Aunt Kitty ... Uncle Mike ... I'm sorry ... I was playing a game in
the woods and I got lost ... and I heard you ..."

Kitty and Mike were momentarily startled and were unable to speak.
Kitty could see that her young nephew's small penis had grown amazingly
large in his pants, evidence that the sight of two naked bodies had
aroused him ... and that he had a sexual need Kitty would never have
thought possible in a boy so young.

Johnny came closer to the couple still laying on the ground, and Mike
could see a sense of pleading in the young boy's eyes.

"Would you like to join in the fun, Johnny?" the older brother asked
the slightly shaking young boy.

Kitty could hardly believe that her brother had asked such a thing, and
for a brief moment, the memory of what her first lover had done to her
came flooding into her mind. But that had been different, she reminded
herself. Then, he had been taunting, and his wife had taken it as a
joke. There was something in the tone of Mike's voice that spoke of
love ... the same love she had shared with her sister the day before
... and her brother only moments ago. And she knew what her brother was
asking now. He wanted to have the entire family share in the love they
felt for each other ... and she wanted the same thing. She wanted to
show her lovely, innocent young nephew the same happiness she felt with
Janet and Mike. There was something about the whole atmosphere of the
setting in the woods that begged for her love to be freely given in
this way ... expressed totally with the people that had made her so
happy. Johnny was a part of that happiness, and Kitty wanted to show
him. She could not have imagined that she would be so lucky as to be
able to express her love to so many people in so many ways. She wanted
her nephew to fuck her, and Mike had understood that before she did.
She never ceased to marvel at her brother's ability to understand what
she was thinking, often before she did.

"I hope you don't mind," her brother said a little sheepishly. "I
suppose I should have asked you before ..."

Kitty silenced him by putting her forefinger to his lips. Then she
turned to her nephew.

"Don't worry, Johnny, we're not mad at you," she said. "And I really
want to show you part of the fun your uncle and I had. Would you like

Even in the darkness of the night, both Kitty and Mike could see a
huge grin come over Johnny's young face. It was obvious that, by virtue
of his age, he would not know what to do, but Kitty felt assured that
she would be able to teach him quickly enough.

"After cumming twice," Mike said, "I think I'll just sit back and
watch for a while." Then with a joking grin, "This might be really
interesting." Kitty smiled at his joke as he pulled himself up from his
position on his sister's body and rolled over to sit against a tree

"Okay, Johnny," he said, "she's all yours. Fuck her to your heart's
content ... and have fun."

"That's right, Johnny," Kitty said as she raised herself to a sitting
position, resting on her elbows. "Come over here and fuck me ... you
don't have to be afraid. I want you to fuck me."

Even though he was still a little confused, Johnny was glad that his
aunt and uncle were not mad at him, and he really did want to fuck his
aunt. The sight of her naked body had stirred sensations in his body
that he had never known before, and he was glad that his aunt was
willing to take care of him. Even though he was becoming more and more
excited, he had no knowledge of the type of pleasure about to befall
him, and he moved toward his aunt with a distinct measure of
uncertainty. Judging from their cries of delight, he felt that whatever
was going to happen would be great. When he got within reach, Kitty
took a gentle hold on him and steadily began stripping him. In a few
seconds, he was totally naked, and the end of his rock-hard young cock
was only a few inches from Kitty's lovely face. Instinctively, he
reached down, clutching at her naked shoulders to steady himself as she
sat on the ground, the feel of her hands gently holding him making his
brain spin more than he could have believed. She leaned forward and
kissed his belly, then tickled his navel with her tiny wet tongue. Then
she leaned back again, and he could see her eyes feasting on the
exposed and upward thrusting length of his rigidly throbbing young
penis, examining it as though it were something so wonderful, so
beautiful that she could not believe it could exist in the real world.
There was the faint evidence of pubic hair surrounding his penis and at
the base where rested the churning sac of his young, cum-filled balls.

"Oh, Johnny, lover ... you're so lovely ... so beautiful ...!" hissed
Kitty, meaning every word. What a wonderful young boy he was ... so
handsome and sweetly innocent. The blood pounded through her veins at
the excitement her delightful young nephew was bringing her with her
mere presence. Never had she known the unending happiness she had found
in her short stay with her sister ... a happiness that brought a wealth
of passions drenching her body with love. She leaned forward and kissed
the moistened tip of his thrusting, foreskin-covered hardness,
extending her pink tongue so that he could see its point wriggling into
the tiny slit at its tip while she eagerly caressed and weighed his

"Uuuuuggghhhh ...!" Johnny moaned, allowing his feelings to be
expressed as freely as he could, nearly falling over at the shocking
pleasure her mouth was shooting electrically through his body.

She stopped for a moment and smiled sensually at him. "Are you all
right, Johnny, darling?" she asked him. "Do you want me to do it some
more? Tell me if you do. You don't have to be afraid. I'll do anything
you want me to." Kitty was reveling in the thought that she was
bringing such pleasure to the young boy. It was his first time, and she
wanted him to experience everything he could. She wanted to introduce
to him new pleasures in a way that would leave him happy for a long,
long time. She wanted him never to forget what it was like his first

"I like it, Aunt Kitty," the boy said through panting breath. "I like
it a lot ... I really do, and I want you to do it some more."

Kitty drew him to her again, gently curling the fingers of one hand
around his amazingly hardened and thick young cock and pressed back its
clinging foreskin before hungrily sliding her hot mouth over it, her
tiny tongue working like a swirling little demon on its lust-swollen

Johnny's knees were suddenly like water. He had never had anything like
this done to him before, and the frantic sensations racing through him
were almost beyond belief. His own Aunt Kitty! The wildly erotic
sensations rippling through him were totally different than anything he
might have imagined ... different and wonderful ... blissfully
wonderful. He could only gasp out shuddering little whimpers as her
ovalled, elastic-like lips held his poling cock locked inside her mouth
... her wet, steaming mouth which was suddenly moving back and forth
with burning, lashing tongue twirls and twists around it with every
nursing suck.

Kitty was happily aware of his intense moans. She was enraptured with
the immensity of his pleasure. Delirious sensations once again played
in her belly and loins, her seething wet cunt ignited by the sucking of
her nephew's young yet manly cock. But she wanted to have her nephew on
top of her, wanted to press his body to hers so that he could feel the
deliciousness of her naked curves.

"Wait a moment, darling," she whispered, allowing her body to rest on
the ground for a moment. He stared at her from his standing position,
noticing her welcoming expression as she exposed her perfectly rounded,
full, pointed breasts with their hardened pink nipples. The two lush,
creamy mounds swayed and spread out when she laid back, her dimpled
navel and the small bowl of her belly coming into exciting view. Then,
he saw the sparse, golden area up between the creamy nakedness of her
thighs ... and finally, her entire delicious looking vagina unveiled
before him. Jesus! Oh, Jesus! He could see its moistened, pink crevice
pouting between the full, slightly parted columns of her long tapering

She rolled over to a softer spot on the ground and patted the earth
next to her, indicating that he should lay down next to her, and then
gazed sultrily up at him, her nakedly curvaceous beauty driving him
nearly insane.

"Come here next to me, darling," she whispered as she saw that he was
staring at her in a trance. Johnny took one last look at his uncle, who
was still leaning comfortably against the tree, one knee bent and
watching everything with a slightly amused smile on his face.

"Go on, Johnny," he said. "You look like a man to me. Give your aunt a
man's fucking ... the type of fucking she wants."

A super-aching throb fiercely pounded through his lust-fired,
adolescent loins and belly. There was only one thought burning in his
mind at the moment; his uncle had called him a man ... not a young man
but a man ... and he wanted to make sure he lived up to that

Kitty smiled knowingly at Johnny, understanding what was passing
through his mind at having been called a man. Then she spread her long
legs seductively, slowly, widely, until her young nephew could see
clearly the soft golden curls up between her smooth thighs and the
wetly glistening pink crevice of her eagerly waiting cunt.

She held out her arms to him and breathed heavily, "Come on, darling
... you can do it ... you know what to do ..."

Even though this was his first time, Johnny could feel his body moved
into position by forces outside his control, and he realized that he
should follow these instinctive moves. Eagerly, he lowered himself
between the nakedness of her receptively spread thighs, his painfully
throbbing cock feeling like a tree pulling at his young loins. Her arms
wrapped warmly around him as her hot eager mouth found his, with her
tongue like fire between his lips. Man, he would never have thought
something like this would ever happen to him ... and with his lovely
aunt ... his beautiful Aunt Kitty ...

"Oh, Johnny, lover ... you're such a wonderful man ... I'm going to
love you like a man should be loved ..." she whispered sensually into
his ear, hugging the weight of his well-muscled young body tightly down
against her lustfully excited body, opening her legs even more, she
prepared herself for his wonderful young cock. She felt the hot seeping
moisture from his love-hardened penis dampening the inner flesh of her
thighs and gasped, "Love me good, precious! I think you're a man ... I
want you to prove it to me ... You know I love you ... I love you,
darling ... Show me how much you love me ... love me good ... fuck me,

She ran her hands through his thick light brown hair while he timidly
stroked his hands down over the satiny smooth skin of her naked ribs
and waist to the sweeping flare of her well-rounded hips. It was a
feeling like no other he had ever experienced, and he was delighting in
the warm sensations flowing through his body at the touch of her lush
skin. Her flesh felt warm, like white, plush velvet beneath his
exploring hands, her smooth and firm buttocks yielding to his touch and
kneading. He could hardly control his excitement as he searched his
aunt's silky, secret skin, finally cupping her ovalled buttock mounds
in his hot palms and splayed fingers. She was clinging fervently to
him, breathing heavily, her lushly flattened breasts beneath his chest
searing into him with their tiny hardened nipples like white-hot

Johnny felt her avid and skilled hands greedily feeling all over his
naked flesh, probing wildly here and there ... into the private hollows
of his keyed-up body. His head was swimming in a buzzing giddiness from
the all-encompassing jolts of excitement she was charging through him
as he began to feel like the grown-up lover his uncle and his aunt had
said he was.

Kitty once again was lost in the impassioned desire she had allowed to
sweep over her lust-controlled body. Dimly, she realized that she was
doing the same thing to her young nephew that she had done to her
sister, her brother, yes, even Duke. Ever since her arrival, she had
received nothing but love from her relatives, and she was determined
that she would return that love as best she could. Even though Johnny
was so young, she knew that he would be able to receive the love she
was able to give him ... would be able to understand that what she was
doing was an act of love and not some cheap, lust-enticed act offered
without feeling. And even though his body was small when compared to
that of her brother, his cock was nearly man-sized ... and nothing was
going to stop him from thrusting it into her vagina ... filling her
burning cunt all the way up to her quaking raging belly ... nothing!

His pulsing penis pressed against her hungering pussy flesh, and she
writhed her naked hips and buttocks beneath it until its turgid head
gradually wormed into the liquid flesh between her palpitating cuntal
lips, the spongy knob caressing the erect bud of her tiny clitoris with
every squirming movement. Her mind reeled ... she thought she would
lose her mind ... his cock ... his wonderful penis ... it was so
beautiful ... so heavenly ... everything was so lovely ...! She spread
her trembling legs still further and drew them part way up and back,
feeling his strong hands excitedly clutching at the cheeks of her
buttocks. Then she wedged her own hands downward between their nakedly
heated bodies, using her fingertips to splay her fevered, cum-drenched
vaginal lips open more to him, giving him greater contact with his
throbbing thick cock.

Johnny could hardly resist his loud moan at the never-before-felt
sensations that her searing moist cuntal lips were shooting through him
as they wrapped around his aching hardness. Jesus H. Christ ... he
would never have believed that laying on top of a naked woman between
her widespread legs could be so wonderful. Up to this point in his
life, he had been interested in nothing but baseball ... that was going
to have to change, he quickly thought to himself. Lustfully, as he
began to get more and more the hang of what to do, he moved his hands
over the voluptuous white curves of her warm-fleshed nakedness, while
she continued a slow, rhythmic undulation of her hips, her buttocks,
and her deliriously feverish loins beneath him. He could feel the
tremulous rippling of her long, smooth muscles and tendons underlying
her velvety skin, showing him a hidden strength he would never have
believed existed. She was a sexy woman, he thought to himself, almost
like his third grade teacher ... although his teacher had never taught
him anything like this!

"Move up and down, Johnny ... Fuck your beautiful little cock in and
out of Aunt Kitty's hot pussy!!!" Kitty breathed huskily ... "That's it
... oooohhhhh ... that's right ... now hold my ass-cheeks and lift them
so that my cunt mouth is up against ... aaaaahhhhhh ... that's it ...
that's it ...!"

Kitty whimpered and mewled cat-like, mashing her hotly moistened lips
against his, writhing the soft bowl of her naked belly up to him, her
long nails gently raking along the smooth young skin of his back as he
drew her smoldering loins up tighter against his own. She knew ... she
just knew ... he would make a wonderful lover ... a wonderful, virile
lover. She would teach him everything ... everything she had come to
know that sensually, intoxicatingly, lustfully pleased a woman. She
tasted the sweet youthful nectar of his mouth, gasping as he obediently
strained up and down, the insinuated full view of his throbbingly rigid
cock massaging the sensitive raw flesh of her cuntal depths. She could
feel her cock-filled pussy becoming wetter with every passing second.

Johnny felt her firm, well-rounded buttocks tighten and relax with
great labor against his clutching hands as she began a more urgent
rotation up against his painfully tingling cock, until suddenly her
long legs shot out wide on either side of his grinding hips, their
smooth calves wrapping over and pressing against the backs of his
thighs, pulling and locking him tighter into her.

"Now, darling Johnny ... now ... fuck me ... fuck me hard ... let me
have your cock in me ... fuck ... fuck ...!" She moaned almost
mindlessly, her lust-filled words exciting him even more. He did as she
asked, and he felt her small hand darting down between them to help,
grasping his lust-hardened cock-flesh, guiding it downward between the
fleshy, hair-fringed lips to her hotly moistened cuntal channel. He
grunted loudly at her touch, shivering and unable to hold himself back
as she positioned his jerking penis head, and with a decisive hip
movement he drove the blood-swollen rod of his virile flesh to its hilt
right up into the clasping hot channel of her furiously sucking vagina.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ...!" Kitty choked beneath him, as her fluid
cuntal walls sheathed his wildly thrusting young cock with a rippling
muscular reaction that forced a guttural moan of delight from the young

The unbelievable sensations filling him drove the inexperienced boy on
with a burst of frenzy, and he soared his aching cock hard up into her
tightly clutching vaginal passage with an energetic force that
surprised even him. The invading thickness whipped his aunt's breath
away in an unexpected barrage of rhythmic pleasure Kitty would never
have thought possible after all she had been through during the night.
She had been fucked three times in an hour, and this third fucking was
as good as the first. She gasped and moaned, caressing the flesh of his
back and shoulders beneath his wildly battering strokes, feeling the
bloated rubbery head of his penis digging and plowing its way deeper
... deeper ... deeper into her soft cringing belly, his youthful cum-
filled balls slapping hard against the nakedly raised cheeks of her
upturned buttocks.

With a blinding mixture of awe and joy, Kitty whimpered beneath the
rapidly building tension of his unrelenting young cock, her inner
sensations set off as the bloated, mushroomed head of his penis solidly
nudged her sensitive cervix. Her whimpers became unmistakable little
cries of passion, cries that she did not even try to hold back, their
very wailing sounds inciting his mounting lust all the more. He drove
harder, his enthusiastic reaction pleasing his aunt. She saw his eyes
glazing and his nostrils flaring with the heat of his lust-inflamed
breath like a blow-torch against her face. His wild, bull-like fucking,
his mad thrusts into her slickly wet cunt were once again feeding her
need for male love. He began to flex his thick, young cock at the apex
of every stroke up into her ... again and again ... until she wanted to
scream with joy. Finally he slowed, then paused, exhaustedly gasping as
he lay there in the hot, rocking cradle of her loins, his throbbing
young cock filling the inflamed and hungering cavity between her
raised, widely splayed legs.

"Lover ... lover ... you're wonderful ... beautiful, darling ...!" she
moaned into his face, passionately kissing him and caressing his youth-
smooth body ... "Rest a moment, darling ... just lie there in my arms
and relax ..."

"Jesus ... you're really something, Aunt Kitty," said the panting young
lad. His boyish sincerity and words of love were gratefully received by

She hugged him, running her tiny tongue wetly over his beautiful young
face, licking and mouthing him as though she were devouring him. His
hands began to bravely move over her, caressing and squeezing her
passion-swollen breasts, his heated, venturing tongue pushing beyond
her receptive lips to search her mouth. She sucked on his ardent young
tongue and possessively stroked her hands over his lean naked body,
near-choking emotions of erotic joy saturating he entire love-
surrendered body.

God, how wonderful he was like this. Now she could truly understand her
life so much more clearly. For so many years she had been afraid to
show love for fear of being rejected as she had been the first time
with her then only lover. She had kept her feeling pent-up inside her,
afraid of releasing them. Now, surrounded by all the love her relatives
had showed her, she was able to unleash the love she really felt for
people. She knew she would be able to love again.

She sensed the strength of Johnny's vibrant youth flowing into her by
way of his embedded fleshy hardness fused into her excited body, and
she allowed little purring sounds to escape from her throat.

Johnny lay in a half-exhausted trance. He would never have thought that
an act like fucking could take so much out of a person. If it wasn't so
wonderful ... if it didn't feel so good, it would really be work.
Besides, he had no way of fully understanding the sensations flowing
through his body, and in not understanding, he was a little afraid of
them. That was why he had stopped. He needed a little time to sort out
everything that was happening to him.

Kitty noticed all too well that his movements had ceased and his
wonderful cock was no longer sawing in and out of her vagina. She could
tell that he was exhausted, but she could not stop the overwhelming
sensations racing through her body as she felt his thick, long penis
laying still in her cunt. "My lover ..." she whispered with
unrestrained passion, caressing his head and face while she continued
to undulate her excited hips and cock-filled loins beneath him. She
hugged him with both arms and long encircling legs, sensing the flexing
of his blood-swollen cock-head in her sensually inflamed belly once
more. She gnashed her teeth and gurgled upward into his adolescent face
above her, "Fuck me, darling Johnny ... I need you so badly ... I want
you ...!"

He did as she asked, feeling his strength returning to his youthful
hips. He felt her laboring eagerly up against him as he tried to grind
his virile young cock harder up into her burning wet cunt. Suddenly,
she arched her nakedly writhing hips upward, lifting both their bodies
from the ground while she moaned, and he began his wildly fucking cock-
tempo once

"That's it ... yes ... yesssssss ... that's the way ... Johnny, darling
...!" Kitty gasped through short, panting breaths. "Ooooh ...
aaaaahhhhh ... what a wonderful little man you are ...!"

Johnny could feel a strange sensation beginning in his balls, as though
they were about to blow their entire contents through the throbbing
length of his cock into his aunt's vagina. He felt her legs move upward
to tighten and release around his pumping buttocks as she started to
slide her hotly clasping cunt up and down his rigid pole of flesh.
Within seconds they found a mutual rhythm, and her golden head started
once again to toss in a crazy pattern from side to side, her mouth
opening and closing in wild abandon. It was like nothing Johnny had
ever seen or felt before, and as his instincts took over, he found that
he wanted to make it last for as long as he could.

"Ohhhhh ... Oh my wonderful lover ... you're so beautiful ... fuck hard
... yesssssss ... do it more to me ... I can feel your cock in my belly
..." she passionately cried.

Her wildly erotic exclamations sent burning sensations bursting from
his belly through his loins toward the pulsing head of his cock. Her
vivid descriptions burned in his young mind like a white-hot iron.
Christ ... He thought he was going to die. Nothing had ever been like
this. Her buttocks trembled as he fucked his ever-growing young cock
deeper and deeper up into the boiling white heat of her greedily raging
cunt. She was too much for him ... he could feel everything tightening
up in his loins ... he had to try harder ...

Johnny tried to increase the hammering stroke of his hard pillaging
cock into the fiery inferno that was her vagina. Shit, he had only to
look at her glassy eyes to know that he was doing the right thing. Once
again, his aching balls had begun to churn, a massive pressure
beginning to pyramid in his groin ... he felt as though he couldn't
hold back any longer ... he had to do something ...

He tried to establish a churning rhythm with his cock until he was
fucking her at a frenzied tempo, while his aunt wantonly moaned and
bucked beneath him. She spread her long tapered legs to the fullest,
giving him greater fucking access into her feverishly sucking pussy
walls. He sensed his thumping cock expanding more and more, growing
inside her steaming vagina toward that point when it would erupt like a
boiling volcano. Its ever-increasing, needle-like pressure was mounting
frantically in his sperm-bloated balls as they smacked in a steady
cadence between her grinding ass-cheeks.

He couldn't think ... his mind was a raging torrent of lust and passion
... everything was swimming ... he could feel his body losing control
... how long could he go on like this?

Desperately, he fucked while his stabbing young cock plunged in and out
of her frenzied vagina. He hoped she would know what to do. The
sensations spinning in his loins were driving him nearly insane ... was
that supposed to happen? He knew that it was a pleasure that he would
have to feel again as soon as he could after this. As he looked at her,
he felt her grip him tightly over his back with her tremulous legs, her
face contorted in a passionate mask of total lust. How long could she
go on like this ...? What was supposed to happen?

The tone of her whimpering moans became more and more urgent then ...
tiny guttural gasps that were tumbling from her throat, and he felt her
strong thighs opening and closing around him as she thrust deliriously
upward onto his pulsating, super-hard cock.

"Oooooohhhh ... harder ... oh, darling ... fuck me harder ... fuck ...
fuck ..." Kitty coughed, driving her heels into the sweat-coated flesh
of his young back. Abruptly, she drew her long legs back even higher,
locking her slender ankles over his youthful shoulders and presenting
him with the full plane of her cock-filled cunt. Her eyes were locked
tightly together, her sensually contorted face grimacing toward the
first throes of orgasm ...

"Yeeeeeeeeesssssssss ... oooooooohhhhh ... God, lover ... I'm ...
cccccc uuuuuuu mmmmmm iiiii nnnnnn gggggg ...!!!"

She cried out, then actually screamed, just as she had done when her
brother brought her to climax. She thrust her quaking thighs back
tighter and forced her hungrily sucking vagina with its wetly nibbling
lips up at him with bruising force ... Her mouth fell loosely open and
her nostrils flared as choking gasps burst from her lungs. She screwed
her spasming cunt up onto his virile young cock and clung there,
letting the wet rippling walls of her vagina milk at his bursting
hardness like a burning liquid hand.

Her ecstasy and the knowledge that he was the cause of it was more than
enough to trigger Johnny's frame-wracking climax. He felt her hotly
sucking cuntal walls unleash their warm bath over his inflamed cock,
flooding his churning balls. And as she lurched and squirmed beneath
him, spasming mindlessly while the steaming mouth and wet lips of her
hungry cunt drew feverishly at him, he felt his raging hot sperm racing
the length of his cock, then spurt from its lust-swollen tip far up
into her belly.

His hot boyish sperm squirted and gushed in splashing jets which
overjoyed her. She held him tightly, listening to the groans of his
released young lust as she passionately thrust her bliss-filled loins
up against his wildly jerking penis. He continued to pump his boiling
cum into the feverish depths of her rapidly filling, insatiable little
belly ...!

"I knew it," shouted Mike happily, clapping his hands together
approvingly from his position against the tree. "I knew he had it in
him ... I just knew it."

Johnny raised his head and beamed proudly. Kitty reached up to brush
the sweat-soaked hair from his forehead and smiled at him. She never
would have believed that she was capable of any further sexual activity
that evening. She felt totally flushed and exhausted.

And then she saw him ... that wonderful, talented dog, Duke! Janet must
have let him out of the house, and he was attracted to the clearing in
the woods by the sound of all the fucking. Suddenly his hot
affectionate tongue was laving over the protruding fullness of one
nipple-hardened breast ...!

Totally startled, both Mike and Johnny watched at the brazen canine
lover, and saw the look of loving devotion in his eyes. They both
wondered what she would do as the dog whimpered down at her. And then
she really surprised the both of them.

"Well," she said as soon as she was able to catch her breath from the
incredible fucking Johnny had given her. "It looks like you want a
little loving too, eh, Duke." Her voice was so soothing and passion-
laden that the dog wasted no time. Kitty was proud to show off her
newly found lover to her brother and nephew. She wanted everyone in the
family to know that she loved all of them very much, that she had
finally come out of the shell she had created for herself after the
nearly destroying affair she had had so long ago.

In all his travels, Mike had known women who liked being fucked by
dogs. He didn't understand it himself, but, he asked himself many times
in his life, who really does understand women? Besides, they all seemed
to enjoy it ... Who was he to place a moral value on something someone
liked so much?

Kitty could not believe that such an evening could be so totally filled
with love, and she was determined that Duke should share in the fun.
There was only one part of her body she wanted to present to the dog
... the only one that would satisfy him ...

"Come on, Johnny," she said to her surprised young nephew. "It's Duke's
turn now. You can watch if you want, but right now, he needs me as much
as you did before."

As the passion-spent boy obediently rolled off her body to another part
of the ground, Kitty opened her arms toward the breast-licking dog.
"Okay, Duke, you wonderful lover, you. I'm all yours."

Then she turned over and put her weight on her knees. Bending over, she
spread her legs wide, looking behind her to make sure the dog
understood what she wanted. She patted her full, round buttocks,
beckoning him to the ground behind her, and smiled when she realized
Duke understood her meaning. Eagerly, he raced around behind her,
recognizing the pleasure-bringing sight of his new friend's offered
love-core. Moving up behind her widespread white legs, he sniffed the
hot scent of arousal which filled his nostrils from that part of her
soft, smooth body.

He licked out at her steaming wet pussy, and Kitty sighed beneath the
gratifying rapture. Again and again, he repeated the pleasure-giving
tonguing while she mindlessly thrust her once-again fire-filled loins
back at him, waiting for that wonderful moment when he would mount her
with his heavy-hanging penis, knowing that it would come ... and it
did. Even as Duke licked her ravaged cuntal flesh, she felt her big
darling's warm furry forelegs gently demanding at her voluptuously
curved hips.

"Mmmmmmm ... baby ..." she whimpered, reaching down between her open
thighs, searching with her hand for his slippery hot, red hardness that
she knew she would find there. Finding it, she drew the blood-swollen
dog-cock up beyond her cum-wet pussy lips to the inflamed opening of
her tingling anus, her brain racing wildly as she introduced its
pointed tip there and flexed her open buttocks back towards it. "There
... in there, lover ... fuck me back there ... aaaahhhh ... that's it
... like that ... uuunn ... now you have it ... fuck your little Kitty
in the asshole ...!"

She had never felt like this in her life. It was as though her previous
personality had gone away to some far land, never to return. All the
hurt, the pain, the loneliness seemed to melt from her body. The way
she looked at herself, the things she thought about herself ... she
thought she would never be able to love again, and she had not expected
those things which had happened to change her life so much ... but she
could love now ... and she wanted to make up for all the time she had
wasted. She had loved her brother ... loved her nephew, and now she
would love Duke. After all, he had a part in changing her around,
helping her come out of her shell. And she wanted to show him how much
she appreciated his help.

And she started showing him as wildly as she could. A war could have
been fought in the forest, and Kitty would have paid no attention to
it. Lost in a blissful oblivion of lust-incited passion, the
delightfully positioned girl moaned and toiled excitedly while she
gyrated beneath the massive dog sodomizing her. She gasped and
whimpered into the dry earth, her slackened face turned to one side and
pressed tightly against the ground ...

"Oooooohhhhh, Duke, lover ... fuck me ... fuck me in the ass, you
wonderful dog ... Ram it as tight as you can into my ass ..."

Kitty's brother, Mike, stood up in front of the tree, watching his
sister and the dog with keen excitement. 'Janet must have trained the
dog herself,' he thought. 'Well ... looks like I have some really
interesting sisters.' His mind was momentarily stunned by his baby
sister's total sexuality as he heard the rhythmic battering of flesh
against flesh ... mingled with the lascivious sound of Kitty's
whimpering cries of passion.

As Mike moved in closer to the amazing spectacle he was intensely
inspecting, the preoccupied dog was not the least bit alarmed. He
continued to hump his swollen hardness up into the fleshy grasping hole
where his sighing human lover had permitted him to place it. A great
heaviness had already begun to grow in his working loins from the tight
heat her nether opening was charging through his throbbing penis, and
as he clung to her white body possessively, as instinct drove him
harder toward his climax ...

As young Johnny watched with saucer-eyes from his seat less than three
feet away, his uncle Mike began caressing his aunt Kitty, his hands
searching over her smooth naked flesh, which was covered with a thin
film of warm perspiration. He had known his mother allowed Duke to fuck
her ... a person would have to be pretty stupid not to ... but he had
never seen anything like this. For one thing, she never allowed him in
on the fun. And his uncle had thought it was all right. In fact, he had
invited him to join. He soon realized a deep and profound respect for
these two people who had entered his life such a short time ago. He
could see that the week of his aunt's and uncle's stay was going to be
very interesting ... very interesting indeed!

Mike could not stand by idly and watch something as wildly arousing as
this. He moved his hand down over the taut rounded arch of her ass-
cheeks and then between them, until his fingertips touched Duke's huge
animal-hardness fucking hotly into the swollen lips of his sister's
widely stretched anus.

"Holy shit," Mike said to himself, "I can't believe this ... This is
too much ... too fucking much ...!"

He steadied himself by clutching her naked back, the feel of her damp
hot flesh and the sight that was feasting his eyes causing his own
jerking cock to nearly burst into immense hardness.

Kitty managed to look up at his lust-contorted face, the beautiful
barrage of Duke's impaling cock-flesh and pummeling body making the
whole world shake and shudder beneath her. As Duke began to whimper,
Mike dropped his hand to the straining length of his own throbbing

Kitty watched with mounting fascination, and the sight of his cock so
close to her face added fuel to her passion. "Mike ... lover ... Give
it to me ... I want to suck your cock ... I want you to cum in my mouth
... I want to lick ... and suck your cock ... Please ...!"

He heard his own breathing like the bellows of a steel furnace suddenly
heaving from his lungs, a series of fiery sensations ripping through
him at her ardent entreaty. Jesus! She was so wonderful ... so
beautiful ... She wanted to suck his cock while Duke was fucking her in
the ass!

Kitty whimpered a loud moan as a fresh, all-encompassing wave of
passion swept through her body, and she felt a new, maddening
excitement when she knew that her brother was going to join her again.
She wanted to cry tears of joy, but there was no strength for anything
other than the ass-fucking and the cock sucking she was experiencing.
Tears of joy would have to wait ... Her love-filled eyes watched his
every move, her mind a seething cauldron of sexual arousal as she
realized what she was going to do to him ... while her beloved Duke was
fucking her from behind. Her eyes feasted on the lengthy thickness of
his rising cock as he brought its blood-swollen hardness even closer to
her face, and she remembered the erotic joy it had brought earlier that
evening. She reached for him and pulled him against her, at the same
time knowing the sensations of Duke's forelegs like a furry vise
clamping tightly around her soft hips. She undulated her buttocks
feverishly, giving herself fully to the breathtaking ass-fuck her
animal-lover was giving her from behind.

And then she manipulated Mike into a kneeling position before her, his
desire-hardened penis bobbing wildly before her face. Kitty reached out
and curled her fingers around its hotly throbbing length, feeling it
jerk at her touch. Gently, she slid back its heavy foreskin, its moist
bulbous head thrilling her. She heard Mike's husky groan at her tender,
stroking caresses, and saw the pearlish drop of moisture bead at the
little opening of her hand. Oh, God ... she wanted that ... she wanted
that more than she wanted anything else ... she wanted every drop of
his semen shooting hotly up into her mouth to her belly ...!

Duke watched everything with his alert animal-eyes, but he let none of
it slow him down. Even now, as the male human knelt in front of his new
friend, the powerful dog knew only the instinctive craving that drove
him lustfully on. He clung eagerly to the soft smooth whiteness of her
naked body and rapidly thrust the thumping hardness of his animal cock
deep up into the fleshy heat of her nether core, watching with interest
the movements taking place before him. He saw her take the human penis
in her hand, the sighing vibrations of her trembling body clearly
transmitted to him, and he saw her small tongue dart out to wetly lick
over the tip! With an instinctive surge of energy, he charged deeper
and deeper into the golden-haired woman's ass, his swollen dog-cock
painfully throbbing for release!

An almost frantic joy filled Kitty as Duke furiously fucked into her
inflamed rectum from behind, and she gaped at Mike's long hard cock
jerking as if alive in her hand. She drew in her breath and flicked out
her eager tongue, bringing it into searing contact with the smooth
rubbery tip. She swirled it around slowly, moistly, experimentally,
while Mike twisted and groaned on the ground in front of her. Then she
ventured her tongue tip into it. Impulses of wild sensuality rippled
through her nakedly trembling body as she tasted the pungent sweetness
of his pre-seminal secretions. She smoothed her hand along the rock-
hard penis to its thick base, then downward to lovingly cup the velvety
sac of his sperm-filled balls. Slipping her warm, moistened lips over
the spongy head, she let it glide back along the full length of her
tongue, her hot mouth locking around it in a fervent liquid pressure.

Mike groaned above her bobbing head, seeing with lust-filled eyes her
tightly locked lips ovalling hotly around his burning hard cock, hardly
believing the electrifying picture of her beautiful, innocent face so
wantonly distorted as she began to suck him with unmistaken desire.
Jesus Christ ... she was sucking his cock as though she could never get
enough of it.

He began a slow undulation with his naked hips, sliding his thickly
swollen hardness in and out of her lips with a slick, damp suction,
guided by her hand grasping at its base, while he entwined one hand
gently in her hair and saw it all with the fingertips of the other. The
puffing and hollowing of her cheeks intensely captivated him as his
cock moved in and out of her tight-rounded lips. Her entire satin-
fleshed body quivered in naked ripples from the jolts of Duke's
powerfully sodomizing cock hammering rapidly up into her rectum from

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ... ooooohhhh ... heaven ...! Kitty's mind screamed.
She was caught between her two wonderful, beautiful lovers ... both of
their cocks entering her body at the same time, both of them preparing
to spill their hot liquid fire deep into her mindlessly craving body
from both ends. In overwhelming rapture, she ground her widespread
buttocks back hard against Duke's furry, battering body, feeling the
smooth crevice between them. She sensed the tiny wet streams dribbling
down the backs of her tremoring thighs, while she relaxed the mounting
pressure in her stimulated rectum which matched that moaning in her
inflamed loins. She knew that her climactic moment was near at hand.
God ...! Oh God ...! Yes ... she would cum this way ... she would ...

For a brief moment, Kitty tried to hold back the impending rush of
pleasure sweeping through her loins ... she wanted this moment to last
forever ... she wanted time to stand still ... but there was no point
in trying to reason away the roaring furnace of lust bubbling in her
belly. Duke's cock pounded feverishly up into her blissfully stretched
rectal channel up between her lush buttocks was driving her ovalled
mouth forward onto Mike's throbbing hardness until he wondered how it
was possible that he was not choking her. It reached all the way back
to her tonsils, his pubic hair brushing at the tip of her cute little
nose, while his sperm-inflated balls in her soft warm hands ached in a
bloating build-up of massive pressure.

Shit ...! She was like an animal herself with her lips locked tightly
around the length of his raging cock, increasing her unbelievably
hungry little sucking motions until he thought his balls would turn
inside out. Great swirls of heat were concentrating in their secret
depths as he felt her passion-infused face pulling hungrily at his
cock. He sensed the muscles of his stomach tighten and he arched
forward, pushing his throbbing penis up even further between the
searing heat of her greedily sucking lips. He felt the tiny pink ridges
pulling out from her mouth, clinging voraciously to his lust-inflated
penis, as she pumped her lovely head up and down, undulating her hips
at the dog in wild uncontrollable insanity.

"Shit ... Oh Shit ...!" Mike hissed between his tightly clenched teeth.
"Goddamn ... Kitty honey ... suck it ... suck it hard ... I'm cumming
... cccccuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg ...!!!"

Kitty heard his cry at the very moment he burst, his jerking cock
gushing forth searing jets of his pungent cum. It flooded her mouth and
throat with its delicious liquid heat! She sensed her cheeks bloating
and contracting as she swallowed in greedy thick gulps, fastening her
lips tightly around the spasming cock so as not to lose a single drop.
On and on, his drum-tight balls continued to pump out the thick, milk-
white sperm into her throat, while both hands clutched at her head,
pulling her face harder down onto his convulsively softening penis.

The ecstasy of it was even greater than Kitty believed it would be, and
the first piquant taste of his cum triggered her own orgasm. She thrust
her nakedly grinding ass-cheeks back harder at her panting animal-
lover, wanting the full benefit of his tremendously expanding cock
raging up into her maddening, sensation-filled rectum.

"Mmmmmmmmffffhhhhhhhh ...!" she moaned in mindless rapture around her
brother's rapidly spending cock. Yes! Oh God ... Yeeee sssss sssss!!
I'm cumming too!! her mind screamed again. Every muscle of her body
contracted and jerked as she felt the hyper-erotic release exploding
through her screaming loins and belly. She continued to gulp and suck
at her brother's crazily erupting cock, her soft, curl-fringed cuntal
mouth clenching and opening like an angry fist, as if it, rather than
her hungrily contracting mouth of her ass, had received the full
pleasure of Duke's ravishing cock. Her insanely jerking young buttocks
flexed into a straining hardness and she gurgled out a whimpering wail
when her quaking body unleashed and exploded in the moment she had been
striving for!

Time and space were suspended in her mind, and she was aware of nothing
but the unmatched bliss of her orgasm. Again and again she was jolted
by the spasmodic twitching of her every muscle, her every nerve in her
pleasure-filled, naked body ... then Duke began to hump forward faster
and spew his hot load of seething animal-sperm deep up into the
intricate recesses of her nether channel to her trembling belly. Once
more, she climaxed, half-screaming and still slamming her yielding soft
buttocks hard back onto his magnificently squirting cock!

Then, too exhausted to even speak, she collapsed to the ground, as Mike
allowed her to slide from his opening hands. For a long while, her soft
smooth curves continued to spasm with post-orgasmic muscle
contractions. Both her brother and her nephew watched as she slowly
regained her senses, finally lifting up her head and looking at the
three males who had given her such total and unbelievable joy. Words
were totally inadequate, she knew, to express the happiness she felt.
She looked at her brother and smiled. Mike smiled back, then reached
out with his arms to gently help her to her feet. He, too, knew that
there were no words needed. There was a feeling between brother and
sister that was beyond all understanding. He drew her against him and
kissed her lightly, opening his hands to soothingly caress the soft
skin of her back. Silently, they gathered their clothes. Johnny, too,
felt totally speechless, and he quickly dressed. Then, with Johnny on
one side of her, and Mike on the other, Kitty walked back to her
sister's cabin. Duke followed obediently behind the trio.

Kitty could not believe that she was so happy. She had thought that she
would never be able to love again, and she was glad that she had been
proven wrong. She knew that when they arrived at Janet's house in the
woods, her older sister would be able to share in the happiness she was
feeling right now. She still did not know if she should go back to her
own home when her week-long vacation was over, but she did know that
she would be able to make her mind up when the time came, and she would
be able to live with her decision. There was something in the back of
her mind as she hiked through the forest. A man in St. Louis had asked
her out once, and she had refused, afraid that she would be hurt again
as she had been before. Now, she began thinking that perhaps she should
give herself another chance.

But, all that should be set aside for later, she reminded herself. From
now until she left, she wanted to explore the full potential of her

She smiled as she saw the light of her sister's cabin breaking through
the trees, and she waved at the lovely figure of Janet standing in the
window. Janet waved back.

The End


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