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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What A Mother !

Laura Nichols could see the crotch of the girl clearly.

If she could see so could Mike. Glancing at her son, she saw his eyes gleaming. He was peeking without shame between the smooth knees of Janey. The glance was quick. Mike sat beside Laura at the small table of the ice cream store. Janey was perhaps five feet away, sitting and talking with another girl.

Laura watched Janey closely, and soon realised the girl was fully aware of her exposure. Not only aware but intentionally making it obvious. She would laugh and giggle and squirm in the small white chair, spreading her knees in a way that would, to some, appear accidental in her exuberance. But Laura had seen those sparkling eyes peek at Mike.

Her son was fascinated with Janey, Laura knew. He had been for some months. It was easy to see why he was fascinated.

Janey was a beautiful girl, slender with honey-blonde hair and creamy skin. She was popular in school and seemed to be friendly with everyone. Her personality was bubbly and outgoing. Janey was the typical California girl, perhaps a bit more. She was well tanned, and her body exquisite.

At the moment, Janey wore a very tight light-blue T-shirt. Her succulent tits were moulded, outlined by the garment, and from the way her nipples protruded, Laura knew very well that she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were sweetly shaped. The skirt she wore must have came from the sixties, it was so short. But then, if any girl had the body for a micro skin, it was Janey. Her legs were long, slender, inviting the eye. The golden color of them testified to her love of sunshine.

Yes, it was understandable why her son was fascinated by Janey. Any boy would be, especially at Mike’s age when the juices were running, his desires growing.

She vaguely wondered if Mike had ever fucked a girl. He was, to her, still quite young.

Gazing toward Janey, she saw the girl pretend to lose her balance on the chair. One leg shot out, and the whole of Janey’s crotch became blatantly visible. The crotch of her panties seemed as tight as her T-shirt, Laura thought. Her panties were a pale green.

Before she could stop herself, Laura glanced down at her son’s lap, and noticed his cock was straining at his pants. An unexpected ripple moved up and down her spine, and she recognised it as erotic excitement. Shivering, she pulled her eyes from Mike’s crotch and looked boldly at Janey.

Janey was the same age as Mike. They had grown up with each other, practically. Although they had not been all that close, each with separate friends, Laura saw the attraction between the two now. She thought Janey was somewhat of a tease, wearing her short shorts and those T-shirts that left nothing to the imagination. But she could not help liking the girl anyway. No one could help liking Janey.

The problem was, Janey’s parents, who lived almost a block from their house, thought Laura was a wicked person. It was ridiculous, of course. Janey’s parents were old-fashioned and, to them, any divorced woman was wicked. Their attitude failed to disturb Laura, however. On the other hand, it was this very attitude that seemed to keep her son and Janey apart.

Laura would not mind if her son had a girlfriend, a sweetheart. Puppy love could be so wonderful, she knew. So far, Mike showed no interest in any girl except Janey.

Laura found herself gazing steadily into the girl’s dark eyes. There was heat in those eyes, she realised, and she wondered if Janey was really the tease she appeared to be. Those eyes were unashamed, quite bold. Janey moved the pink tip of her tongue over her full lips.

Laura shuddered and turned her eyes, finishing her ice cream and saying to her son: “Ready to leave, honey?”

Obviously Mike was not ready to go, but he obediently stood up and walked with her to the car. The shopping center was huge, and the parking area even larger. Laura felt her hand brush the back of Mike’s as they walked, and a distinct tingle went through her.

Laura’s skirt hiked up past her knees as she got in the car, and she left it there. She was not a prude, not by any means.

Mike was more preoccupied, than usual as they drove home. Laura knew very well he was thinking of Janey. And she could still see that crotch in her own mind. She was only slightly disturbed that she felt excited by it. The fact that her nipples were hard, her cunt pulsing gently between her thighs because of seeing Janey’s crotch, was not in the least troublesome to Laura.

After arriving home, Mike immediately walked off down the sidewalk, mumbling about seeing some friends. Laura watched her son go, hands stuffed into his pockets and his head down. She knew he wanted to be alone, to think and possibly dream about Janey.

The house was comfortably cool, and she prepared herself a glass of instant iced tea. She was sipping it and twisting the dial on the radio when the knock on the door came.

“Why, hello, Janey,” she said, surprised to see the girl. “If you’re looking for my son, he ran off down the block someplace.”

“Will he be home soon, Laura?” Janey’s voice was soft, almost in a whispery, musical way.

Laura had always loved her voice. She wasn’t sure when Mike would come home, but found herself saying: “Probably very soon. Would you like to come in and wait for him?”

“If it’s no trouble.”

“Trouble? Come on in and have some iced tea with me.”

She fixed a tall glass of tea for Janey, feeling a strangeness within her, a warmth that was at the same time alien and exciting. When she returned to the living room, she found Janey sitting on the floor going through Mike’s collection of records. Her legs were crossed, the creamy thighs revealed. Laura found herself sitting on the floor with Janey, and once again they gazed boldly at each other.

“You like me?” Janey asked in a whispery voice.

“Of course I like you, honey,” Laura replied. “Just because of what your parents think of me, well…”

“They’re a couple of old farts,” Janey said.

“I’m sure they’re…”

“No, Laura,” Janey interrupted. “Everyone says it. They’re so damned old-fashioned, they try to make me wear Mother Hubbard dresses. They have a fit when I wear this.” She indicated her T-shirt and short skirt.

“I think you’re lovely,” Laura said, her voice oddly throaty.

“I saw the way you looked at me in the ice cream parlor, Laura,” Janey said with that disturbing voice, her dark eyes bold as ever.

Laura jumped.

Janey had placed her palm on one of Laura’s knees. She dropped her eyes down, looking at it, shivering. The hand felt unusually hot, as if it were searing her flesh.

“You liked what you saw,” Janey said, making it a statement, and at the same time sliding her hand past Laura’s knee. “So did Mike.”

Laura felt herself trembling with a desire that was strange, a heat that grew inside her. She watched Janey’s hand move higher, caressing in circles on her thigh now. There was an increase in her breathing rate, and she heard the gasping sounds of Janey’s breath.

Janey then took Laura’s hand and drew it toward her golden thigh. As her palm was placed halfway up that thigh, Laura felt a sudden lurching between her legs. Her cunt had swelled and was moist now, her clit throbbing. Janey was holding her wrist, moving her palm up and down the thigh.

Laura saw the crotch of those tight panties again, and heard the girl’s soft sigh. Janey released her wrist, but Laura left her hand on that hot thigh, moving it slowly by herself now. They continued looking into each other’s eyes, and Laura moved her hand higher. She felt the tight panties with the tips of her fingers, and Janey uncrossed her legs and spread them widely, leaning back and bracing herself with her hands.

“I like to be touched,” Janey said in a low voice. “You want to touch me, don’t you, Laura? The way you looked at me in the ice cream parlor, I know you want to touch me.”

Laura couldn’t seem to stop herself. Her fingers moved slowly about the crotch of Janey’s panties, finding them moist. She traced the puffy cunt lips, then dragged her finger up and down the slit of her pussy. Janey mewled and twisted her ass on the floor.

Laura’s palm cupped Janey’s wet cunt.

She felt the heat of that succulent cunt burning into her hand, and she rubbed it gently, lightly. Janey whimpered with pleasure and began to grind her pussy slowly against Laura’s hand.

Laura was not thinking of anything, only of the delight she felt at touching this sweet cunt.

Janey lifted her hips, bringing her cunt tighter into Laura’s hand, mewling softly. “Mmmmm, you touch me so good, Laura. I love being touched this way.”

Janey sprawled back on the floor, her arms lifted above her head, that honey-blonde hair fanning out around that sweet face. Laura was sitting between Janey’s spread thighs, gazing hotly between them. She ran her hands, both of them now, up and down those creamy smooth thighs, feeling the trembling heat of that skin. She shoved the short skirt to Janey’s hips, and stared at the slight bulge of the girl’s cunt.

Before she knew it, Laura was leaning over, kissing just above a dimpled knee. Janey was twisting her little ass about in pleasure, gurgling with delight. As she slipped her tongue out and began to lick at Janey’s thigh, Laura felt her own pussy pulsing in a fiery desire. With her tongue lapping slowly along the thigh, she kept fondling the other. She found her lips gliding higher and higher on Janey’s thigh then she was licking the soft, sensitive flesh only a few inches from that bubbling cunt. Shifting her face, Laura licked at the other thigh, her eyes closed with this ecstasy she was feeling.

Her tongue went up and down the girl’s creamy thighs, licking mostly along the inner surfaces where it was most sensitive. Her hands moved up and down the outside, and over Janey’s rounded hips. Janey was cooing and writhing her hips about, arching her pussy up.

The fresh, clean scent of Janey’s cunt was sweet to Laura’s senses, and she gazed for a moment at the bulge of that cunt. Again she stroked a fingertip up and down the crotch of the girl’s tight panties.

A growl came from Laura’s throat.

She shoved her mouth to Janey’s crotch, sucking at her moist panties. She pulled at the panties with her white teeth, then lapped her tongue up and down, tasting the wetness of that delicious cunt through the thin panties.

“Ooooo,” Janey moaned. “Mmmm… ohhh, yes, Laura!”

Laura felt Janey’s hands on her cheeks, trying to guide her lips and tongue. She felt the girl press her cunt into her mouth, and she began to lick with swift movements at those thin panties. Janey lifted her thighs and pressed them against Laura’s face. The satiny feel of Janey’s thighs on her face sent a tremble of intense desire rumbling about her body, and she whimpered into the girl’s cunt.

Laura’s hands moved under the teenager’s lifted ass. She cupped Janey’s ass cheeks, finding them tight and firm and fitting perfectly in her palms. Then her mouth was tasting the wetness of Janey’s cunt.

The girl had pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her pussy to Laura’s tongue and lips. Laura did not hesitate; she began to lick her tongue up and down the puffy cunt lips, tasting the sugary sweetness of this delightful girl.

She twisted her tongue about Janey’s throbbing little clit, then closed her hot lips on it, sucking hard. Janey shoved her cunt harder in to Laura’s face and began to grind.

“Oooo, inside me,” Janey was pleading. “Ohhh, Laura, put your tongue inside me!”

Laura’s tongue shot into Janey’s cunt, feeling the honeyed cunt lips tighten. She thrust her tongue in and out, feeling Janey’s cunt flex about it. She sucked at the seeping pussy juices, swallowing as her mouth filled. The slippery sweetness was delicious to Laura, and she plunged her tongue in and out like a cock, fucking Janey’s cunt almost frantically, digging her fingers into that tight little ass. Janey gurgled and twisted, tossing her crotch up and down, rubbing her cunt into Laura’s face with frenzied motions.

“Ahhh, lick me, Laura,” Janey moaned in a sobbing, soft voice, grinding excitedly, “Oooo, lick me, lick me!”

Laura was now on her knees, her ass in the air, her face buried tightly into Janey’s crotch, sucking and licking that sweet cunt. She waggled her ass when spasms of pleasure rippled through her cunt. She dug her fingers hard into the firm cheeks of Janey’s ass, trying to shove her face as tightly as she could into the steaming cunt. Her tongue fucked in and out of those tight cunt lips, lapping about the rigid, throbbing clit. She was moaning softly as she sucked and licked Janey’s cunt.

Janey, with her finger hooked into her panties to hold the crotch far to one side, pressed the back of Laura’s head with the other hand, grinding her cunt ecstatically against the woman’s sucking, licking mouth. Her hot thighs scissored about Laura’s head. Waves of gentle orgasms were going off between Laura’s thighs, her cunt convulsing in liquid heat. Wet sounds filled the living room as her tongue lapped furiously at Janey’s tasty cunt.

She buried her tongue as deep as she could into the sugary, syrupy pussy, flicking it against the satiny cunt walls, feeling Janey’s clit convulsing against her upper lip. Laura was thrilled to feel Janey’s succulent cunt lips squeezing her tongue as she fucked it in and out. The sounds of Janey’s sobbing voice as she came excited Laura as much as eating this pussy did.

“Oh, God!” Janey was whimpering. “Oh, God… Oh, God! I’m coming, Laura! Oooooo, I’m coming… so good… so beautiful!”

Laura held the girl’s twisting little ass tightly, feeling her ass cheeks flex in her hands as she fucked her tongue in and out of the spasming cunt. Her own pussy was going through a series of orgasms. Her body shook, her up thrust ass waving about as she came.

Laura held her mouth against Janey’s cunt, feeling the girl starting to relax, her body going limp. She gently let Janey’s ass down, then pulled her hands away. She lowered her own ass and sat back, leaning against the wall, her legs straight out before her. She was still shaking from the pleasure. Her cheeks and chin were wet from Janey’s cunt, and her lips felt slightly puffy, bruised. She watched with heavy, unfocused eyes as Janey lay where she was, legs still spread. The crotch of her panties seemed pulled to one side by some invisible fingers. Laura saw the pale-blonde cunt hair, the pink lips of that sweet cunt, and the tip of Janey’s clit.

Finally Janey struggled up, crossing her legs again in front of her. Her dark eyes were sparkling and she was smiling happily.

“I know you wanted to lick me, Laura,” she said in her soft, whispery voice. “I knew you would lick me when I saw the way you looked at me in the ice cream parlor.”

That was more than Laura knew.

“I didn’t come to see Mike,” Janey went oh. “I came to see you.”

Laura shivered, seeing those bold eyes, wondering how a girl so young could see and understand so much. She had felt excitement seeing Janey’s panties in the ice cream parlor, of course, but… eating her cunt? She had not intended to lick the young girl’s pussy, not on a conscious level, anyway.

“My son is infatuated with you, Janey,” Laura said, her voice strained. “He thinks he’s in love with you.”

“I know,” Janey said. “Most of the guys think they’re in love with me. I don’t mind, not really. It’s fun to have them look at me.” She giggled—a naughty yet playful sound. “I see them get hard when they look at me.”

“Then you are a little tease,” Laura said, confirming her suspicion of Janey. “You like to tease, don’t you, Janey?”

“Sure. Don’t we all?” Janey said. “It makes me feel good to tease the guys.”

“And… women?”

“I didn’t tease you, did I, Laura?”

Laura shook her head. “No, you certainly didn’t.”

“That’s because I love being licked.”

“Just licked?” Laura lifted her eyebrow. “That’s all, just licked?”

“I think so,” Janey said. “That’s all I’ve done so far.”

Laura looked at the girl, wondering who had licked that luscious cunt, but she didn’t ask.

“My son will be home soon, I’m sure,” she said, getting to her feet. “I better wash my face. He’s a smart boy, and he’d know immediately where I’ve had it.”

Janey bounced to her feet. “I’ll come back later, Laura. It was you I really wanted to see anyway.”

Before Laura could reply, Janey was gone.


Laura washed her face in her bathroom. She looked into the mirror, seeing a beautiful face there.

She had never eaten pussy before, yet she had willingly licked Janey’s cunt. She had found the young girl irresistible, and she had shoved her face into that sweet cunt—not just eagerly, but hungrily.

There had been something about Janey that Laura had been unable to understand, an attraction she had never felt for a girl in her entire life. She wasn’t sorry she had sucked that pussy, though—not a bit.

Laura had lovely dark hair, hair that shimmered in the sunlight. Her eyes, also dark, had a slight slant to them. She had full, sensual lips, and her neck was long. Her skin was unblemished, creamy the way Janey’s was. Laura threw her shoulders back and looked critically at her tits. Nothing wrong with those, she thought.

There was nothing wrong with any part of her body. She could stand next to Janey any day, although there was about fifteen years’ difference in their ages.

Laura lifted her skirt to her waist and looked at herself. She was wearing pantyhose, but no panties. The dark curls of her cunt showed clearly through the garment. Her hips were rounded—her thighs straight and full, yet slim. She twisted her neck and peered over her shoulder. Her ass was very shapely, still as firm as it had been when she was Janey’s age. The ass cheeks were full, rounded in an enticing way.

Smoothing her skirt, she thought there was certainly nothing wrong with what she had. All the goodies were in place.

Leaving the bathroom, she realised today was the first time Janey had actually visited her home in well over a year. Janey and Mike had played together when they were children, but as they became teenagers, they had drifted apart, finding other friends. But Mike was infatuated with Janey now, and Laura could see why.

Janey might be a tease, she thought, but that exquisite little blonde was one hot ass!

She was still thinking of Janey when her son came home. She kissed his cheek, as she usually did when he returned. She didn’t kiss him as often as she did during the school days, now that it was summer. He was in and out so much during summer.

“You’re sweaty, honey,” she said. “Why don’t you go take a shower? I’ll bring you something nice and cold to drink.”

“That’s a good idea, Mom,” he said.

She watched him go down the hall, her eyes on his ass. Mike was in tight jeans, the uniform of boys his age. She had never really looked at her son before, not his body, anyway. She found herself excited, a warmth between her thighs that she had never felt when looking at him before.

Shrugging, she went to the kitchen to get him a soft drink. When she carried the frosted glass to the bathroom, she could see his blurred form behind the shower doors. It was hazy, with steam rising, but her eyes caught the way his cock was protruding. She trembled as she placed the glass on the sink.

“Here it is, honey,” she said.

“Okay, Mom.”

She stood and looked through the translucent glass doors, her eyes fixed upon the outline of his cock there. She knew her son had a hard-on, and she assumed he was remembering seeing Janey at the ice cream parlor.

Her breath caught in her throat.

Mike had placed his hand on his cock and it looked to her as if he were jacking off. She stood very still, very quietly, straining her eyes to see better. For a moment she thought he was washing his cock, but then his hand was moving too fast for that. He was actually jacking off, she realised, her mind burning with erotic thoughts. A stabbing, searing throb moved between her thighs, her cunt pulsing with a heat that was strong, the way it had when she sucked and licked Janey’s young, tasty cunt.

Laura thought she would come, watching her son through those translucent doors.

She clutched her stomach as she tried to see his cock better, her nipple suddenly too sensitive for her bra and blouse. She was trying hard not to gasp, but one or two escaped from her lips.

She saw her son’s hand hesitate on his cock then he began beating back and forth again, obviously jerking on his prick with a great deal of pleasure.

Laura could no longer stand there and watch him. She felt such a powerful urge to shove those damned doors open and grab his cock.

She moved into the hallway, leaning against the wall, her legs shaking and very weak. She stood there with her eyes closed, feeling the heat, the excitement in her pussy. Her eyes were closed, her nostrils flaring with desire.

She was not aware that the shower had stopped nor was she aware that her son had come out of the bathroom naked, dripping water on the carpet. She was not aware that he stood there looking at her, his cock still very hard and arching from his groin.

She felt his presence, though.

She opened her eyes and looked at Mike. His eyes were filled with hot desire, raking up and down his mother’s body, seeing her swelling tits, her round hips. Laura could hardly breathe knowing something was about to happen, something they both suddenly wanted, yet feared.

She felt her son take her wrist, just as Janey had done. She felt her fingers on her son’s cock, and Mike closed them around his prick. She felt her son’s cock throbbing—felt the in tense hardness of it. She could not resist squeezing his prick, causing her son to moan with pleasure. Still looking into his young face, Laura moved her fist on his cock. She moved it slowly at first, then began to jack his cock faster, mewling softly, her hips twisting slightly. As she held her son’s cock, jacking it, Mike brought his hands to her tits. His hands were wet, and she felt the dampness through her thin blouse. Mike squeezed his mother’s tits, making Laura moan with pleasure.

Without a thought other than pleasure, Laura suddenly booked her other arm about her son’s neck and pulled his mouth to hers. She pressed her hot wet lips against his, and kissed him strongly. She felt her son pressing his tongue into her mouth, and she began to suck it. Her fist tightened on his cock and she jerked frantically on it, eager to feel that hard prick. She felt her son’s hands go down her back, and then he was feeling about her ass cheeks, working her skirt up.

“No,” she moaned into his mouth. “Ohhh, no, please. We can’t… oh, Mike!”

Her son groaned, his fingers digging into her ass cheeks through the pantyhose. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, licking and thrusting hungrily, tasting him, squirming her crotch toward his cock. She shoved her son’s prick between her thighs and closed them tightly, jerking her hips, sliding her boiling cunt slit along that rigid, beautiful, throbbing cock shaft.

She felt her pantyhose being jerked down to her knees. She somehow got them off her feet, and she eagerly went to the floor of the hallway as her son pressed at her shoulders. She spread her legs widely, her son between them. Mike shoved his mother’s skirt to her waist, and Laura grasped his cock with frantic fingers, pulling his hard-on to her boiling cunt.

“Hurry!” she hissed. “Oh, God… please hurry, Mike!”

She arched her crotch up and moaned softly as her son’s cock penetrated her wet cunt. She thrust her crotch against him, feeling his hard cock fuck deep into her cunt. Then she began to thrash and churn her hips, fucking her son before he was spread on top of her. She clutched at his naked ass cheeks, grinding her cunt hard on his fucker, gurgling with mindless ecstasy. She felt her son’s hands sliding up and down her twisting, grinding hips, then underneath to claw at her flexing, naked ass.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Laura wailed as her son began to pound his cock into her overheated cunt, fucking her very hard.

She felt her body being scooted along the carpet from the force of his plunging cock, her head hitting the baseboard. But she didn’t care. She hunched her cunt up and down, fucking him in a frenzy, her mind boiling with the forbidden thing she and her son were doing. His cock felt so very long and thick in her cunt, fucking in and out with such swiftness, she thought the friction would actually cause her cunt to burst into flames.

She could feel his balls beating at her up turned, churning ass. She clawed at his ass, trying to take more and more of his hard cock into her greedy cunt. She banged harshly against him, not caring if she bruised her tender cunt lips. All she wanted was his cock fucking her pussy hard and fast.

“Oh, fuck me!” she screamed, her head tossing about, hair flying. “Fuck me, darling! Fuck me hard! Ohhh, baby… oh, Mike! Fuck me, fuck me!”

She heard her son grunting as he buried his face into her shoulder, his hands drawing her ass up to meet his plunging cock. Her clit was being scraped by his steel-hard prick. Her cunt lips were stretching about his cock like a rubber band.

“Ooooo! Ohhhhh!” she wailed. “You’re making me come! Ohhh, baby, darling, sweetheart! You’re making mother come! Oh, God! My cunt… my pussy… I’m coming!”

Her cunt closed tightly about her son’s thrusting cock, squeezing with tight, wet, steaming convulsions. She pushed her crotch hard into him, keeping his cock deep inside her gripping cunt. Laura continued to wail in mindless ecstasy, her cunt clenching in powerful, mind-shattering spasms.

Her son’s cock swelled inside her pussy, throbbing even more. Then there was a hot gush as he came. His thick, white come flowed from his piss hole, splashing into her velvety cunt with rapid spurts, filling her pussy.

Laura clung to her son’s ass while he spurted come juice into her cunt. Then, when he finished, when she felt the throbbing stop, she slowly allowed her ass to fall back to the floor.

Mike continued to lie on top of her, breathing hard and with a ragged sound. Laura caressed his naked back, feeling the muscles there, then ran her hands over his shivering ass cheeks again.

“My baby,” she crooned. “My sweet, sweet baby. You were so hot, so very hot! I helped you, Mike. Mother helped you take care of that heat.”

Mike stood up, looking down at his mother. Laura smiled fondly up at her son, seeing his cock and balls. He had plenty of hair about the base of his cock, but his balls were surprisingly devoid of hair. His cock and balls looked so beautiful to her, glistening with the juices of her cunt.

Mike gazed at his mother’s slender thighs, her flat stomach, but mostly at the thick triangle of hair and the pink, wet lips of her cunt. Then he turned and went back into the bathroom.

Laura lay on the floor of the hall for a while, listening to the shower again. She hoped her son was not ashamed of fucking with her; she wasn’t. She had needed his cock so much, especially after sucking Janey’s young cunt, getting so hot and aroused that way.

She got to her feet, feeling weak. She felt her son’s come juice seeping from her pussy and making the insides of her thighs slippery. The sensation felt good to her, and she walked into her own room, sitting on the bed and thinking about what she had done.

She felt no shame, no guilt—just a warm pleasure.

Twice in one day, she had done things that would never have entered her mind only a few hours ago. She had sucked a cunt for the first time in her life, and then fucked her son. She had fucked him frantically and with intense ecstasy, just as she had tongue-fucked Janey’s succulent cunt!

It was getting close to dinnertime.

Laura had not realised how long she had been sitting there, her pantyhose still bunched in her hand. She had been trying to understand her feelings, why this had suddenly happened to her. No matter how hard she tried, she could find no sense of shame—just that sweet ecstasy.

She heard movement and looked up to see her son in the doorway. She gave him a smile, a somewhat nervous smile, not knowing what his reaction would be to fucking her in the hallway.

Mike looked at her for a moment, a long, almost breathless moment, then he returned the smile.

“Mom, I don’t know…”

“Hush, darling,” she whispered, lifting her hand to him. “Come here and sit beside me.”

Mike sat next to his mother. He had pulled on a pair of tight jeans again, but his chest was bare.

“I know what caused it, darling,” she said in a low voice. “You got excited at the ice cream parlor, looking at Janey.”

Mike started to protest, but she stopped him.

“I know you did,” she said. “I saw the same thing you saw. Under her short skirt… her panties. It made you so excited you could hardly stand it. And I saw what you were doing in the shower.”

“I know you saw that,” Mike said. “I knew you were standing there when I did it.”

“If you knew I was looking, honey, then why did you do that?”

“I don’t know, Mom,” he said, a bit shy. “I just wanted you to see me, I guess.”

“And in the hall? Did you want to do that, too?”

She moved an arm around him, drawing his head onto her shoulder. With a slight movement, she rested her son’s cheek against one tit. She heard him mumble a reply.

“I didn’t hear you,” she said.

“Yes, Mom,” her son answered. “I wanted to do it awful bad. I couldn’t help it. You’re not mad at me, are you?”

Laura hugged her son tightly, pressing his face onto her straining tit. “Not in the least. I wanted it, too.”

She felt her son’s tongue touching lightly at her flesh where the blouse opened. She pulled his face closer, a soft sigh coming from her. She was pleased when he began to open her blouse. He wasn’t hesitant, didn’t seem at all worried about embarrassment or shame. She liked that.

After opening her blouse, he unhooked her bra, and her tits were bared. Mike pulled his face back, staring at her tits. Laura arched her shoulders, proudly thrusting her tits outward. Her nipples were very hard, standing up from the creaminess of her shapely tits. They burned and tingled, throbbing with desire once more.

“Can I… touch them, Mom?” Mike asked, his voice trembling with emotion. “Can I?”

Laura did not reply in words. Her hand dropped to his lap and scooted up his thigh. She pressed her palm against his cock and balls, finding his prick swelling deliciously. Mike moaned and lowered his mouth. Now Laura moaned when her son licked at her nipples, flicking them ever so wetly. When he pulled a sensitive nipple into his wet, hot mouth, she sighed in pleasure and tried to squeeze his cock through his pants. They were very tight, and the best she could do was press, feel the outline of his cock.

“Mmmmm, baby,” she whimpered as her son sucked her nipple deep into his mouth. “Ooohhh, suck my nipple, Mike! That feels so good, honey!”

As her son sucked vigorously at her tit, Laura fumbled frantically at his fly, wanting his precious cock in the open, standing up strong and beautiful, her fingers wrapped about it. As she opened his pants, Mike was digging his fingers into his mother’s tit. Her cunt was pulsing hotly again as she managed to get his cock free. Closing her fist about her son’s prick, she stroked it with tightening fingers, cooing softly. Mike’s hand moved, and Laura felt it on her thigh. Pumping his cock, she spread her legs a bit and shivered while her son ran his hand under her skirt.

Mike, sucking hungrily at his mother’s tit, slipped his hand beneath her skirt and up her thigh, finding the flesh smooth and soft, hot to his palm. Laura gurgled when his hand moved along the inner surface of her thigh where it was most sensitive to touch. She was whipping her fist up and down his throbbing cock swiftly by the time she felt his fingers brushing the thick hairs of her cunt.

“Oooo, baby, baby!” she moaned huskily, squeezing at his cock. “Ohhh, Mike, darling! Ahhh, yes, baby!”

She could hear him gasping as he filled his mouth with her rigid nipple, sucking as if he would like to take every inch of her shapely tit into his mouth. His tongue burned at her flesh as he licked with delightful flicks and flutterings. She began trying to shove her hand into his pants, wanting to feel his sweet, precious, balls. But his jeans were too tight. She gripped his cock again and beat up and down with a tight, eager fist, finding the swollen cock head moist as her thumb brushed across the top. He was dripping, and the slippery juices on her thumb sent tremors of ecstasy shooting up and down her spine.

“Baby,” she whispered, squeezing his cock, “Let me… let me take my clothes off.”

Her son pulled his mouth from her tit. Laura felt the cool air caress her burning wet nipple, and it caused her to shiver with eagerness.

Mike remained sitting next to his mother, gazing with his hungry eyes, looking at her swollen tits as she removed her blouse. For a moment Laura sat, naked from her waist up, tits sweetly revealed, enjoying the way her son stared at them. His hand was still underneath her skirt, and she gently shoved it away. Unzipping the skirt, she lifted her ass and shoved. The skirt fell to the floor, and she was naked before him. She looked at his cock standing out of his tight jeans, saw the smooth swollen cock head, the moistness at the piss hole. Her cunt seemed to steam and twitch between her thighs.

“You, too,” she whispered in a husky voice. “You take yours off, too.”

Mike had to stand to shove his pants down. Laura saw him shaking, his eyes hardly leaving her tits. Her eyes followed his hands, and as he dropped his tight jeans, she gave a soft, sobbing sound of eager delight.

Laura lay back…


Laura’s head rested on a pillow, her dark hair fanning about her face as she looked up at her son standing near the bed. Although she was on her back, her tits seemed to stand upward, not flattening out like many women’s tits would. Her nipples aimed at the ceiling, the dark circles at the base contrasting erotically with the creamy whiteness of her flesh. She lay still as her son looked over her body. Her hands rested near her hips, her fingers moved slowly against the sheet.

Mike’s eyes were glassy with heat as he looked from his mother’s tits to her flat stomach and dimpled belly button. Then he gazed at her thick triangle of cunt hair.

Laura’s cunt hair was thick in the center, but more sparse out toward her hips. There was a thin, dark line of hair to her belly button. Her thighs were closed. As her son looked, Laura slowly parted them. She heard her son’s soft gasp when she had her legs wide. Mike stared between them, seeing the pink lips of his mother’s cunt. Laura’s pussy was glistening with wetness, pulsing, her clit poking from between those sweet, moist folds of pussy meat.

Mike’s cock jerked.

As her son looked over her body, Laura was looking at his cock and balls. Mike’s prick was long and thick, the cock head very round and pink. Thick, wiry hair was at the base of his prick, and his balls dangling below appeared to be full, deliciously full. Her palm itched to caress those balls, to hear her son moan with pleasure. But she didn’t touch him yet. She allowed her son to look at her body as long as he wanted, sensing his excitement, his desire, his hunger.

When he placed a knee on her bed, she moved her hand, sliding it up his thigh until she had his balls finally in her palm. Mike remained poised there, grunting as his mother fondled his tender balls. Laura gurgled softly as she watched her hand play with him. She twisted gently, pulling on his balls, watching his cock jerk up and down.

She spread her legs as widely as she could, arching her cunt up with a tight grinding motion. Mike could not resist touching her pussy. Laura sobbed with desire as her son rubbed his fingers up and down her boiling cunt slit, agitating her rigid clit and then stabbing a middle finger into her clenching cunt.

“Oooo,” she whimpered when he began to finger-fuck her. She released his balls and grasped his cock again, jerking swiftly as he fucked his finger in and out of her pussy. Laura held her hips up, swinging her crotch about as his finger moved back and forth. “Ahhh, you make me feel so good, darling. It’s been so long since anyone has made me feel this good.”

Her son was growing eager. She felt his cock pulsing with youthful power, and her cunt closed tightly around his finger. She pulled at him.

“Come on, Mike,” she gasped. “Do it! Do it to me now!”

Mike was not at all nervous as he moved between his mother’s thighs. He was so excited, his body was shaking, but he wasn’t nervous. His eyes seemed to devour her hairy cunt, as though he couldn’t look at it long enough. Laura lifted her ass, arching her crotch to him, holding her arms up.

“Come on, baby,” she hissed throatily. “Come on and do it to mother! Ooo, you’re so hard, and I’m so wet! Put it in me, Mike! Ohhh, put it in me!”

Laura’s hand went to his wick, grasping it as she lifted her cunt. She felt the swollen head of her son’s cock contact her steamy cunt. With a sob of delight, she ran the drooling tip of his prick up and down her scalding wet cunt lips, smashing it against her throbbing clit.

She felt his thick cock head part the lips of her sensitive cunt, and again she sobbed. Mike slipped his cock into his mother’s cunt slowly, fighting to control the impulse to stab quick and hard. Laura sucked in air desperately, her teeth clenched and her eyes hazy with misty pleasure. She dug her fingers into his hips as he fucked into her pussy, holding her crotch high for him. Her pussy stretched about his hard cock like a rubber band, and she could feel each and every ridge of his hard prick, feel the swollen cock head filling her cunt.

She did not know he was fucked fully into her pussy until his balls touched the upturned cheeks of her ass. She gave a squeal and pulled hard at his hips, her cunt pulsating tightly about his throbbing cock. Neither moved for a while. Mike was braced with his hands on each side of her shoulders, looking down into his mother’s hot eyes. They stared at each other for some time, his cock buried deep into her hot pussy.

Then Laura moved. Her hips moved slowly, then she pumped up and down, riding her son’s cock as he knelt, gazing into her eyes. Laura fucked her son slowly, feeling the heat and ecstasy grow within her body.

“You, too,” she hissed up at him. “You move, too, darling.”

Mike moved, his hips going up and down, meeting his mother’s cunt. Laura slid her hands from her son’s hips to the cheeks of his ass, her fingers clawing as she pulled, trying to suck his cock deeper into her fiery cunt.

Unlike the wild fuck in the hallway, they fucked slowly this time, each savouring the pleasure to the fullest. They did not speak, only grunted and moaned and whimpered. Mike let his weight down onto her, his chest smashing her rounded, spongy tits almost flat. He drew his mother into his arms as his ass began to bounce, his cock fucking in and out of her cunt with wet ease.

Laura could feel every fuck-thrust of his prick, feel his precious balls against her hot ass cheeks. She closed her smooth thighs about her son’s hips, scissoring her legs, slowly, thrilled with the contact of their flesh, of his cock penetrating her cunt so willingly, so eagerly. It felt as if her son’s flesh was searing hers, melting her tits from her body. He had his face buried into her neck and shoulder and his hot, gasping breath felt so good on her flesh. She rolled and twisted her ass, humping up and down with him. She closed her legs about his thighs, locking her ankles and squeezing his moving hips.

“Oh, Mom! Ooooohhh, Mom!” Mike began to pant, slipping his hands down her back, over the grinding cheeks of her ass, cupping those naked ass mounds to lift her cunt tighter to his cock.

“Yes, baby!” she hissed, unable to resist the motion, the heat of ecstatic sensations forcing her to fuck harder and faster, to devour his thick cock with her hungry cunt. “Oh, God, yes!”

Mike, too, could not hold a slow pace.

He began to plunge up and down furiously, his cock fucking deep into her gripping cunt, his balls beating upon her squirming ass. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he fucked faster. Laura squeezed her son’s tight ass cheeks with her fingers, grinding and churning beneath him now. They were both panting with the effort, both with contorted faces as they raced to orgasm. Laura’s pussy was searing the taut flesh of her son’s cock, the wetness clinging to him as she thrust her cunt wildly against him, her sobs of delight growing louder as they fucked.

“Oooohhh!” Laura screamed. The orgasm struck her with the force of lightning. She fucked her cunt hard on his cock, her crotch jerking up and down. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Mike plunged hard into his mother’s clamping cunt, the undulating contractions sucking at his cock. His balls writhed and pulled tightly at the base of his prick, and he fucked furiously now.

“Now! Now!” Laura screamed. “Do it now, Mike! Come… oh, come in me!”

With a loud grunt, Mike plunged his cock hard into his mother’s pussy. The powerful pulsing of his prick was felt by Laura, and so was the exquisite gush of his come juice. She whimpered as her pussy gripped his squirting cock, the contractions of her increasing orgasm sucking his prick like a hot, hungry mouth. Her cunt drew his come juice from his balls with greedy sucking movements.

Laura ran her hands up and down her son back as he rested on top of her, her thighs still brushing his hips. She had never felt so alive, so vibrant after a fuck as she did now. Her cunt still squeezed his cock in the glow of her ecstasy.

After a while, Mike slipped his cock from his mother’s cunt and sat on the edge of the bed. Laura wiggled her body and stretched, arms above her head, tits thrust out. She smiled at him. “Was I good, Mike?”

He grinned, nodding.

“Janey makes you so damned hot, doesn’t she?” Laura murmured as she stroked her son’s thigh. “Just looking at her makes you so hot, you want to jack off constantly.”

Mike agreed with his mother.

“Don’t I make you hot, honey?”

Mike nodded his head. “Yeah, Mom.”

“You don’t have to look at her to get so hot,” she said, fondling his balls again, “and suffer any more, do you? You can fuck me!”

Mike laughed, agreeing with her. Laura squeezed his balls. “You don’t mind if I say fuck?”

He shook his head, his grin spreading over his face. He brushed the curls of her cunt hair gently. Laura wondered if she should tell her son about Janey, of her coming there earlier, of what she had done with the girl. She decided it wasn’t the right time.

“You’d love to fuck Janey, wouldn’t you, Mike?”

“You know it, Mom,” he said enthusiastically. “Me and every boy in town. She knows it, too, but she’s only a tease. I don’t think Janey will fu-fuck.” He stammered on the word, a slight flush on his cheeks.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed about saying fuck,” she said softly. “We have no secrets from each other, not any more.”

Her son chuckled and cupped her cunt. “You’re sure wet, Mom.”

“I should be,” she laughed. “I think you came about ten gallons in me. You sure were ready for some pussy!”

“I gotta pee,” Mike said, getting to his feet. He stood and looked at her for a moment.

Laura twisted her hips about sensually for him, cupping her tits and licking her lips. “Go pee, and hurry back,” she whispered, her eyes glowing with desire once more.

While he was in the bathroom, Laura turned onto her stomach, cradling her head in her arms. She thought of Janey, of eating her succulent cunt. It had been quite a day for Laura, getting a cunt in her face and fucking her son… quite a day!

Mike was wrong, she thought. Janey was not a tease, she was one hot piece of ass. Perhaps Laura could help her son. After getting her cunt sucked, Janey should be willing to take Mike’s cock into that young, tight, sugary pussy. Janey would be back, Laura knew. She would be back because she had enjoyed having that syrupy cunt tongue-fucked and licked.

Mike had come from the bathroom and stood watching his mother’s ass. Her rounded ass cheeks clenched and relaxed, and she wiggled her hips in an exciting way. Seeing his mother’s creamy ass caused his cock to lift again, and before long he had a tremendous hard-on.

Laura, not yet realising her son was back from the bathroom, lifted her shapely ass, drawing her knees under her body. She arched her ass into the air, shoved her hand between her thighs and rubbed at her cunt, tasting the sweetness of Janey’s pussy juices again in her mind.

Mike gazed at his mother’s naked ass, watching her round ass cheeks split. He leaned a bit and looked at her hand rubbing her hair-framed cunt lips, seeing the wet pinkness and just above, her tightly puckered asshole. He listened to his mother’s soft whimpers of self-induced pleasure, and gripped his cock with a tight fist. He watched as her finger slipped in and out of her cunt, then slid up to rub lightly about her asshole, only to return to her pussy, agitating her clit. He was fascinated to see this, especially since it was his mother doing it.

Laura’s back was bowed as she arched her creamy, naked ass into the air, her cheek against the bed. Her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips as she tasted Janey’s cunt in her mind again. Her naked ass twisted lewdly.

Mike, on a sudden impulse, brushed his lips across one smooth cheek of his mother’s ass.

“Oooo,” Laura moaned when she felt her son’s lips on her ass. “Oh, lovely, darling.”

Her son kissed her ass cheek, then slipped his mouth across the split to kiss the other one. His tongue ran up and down the shivering flesh, making Laura squeal softly and waggle her ass invitingly to her son.

Mike climbed onto the bed with his mother, his cock held tightly in his fist. He looked at the way her hairy cunt pooched from her thighs, and shoved his cock against her pussy.

“Ahhh, yes, Mike,” Laura gurgled. “Fuck me again, darling. Oooo, fuck mother’s cunt!”

On his knees behind her, Mike stared down past the split of her ass cheeks, watching his cock slide into her steamy cunt, seeing her asshole flex in delight. With the head of his cock inside her pussy, he placed his hands on her hips and moved forward slowly, wanting to see his cock disappear into that hot wetness.

“You’re so hot, Mom!” he gasped, his cock fully into her cunt now. “So hot and wet!”

“I am, baby!” she squealed, rocking her uplifted ass. “I’m hot and wet for you, for your cock! Ohhh, fuck me, honey! Fuck me deep and hard and—ahhhh, fuck my wet cunt!”

She began hunching her back, throwing her naked ass against his cock, fucking him. Mike stared down with excited fascination, watching his mother fucking on his cock. Her dark pussy hairs and her puffy cunt lips banged at the base of his prick, and her asshole flexed and winked at him. He caressed the creamy cheeks of her ass while she began to churn her ass about, fucking him while he knelt there, unmoving, thrilled to see what her cunt was doing to his cock.

“Uh… uh… ohhh! Uh, uh!” Laura grunted and sobbed as she fucked her son. She plunged her upturned ass back and forth, her hands now above her head, clawing at the bedspread, her eyes closed and her face showing the ecstasy she felt. “Oooo, fuck that cunt, Mike! Fuck mother’s cunt… fuck my hot, hairy cunt! Ream my pussy with that sweet, sweet cock! Ohhh, I love that hard prick, Mike! I love your hard cock… fucking my wet, hot cunt!”

Mike finally began to move. He held his mother’s hips tightly, thrusting his cock into hr cunt as she slammed back hard against him. He could see the glistening juices of her cunt on the shaft of his prick, feel the intense heat of her pussy, feel the hot grip of those hairy cunt lips.

Laura reached between her parted knees and grabbed his swinging balls, holding them tightly, desperately, as if afraid he would jerk his cock from her pussy. She tossed and twisted her upturned naked ass in violent motions, gurgling as the ecstasy swelled inside her overheated body.

Mike was fucking his mother’s cunt harshly now, unable to slow his movements. His mother’s cunt was just too hot, too wet, too tight around his swollen, throbbing prick.

“Harder, harder!” Laura yelped, her ass cheeks slapping against his lower stomach. “Fuck me harder, Mike! Ohhh, fuck my cunt hard! Bang the piss out of my hot cunt! Go deep… deep! Ahhh, baby, baby! Your cock fills mother’s cunt so deliciously… stretches my hairy cunt so beautifully! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!”

Mike was grunting with his vigorous efforts. His eyes were glazed, but he could still see his mother’s lurching ass.

“I’m gonna fuck it, Mom!” he growled. “I’m gonna fuck your hot cunt good! I’m gonna fuck your pussy and come in it and fuck and—fuck, fuck, fuck!”

“Yes, yes!” Laura screamed loudly, tossing her heated ass about with wild motions. “Ram that cock to me… ram me! Ohhh, fuck that hot cunt, darling!”

His stomach smacking against her ass created an intense erotic sound, and she felt her cunt closing tightly about his throbbing cock. Again she screamed, this time as she came. Her orgasm was strong, very strong, and it caused her cunt to grip her son’s cock so hard he had to exert extra effort to keep fucking.

The waves of orgasms rippling through her sent the hot, liquid ecstasy to her son’s cock, and he slammed into her cunt very hard, his body stiff now. He threw back his head and yelled. Laura pulled hard on his balls, feeling his gushing come juice spurt into her starving cunt with a force she never felt before. He gushed so strongly she thought she could taste his come juice in her throat. And the splashing of his come juice against the velvety walls of her boiling cunt sent another even more powerful orgasm tearing through her naked body.

“Oh, again!” Laura yelped, grinding her ass lewdly against her son. “I’m coming again! Ohhh, so fucking sweet!”

Her cunt drained her son’s balls until she felt as if he had unleashed a flood up her pussy. She moaned a protest as he pulled out. Her ass was still in the air, moving slowly as the glow of her pleasure lingered. Then she slipped her legs down, stretching out on the bed, the cheeks of her ass quivering gently.

“Mmmmmm, I love it, darling,” she mewled, turning her face to look at him. She stroked his wet cock affectionately. “I love fucking more than anything in this world. You have a wonderful cock, Mike.”

“You don’t have such a bad cunt, Mom,” he said, excited to use such words with her. “Nice, hot cunt. I like all that pussy hair, too. Are we gonna be fucking all the time now, Mom?”

“Ooo, I hope so!” she giggled, covering his cock and balls with her hand and squeezing softly. “I sure hope we fuck all the time now!”

“I’d still like to fuck that Janey,” Mike said, his breathing slowing somewhat.

“I know you would, baby,” Laura murmured sleepily, not at all jealous. “I know you would love to fuck her little cunt. Maybe you can.”

“Aw, she just teases a guy, Mom.”

“Mmmm, maybe,” she murmured, closing her eyes, feeling heavy with sleep. “We’ll talk about it later. Come on, lie down here with me and let’s take a nap.”

Mike lay next to his mother, one thigh thrown over her creamy ass, his hand cupping one of her spongy tits.


Janey stood at the door when Laura opened it. Laura had never seen anyone so beautiful, so exquisite and desirable. Janey wore a bright-yellow sundress, with narrow straps across her shoulders. Her lovely, shapely tits were very noticeable, and the hem hung almost to her sweetly dimpled knees. The skirt was wide and flaring, with lace trim.

“Mike isn’t here,” Laura said, even though she knew Janey had not come to see her son, but her.

“I know, Laura,” Janey said in her whispery voice, a voice that sent shivers of ecstasy up and down Laura’s spine. “I saw him leave.”

Laura opened the door wider to let Janey slip into the house.

“I waited across the street for half an hour,” Janey said, reaching for Laura. “I got so anxious to be with you, Laura… so hot.”

Laura could not resist the sweet, exquisite girl. She pulled her close, cupping her smooth ass cheeks and lifting Janey’s face to her mouth. Kissing the girl, Laura thought there were no other lips like this in the world. They were soft and moist, sweet as honey. She kissed Janey, then licked the tip of her tongue about the girl’s lips. Janey mewled softly and pressed her lower body against Laura, squirming with eager hunger.

Laura felt Janey’s hands moving about her back, sliding down to cup her ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm, nice,” Janey cooed, lifting her eyes to Laura’s. “I love the way you kiss me. It makes me tingle all the way down, in my cunt.”

Laura wore shorts, shorts that exposed her thighs to perfection. A tight halter concealed her thrusting tits. Janey stepped back and gazed at Laura’s body, those young eyes glowing with steamy desire. Laura wanted to gather the girl into her arms and devour her, to lick and taste her sweet pussy, to eat her up.

“You’re beautiful today, Laura,” Janey whispered. “But you’re always so beautiful. Your thighs are really exciting to me.”

Laura felt the touch of a hot hand on her thigh. She mewled with pleasure. Janey stroked between Laura’s thighs, her touch feathery light. Then she cupped Laura’s cunt, applying pressure.

“Oh, Janey!” Laura bubbled, holding the girl’s shoulders. “We better sit down or something. My legs are shaking so badly I might fall.”

Janey giggled and pulled her hand from Laura’s crotch. “Can we go to your bedroom, Laura?” she asked in that soft exciting voice.

Without a word, Laura took the girl’s hand and walked down the hall with her. She stood in the center of the bedroom, watching Janey undress. She was delighted at the young girl’s total lack of inhibitions. Laura had never felt there was any place for shame when it came to a hot cunt or a hard cock. She felt her pussy pulsing as she watched Janey undress in her sweetly innocent way.

Those fine, creamy tits were exposed, the pink nipples showing hard desire. As the dress dropped, Laura saw the bikini panties hugging those curvaceous hips. Janey’s succulent cunt made a tantalising, inviting, bulge against the thin fabric. For a moment Janey stood in her tight panties, her eyes hot as she gazed at Laura.

“You, too,” Janey said in her soft voice.

Laura dropped her halter, her tits springing free. Janey gazed at those long brown nipples, then came to Laura. Laura stood almost a head taller than the girl and Janey hardly had to bend as her tongue began to swirl about Laura’s nipples, licking the smooth curvature of her springy tits. Then the girl’s hot wet mouth closed on Laura’s sensitive nipple, sucking softly but hungrily. Laura caressed the soft, blonde hair, closing her eyes as sweet ecstasy started flowing through her body.

Janey sucked at Laura’s tits, going from one tit to the other, moaning in a soft, excited manner, her hands gliding up and down Laura’s shivering ass cheeks, the backs of her thighs. Then Laura felt Janey’s thighs around one of hers, that little cunt pressing and rubbing, the heat like a searing blast on her flesh.

After a while, Janey pulled free and moved toward her bed, her eyes smouldering. She peeled her panties from her hips and turned to get onto the bed. The sweetness of that young ass excited Laura, and she quickly unzipped her shorts and stepped out of them.

Janey stared at the hairiness of Laura’s pussy, licking her lips. She rested on her elbow and lifted one long, slender thigh, making sure her cunt was exposed to Laura. The pale-blonde hair shimmered as sunlight came through the window, and Laura saw the wetness on that sugary cunt.

“You like my pussy, Laura?” Janey whispered, rubbing at her cunt with the tips of her fingers. “You like eating my cunt? Was my cunt hot and sweet on your mouth yesterday?”

“Oh, God, Janey!” Laura sobbed with desire. “I loved eating your cunt! Oh, yes, your cunt is sweet, so fucking sweet, just like honey!”

“Do you want to suck my cunt again, Laura?”

Laura nodded, overcome by the intense, erotic appeal of that syrupy young cunt.

“Would you let me… let me sit on your face, Laura?”

“Baby, you can…” Laura whimpered, sitting on the bed and stroking the inner sweetness of Janey’s thigh, watching the girl penetrate her own cunt with a finger. “Oh, darling, you can do anything you want! You can sit on my face any time you want to!”

“Ooooo!” Janey mewled, her eyes glazed in passion. “I’ve never done that before, Laura. But I’ve always wanted to sit on a face.”

Laura stretched out beside Janey. “You can now, darling,” she murmured, amazed at herself. She had never tasted a cunt until recently and here she was so damned hungry to taste Janey’s sweet pussy again. But then, she had never fucked her son, either, before. And she had fucked him eagerly, the last time this morning before they got out of bed. “Sit on my face, Janey. Sit on my face all you want!”

Janey got on her knees, her naked body so lovely, so downright kissable. When she flung a leg over Laura’s shoulders, Laura gazed hotly between them. That pink cunt glistened, the tiny cut throbbing, the pale-blonde hair very sparse. Janey arched her hips, looking down as she pulled the lips of her cunt apart a few inches above Laura’s face. Laura licked her lips with anticipation. Janey moved her thighs against Laura’s head and lowered her cunt.

“Mmmmm!” Laura gurgled as her lips brushed that wet pussy. She kissed Janey’s cunt softly, then shoved her tongue out to lick at the wet, slippery cunt lips. She twirled her tongue about Janey’s clit, making the girl cry out with delight.

Laura ran her hands up those slim thighs and hips, around to feel the trembling cheeks of that small, exciting ass.

“Oooooo, nice,” Janey whimpered, rubbing her cunt back and forth now into Laura’s face, smearing her face with the seeping pussy juices. “Ahhhh, kiss my cunt, Laura! Ohhh, I just love to have my cunt kissed… licked… sucked!”

As Janey rubbed her bubbling cunt about her face, Laura shot her tongue into it, feeling the wet heat of those sweet pussy lips close about it. She fucked her tongue back and forth, lapping with her mouth wide, letting it fill with the sugary juices of Janey’s exquisite pussy. She held the firm, shapely ass with both hands, not protesting as Janey pressed her cunt hard, grinding into her mouth. Her nose was in those soft, pale-blonde cunt hairs, her top lip pressing at the throbbing, knotted clit, her bottom lip near Janey’s asshole.

“Oooo, so deep!” Janey wailed, grinding her cunt into Laura’s sucking mouth. “You shove your tongue so deep in my cunt, Laura! Ahhh, I love it when you fuck that tongue deep in my pussy!”

The tightness, the heat, the wetness of Janey’s cunt in her mouth caused Laura’s pussy to bubble hotly. She squirmed her naked ass on the bed, whimpering into the girl’s cunt. Laura’s clit was now intensely swollen, and she tried to reach it with her fingers. Janey, understanding, reached back and began to twist and pinch at Laura’s clit, causing Laura to jerk her hips up, sucking with a desperate hunger at the girl’s succulent pussy.

“Ooo, you’re gonna have me coming soon, Laura!” Janey squealed, pulling her hand away from Laura’s pussy to grip her own small tits hard.

She shoved her cunt down into Laura’s mouth hard, jerking her hips back and forth. She had her blonde head thrown back, her sweet face showing the intense ecstasy she felt. Laura thrust her tongue deeply, looking up with hot eyes, watching Janey squeeze those small tits.

She felt Janey’s pussy contract about her tongue, then the gripping waves sucked it as Janey came. As she came, Janey’s lips jerked back and forth, causing Laura’s tongue to slide about the convulsing pussy lips. She tasted the spasming clit and tried to close her lips about it, to suck on it as the girl came, but Janey tossed and twisted so furiously, Laura’s tongue and lips were all over that luscious pussy. Squeals of ecstasy burst from Janey, her fingers digging into her own tender tits in a cruel manner.

And then she fell from Laura’s face.

Laura let her go, her face smeared from forehead to chin with sweet juices from that exquisite cunt. She ran her hand down to her pussy now that she could reach it and began to thrust a finger violently into her cunt, fucking herself as she stared between the girl’s widely spread thighs.

“Ohhhh! Oooooo!” Laura murmured, arching her cunt onto her finger. She was so boiling hot and her orgasm was so near. “Ahhh, I want to come! I’ve got to come!”

Janey sat up, looking at Laura clawing at her cunt. With a lewd giggle, she leaned over and kissed Laura’s wet mouth, then began to lick at her cheeks, licking away all the pussy juice that lingered on her face.

She slipped her small hand down Laura’s trembling stomach, and Laura grasped her wrist, plunging the girl’s fingers into her cunt.

“Make me come!” Laura yelled, her voice thick with desire. “Make me come! Ohhh, my cunt is so fucking hot, Janey! Finger-fuck me… make me come!”

Janey fucked her finger swiftly into Laura’s cunt. Laura thrashed her hips about, jerking them up and down, her head twisting, dark hair flying as the ecstasy increased. She jerked her crotch up and down mindlessly, wildly, frantically. She balled her fists tightly and beat at the bed with the urgency to come.

“Do it, Laura!” Janey was squealing, fucking two fingers into Laura’s cunt.

A screech of pure, steamy ecstasy escaped from Laura as she came. The force of her orgasm was so strong her hips lurched upward. The lips of her hairy cunt sucked at Janey’s plunging fingers as her naked body became very stiff, her back arched and her cunt thrust very high.

“Oh, God!” Laura moaned as her hips fell to the bed. “Oh, God! That was so strong, Janey. I’ve never come so strongly before.”

Janey giggled, caressing Laura’s spongy tits, twisting and pulling her nipples. “I’m glad it was strong, Laura,” she whispered. “I know you like me and what we’re doing with each other when you came so strong.”

“Why shouldn’t I like you?”

“Because everyone calls me a tease, and I’m not a tease.”

“I should know that better than anyone,” Laura said, still gasping slightly from her orgasm. “No, honey, you’re not a tease at all.”

“One of these days I’m gonna fuck,” Janey said, “but it has to be with the right guy. I’m not gonna let any of those turds hanging around fuck me!”

“What about my son?” Laura asked.

“I like Mike,” Janey replied. “He’s good looking and he don’t come around pawing on me all the time like those assholes. They’re always trying to hit on me, and I’m gonna kick some balls one of these days.”

“Maybe you should be a bit more careful what you show, Janey. A guy sees all this and he wants some. A girl can get a terrible reputation that way.”

“I guess I’m just that way, Laura,” Janey said. “I can’t help it. I get so fucking hot. I have to be careful around my folks, though. They’re such old-fashioned farts.”

Janey had been caressing Laura’s body as they talked, and Laura could not get over how erotic she felt. She would love very much to see her son fuck this delightful girl, watch his cock slide into that tight, young, hot cunt. But Janey might not want her to watch. Yet, Laura sensed Janey wouldn’t mind at all. Watching would add to the excitement, Laura knew.

But how to get her to let Mike fuck her?

Janey said she had never fucked before, and then she said she was going to when she found the right guy. Laura thought her son would be—should be—that guy.

“Turn over,” Janey asked in a whisper.

Laura rolled to her stomach, and felt those hot little hands stroking her thighs, then caressing the cheeks of her ass.

“There’s something about your ass that I like,” Janey was saying. “Maybe I’m freaky, but I love to look at a woman’s ass. Especially yours. You have such a round, tight, beautiful ass, Laura.” Laura shivered when she felt the girl’s hot, wet lips brushing the cheeks of her ass. Soft mewls came from the girl as she kissed and loved on her ass. Laura wiggled with pleasure. The flick of Janey’s tongue on the cheeks of her ass caused a fiery sensation between her thighs.

She could not help but wonder about Janey. The girl was so blatantly erotic, so oral, so hungry for sex. But it seemed to be for cunt more than cock. At least for the time being. Laura wondered how a girl, at such a young age, could become such an erotic little creature. Then she remembered her son, his hard cock fucking her pussy. Mike was no older than Janey.

Janey’s tongue was licking up and down her thighs now, and Laura wiggled her ass when the tongue dragged up one swelling ass cheek, then across to the other. She grunted. Janey had dragged her tongue along the deep crack of her ass.

“Ohhh, not there, honey,” Laura protested, but in a mild way.

“Why not?” Janey asked innocently. “I told you I love a beautiful, rounded ass like yours.”

And before Laura could react, Janey shoved her tongue into the crack of her ass, darting it deep once, then jerking it away.

“Bring your knees under,” Janey said.

Feeling very lewd, Laura pulled her knees under her stomach the way she had when her son fucked her from behind. Janey scooted behind Laura’s uplifted ass, her fingers caressing the hairy lips of her cunt.

“You were good to me, Laura,” she heard the girl say. “You let me sit on your face, and I wanted to do that for along time. Now I’m going to do something for you.”

“You don’t have to do anything to me, Janey,” Laura said, but her voice lacked conviction. She was ready, eager, to have her cunt sucked and licked by this sweet young girl.

Janey looked at Laura’s cunt, her ass, and then pressed her lips against that hairy pussy. She kissed Laura’s cunt from behind, and Laura felt her nose against her asshole. When Janey’s tongue slithered into her cunt, she didn’t care where that nose was. She arched her back and thrust her cunt and ass back into that beautiful young face, mewling softly.

Janey began to lap her tongue up and down Laura’s pussy, licking the puffy cunt lips, fucking her tongue into Laura’s cunt.

Janey’s hot breath seared Laura’s ass, and she arched even more, trying to press her cunt into that sucking, licking mouth. And Janey drew back, her breathing heavy and loud in the bedroom. She stared at Laura’s asshole, and suddenly pressed her mouth between the woman’s creamy ass cheeks.

“Oh!” Laura yelped, feeling Janey’s lips against her asshole, that wicked little tongue licking frantically, going up and down, pressing into her ass.

Janey shoved her tongue hard against Laura’s asshole, sucking with her lips, fucking a finger into the hairy cunt below.

“Ooo, fuck my asshole!” Laura gurgled, no longer minding where that sweet tongue was. “Oh, lick my ass, Janey!”

“You like it?” Janey asked in an excited voice. Then she rammed her mouth against the ass pucker again, her tongue shoving hard.

Laura could not prevent the girl’s tongue from fucking up her ass, nor did she want to.

Janey thrust her tongue deep into Laura’s asshole, and her finger kept fucking at her throbbing cunt. Laura began to twist her ass into the girl’s face, moaning with the lewdness of what Janey was doing to her.

When the orgasms came, they tore through Laura’s naked body like a tornado. She shook violently. But as Laura started coming, Janey pulled her tongue out of her asshole, gazing at her with hot eyes. She plunged her finger into Laura’s climaxing cunt, and then stabbed a finger from her other hand into that gripping tight asshole. Laura wailed with the unexpected ecstasy, throwing her ass back into the girl’s hands as she came. She was screaming loudly, her mind reeling from the double fucking of her cunt and asshole at the same time.

Janey kept up her relentless finger fucking of Laura’s cunt and asshole until she felt the gripping spasms stop, and then she pulled her fingers free.

“You liked it!” Janey gurgled hotly. “You liked it when I shoved my tongue up your ass, didn’t you, Laura?”

Laura, weak and gasping, lowered her hips to the bed, turning over onto her back and looking at the excited young girl.

“You… oh, Janey!” she sighed as Janey fell across her, the girl’s tits crashing into hers. Laura kissed that sweet mouth.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” Janey said as she relaxed next to Laura, holding her hand tightly. “I told you I love a beautiful ass.”

“Not to mention cunt, huh?” Laura laughed.

“That too,” Janey giggled. “You taste real good, Laura.”

“You have a sweet little cunt, too.”

“I’d like for us to eat each other again,” Janey said, “but your son will be coming home soon. We can’t let him catch us licking cunts.”

“Why not?” Laura grinned impishly. “He might want a taste, too.” She watched Janey dress, the girl taking her time and dressing and in a teasing way, her eyes flashing mischievously.

“That might be fun,” Janey said. “Laura… would you let Mike fuck you?”

Laura started to tell the girl she had already fucked her son, but she sensed a bargain in the making. “Why do you ask such a thing, Janey?”

“Well,” Janey said, her eyes impish. “If you’ll fuck him, I might let him fuck me, too!”

“You don’t know how happy that would make my son, fucking you.”

“Will you?” Janey insisted.

“Will you?” Laura countered.

“I will if you will,” Janey giggled.

“Why do you want me to fuck my son?”

“Because I think it would be exciting to see your son’s cock in your hairy cunt, that’s why.”

“But what if Mike won’t go for that?” Laura said, teasing the girl, knowing very well her son would go for anything.

“Then I’ll just have to find another guy to fuck me,” Janey replied.

“You hot little cunt!” Laura laughed.

“What won’t you do, anyway? Talking to me about incest, fucking my son, watching his cock in my cunt, eating my asshole…”

“I’ll do anything,” Janey said. “Anything that’s fun and makes my cunt feel good.”

“Get out of here before I tongue that pussy again,” Laura teased.

She watched Janey go, wondering how the girl could go so long without getting her hot ass fucked. She was not a tease under any circumstances. She just wanted the right boy to fuck her and, apparently, she wanted the fucking to be witnessed.

“Little show-off twat,” she said to herself, going into the bathroom for a shower. It felt as if Janey’s tongue was still up her asshole, it throbbed so nicely.


The more Laura learned about Janey, the more she was convinced the girl was an exhibitionist. Not that it bothered Laura in the least. If Janey was that way, if that was how she got her kicks, who was Laura to say it was wrong?

“If it feel good, do it.” The old saying was quite appropriate to Laura. “And it sure feels good!” she whispered.

She had finished with her bath and was in her panties, walking around, savouring the still-tingling pleasure in her body, waiting for Mike to come home. Laura was going to bring her son and the exquisite Janey together, not just to get the little girl fucked, but to provide happiness for her son, too. It was possible. All she had to do was agree to let Janey watch her son fuck her.

And why not do it?

Would it be any different fucking Mike with Janey present than the way it was now? The only difference would be the added pleasure of having Janey with them, in the same room, in the same bed… being licked… fucked… and sucking her son’s cock… eating that honey-sweet cunt.

The visions in her inflamed mind sent tremors of anticipatory ecstasy burning through Laura’s body. As to having Janey watch her fuck her son, Laura didn’t mind that in the least. It would be fun, exciting, to have the pretty little girl looking on, perhaps involved.

Laura wondered if she should tell Mike about Janey now, or if it would be best to surprise him. She knew if she told him, he would want to get the girl into the house immediately, maybe do something rash. Best to give him a surprise later, she decided…

By the time her son returned, Laura’s cunt was bubbling with heated excitement again. When he entered the door, she was on him quickly, hugging him tightly against her naked tits and grinding her cunt against his body. She kissed him wetly.

“Some greeting for a guy that never got many kisses before, Mom,” he said, laughing in her arms. He looked at her when she released him. His mother’s face was flushed with desire. “And in panties only! I like that.”

“I knew you would,” she said in a thickening voice.

Mike’s cock began to strain against his pants, and her eyed focused on his cock-bulge. “And I like seeing what it does to you, darling,” she murmured.

Laura ran her hand over his hardening cock, kissing him again, shoving her tongue into his mouth. She shivered in pleasure when her son ran his hand over the curve of her ass, squeezing for a moment. She clutched her son’s ass and pulled his cock-bulge against her thigh, I remembering how Janey had rubbed her hot little cunt there earlier. A flaring cock-hunger suddenly boiled within Laura’s body. She dropped to her knees quickly in front of her son, opening his pants with eager fingers.

“You need it real bad, Mom,” Mike said, looking down at her beautiful face as he leaned against the door.

“Oh, yes, honey! I need it now!”

She pulled his cock from his pants, her eyes hot as she looked at his fucker, stroking it with both hands. She sighed and mewled, and finally opened his belt and jerked his pants down to his feet. She cradled his precious balls with one hand and jacked him with the other. Darting forward, she lifted his balls and rubbed them about her face.

Her eyes boiled up into his questioning face. She giggled softly. “You know what I want, don’t you, darling?”

“Are you going to… Mom, do you like doing that, too?”

“Oooo, I love it!” she squealed, kissing at his balls, sliding her hot, wet lips up and down the shaft of his throbbing cock. “I love the feel of a cock inside my mouth, Mike. I like the hot, hard taste of a prick between my lips. I love to suck cock, darling!”

Laura shoved her mouth onto her son’s cock quickly, with a low moan of ecstasy coming from her throat. She held his prick in her mouth lovingly, her tongue pressing his cock head to the roof of her mouth, feeling it throb, sending her emotions soaring with hungry pleasure. She tasted the juices dripping from his piss hole, loving the way that sweet liquid coated her tongue, burning it. When her son placed his hands on her cheeks, it increased her mindless desire to suck his cock.

Laura, with hot whimpers, darted her face forward, taking his cock deeply into her wet mouth. Her lips pressed into the wiry hair at the base of his cock and she held him there her throat working, her lips writhing, her tongue pressing. She drew his balls to her chin and held them, thrilling to the beat on her flesh.

She began to suck him, pushing and pulling her lips on his cock, moaning softly, twisting her head about.

“Oh, Mom!” Mike gurgled as he watched his mother face bobbing on his cock. “Your mouth is so fucking hot, so, fucking wet! Ohhh, I like it… I like it, Mom!”

Laura felt her son’s body trembling and his cock jerking inside her mouth. She snaked from his cock and stroked it with her hand, grinning lewdly and hotly up at him.

“You should like it, honey,” she whispered throatily. “My mouth is almost like my cunt, isn’t it?”

Mike nodded. “But still different.”

“Of course,” she agreed. “I can do a lot more with my lips and tongue on a cock than my cunt can, you know.” She squeezed his cock, watching a bead of liquid bubble from his piss hole. She flicked her tongue out and licked it away. “Fuck my mouth, Mike! Fuck me in my hot mouth!”

Mike began to gasp, his fucking motions almost jerky now. Laura clung to his cock with wet lips, prepared to hold his ass forward tightly if he tried to pull away when he came.

With a sudden yelp, Mike fucked his cock forward, the urge to push at the moment of coming very strong. Laura groaned hotly.

His cock spurted come.

Laura felt and tasted the thick sweetness gushing from his piss hole, flowing over her tongue. She gurgled wetly as his come juice flooded into her hungry mouth.

The hot taste of her son’s come juice coating her tongue sent a ripple of ecstasy through Laura’s body. It was such a strong ripple, her cunt seemed to explode with an impossible convulsion. She moaned as she came, her ass shaking. She sucked powerfully on her son’s come-squirting cock with a hot hunger that came from a long period of not having a cock in her mouth. The taste of his come juice was sweet, like fresh honey. His come rolled down her throat, leaving a trail of burning pleasure. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed with the intensity of her pleasure.

Time and again her son’s cock spurted come, filling her mouth until the thick white fuck juice seeped from the corners of her tight lips, flowing onto her chin. Laura held her son’s cock deep inside her mouth, her lips at the base, twisting heatedly as he came. Even when he stopped coming into her mouth, she didn’t want to let his cock go. She made soft whimpering sounds as he started pulling his prick from her clinging lips.

“Ohhh, Mom,” Mike gasped, leaning against the door, his legs rubbery. “Ohhh, that was as good as fucking your pussy!”

She nuzzled at his damp cock and balls, rubbing them about her chin. “You mean it wasn’t better? I thought I was a damned good cock-sucker, darling.”

“You are!” he panted. “You are a damned good cock-sucker, Mom.”

“And just how would you know?” she teased, kissing the tip of his cock and standing up. “How many girls have had this in their mouth? Enough so you can compare?”

“Aw, Mom, you know I’ve never had a blow-job.”

“I know. I was just being mean.”

Mike stepped out of his pants when she told him it was time for dinner. They sat and ate, with Laura’s tits beautifully naked. She wished she had sat closer to him at the table so she could play with his cock and balls during dinner.

“Have you seen Janey lately?” she asked him.

He frowned. “You know, that’s strange, Mom,” he said. “I usually see her at the park, or somewhere. But the past few days she’s disappeared.”

Laura smiled, knowing very well where the little girl was when he was running around, trying to find her.

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” she said. “Janey will show up again when she wants to.”

“I’m not worried about her, Mom,” he said, but the tone of his voice told her he missed the girl. “Besides, who wants her when I’ve got you.”

“That’s right,” she agreed. “It’s better to fuck me than dream about her. Right?”


“And you’re full of shit,” she teased. “You still want her little cunt so bad you’d do anything to fuck her.”

Mike grinned at his mother. “I’d probably drink a few gallons of her piss just to see where it came from.”

“Naughty, naughty,” she laughed. “That was old when I was your age.”

“One thing,” he said, “all this talk gives me a hard-on.” He stood and showed his mother. His cock was, again, jutting out so deliciously hard.

“Then we better take care of it, don’t you think?”

She stood and closed her fingers about his cock and, leaving the dishes on the table, she pulled her son to the bedroom by his prick.

“Fuck or suck?” she asked, arching her brows in what she thought would be a professional invitation.

Her son giggled. “You don’t look like a whore, Mom. You just look silly trying to act that way.”

“And you know what a whore looks like, do you?” She grabbed his cock and jerked it swiftly. “What else do you know? Are you doing things I don’t know about? Maybe I should cut back on your allowance if some fucking whore is getting it.”

“I don’t know any whores, Mom,” he said, sprawling on the bed, “and you know that.”

“Just teasing, baby. I’ll be your whore if you think you want one. I can do anything a whore can do, and better.”

“I believe it!” he laughed when she grabbed his cock and began to squeeze it.

Laura leaned over her son’s cock, flicking her tongue about the smooth cock head. She felt his hand sliding up her thigh as she licked up and down the throbbing prick shaft. When he pulled at her panties, dragging them down, she sucked his cock into her mouth for the second time.

She got up and let her son take her panties from her feet. She then lay back on the bed, her head at his feet. Spreading her thighs, she watched her son gaze between them at her hair-lined cunt.

“Want to fuck that pussy a bit, darling?” she asked as she writhed her ass. “Come on, put that lovely hard-on up mother’s cunt for a while.”

As he moved between her thighs, she took his cock in her hand and fitted that sweetly swollen cock head between the lips of her hairy cunt. She sucked in air as his cock fucked into her pussy, stretching those sensitive cunt lips, going very deep. She lifted her crotch when his balls touched the cheeks of her ass, and began to hump up and down with him.

“God, I love to fuck you, Mike!” she hissed hotly, caressing his hips with her hands, closing her hot thighs against his. “I love that cock up my cunt, fucking me! I’d rather fuck you than anyone else in the world!”

He stabbed his cock far up his mother’s cunt, fucking hard. He enjoyed hearing his mother say that, it increased his passion.

Laura drew her knees back, touching her tits with them, holding them wide, arching her crotch up to him, looking down and trying to watch his cock penetrate her steamy pussy. His balls slapped against her uplifted ass.

“Fuck my tits,” she whimpered.


“Fuck my tits, darling,” she asked again. “Bring your cock up here and fuck my tits.”

Laura’s eyes glazed hotly as she saw his glistening cock sliding up over her trembling stomach. He straddled her, his cock leaving a wet trail of moisture along her flesh. She took his prick in her hand and rubbed the dripping piss hole about her tits, going from nipple to nipple, her chin against her neck to watch. She tried to press one of her nipples into his piss hole, mewling with the contact. Then she placed his cock in the hot, smooth valley between her tits and closed them about his prick.

“Fuck mother’s tits,” she hissed. “Ooo, your cock feels so good between my tits! Fuck me this way, Mike! Fuck my tits!”

Mike leaned over his mother’s head, looking down as his cock fucked in and out of the hot, smooth valley. As the cock head slipped past her tits, Laura tried to lick at it with her tongue. She managed to swipe lightly across his prick, but could not get it into her mouth.

“Oooooo, fuck me! Fuck my tits!” she crooned, her eyes wild with desire as she watched his cock move back and forth. The wetness of her cunt lingered on his cock, making it slippery. She squirmed her naked ass on the bed, her cunt bubbling with heat. She closed and opened her long thighs, creating pressure against her knotted clit.

Mike began to fuck faster, sliding his cock back and forth as she held her tits tightly around it. His balls slid along her tit flesh, exciting her so much she shoved a hand around his leg and grasped his balls from behind. Laura gurgled with heat as she watched his cock, her tits tingling.

Suddenly she turned her tits loose, pleading with her son in a thick voice.

“Jack it off, darling! Jack your beautiful cock off! Come on, jerk off for me!”

Mike gripped his cock and began to pound it frantically. Laura stared with steamy eyes, watching his balls swing while he jacked on his prick. The head of his cock was swelling larger as he beat on it.

“In my mouth!” she shouted, clutching her son’s ass with both hands. “Come in my mouth!”

Mike started to shove his cock into his mother’s mouth, but she stopped him.

“No, jack off into my mouth!”

The words were hardly said when the boy came.

Laura’s mouth was wide open, her tongue protruding as far as she could get it. The thick come juice gushed from his piss hole and filled her mouth. Laura’s eyes almost closed with the ecstasy of having her son jack off into her mouth.

The head of his cock was a couple of inches away and every drop of his come juice landed either on her tongue or inside her open mouth. She held his come juice there until he finished, then she swallowed it, mewling with pleasure. She ran the tip of her tongue over his wet piss hole, lapping away a dripping bead of come—then she let her head rest on the bed.

“I told you I’d be your whore,” she said.

“Do whores do that, Mom?”

She giggled. “I don’t know what whores do, baby. I just do what I enjoy doing.”


Laura and her son lay in her bed, talking, discussing what they had been doing. It happened so suddenly, both were still somewhat awed, but excited, too.

Mike stroked his mother’s body, feeling every inch of it, discovering what a woman felt like, looked like. Laura was pleased to let her son look her over, touch her where he wanted. She enjoyed being caressed and touched, and it had been a long time since she had felt hands on her other than her own. Their passion remained at a high pitch, seeming never to cool. Neither wanted it to cool, they wanted it to stay hot and sweet.

She lay on her stomach while her son caressed her ass cheeks, squeezing them and then fondling her creamy thighs. His hands were gentle on her, and she squirmed and writhed beneath those exciting hands. Again she thought about telling Mike of Janey, thinking it was cruel of her to keep it a secret. But she knew his pleasure would be greater if he could discover them together.

His hands were sending exciting shocks through her flesh, making her tits burn and tingle, her cunt throb and her ass flex. She trembled with the increasing heat of desire, grinding her cunt into the mattress as he kept squeezing the cheeks of her shapely ass, stroking her thighs, sliding his hand between them to touch her inflamed cunt now and then.

Laura felt her son pull the cheeks of her ass apart to peer between them. She remembered the delight Janey’s wicked hot tongue had given her, fucking in and out of her asshole. When her son brushed his fingertip about the tight pucker, she mewled and twisted her ass, arching up slightly, silently urging him to shove his finger into her ass. But Mike didn’t understand the movement of his mother’s shapely ass and simply rubbed his finger about her asshole.

Laura moved her hand about until she found his cock, and she stroked his prick while he teased her asshole. He was so young and so full of vitality and energy, his cock seemed to be in a constant state of hardness, and she delighted in that. She felt the moist head of his cock against her hip, and smeared the seeping cock juices against her flesh, making soft sounds of pleasure deep in her throat.

Without saying anything, Laura pulled her knees beneath her body, arching her rounded ass into the air. She arched her back so that her hairy cunt protruded. She felt her son move, and had to release his cock as he sat behind her. She felt him feeling around her hairy cunt, tracing the outline of her puffy pussy lips, poking at her rigid clit. She shook her ass, moaning softly as his finger slipped into her cunt. She didn’t want his finger up her cunt, but his cock. Yet she held her ass high and let him do what he wanted with her.

“You sure look good this way, Mom,” she heard him say. “Your ass sticking up and your cunt this way. You look like you’re getting ready to fuck.”

“I am,” she giggled in a lewd way. “Why do you think I have my ass up this way?”

He laughed and fucked his finger in and out of her cunt, watching her pink, wet pussy lips cling to it. Then he leaned forward and kissed his mother’s cunt.

“Oooo, I like that, darling,” she cooed softly, arching her naked ass back toward his face. “Kiss it again! Kiss my cunt again, Mike!”

This time he shoved his tongue out and licked, going from her knotted clit, dragging his tongue along the slit of her pussy, and with a laugh, fucking his tongue into her cunt.

“Ohhh, baby, do that again!” Laura whimpered. “Shove your tongue in me again! Ahhh, your tongue is as good as your cock up my cunt!”

Mike slurped at his mother’s pussy, licking his tongue up and down, tasting the slippery pussy juice. He lapped at each cunt lip, twisted his tongue about her swollen clit, then plunged it into her pussy as deep as he could, his mouth wide and pressing at her cunt lips. Laura squealed in ecstasy and shoved her cunt into her son’s face, grinding her ass about. She clawed at the sheets of the bed, gasping in pleasure as he began to tongue-fuck her. He held her hips and caressed her shaking thighs, his hands going from the outside to the inner surfaces, where she was most sensitive, and his tongue fucked in and out of her boiling cunt rapidly.

“Oh, you tongue-fucking sweetheart!” Laura moaned as her son licked at her hairy cunt. “Ahhh, baby, I love that! Oooo, you have a sweet tongue, Mike… like your cock!”

She bent her neck so she could look between her thighs, seeing her son’s chin pressing at her hairy cunt and his cock that stood up from his crotch. He sat there with his legs crossed, and his cock jutted up so beautifully. She moved her hand between her thighs and stroked his prick as he flicked his tongue in and out of her cunt.

“Ooo, I didn’t know you sucked pussy, darling,” she murmured. “I didn’t know you liked to lick a cunt. Oooo, I love it, though! Mmmmm, baby, lick mother’s cunt good! Suck mother’s pussy, Mike!”

She pumped on his cock, wiggling her naked, uplifted ass back into his face, feeling his tongue slide surprisingly deep into her hot pussy. His lower lip was smashing her clit as he flicked his tongue in and out, and the hot breath from his nose seared her asshole.

“You’re going to have me coming in a minute, Mike!” she groaned, arching her cunt into her son’s face. “Oh, that sweet, sweet tongue! Fuck me with that tongue, Mike! Oh, God, fuck mother’s hot cunt… fuck my hairy pussy… tongue me, tongue-fuck me!”

She began to jack his cock in a frantic manner, her ass twisting lewdly into his face. The lips of her cunt squeezed and sucked at his tongue. She pressed harder, his open lips burning at her pussy and sending ecstasy shooting through her naked body, electrifying her nerves.

Between thrusts, Mike would lap his tongue up and down his mother’s cunt slit, twist it about her distended clit, making her squeal and whimper. Then he would fuck his tongue deep into her cunt again, working it like a cock. She felt his tongue lick the satiny walls of her cunt walls, causing tingles to ripple about her flesh.

“Oh, almost! I’m almost there!” Laura screamed. “I’m about to come! Suck hard and fast, baby! Oooo, suck my cunt hard and fast! Suck it… Fuck it… lick it!”

A loud wail of mindless ecstasy came from her as she climaxed. Her cunt closed about her son’s buried tongue. She was no longer pumping on his cock; her orgasm was so strong she forgot about everything else.

Her uplifted, naked ass shook against her son’s face as she came, her asshole tightening with the intensity of her orgasm. She yelped and mewled, moaned and gurgled, shaking her ass.

When her orgasm turned from violent spasms to mild, sweet throbs, her son licked up and down her quivering cunt lips, and she felt his tongue swipe at her asshole once. She whined softly as her ass lowered to the bed, her thighs spreading around him as he sat there, gazing at the way her rounded, smooth ass cheeks trembled. He stroked her ass gently and then kissed it.

“Ooo, baby,” she whimpered in a thick voice, “that was so good! I came and came!”

“Maybe you did, Mom,” he said, “but my cock is still so fucking hard. I didn’t come.”

“Yet,” she said.


“You haven’t come, yet,” she said, turning over and stretching, legs very wide so he could see her hairy cunt. “But you will. I’ll make sure you come. Anyway, you want to come! Up my cunt that you licked so beautifully, or in my hot mouth. Where you want to come is up to you.”

Her clit protruded from the folds of her pussy, and Mike twisted it gently, making his mother jerk. “Anyplace? You don’t care where I stick my cock, Mom?”

She grinned up at him. “You know me. Any old hole is available.”

He stroked her cunt. “I wish Janey was this way.”

“What way? Lying here naked with you?”

“Any hole,” he said.

Laura smiled to herself, knowing Janey would have at least one fuckhole for him, and pretty soon, too. “Maybe.”

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe I can do more for you than she can,” Laura said, taking his cock in her fist and stroking it again.

“You probably can, Mom, but I sure would like to fuck her. Just once!”

They fell silent, with Laura thinking she was being cruel to her son, holding back about Janey, when he wanted to fuck the girl so badly.

“Would you like to fuck her if she’s a virgin, honey?” Laura asked.

“You think she is, Mom?”

Laura shook her head. “I don’t know. I just want to know if you want a virgin. You know, a virgin hole that’s never been fucked before.”

“I’d like to try it,” he said. “Be the first and all that, Mom.”

“Is it important to you, being the first to fuck a girl?”

“Not really,” he said, running his palm up and down her hairy cunt. “But I would have loved being the first to fuck you.”

Laura laughed. “That would have been impossible.”

“I know, but I still would have liked to be first with you.”

She fondled his balls, looking at his cock standing up so hard, dripping with the need to fuck. She ran her fingertip over his seeping cock head and brought it to her mouth, licking it. Seeing his mother do that, Mike slipped his finger into her cunt, then brought his fingers to his lips and sucked on it. With a naughty laugh, he fucked his finger back into her cunt, then brought his wet finger to her face. “You taste, Mom.”

She sucked his slimy finger into her mouth, tasting her cunt juice and thinking of Janey’s sugary pussy.

“You want a virgin?” she asked when he pulled his finger out of her mouth. “You really would like to fuck a virgin?”

“Kind of,” he said.

“My… my asshole is virgin,” Laura whispered.

Mike’s eyes went wide as he looked at her.

“My cunt hasn’t been virgin for years, or my mouth,” she said, “but if you want to fuck a virgin hole, I’ve never been fucked up the ass, darling.”

Excitement gleamed in his eyes. “Really, Mom?”

“Really,” she said. “I’ve often wondered what it would be like, feeling a hard cock up my asshole. You want to try it, Mike?”

“Let’s do, Mom!”

Laura knew just how she wanted to get fucked in her ass. The idea had come to her while her son licked her cunt, the hot breath searing her asshole. She recalled how good it had felt to have Janey’s tongue fucking back and forth into her ass, and she knew her son’s cock would feel even better, stretching and filling her asshole so deliciously.

She sat up and pushed her son to his back, his cock standing up so sweetly. She knelt beside him and played with his prick for a moment, letting her anticipation grow. Then she flung her legs over him, twisting so she was facing his feet. Leaning over, she grasped her son’s cock and settled onto it, sliding her cunt lips down over his fucker.

“I thought you said ass, Mom.”

“I did say ass,” she replied. “But we’ve got to make your cock nice and slippery first.”

Mike looked down at his mother’s ass while she bounced up and down, her cunt riding his prick. He saw her puckered asshole winking at him, and wondered how his cock would fit into such a tiny hole.

Laura drew her knees forward until she was squatting on her son’s cock. She lifted and lowered her ass a number of times, mewling with the delight his cock gave her. She knew her son could see her pussy fucking on his prick, see the tightness of her asshole in this position, and she wanted it erotic for him. The pink lips of her cunt clung to his throbbing cock as she bounced, fucking his cock in and out of her steamy, hairy pussy.

Laura lifted her cunt from his cock. “That’s enough pussy-fuck… now for the ass fuck.”

She held his cock at the base and brought the swollen cock head to her asshole. She felt the contact and sobbed with anxious ecstasy. Mike stared at his mother’s spread ass cheeks, watching the head of his cock press at her asshole. Laura grunted, but it wasn’t in pain. The pressure at her asshole was better than she had suspected it would be. She lowered her ass a bit more, and the head of her son’s cock slipped into her virgin asshole. For a moment she held herself there, her ass lifted with only the head of his cock inside.

“Oh, it stretches me!” she whined. “Your cock stretches my asshole, darling!”

“I see it, Mom!”

She lowered her ass slowly, filling her asshole with his hard, throbbing cock. More and more prick slipped into her ass and she paused with half his cock inside, moaning with a fiery sensation of ecstasy. Her asshole was so stretched, she wondered briefly if she would be able to take all of his cock up her ass. But Laura wanted it… wanted her son’s cock fucked as deep into her asshole as she could get it. Again she lowered her ass gingerly, whimpering with the slight pain—the pain that was, at the same time, ecstasy.

Very slowly, she sat down on him, his cock fucked fully up her ass now. As she rested a moment, letting her asshole become accustomed to his prick, she fondled his balls and lifted them against her bubbling cunt. She pressed her son’s balls against her pussy, managing to shove one into her cunt. She stroked her swollen clit for a moment, then began moving her hips up and down very slowly.

Mike lifted his head and watched his mother’s shapely ass move, seeing her asshole cling to his cock as she lifted until only the cock head was left in her. Laura leaned forward and braced herself with her hands on each side of her son’s knees, squatting lewdly as she shook her ass, making a tight gyrating motion on the head of his cock.

Then she sank down again, slowly. She filled her ass with his throbbing prick, sobbing softly with pleasure. She fucked her asshole up and down her son’s cock, feeling the ecstasy increase, become hotter. Her hairy cunt pulsated with perverse pleasure as she fucked her son’s cock with her asshole.

Mike stared, almost in awe, at the way his mother’s naked ass moved. He could see the curly hair of her cunt just past her cock-stuffed asshole. The ring of her asshole seemed to suck at his prick as she began to bounce a bit faster, but still somewhat slowly. He held her hips as he watched with hot eyes.

“Mom, oh Mom!” Laura heard her son grunt. “You’re so fucking tight! Your asshole is real tight, and so damned hot!”

“Yes! Yes it is!” she sobbed. “My asshole isn’t virgin any more! Ohhh, it feels so good…”

“My ass is so fucking full of cock! This is fantastic!”

Her fucking movements became faster and faster, and as she became more accustomed to having his cock inside her hot ass, Laura began to bounce more, her ass lifting and falling. She used the muscles of her slender thighs, riding him like a jockey on a racehorse.

She squealed and gurgled as her naked ass fucked up and down on his cock. She loved the tight flexing of her asshole on his prick—the burning fullness in her ass was a surprising pleasure, the way his cock stuffed it, stretching her asshole.

“Fuck me, Mom!” Mike began to yelp, arching his cock up to meet her plunging ass. “Fuck me with your asshole! Ooo, I see it, I see your asshole fucking me!”

“Yes, baby! Watch my hot asshole fuck that sweet, hard cock! I’m going to fuck your cock off with my tight asshole!”

Her creamy ass cheeks slapped at his crotch as she fucked up and down, sometimes pressing tightly against the base of his prick and holding him deep, grinding her ass about. One hand held her up, while the other was twisting at his balls. She slapped up and down with frantic fuck-thrusts now, feeling her cunt convulse with a tremendous orgasms. The spasms rippling through her cunt created a tightness of her asshole that drew and sucked on her son’s cock. She slapped her naked ass up and down ever faster, her fucking motions almost jerky.

“Come, damn it!” she screamed. “Come in my fucking hot asshole!”

She felt Mike’s cock throbbing and it seemed as if it became larger. She was gasping with her efforts to make her son come off into her asshole. She tightened the ring of her asshole tighter yet, bouncing up and down in a furious way.

Mike dug his hands into his mother’s twisting hips and shoved up hard, fucking his cock deep into her asshole.

Laura screamed.

The flood of come juice seemed to gush from his cock. The powerful throbbing of his prick burned at her tightly stretched asshole, and she felt as if he was going to squirt come juice up through her body and out her mouth.

She sat on him, now that he was finished, his cock still in her ass. She placed her hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them wide, looking over her shoulder at her son with hot eyes. She leaned forward a bit.

“How does that look, darling?” she whispered. “Your cock in my ass?”

“Beautiful!” he grunted.

“Now, you can’t say you’ve never fucked a virgin hole, can you? You just had a tight, hot virgin asshole!”

Her son giggled as she raised her ass, watching his cock slide from her gripping asshole. Laura stretched out beside him, kissing his mouth tenderly.

“Now you have three ways to fuck me,” she said in a soft voice.

“Cunt, mouth, asshole!” Mike replied.

“Any time you want it,” she said, wrapping her thigh over him and resting her head on his shoulder. “Now, hold my tit and let’s take a nap.”


When Laura woke up it was late morning. Their nap had become a long night’s sleep. Her son had turned onto his back, still sleeping, his thigh against hers. She stretched and looked at him, his face so young and innocent now. His hairless chest rose and fell evenly. She looked down and saw his cock was straining from his crotch. A smile came over her face, a smile of delight to find his prick hard.

Just looking at Mike’s cock created a pleasant sensation between her thighs. Then she became aware of a new tingle, one in her asshole, Laura almost giggled out loud as she recalled how she had fucked him the evening before, bouncing her ass up and down in that lewd manner on top of him. She had not only excited her son with her virgin asshole, but had fed his natural voyeuristic desires at the same time.

She reached back and gingerly rubbed a finger about her asshole, feeling the tingle increase. She lay for a moment, caressing and probing at her asshole gently and tenderly, then swung her long legs over the side of the bed. She went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, a smile still on her face. She did not want to put off bringing her son and Janey together much longer. Mike was very anxious to fuck that exquisite little blonde.

Getting up, Laura brushed her teeth and ran a comb through her hair, but her eyes were fixed on her tits. She hoped her son had enjoyed fucking her creamy, firm tits, then jacking his cock off so that he came into her mouth. Laura felt a thrill in her stomach; she was experiencing so many things lately, things she had wondered about often. No one had really told her all those erotic things, only some. The rest, she’d had in her mind for some time.

Going back into the bedroom, she stood and gazed at her son’s cock. It was, to her, the most beautiful cock in the world. Perhaps not the largest or thickest, but it fit her cunt well enough… and her mouth… and her asshole.

She leaned over and closed her fist very lightly around her son’s cock, feeling it pulsing in her hand. She stroked his hard-on for a moment, apparently not disturbing his deep sleep.

Carefully, she climbed onto the bed, lowering her face over his cock. She held herself up with her hands on the bed and closed her wet lips over his prick, sucking very slowly and tenderly. Her tongue moved with a feathery touch, and she felt him writhe beneath her. With his cock between her lips, she turned to look at the sleeping boy’s face. There was no reason for her to sneak a suck of his cock, but she thought it would be a nice way for him to wake up.

Mike’s prick was hot between her lips, very hard. She loved his cock hard, loved it in her mouth, her cunt and her asshole. While she was sucking gently on his cock, her cunt became very wet, burning and throbbing.

Almost reluctantly, she pulled her mouth off his cock and swung her legs over him, straddling her son. She fitted the swollen head of his cock into the fiery lips of her cunt and slowly sat down on him, his cock fucking deep. The hairy lips of her pussy began to flex about Mike’s prick, a movement of muscles that she had no control over. Every time her son’s cock penetrated her cunt, her cunt seemed to begin immediately sucking and nibbling like a hungry mouth.

With a soft sigh she settled lightly on him, his cock deep inside her tingling cunt. She sat there for a while, letting the stuffy feeling close about her. The way those hairy cunt lips clung to his cock was a thrill in itself to Laura. She enjoyed the stretching of her sensitive cunt lips and the way her clit seemed to smash at the cock shaft when his fucker was inside her pussy. She could feel his precious balls barely touch the cheeks of her ass, and she slipped her hand back to hold them there against the hot crack of her ass.

As Laura sat on her sleeping son’s cock, she gazed into his young face, her emotions high with love for the boy. Again she saw his youth, and that, too, excited her.

Very slowly, she began to fuck him.

Lifting her cunt up, holding the swollen cock head between her wet lips, she made a tight circle with her hips, mewling softly, closing her eyes to savour the ecstasy as she teased her cunt by fucking down with agonising slowness again.

The fiery depths of her cunt closed about his cock, and Laura knew she would be unable to keep this fuck slow and gentle. Already her pussy was approaching orgasm, the cunt lips tightening, flexing about her son’s cock. She felt the hard throbbing of Mike’s prick, felt the sensation all the way up to her tits.

She moved her naked ass a bit faster, a gasp of delight bubbling from her mouth. She felt a movement and opened her eyes. Mike was grinning up at her, his eyes shining with a mixture of sleepiness and pleasure.

“Oh, Mom, go to it!” he murmured. “Fuck me, Mom!”

“Ooo, you caught me!” she laughed. “You woke up and caught me fucking you.”

She sat astride him for a moment, pinching at his tiny nipples. Mike gazed at her full tits, then he grabbed them, digging into the spongy surfaces, feeling his mother’s long, nipples burn into his palms.

Laura moved again, and began to fuck her cunt up and down his cock faster, making soft sounds of ecstasy. She placed her hands on her knees and used her thighs to bounce up and down on his cock.

“Oh, baby!” she gurgled. “Squeeze mother’s tits hard! Ohhh, I love waking you up like this! Squeeze my fucking tits hard, Mike!”

His hands dug into her tit flesh and Laura groaned with heat, her ass pumping up and down swiftly. The friction of his cock against her wet cunt lips and distended clit was setting up a series of surging, liquid orgasms for Laura. They came on somewhat mildly, but grew in strength with each succeeding convulsion. Her flat stomach was rippling from the pleasure, and her asshole was puckering tightly, her cunt nibbling and sucking on his cock greedily. The moist sounds of her pussy fucking up and down her son’s cock sent ripples of ecstasy through Laura’s naked body.

“Oooo, baby, fill mother’s cunt with that sweet come juice!”

Laura fucked her cunt up and down her son’s cock, stretching her hairy cunt lips and moaning with delight. Mike was digging into her tits powerfully, thrusting his cock up to meet her gyrating fuck-thrusts.

A grunt came from Mike, and his cock lurched inside her pussy. Then the thick flood of his come juice came spewing out of his piss hole, gushing into her cunt. Laura, feeling him come, gave a loud sob of ecstasy and began to grind her pussy onto his cock, no longer pumping. Her cunt clutched at his squirting cock.

Laura sat astride her son, her body shaking from the orgasms, her hairy, puffy cunt lips smashed against the base of his prick, his balls almost between the cheeks of her shivering ass.

With a soft moan she climbed from him, standing on weak legs at the side of the bed. His cock glistened with the wetness of her cunt and his come juice. With a moan of pleasure, Laura bent down, taking his slippery cock into her mouth and sucking at it, tasting their mixture of fuck juices.

Then she brushed her lips over his. “Get your lazy ass out of bed, honey,” she smiled, turning and twisting her naked ass at him. “Breakfast in ten minutes.”

While she prepared breakfast, she felt the wetness between her legs. She loved the slippery feel of his come juice seeping from her cunt this way. She wished she could keep her pussy full of his come juice all the time.

She looked over her shoulder as her son walked into the kitchen, her eyes going first to his cock and balls. Her eyes became moist with affection. She placed a platter of eggs and bacon on the table, then gave him toast. She poured coffee for herself and sat sipping it as she watched Mike devour the food.

“Going anyplace today?” she asked over the rim of her coffee cup.

Mike shook his head. “Not that I know of, Mom. I think I’ll stay home with you. I might get another hard-on someplace and lose it before I get home.”

“Sure—up some little girl’s cunt,” she laughed.

“I wish,” he replied.

“I’m not enough cunt for you, huh?”

“Plenty,” he grinned. “But it would be nice to fuck Janey. You know how it is, Mom. If she saw my cock hard, maybe… just maybe…”

“It takes a little more than just a hard cock to turn some girls on, Mike.”

“I suppose,” he replied. “But seeing my cock hard seems to get you going, Mom.”

“I’m different.”

Finishing her coffee, she rinsed her cup and began gathering her laundry. Mike finished eating and stacked his dishes in the sink, then carried the laundry basket to the small, room where the washer and dryer were. Neither had dressed yet, and Mike leaned against the door, looking at his mother’s creamy, shapely ass.

Laura, sensing her son looking at her, leaned over the washer, stuffing laundry in. She wiggled her naked ass with a slow movement, bunching the ass cheeks, relaxing them, then repeating it. Looking over her shoulder, she saw his cock lifting, and began to twist her ass in a more pronounced, inviting manner.

“You like that ass, honey?” she whispered.

Mike came up behind her and placed his hands on her ass cheeks, caressing the smooth skin, cupping a bun in each hand and squeezing.

“Mmmmm, nice,” Laura murmured.

She felt his cock against her thigh, still lifting and hardening. She ran her hand back and grasped his prick, rubbing the smooth cock head about her flesh, feeling the hot trail of moisture as his prick dripped.

“Need a piece of ass, huh, baby?” she whispered, feeling the washing machine vibrating against her stomach.

Mike leaned forward and licked at her back. Laura trembled with pleasure, shoving her ass backwards, dragging her son’s cock up and down the hot ass crack. The heat of his cock seemed to sear her flesh, and she leaned over, her tits on top of the vibrating washer. Her nipples tingled with the vibration, and she thrust her ass back.

“In my ass, baby,” she murmured thickly. “Fuck mother’s ass this time. Fuck me up my ass hole!”

Resting her tits on the washing machine, Laura used her hands to pull the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass wide, exposing her asshole to her son’s cock. Feeling his swollen, smooth cock head probe her asshole, Laura began to whimper in eagerness.

Mike thrust his cock forward, looking down between her lovely ass cheeks. He saw the way her asshole sank inward as he pressed. The pressure against her tight, sensitive asshole caused Laura to moan with anticipation of feeling his cock inside. She shoved her ass back a bit more, resting with her tits flat on top of the vibrating washing machine.

“Mmmmm!” Laura gurgled softly, wiggling her ass. “Shove it in, darling! Ahhh, shove that beautiful hard cock up my hot asshole! Ooo, yes, baby! Fuck mother’s tight, hot asshole! I want it up my fucking ass, Mike!”

She groaned as the head of his cock slipped past the tight ring of her asshole. She felt the stretching there, the intense tightness of her asshole gripping her son’s throbbing hard prick. She flexed her asshole, feeling pleased when she brought a grunt of delight from Mike.

“Push!” she urged hotly. “Oh, baby, push that sweet cock in! Plunge your cock up mother’s asshole… fast!”

Mike fucked forward violently.

Laura groaned, feeling the full length of his hard cock filling her asshole once again. There was a hot, burning sensation there, a sensation that was unlike the one when he fucked her in the cunt. It seemed his cock penetrated her body so much deeper in the ass.

“Fuck me now!” she gurgled. “Ohhh, darling, fuck my ass hard and fast! Fuck that hot asshole, Mike!”

She began shifting her hips about, making her ass do a lewd, exciting dance on his cock. While Mike stood still, holding his mother’s rounded hips, Laura fucked her ass on his prick. The excitement of seeing her naked ass fucking back and forth sent him into motion. Laura squealed in passion when her son started fucking her, his cock sliding back and forth, searing the sensitive ring of her asshole. She shoved a hand between her thighs and grabbed his swinging balls, tugging and twisting them, wiggling her ass with intense passion. She could feel the vibration of the washing machine against her flattened tits, the tingling of it running down her body to her cunt and asshole.

The vibration increased her ecstasy.

Only soft moans came from Laura now. She was enveloped with the hot erotic heat she enjoyed so much. Her naked ass continued to move, twisting eagerly as her son fucked his cock in and out of her asshole. While she pulled at his precious balls, she pressed the heel of her hand against her swollen, knotted clit, creating a greater ecstasy yet in her naked body.

A sob of pleasure burst from her lips as an orgasm ripped through her cunt, tingling back to her tightly stretched asshole. Her cunt lips convulsed tightly, causing her asshole to grip her son’s cock like a rubber band. She could hear her son gasping with his efforts. His cock plunged in and out faster and faster, fucking deeper and deeper. She released his balls and began to finger-fuck her cunt furiously as she came. His balls slapped against her plunging fingers.

Through the heat of her orgasm, she still felt her son’s cock swell, then explode hot come into her ass. She felt his come juice spurting out of his cock and filling her ass guts. She was sure his come juice was scalding the sensitive, tender walls inside her ass. Her orgasms increased to the point where she was coming time and again, her cunt clasping her deeply buried fingers like a wet, searing vice.

“Oh… oh… oh!” she yelped, her ass twisting about frantically now.

Laura hardly knew when her son pulled his prick out of her asshole. She rested on top of the washer, her naked body vibrating with the machine. She shivered. Her knees were very weak and she would have fallen on her ass if she had not been leaning on the washing machine.

It was some time before she regained any strength, and as she stood up, she saw her son slumped on the floor, still gasping. She giggled at his expression.

“I’m not so sure you can handle much more fucking, darling.”

He grinned crookedly up at his mother. “Are you sure you can handle Janey, too?” she teased.

He nodded, struggling to his feet.

“You can try,” she said. “Now, why don’t you get the fuck away from me. I’ll never get any housework done with you hanging around, that cock always before my eyes.”


Laura dressed after Mike left the house. She knew it would not be long before Janey showed up. Janey had told her she would always wait and see when her son left the house before she came. Laura didn’t know why Janey wouldn’t come over when her son was home, unless, perhaps, the young girl was leading her on.

Maybe Janey had no intentions of ever letting Mike, or any boy, fuck her. Maybe Janey preferred women to men. Maybe the girl was a confirmed cunt-licker, wanting nothing to do with a hard cock. Some girls were that way, Laura knew very well, but at such a young age?

At what age did a girl or boy become a confirmed cock sucker or cunt licker? Laura knew nothing about such things and didn’t care. All she cared about was pleasure now. Because Janey enjoyed sucking cunt, loved to have her sugary cunt licked, that didn’t make her a lesbian, Laura knew. Laura found she enjoyed the feel of a pussy in her face, too, and—she certainly wasn’t that way. A cunt was so soft, so wet, so tasty. Different than a hard cock deep in her throat. It was a change of pace, an erotic, intensely exciting change of pace.

And Janey… so syrupy! Janey’s cunt tasted like sweet, fresh honey to Laura. As much as Laura loved sucking on her son’s cock, the taste of his thick, creamy come juice in her mouth, she found she enjoyed the succulent heat of Janey’s pussy just as much.

Just as Laura expected, Janey knocked at the door about fifteen minutes after Mike had left.

“Why do you always wait for my son to leave, honey?” Laura wanted to know as they sat on the couch, facing each other.

“I don’t know, Laura,” the girl said. “I want to fuck him, I know. It’s obvious he wants to fuck me… like all the guys. Maybe I’m afraid it will hurt.”

“Do your fingers hurt you?” Laura asked. “Or do mine hurt your cunt when I finger fuck you?”

“You know they don’t.”

“And neither will a cock, Janey. You’ve got to stop teasing those boys so much or you might get yourself fucked before you know it.”

“I know that, Laura,” Janey said, drawing her knees up to her tits and leaning against the arm of the couch, resting her chin on her knees. “But I like to tease them. I like watching their cocks get hard. It makes my cunt feel good.”

Laura turned on the couch and lifted her leg, causing her skirt to hike halfway up. She gazed at the way Janey’s panties fit so tightly, at the tantalising bulge her cunt made at the crotch, her creamy, golden thighs. Laura’s pussy became wet as she looked at the girl. Janey, she knew, was peeking under her skirt, and since Laura had no panties on, the girl could see her thick cunt hair, maybe the pink wetness of her pussy lips.

“I think we should let my son fuck you now, Janey,” Laura said, leaning over and sliding her fingers along the back of Janey’s thigh. “I think it’s time you let him put his cock in that sweet cunt, don’t you?”

“I think… oh, Laura,” Janey mewled. “I want to! Oh, I want to feel his cock in me so much!”

“Then, today, you’ll be here when Mike comes home,” Laura said.

“You’ll let him fuck you? Like we agreed, Laura?”

“We didn’t agree to anything, honey,” Laura said, tracing her fingertips up and down the tight crotch of Janey’s panties. “But of course he can fuck me. My son has been fucking me for some time now.”

Janey’s eyes went wide. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Laura only smiled, feeling the moist heat of Janey’s cunt through her panties. The attraction of that sugary cunt was strong, and Laura slipped to her knees, spreading Janey’s thighs. Janey, with a whimper of eager passion, twisted on the couch and scooted her ass to the edge of the cushions. Laura gazed with hungry eyes at the tautly stretched crotch of Janey’s panties, seeing it moist. Blonde cunt hairs curled from the edges. She flicked her tongue along the creamy inner surface of the girl’s thigh, feeling it hot, loving the taste of this young flesh.

Janey twisted her hips about, mewling in pleasure as Laura licked about those satiny thighs, kissing and nibbling with her lips now and then. She moved her hand up and down the girl’s slender thighs, then reached underneath to cup the small, tight cheeks of her rounded ass.

With a hungry growl, Laura pressed her mouth against Janey’s tight, wet panties, sucking at the seeping pussy juices with her tongue. She dug her fingers into Janey’s firm ass cheeks. Janey whimpered and began to grind her pussy into Laura’s face. Laura whipped the flat surface of her tongue up and down, licking at those panties, her emotions climbing high.

She shoved her fingers into the elastic waist of Janey’s panties and, pulling her mouth away, peeled them from the trembling girl’s body.

“Such a beautiful cunt,” Laura murmured with a thick voice. “Your pussy is so sweet, so pink, so wet! It feels very soft and hot against my mouth, honey.”

“Eat me, Laura!” Janey squealed, arching her hips up and trying to shove her pussy against Laura’s mouth. “Suck my cunt, please! I like the way you lick my pussy!”

Janey drew her legs up and back, pressing her knees into her tits. Laura gazed at the blonde-haired cunt and the crinkle of that tight, pink asshole. She ran her tongue across her lips, then leaned forward. She kissed the puffy lips of Janey’s cunt, then moved her mouth down. She closed her lips over Janey’s tight asshole and kissed it in a sucking manner, bringing gasps of ecstasy from Janey.

When Janey lifted her ass even higher and shoved it into Laura’s face, Laura ran her tongue about it, licking the tight heat of that puckered asshole. She swirled her tongue about, then licked up to the girl’s tasty cunt. She plunged her tongue into Janey’s pussy, fucking it back and forth for a while, then drew her throbbing little clit between her lips, nibbling at it. Janey squealed and twisted her ass about, tossing her cunt up and down against Laura’s sucking mouth.

Closing her hands about the spreading cheeks of Janey’s small ass, Laura began sliding her tongue up and down the youngster’s fiery crotch. She ran her tongue from Janey’s clit downward, along the slit of her delicious pussy, and then back to that tight asshole again. She opened her mouth wide and pressed her lips against Janey’s asshole. She sucked, her tongue curling at the tight ass pucker. Laura’s nose was almost buried into that seeping little pussy.

“Ooooooo! Ahhhhhhh, yes, yes!” Janey whimpered.

Laura pushed her tongue hard, and felt it enter the heat of Janey’s asshole. She thrust her tongue in and out, then brought it back to that slippery, velvety cunt. She tongue-fucked Janey’s pussy for a moment then rammed her tongue back into her flexing asshole. Laura started tongue fucking Janey in her cunt and asshole with alternate movements, making the girl thrash about in wild bliss.

“Oh, tongue-fuck me!” Janey was gurgling. “Tongue-fuck me! Ohhh, eat my cunt… eat my ass! Oh, Laura, suck my cunt and asshole!”

Laura fucked her tongue into the slippery heat of Janey’s cunt, wiggling it against those fiery, satiny pussy lips. Then down again, plunging her tongue into the teenager’s tight asshole, thrilled to feel those hot inner ass cheeks against her face. Laura was as hot as Janey, her cunt bubbling and making the insides of her thighs wet.

She slipped her tongue from the clenching asshole and licked again over those puffy cunt lips, twirling her tongue about the distended clit.

“You’ll let Mike fuck you?” she whispered with her lips close to that succulent cunt. “You’ll let my son fuck this sweet little cunt, Janey?”

“Yes!” Janey yelled with mindless passion. “I’ll let him fuck me… I’ll let anyone fuck me! Ohhh, Laura, suck my pussy, please! I’m so hot, so fucking hot! I wanna come, Laura!”

“Promise me Mike can fuck you,” Laura insisted.

“Yes, he can fuck me!” Janey screamed, trying to grind her pussy into Laura’s face. “He can fuck me, Laura! I promise!”

“When?” Laura demanded, sliding her tongue along the side of one swollen cunt lip. “When can he fuck you?”

“Now! He can fuck me now!” Janey groaned. “As soon as he comes home, he can fuck me!”

Satisfied, Laura plunged her tongue into the girl’s syrupy cunt again. She sucked and licked with frantic desire, the taste of this soft, ever so hot, cunt thrilling her, waking her own pussy throb. Laura felt she could come eating Janey’s pussy.

She began tongue-fucking the excited, wiggling girl in her pussy and asshole again with alternate strokes. And as her tongue went from one to the other, Laura knew Janey would keep her promise, knew the girl was such an erotic, hungry little thing, perhaps Mike could fuck her in the asshole, too.

Laura’s tongue was deep inside Janey’s cunt when the girl erupted into orgasm. She felt Janey’s pussy lips squeezing in reflex about her tongue. She licked and fucked her tongue back and forth with frantic delight as Janey came. Janey’s naked little ass whipped up and down, thrashing violently as she came. Her legs lifted into the air, then closed tightly around Laura’s head, those smooth inner thighs hot and velvety against her cheeks. Laura held the girl’s trembling ass cheeks, pressing her mouth hard into her convulsing pussy.

When Janey stopped shaking, Laura slowly lowered her ass, then sat on her heels and watched her little cunt pulse and glisten. Janey’s small, shapely tits rose and fell under her blouse as she gasped, her legs thrown wide, mild tremors making them shake.

When Janey regained same composure, Laura said, her voice thick with desire: “You promised. Don’t forget, Janey.”

Janey sat up, but left her legs wide. “I won’t, Laura,” she replied. “Mike can fuck me when he comes home.”

Laura examined Janey’s exquisitely lovely face. “You’re sure, now?”

“I promised, didn’t I? I won’t break a promise.”

Laura got to her feet, feeling the throbbing between her thighs. Her cunt was pulsing very hotly. She lifted her dress and thrust her hairy cunt toward Janey.

“That made my cunt so hot, honey,” she whispered. “Eating your pussy and tongue fucking you in your tight little ass made me horny as all fucking hell!”

Janey shoved her hands out swiftly, sliding them about Laura’s rounded hips and clutching her by the ass. She buried her face into the dark curls of Laura’s cunt, kissing her pussy and whimpering hungrily. The position was not a good one for Laura. She could not shove her cunt close enough, nor could Janey get her mouth there as well as Laura liked. She felt Janey’s wicked little tongue slide over her swollen clit and grabbed the back of the girls head, smashing her face into her hairy cunt.

Suddenly she shoved Janey’s head away, twisting about and licking her ass. “Lick my ass, baby!” Laura moaned. “Lick my hot asshole! Tongue-fuck me up my ass hole… the way you did before! Hurry… oh, hurry and shove your tongue up my fucking ass!”

Janey ran her tongue over the shapely cheeks of Laura’s ass, drawing the tip up and down her inviting ass crack. Laura leaned over, her hands on her knees, shoving her ass into the girl’s face. She squealed with delight when that hot, wet tongue scraped about her tightly puckered asshole.

Janey was clutching Laura’s hips, pressing her face between the hot, smooth cheeks of Laura’s ass, her tongue flicking about the woman’s sensitive asshole, sending her into shivering ecstasy.

“Mike is going to fuck your little cunt, baby,” Laura whimpered, shaking her ass into Janey’s face. “He’s going to put his hard cock up your little pussy and fuck you!”

“Mmmm!” Janey wailed into Laura’s ass.

“He’s going to fuck you so hard and good! You’re going to love his beautiful cock, Janey! You’ll love it fucking your pussy… making you come hard come and come!”

Laura leaned farther, and her hands were on the floor now, her ass upthrust. Janey ran her tongue down to that hair-lined cunt and licked into it eagerly. As Laura had done, Janey began to tongue-fuck the slippery cunt and asshole with alternate thrusts of her greedy tongue. Laura, almost on her head, ground her cunt and ass into that hot little mouth, cooing with mindless bliss.

Feeling Janey’s tongue inside her asshole was much different than her son’s cock. But it was just as good. She liked the way Janey wiggled her tongue about, something Mike’s cock could not do.

Janey was pulling at Laura’s hips, bringing her ass and cunt anxiously to her young, hungry mouth. The hot breath from Janey’s nose seared the tender flesh of the woman’s ass, making her shiver with pleasure.

She had been pulled back as Janey slipped from the couch and sat on the floor, her head resting on the cushions of the couch. Laura was just sitting down, but her cunt and ass were on that lovely face instead of on a cushion.

“Oooo, baby, baby!” she whined, shaking her ass. “Eat that hairy cunt, Janey! Eat my ass out! Ohhh, you hot, fucking little bitch! Suck my pussy… tongue-fuck my asshole! Ahh, you sweet cunt-sucking little cunt. Cunt… cunt! Eat me! Eat my wet, hairy pussy!”

Low groans came from Janey as she shoved her mouth as tight as she could into Laura’s cunt and ass, her tongue lapping in a frenzy of erotic ecstasy. Laura was sitting on Janey’s face now, and she could see the girl’s slim outstretched legs. She moved her hands down and cupped the small, tight tits, squeezing into them. Finally she opened Janey’s blouse with trembling fingers, grinding her ass and seeping cunt into that eager young face. Janey was not wearing a bra, and her tits were bare, those pale pink nipples very hard, standing tall on the creamy tit mounds.

Laura dug her fingers harshly into Janey’s small but exquisitely shaped tits, sitting onto that sucking and licking mouth. She was so excited she thought nothing about Janey’s ability to breathe. She twisted and jerked her naked ass about, grinding ecstatically against that sweet face, that sucking mouth, that licking tongue.

“Cunt… cunt… cunt!” she howled. “Eat me, you little cunt! Oooh, you sweet, sweet cunt!”

When Laura came, the orgasm almost ripped her steaming body apart. Her cunt closed tightly, and her asshole clenched. The soaring ecstasy was so good, she didn’t know if Janey had her tongue up her cunt or her asshole. She slammed her naked ass about, grinding with loud sobs, her fingers very tight on those small tits, the pale nipples burning into her palms. A final spasm shot through her, and she fell away from Janey, sprawling on the couch, panting and shaking.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she wailed over and over, unable to stop quivering.

Janey sat on the floor, her sweet face smeared with cunt juice. She caressed lightly over Laura’s thigh.

Laura sat up, still gasping. With a soft whimper, she slipped to the floor and hugged Janey tightly, pressing her lips to those of the little girl. She moaned softly as she kissed Janey eagerly, thrusting her tongue into that sweet mouth for Janey to suck.

Using one hand, Laura opened her own blouse and smashed her firm tits against Janey’s small tits. Drawing back, she looked down as she rubbed the girl’s pink nipple.

“Remember your promise, darling,” she whispered.

“I remember,” Janey replied, watching the way Laura’s nipple teased hers. “And I will fuck Mike. I wish he would come home now.”

“He’ll be here soon,” Laura said, standing up. “In the meantime, let’s have some iced tea. For some reason, I get thirsty after I eat your cunt.”

Janey giggled in a naughty way. “That’s because my cunt tastes like candy.”

“You know, you’re right,” Laura replied. “I never thought of a cunt that way, but you’re absolutely correct. And you want to know something? Sucking a cock makes me thirsty, too.”

“What does a cock taste like, Laura?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Do I have to suck your son’s cock, too?”

Laura gazed at the girl. “Not unless you want to. So far, all Mike wants is to fuck that little cunt of yours. Do you want to suck him off, honey?”

Janey’s eyes turned bright. “I wanna try it.”

“Then you will.”

They sat in the kitchen, having iced tea. Laura noticed Janey had not buttoned her blouse. The girl was obviously not a lesbian. She was much too eager now to fuck Mike. Laura began to anticipate watching the two youngsters fucking, feeling their excitement, their erotic pleasures right along with them. Laura wondered how she would feel watching her son’s cock fucking Janey’s cunt, whether she would feel jealous or not. She didn’t think so… she thought it would be exciting, very, very exciting to watch the kids fuck.

She had not watched a couple fucking before, but Laura knew it had to be almost as much fun as being fucked. As she sipped her tea and looked at those fine young tits, she could see, in her mind, that succulent cunt clinging to her son’s hard cock, those pink, wet pussy lips sucking on it. Then she imagined Janey’s little mouth stuffed with Mike’s cock, and that caused her cunt to begin bubbling with a steamy feeling again. Then she imagined his cock penetrating that tight little asshole. A soft moan came from Laura.

“What’s wrong, Laura?” Janey asked.

“I just came!” Laura said in surprise. “I just came again!”


Janey and Laura were once again sitting on the couch as they waited. Each was anxious in a different way. Laura, because she wanted to see her son fuck the girl he had desired for so long. Janey, because she was anticipating the sensation of a cock up her cunt for the first time.

As they waited, Laura discovered that, although Janey had not been fucked before, she had certainly been sucked off, and had sucked a cunt. It happened, Janey told her, at school. She had been undressing in the locker room after running track. No one was with her, and the gym teacher, a woman, had come in and found her before she even got her panties on.

“That was my first time,” Janey said. “I didn’t know she liked girls then. She started talking to me and telling me how pretty I was, how she watched me on the track, and that my shorts would flap about and she could see my ass when I ran.”

The girl smiled at the memory of it.

“She hugged me and felt my tits, and that made me so hot, I just let her do what she wanted with me. She put me on my back across the bench and started licking my pussy. I came almost right away and kept on coming. She had a real long tongue, and it went very deep in my cunt. After she finished, she asked me if I played with myself. By then, I would have said anything to have her lick my pussy again. She asked me to show her, and I finger-fucked myself. That must have made her hotter, because she took off her clothes and when I saw her cunt, I wanted to taste it. Her cunt was so much more hairier than yours, Laura. I tongue-fucked her when she squatted over my face.”

“When did that happen?” Laura asked.

“Last year,” Janey said.

“Anyone else?”

“A girl I know,” Janey replied honestly. “We used to suck each other all the time, but she moved away when her father got a better job.”

“Why no boys?”

“They’re so silly,” Janey giggled. “Those boys my age look and tease and then seem afraid. That’s why I let them see a little, make those cocks hard. They won’t fuck anything but their fists! I need a boy that knows how to fuck… like Mike.”

“How do you know my son knows how to fuck?”

“You told me. Remember?” Janey giggled. “You told me today he’s been fucking you. That means he knows how to fuck, doesn’t it?”

“Let’s just say I love his fucking—and you will too.”

Janey had pulled her panties back on at Laura’s insistence. “We don’t want to shock him, just tease him first,” she said.

So, as they waited and talked, Janey had her knees up and her chin on them again. Laura could see those tight panties clinging to her puffy cunt, and knew that would be the first thing her son would see. And it was…

Laura looked up as the door opened. Janey almost shoved her feet down, but a glance at Laura made her leave her knees up.

Mike came in. Just as Laura had expected, he stared at the exposure of Janey’s crotch. Janey, she saw, was gazing directly at Mike’s crotch. His cock began to swell and harden immediately.

“I’ve got a present for you, darling,” Laura said in a soft voice. “Janey would love t…”

But Janey cut in quickly: “I know what I’ve been doing to you, Mike, and I won’t do it ever again.”

But Mike’s eyes were on her panties, and Laura didn’t think he heard. His cock was straining against the front of his pants, outlined in beautiful hardness now. He closed the door behind him, then stood there, as if frozen in place.

“Janey has a hot little ass, baby,” Laura said, getting to her feet and going to Mike. “She’s decided she…”

But again Janey cut in: “I wanna fuck, Mike.”

Laura was next to her son when Janey said that, and she saw his mouth drop open. She put her arm about him, dropping her other hand down to feel his hard-on.

“You want to… you want me to fuck you?” Mike asked, not believing his luck.

Janey nodded her head, letting her legs spread apart, sitting on the couch and offering her cunt to the boy.

Laura fumbled with the front of her son’s pants, feeling him trembling with excitement. As she pulled his cock from his pants, she looked at Janey. Janey’s eyes burned hotly as she stared at his cock, now running her palm up and down the tight crotch of her panties.

“Oooo, that looks better naked!” Janey cooed, licking her lips.

Laura stroked her son’s cock, feeling it throb with his intense excitement. Then she turned him loose and pressed at his back. “Go on, darling,” she urged with a hot voice. “She’s waiting for you. Janey is all yours, Mike.”

Mike moved on rubbery legs, unable to take his eyes from Janey’s crotch. His cock jerked about as he came close. When he was near, Janey grasped his cock with a hot hand, gurgling in excitement, her eyes huge. She was thrilled to feel a hard prick at last.

Laura sat back on the couch, watching, finding, it even more exciting to see the two young ones than she had thought it would be.

Janey stroked her fist along Mike’s cock, cooing softly, watching pre-cum seep from his piss hole. She was no longer rubbing at her cunt now, but holding his cock with both hands eagerly. With a hot sob of delight, Janey suddenly began kissing Mike’s cock. She ran her lips up and down the hard prick shaft, tickling it with the tip of her tongue. As Janey kissed and licked, Laura moved her hands to her son’s pants and drew them down. As soon as Mike’s pants were at his feet, Janey gave a low wail of pleasure and shoved her face into his cock and balls, kissing and licking with wanton ecstasy.

“Hot little cunt, aren’t you?” Laura whispered, running her hand along Janey’s thigh tenderly.

Janey turned Mike loose, but her eyes remained on his prick as she began ripping and tearing at her clothing. Buttons popped from her blouse in her haste.

“Take it easy, honey,” Laura laughed throatily. “You’re tearing your clothes. That hard cock will be there, no matter how fast or slow you get naked.”

Janey was eager, so excited, she couldn’t find half the buttons. Again Laura laughed, opening the girl’s blouse and skirt. Janey was so excited by Mike’s cock she was shaking. Laura had to drag Janey’s tight panties off with no help from the shivering girl.

“There she is, darling,” Laura said, “naked for you.”

Mike gazed in delighted awe at the girl he had been peeking at for so long, the girl who had been teasing him and other boys so miserably. His cock swung up and down, his balls becoming heavy. His eyes turned on those small, succulent tits and down to the pale-blonde hair of Janey’s bare cunt.

“Well?” Laura said. “Are you two just going to stare at each other?”

With somewhat embarrassed giggles, Janey and Mike fell into each other’s arms. Laura sat down with a smile on her face, watching her son with his dream girl. She gazed over Janey’s small, rounded, creamy ass, seeing it squirm as the girl, pressed her lower body against Mike.

Laura’s smile became wider as she saw them kissing. At first they began in an almost shy way, then went after each other hungrily. Mike’s hand went to a small ass cheek, his fingers curling about it as Janey twisted and writhed against him. They seemed to be trying to devour each other, her son’s moans mixing with the girl’s soft whimpers.

The two weren’t really hugging, but clawing at each other’s body, their hands racing up and down as if they couldn’t feel enough bare flesh. Janey was clutching handfuls of his tight ass, drawing him as hard as she could against her body. Laura knew the pleasure Janey was getting by feeling her son’s hard, throbbing cook pressing against her. Then she saw the swollen head of her son’s cock slide between Janey’s thighs, protruding just below the girl’s exquisite little ass. Laura could not resist feeling her son’s dripping cock. She ran her thumb over Mike’s seeping piss hole and smeared it about the curve of Janey’s ass, then shoved her face down and licked her finger, tasting not only Janey’s heated ass flesh, but the juice from her son’s cock as well.

After dragging her tongue up and down the tantalising crack of Janey’s ass and over the head of her son’s cock, Laura sat back again, letting them enjoy each other. She was finding herself excited from watching them. Her cunt was pulsing hotly, her eyes burning. She was watching their hands move everywhere, hearing them breathe in short, excited gasps, seeing their tongues lick now and then.

As if both had the idea at the same time, Mike and Janey sank to the floor. Laura watched them clinging to each other. Janey was on her back, and her legs spread as Mike’s hand slipped between them. Watching her son caress that cunt she had sucked and kissed and licked so many times drove Laura wild. Janey twisted and tossed her pretty little ass about as Mike began to fuck her cunt with his finger. Laura saw Janey was grasping the bay’s cock with a firm grip, jerking in short, swift strokes on his prick. Mike’s mouth went to a pink, sugary nipple and began to suck hungrily on it.

Janey gurgled and arched her cunt into the air, grinding at his plunging finger, her fist jacking his cock in a frenzy of erotic heat.

Between his finger-fucking thrusts, Mike would run his palm up and down the smooth inner surfaces of Janey’s thigh, slip it far past her cunt and squeeze her tight ass cheeks, then plunge his finger up her succulent cunt again. They moaned and sighed, whimpered and sobbed, their ecstasy inflaming their young minds and Laura’s, too. It was so beautiful, watching them as they touched and probed, their hands everywhere.

“Fuck me!” Janey groaned, thrusting her cunt into the air. “Fuck me, Mike! Ohhh, fuck me!”

Laura shoved a hand under her skirt as she saw her son slip between Janey’s slender, widely-splayed thighs. Janey clasped his cock and brought it to her bubbling, steaming cunt.

“Ooooo!” Janey hissed as Mike’s cock rammed into her tight, overheated cunt. “Ooooooo, yes!”

Laura began to scramble about for a better view, and the best she could manage was seeing her son’s balls bounce as he plunged his cock frantically into the cunt he had wanted to fuck for so long.

But then Janey lifted her legs, held them straight up, causing her ass to lift. Now Laura saw her son’s throbbing hard cock fucking furiously into that honey-like cunt. The shaft of his prick, glistened from the moisture of Janey’s pussy, and her pink pussy lips, glistening with that pale-blonde hair, were clutching Mike’s cock with a desperate hunger. Janey bounced her ass up and down, squealing in loud ecstasy, her hands clawing at Mike’s bobbing ass cheeks, clutching them, squeezing them, trying to pull his cock deeper into her pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Janey was gurgling mindlessly, churning violently beneath Mike’s fucking cock.

Laura squatted, her knees wide, her finger fucking into her own cunt as she watched, her eyes so hot she could hardly see. She was gasping in pleasure as much as Janey and her son were.

Then Janey was on her hands and knees, her sweet ass wiggling in the air. Mike was on his knees behind her, his cock still ramming her cunt powerfully, his hands digging into her shaking ass cheeks. Laura moved closer, breathing raggedly, looked between the spread of Janey’s cute ass, past her clenching asshole, watching her son’s cock pound and ram and fuck. He fucked deeply, then pulled the smoothly swollen cock head completely out, only to ram back into that boiling young cunt once more.

“Ooooo… ohh… ahhhhh!” Janey sobbed as she twisted and tossed her naked ass about, arching her back and lifting her cunt to take more of that brutal pounding. “Oh, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it! Pound my hot cunt, Mike! Ohhh, fuck the piss out of my hot pussy, my cunt, my twat, my snatch… fuck me, fuck me!”

Mike could only grunt and moan and keep fucking.

Laura, still plunging her finger into her cunt, could not resist sliding her other hand down and under Janey’s shaking stomach. She ran her finger through the pale-blonde cunt hair and touched her son’s balls. Taking them in her hand, she squeezed, bringing more moans of ecstasy from her son. Pulling her finger out of her cunt, she grasped her son’s ass, her finger brushing at his asshole as she squeezed the ass cheek. She was panting heavily, and her cunt was convulsing in a powerful manner, although she was not being touched there.

“Oh, baby, baby!” Laura sobbed. “Fuck that little cunt! Oh, honey… fuck her! Ram your cock up that tight, hot pussy! Feed Janey that cock! Stretch her wet, hot pussy with your beautiful, hard cock! Fuck her, darling—fuck the piss out of her hot little pussy!”

Janey was not saying anything. Her head was resting on the carpet, and she was biting into her bottom lip and moaning. Her naked body shook, and from the way her pink asshole clenched, Laura knew the girl was caught up in a series of orgasms, orgasms that rippled through her body relentlessly. And she knew, from having had her tongue up that cunt, that it was squeezing her son’s cock in rapid contractions like a tight, very wet, very hot, fist. She felt her son’s balls drawing up tightly at the base of his prick, and she held them a bit more lightly now, still rubbing at his asshole with her finger.

A loud grunt came from Mike.

He rammed his cock hard and deep and Laura could no longer see Janey’s flexing asshole. Her son’s body became very stiff, his ass cheeks clutching at her finger which was still against his asshole.

Then the youth’s spasms started.

“Fill her cunt with that sweet come juice!” Laura shouted, her eyes glassy. “Come into her tight cunt, darling!”

Mike’s cock squirted rapidly, splashing his come juice into Janey’s steamy fuck hole. Laura saw Janey’s uplifted, naked ass shake as her son came into that bubbling pussy.

Mike withdrew his cock, sitting back on the floor, then sprawled backwards, his cock wet.

Laura caressed Janey’s trembling ass. Janey was so exhausted by the series of orgasms that had burned through her she could not even lower her ass. It remained in the air, swaying as she moaned softly with the glow of her ecstasy. Laura could see Janey’s cunt lips pulsing, the thick white come juice from Mike’s cock seeping from her pussy. The desire to shove her face down and into that cunt was very strong, to lick and taste and swallow her son’s come juice from the sweetest cup in the world.

She contented herself with kissing the shivering cheek of Janey’s ass, licking her tongue about her creamy ass cheek instead.

Finally Janey lowered her hips, slowly. She turned onto her side, her face radiant, her eyes sparkling, her grin huge.

“Ohhh! Oooo, Laura,” she whispered. “That was… oh, that was fantastic!”

Laura smiled down at the girl, stroking one of her small, tight tits. “Sorry you waited so long, honey?”

“Oh, yes!”

Mike, recovered somewhat, sat up and Janey lay on her side, one knee bent. Her tender cunt was exposed to his hot eyes. Laura leaned over and kissed Janey, licking her tongue slowly along the girl’s lips.

Mike, surprised, said: “Mom, you… wanted her too?”

Laura sat up, fondling Janey’s succulent tits as she smiled at her son. “Of course I want her, too. And she wants me.”

“How do you…”

Janey giggled, sitting up. She saw Mike’s cock, and immediately reached for it. “Anything wrong with that, Mike?” she asked in a whispery voice.

Mike looked from Janey to his mother, then burst out laughing. “Not a thing that I know of.”

Laura hugged them both tightly against her body, kissing first one then the other. When she released them, her son was already playing with Janey’s tits. Laura sat back, her arms behind her, legs out, tits thrusting against her blouse. She watched them for a moment, then felt the heat still in her cunt. She twisted her ass against the floor, her eyes becoming glazed with desire.

Mike and Janey were again kissing each other, not as hungrily as before, but still licking tongues and feeling about one another’s body. Although she wanted her son’s cock in her cunt, fucking her, she gave the two youngsters time to get over their initial excitement.


Janey remained for dinner.

Laura was amused, and excited, when both her son and Janey refused to put on clothing, even shorts and panties.

“Now that I’ve got her,” Mike said, “I don’t want her to ever wear clothes.”

“You haven’t got her, baby,” Laura laughed. “Janey isn’t yours.”

“Yes I am,” Janey replied. “I’m gonna be his girlfriend from now on, Laura. I don’t want any of those other guys. They’re so silly, and they probably don’t know how to fuck me anyway.”

“Puppy love,” Laura said. “Just puppy love.”

“Have you ever seen puppies fucking, Janey?” Mike asked. “I haven’t.”

Janey giggled. “No, not puppies.”

“Then how can this be puppy love?”

Laura knew the bitter-sweetness of first love, and since this one was combined with wild, erotic fucking, it was stronger than most, perhaps. But she knew her son and Janey would see others one of these days, and feel that hot yearning between their thighs. Then they would go their separate ways.

But in the meantime…

Mike was a little angry when they told him what they had been doing when he was out of the house—that his mother and Janey had been sucking each other. But he was not turned off because they sucked each other’s cunt. It excited him tremendously…

They were back in the living room, and it was getting close to dusk.

“I’m not gonna go home until midnight,” Janey said, fondling Mike’s cock.

“Won’t your parents be worried?” Laura asked.

“Fuck them up their Goddamned assholes!” Janey blurted. “I’m tired of them always being so fucking goody-goody. I don’t wanna hear them say what a bad person you are just because you’re divorced. What do they know, anyway?” Then she giggled. “They do things, you know.”

“What things, honey?” Laura asked.

“My mom takes it up the ass.”

“Oh, she does, does she?” Laura chuckled. “How do you know, Janey?”

“I peeked. I heard them in the bedroom and I looked in. My mom was on her hands and knees, begging my father to fuck her up the ass. And he did, too! I’ve seen them fuck a lot of times, but they don’t know it.”

“That was where you got the idea about licking my asshole?”

Janey nodded. “I saw my mom licking my dad’s asshole and jacking him off at the same time.”

“Did your dad come?” Mike asked, sliding his hand up and down one of Janey’s long, slender thighs.

“Did he! He came all over the fucking bed. Mom tried to get her mouth on his cock in time, but she missed, and he came all over her face. She was twisting her ass around and her hairy cunt was really steaming! You should have seen it, Mike!”

Laura saw the gleam come into her son’s eyes. “No you don’t, young man. No peeking for you. Any peeking you do is going to be right here. You want to look at cunt, you can look at my hairy cunt.”

“Laura, we can see them easy,” Janey said. “They never pull the drapes in their bedroom and they always leave the light on. They’d never know we looked.”

Mike was excited by the idea. His cock was up and throbbing in Janey’s small, hot hand. How could she refuse him this opportunity to see another couple fucking? Besides, she thought, it would serve the hypocrites right.

“Well, just once maybe,” she said. “But I don’t want you to make a habit of looking into windows.”

Janey giggled. “Yeah, and don’t go getting any ideas that you can fuck my mom. She’d probably faint with shame if anyone knew what they do. Beside, you don’t need her big old cunt anyway. You’ve got mine now.”

“And mine,” Laura said.

“You did promise to fuck Mike if I would,” Janey said.

“No I didn’t,” Laura replied. “But I fuck him all the time anyway. We’ve been fucking since the day you came here.”

“I wanna see!” Janey squealed.

Laura still had her skirt and blouse on. She opened her blouse to expose her big tits, then pulled her skirt to her waist, spreading her knees wide.

Mike knew what to do. He knelt between his mother’s thighs, with Janey at Laura’s right hip.

“Let me stick your cock in her pussy,” Janey gurgled, taking Mike’s cock in her hand as he pushed toward his mother’s hair-lined cunt.

Janey squealed with delight as she saw Mike’s cock slide into his mother’s cunt, and then she grabbed his balls in one hand, stroking her fingers through the thick curls of Laura’s pussy hair. Mike began to fuck his mother, and when Janey smiled up at him, he pressed his lips to hers, cupping a small tit. Laura grasped her own tits and squeezed, fucking her pussy up and down on her son’s thrusting cock.

Janey looked down again, watching Mike fuck that hairy cunt of his mother’s. She shoved a hand under Laura’s writhing naked ass, holding an ass cheek. Laura sobbed softly as she thrashed her hips up and down. The ecstasy was intense for her because Janey was watching her fuck her son.

“Does it feel good, Laura?” Janey asked.

“So good, so fucking good!” Laura grunted as she fucked her hairy pussy onto her son’s plunging cock.

“My mother’s cunt is hot, Janey, like yours,” Mike said as he panted. “I want to fuck both of you forever!”

The excitement burned hotly inside Laura, and her cunt erupted quicker than ever before. She came with spastic jerks of her hips, whining softly, and her son still fucked back and forth in her slippery cunt.

And then he jerked his cock from her pussy. “I want to fuck you, Janey!” he said. “I want to fuck you and Mom together!”

Janey looked puzzled, but Laura pulled her up until the girl was straddling her, and they were facing each other. Laura gripped the sweetness of Janey’s ass cheeks, positioning the girl so her pale-blonde cunt hair mingled with the dark pussy hair below. Mike stared at his mother’s hairy cunt and Janey’s sugary pussy, so close together.

As Laura shoved her mouth to Janey’s, she hissed at her son: “Fuck us! Fuck both our cunts this way, Mike!”

Mike rammed his cock into his mother’s cunt, fucked in and out a few times, then jerked his cock out and thrust it up Janey’s clasping pussy. Janey and Laura whimpered into each other’s mouth, tongues sucking and licking. Laura clung to Janey’s shaking ass cheeks and Janey managed to clasp Laura’s tits.

Mike fucked first one cunt, then the other, his hands moving over his mother’s thighs and Janey’s legs, then over Janey’s ass checks. Laura scissored her hot thighs about her son’s hips, and Janey shivered and twisted her naked little ass about.

“Oooo, we’re both getting fucked, Laura!” Janey crooned as she fucked her cunt onto Mike’s cock. “Mike is fucking both of us!”

Mike found a distinct difference between his mother’s cunt and Janey’s. At the time, he was far too excited to know what that difference was, however. His cock was ramming from cunt to cunt, his balls drawing up, his excitement intense. He could see Janey’s asshole, his mother’s hairy pussy below.

“Fuck us!” his mother groaned. “Fuck our cunts, darling! Ohhh, baby, give our cunts that hard, beautiful, sweet cock!”

“Oooo, yes, yes!” Janey wailed. “Fuck me… fuck my pussy! Fuck your mother’s cunt… fuck us both!”

“Oh, God! I’m coming!” Laura yelped, digging her fingers into Janey’s tight ass. “I’m coming!”

“Ahhhh, so am I!” Janey wailed. “Ooo, my cunt is burning up… and I’m coming so hard!”

Mike rammed into the two convulsing cunts powerfully, gritting his teeth as his come-load boiled about in his balls. He wanted to come into both cunts, come in his mother’s pussy and also up Janey’s cunt.

He felt his come juice racing through his cock, and spurted it into Janey’s cunt, then jerked quickly free and rammed his cock into his mother’s pussy, coming there. From cunt to cunt he went, but most of his come juice spurted over the two cunts more than inside them. By the time he finished coming, his mother’s hairier cunt and Janey’s lightly haired pussy were coated with his come juice.

The orgasms all three had enjoyed were very strong, and it was some time before they could even sit up. Janey, still sprawled over Laura’s body, gasped heavily, her tight ass shivering. Laura, holding Janey’s small waist, seemed to tremble without end. Mike, sitting on the floor and breathing hard, continued to gaze at those two come-drenched cunts.

Slowly, Janey rolled from Laura and slipped to the floor near Mike. Laura, still tired, lay on the couch with her ass hanging from the cushions, her eyes slitted with the hot glow of being fucked along with Janey by her son. Her cunt was still pulsing as if his cock were still fucking in and out of it.

Since her son and Janey were once more hugging and kissing and feeling about each other, she finally struggled upright and then to her feet. She pulled her blouse off and dropped it, then her skirt, wanting to be naked. She stood with her feet apart, and the two kids looked up at her. They saw her hairy cunt and the curves of her ass between her thighs, and Laura did a short, jerky bump and grind for them, her hands on her swelling ass cheeks. Then she laughed a low throaty sound.

She waggled her naked ass on the way to the kitchen, feeling those young eyes on her ass. As she prepared herself a glass of tea, she knew there was going to be some hot fucking in this house for a while. How long it would last depended on Mike and Janey. But she would have her son for a few more years, she thought. And if not Janey, Laura knew there would be another girl someplace, perhaps a woman, and she could share and enjoy cunt and tits and ass with her son for years to come.

Maybe there would be a boy or man for her eventually. She knew erotic people seemed to find each other somehow. Maybe it was the way they looked at one another. Whatever, they always seemed to find each other in time.

Laura stayed in the kitchen for a while, sip ping the tea and looking ahead, trying to see what the future held for her and Mike. The only thing she could count on was fucking. They would certainly fuck and suck. And Janey? Janey would eventually think she was in love with some other boy, and go off with him. There was nothing permanent here, Mike and Janey were much too young to form a permanent bond, she felt. It would be a sense of loss when and if Janey found another boy, Laura knew. She had grown to like the girl, like her other than just sexually. But it would happen eventually, she knew.

Finishing with her tea, Laura went back to the living room. Janey was on her hands and knees, waving her beautiful ass about in the air. Mike was behind her, and Laura saw that he was shoving his swollen cock head against her pink asshole.

“Be gentle now, Mike,” Laura said.

“I want it, Laura!” Janey mewled. “I asked him to fuck me in my asshole. I wanna get fucked up the ass like my mom! Stick that cock up my ass, Mike!”

Laura spread the girl’s creamy ass cheeks with her hands, looking down as her son’s cock pressed against Janey’s asshole. Janey gave a yelp as the swollen cock head popped in, but with a sudden motion, she pushed her ass back until Mike’s cock was buried all the way. She was begging Mike to fuck her up her ass.

Mike fucked gently and slowly for a moment, but Janey wouldn’t have it that way.

“Faster and harder! Fuck my ass fast and hard! You’re not hurting me… I love it! It feels so good! Now I know why my mom likes being fucked in the ass!”

Laura watched the girl’s small ass shake and jiggle, twist and churn as her son fucked into her asshole. She lifted one of Mike’s hands, placing it on her naked tit. When he squeezed her tit, she thrust her tongue into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, she looked down, seeing his cock stretching the girl’s pink asshole. Leaning close, Laura began to lick about Janey’s ass. She ran a hand under the girl and fondled her small, firm tits. Janey wiggled and tossed her ass about, squealing with her boiling ecstasy. Laura tried to lick the shaft of her son’s cock as it fucked back and forth, stretching Janey’s young asshole. This was difficult, so she satisfied herself by licking about the girl’s shivering ass cheeks.

“I’m about to… I’m going to come!” Mike shouted.

“Ooooo, do it, do it!” Janey gurgled. “Fuck that cock up my ass… come in my asshole!”

Laura squeezed Janey’s tit hard as her son flooded the girl’s tight ass with come, and she felt Janey shudder into orgasm at the same time.

Very slowly, with a hiss of her breath, Janey pulled her asshole from Mike’s cock. Laura saw the ass pucker close as it slurped from the head of her son’s prick, a soft, moist sucking sound coming from Janey’s asshole.

Janey lay on the floor, her ass quivering, her breathing heavy. Both Laura and her son caressed and fondled Janey’s small ass, and then both began to kiss her ass cheeks. Their tongues met occasionally then ran up and down the sweetness of her young ass cheeks. Mother and son licked and kissed Janey’s thighs and ass, leaving wet trails on her bare flesh. Janey trembled beneath them, mewling softly in pleasure.

“That’s enough of that,” Laura laughed, slapping the girl’s pretty ass lightly.

“OOO, don’t stop now,” Janey whined, turning over. “I think I’m gonna come again.”

“You would,” Laura said. “Let’s give it a rest for a little while. You’re trying to wear that little cunt out, and believe me, that’s impossible.”

It was dark outside now, yet still early.

Mike had a hard-on as he caressed Janey and his mother. His cock throbbed up as he sat between them on the couch, his arm around their shoulders and a hand filled with tit. Janey and Laura kissed and licked at his face, both stroking his cock and balls in turn. He leaned back with a sigh of pleasure, letting them stroke and touch his hard fucker.

Then Laura licked her way down the boy’s chest, over his stomach. Janey stared down watching with hot eyes as Laura ran her tongue up and down her son’s cock, fluttering it at his piss hole. The girl scooted from the couch and knelt at Mike’s hip, her eyes glowing as she saw Laura suck her son’s cock deeply into her mouth.

“Let me!” Janey squealed with excitement. “Let me suck his cock too, Laura!”

They began flopping Mike’s cock back and forth into each other’s mouth—their eyes bright with desire, gazing at each other as lips stretched and tongues licked. Both licked the dripping piss hole of Mike’s cock at the same, tongues touching. Laura ran her lips and tongue onto his balls. As one sucked on his cock, the other sucked his balls Mike writhed and twisted about, grunting with delight, his hands resting on top of those heads that moved about his crotch.

Laura pulled both her son’s balls into her wet mouth, and Janey sank her mouth down, her lips stretching around Mike’s throbbing hard-on. Laura watched, her mouth full of the youth’s tight balls as Janey sucked his cock.

Janey sucked up and down, whimpering softly, her wet lips gliding easily over his prick.

Laura felt a small hand slide up her thighs, then a finger penetrated her wet pussy, fucking in and out. Reaching under her son’s thighs, she rubbed at Janey’s cunt. As Janey sucked up off Mike’s cock, Laura released his balls and ran her tongue up to take his cock into her mouth, watching Janey suck one of his balls into her mouth.

They began to alternate, one sucking Mike’s cock as the other sucked his balls. Mike began to arch his hips up and down, mumbling that he was about to come.

Janey squealed with horny excitement. “I wanna taste it! I want him to come in my mouth first, Laura! I wanna suck his come in to my mouth! Mike, come in my mouth!”

Laura did not argue. She would have her son coming into her mouth many times. This was the first time for Janey.

She watched Janey close her lips about Mike’s cock, sucking in a frantic manner. Her blonde hair bounced as she fucked her face on the teenager’s prick.

As Mike came, Janey’s eyes, wide open and unfocused seemed to roll about. She was no longer sucking up and down swiftly, but holding the head of Mike’s come-gushing cock with her lips, her slender throat bobbing as she swallowed his jism. She sucked until Mike finished coming off then she lifted her head and ran her tongue over her lips, grinning widely.

“That’s good!” she giggled. “I go for the taste of come juice, really go for it!”

“Where did you learn to suck a cock like that?” Laura asked. “I thought you never sucked cock before, Janey.”

“I saw Mom sucking Dad off, and that’s the way she sucks cock.”

“What else have you seen your mother and father do?” Mike asked.

“Everything!” Janey giggled. “They do a little of everything.”

Laura thought they sounded like fun, but she knew she would never be able to fuck with them, not with their present attitude toward her. But there would be others.

Janey’s glistening lips looked puffy from being stretched about Mike’s cock, but Laura knew the girl had enjoyed cock-sucking so much, she wouldn’t complain if her lips had been bruised.

“I know this other guy,” Janey said, her eyes turning dreamy. “He’s always looking at me, and I make sure he sees enough. He gets the great big hard-on and…”

It’s beginning sooner than I expected, Laura thought. She listened to Janey talk about another boy, watching her expression, and she knew it would only be a matter of days before Janey had her hot little hands on that boy’s cock.


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